7 Best Adhesive for Vinyl Flooring On Concrete (Latest Guide!)

7 Best Adhesive for Vinyl Flooring On Concrete (Latest Guide!)

The Adhesive forms a reliable bond to vinyl flooring which can withstand various conditions such as moisture and pressure. According to marketsandmarkets.com, the global adhesive market will valued at USD 12.8 billion by 2028.   

This will grow at 5.8% cagr from 2023 to 2028. Many types of adhesives are available, each with unique features suited for different applications. The best adhesive for vinyl flooring on concrete is provided below in this article.

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If you are quick and in a hurry to find the best adhesive. Also, if you are fast and don’t have more time to read the information contained in this article. Then, the adhesive is a ROBERTS 2057-0 Vinyl-Composition and Vinyl-Asphalt Tile Adhesive

It is a great choice for installing vinyl flooring on concrete as it creates a very strong bond which ensures that your tiles stay in place. This adhesive works well on various surfaces like concrete, plywood, old vinyl tiles, and more, etc.  

It’s water-based and solvent-free, making it safe and easy to use indoors which handles moisture effectively. This helps to protect your flooring from damage making it a top choice for ensuring durable and stable flooring.

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Buying Guide For The Best Adhesive For Vinyl Flooring On Concrete 

The best adhesive is crucial for ensuring a durable and long-lasting bond over vinyl flooring on concrete. Therefore, you need to understand the important things during the selection which are discussed below. 

  • High Strength: Look for adhesives with high bonding strength to ensure your vinyl flooring stays securely attached to the concrete. Strong adhesives prevent the flooring from lifting or shifting over time. 
  • Easy to Use: Select the adhesives that are easy to apply. Products that come with applicators or spreaders help you apply the adhesive evenly and efficiently.
  • Working Time: Some adhesives offer a longer open working time, allowing you to reposition the vinyl flooring as needed before the adhesive sets. This feature is beneficial for detailed installations. 
  • Resistance to Water: Opt for adhesives with strong water-resistant properties. This feature is crucial for areas exposed to moisture, preventing the adhesive from weakening or breaking down. 

Top 2024: 7 Best Adhesive For Vinyl Flooring On Concrete: You Can Use! 

The best adhesives are strong, versatile, and easy to apply. The best adhesive for vinyl flooring is based on research and customer reviews. So, we have sorted the best ones which we have explained as provided below. 

Sl. No. Best Adhesive For Vinyl Flooring On Concrete Buying Links
1.The ROBERTS 2057-0 Vinyl-Composition and Vinyl-Asphalt Tile AdhesiveNo products found.
2.WW HENRY COMPANY 356-040 ARDEX/HENRY AdhesiveNo products found.
3.Dap 00141 Multi-Purpose Floor Adhesive, 1-QuartNo products found.
4.ARDEX LLC Henry Vinyl Repair AdhesiveNo products found.
5.The Gorilla Max Strength Clear Construction AdhesiveNo products found.
6.The Red Devil 0790 Tread 330 Premium Elastomeric Flooring AdhesiveNo products found.
7.Loctite PL Premium Polyurethane Construction AdhesiveNo products found.

1. ROBERTS 2057-0 Adheres Vinyl-Composition and Vinyl-Asphalt Structurally Sound Plywood of Underlayment Quality Tile Adhesive, 1 Quart

The ROBERTS 2057-0 Vinyl-Composition and Vinyl-Asphalt Tile Adhesive is designed for installing vinyl composition tiles, excluding self-stick tiles. This liquid adhesive is made from Polyvinyl Acetate.

It ensures strong bonding in both direct and double bond installations. The adhesive controls moisture effectively which handles up to 8 lbs. Its great coverage provides approximately 160-180 sq. ft. per gallon when applied with a U-notch trowel and 170-190 sq. ft. per gallon with a square-notch trowel. 

It is a water-based, solvent-free product that is LEED compliant, with VOC levels below 1 g/L which makes it suitable for indoor use only. The creamy tan adhesive is recognized for its excellent grab and high residual tack which ensures tiles stay firmly in place.


  • Provides good coverage for sticking tiles firmly in place. 
  • It comes in a 1-quart size, which is convenient for small projects.
  • This adhesive is designed to bond well with vinyl composition and vinyl-asphalt tiles.


  • You might face issues as it doesn’t dry properly even after an extended time. 

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2. WW HENRY COMPANY 356-040 ARDEX/HENRY-12073-1 Gallon ARDEX LP 12073 GAL #356 FLR Adhesive

This adhesive is designed for various applications, primarily for installing floor coverings such as carpets. It can also be used for tasks like painting and preparing surfaces. The product is manufactured in the United States by WW Henry Company.

The adhesive is compatible with plastic and metal materials and is in liquid form with a beige color. Each package contains 1 gallon (128 fluid ounces) of adhesive. The packaging is a pail, and the product weighs approximately 1 pound. 

The adhesive meets Class A/Class I ratings by ASTM E 84 for safety. It allows ample working time, facilitating easy repositioning of felt-backed vinyl sheet flooring. It bonds well to metal and existing vinyl flooring and is moisture-resistant. 

The non-staining formula prevents adhesive discoloration on felt-backed sheet floors. This Adhesive is a versatile and durable product suitable for various flooring and surface preparation tasks. It offers easy application and meets high safety standards.


  • Users find it reliable and worth the money.
  • It starts getting tacky after exposure for 10 minutes, making it easy to apply.
  • Works great for various applications, including marine carpets and other materials.


  • The adhesive takes a long time to dry and doesn’t perform well when exposed to moisture, which can be inconvenient.

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3. Dap 00141 Multi-Purpose Floor Adhesive, 1-Quart

The Dap 00141 Multi-Purpose Floor Adhesive is a high-strength, latex-based adhesive designed for bonding various types of floor coverings to different surfaces. This adhesive is trowel grade which can be spread easily with a trowel. Its formula allows for greater shrink resistance and easy repositioning during installation.

The adhesive is water-resistant which makes it suitable for interior use in areas where some moisture may be present. It has a low odor and low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it safer to use indoors.

It is nonflammable and can be cleaned up with water, adding to its ease of use. When using this adhesive, it’s important to plan to ensure you have any necessary permits, set a realistic budget, be prepared for unexpected issues, and understand the relevant building codes. 


  • Dries quickly, making installation efficient. 
  • It is reliable for vinyl and other flooring types. 
  • Can be cleaned up easily, especially with Goof Off.


  • Some users found that the adhesive had a strong, unpleasant smell. 

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4. ARDEX LLC Henry, WW Company 12220 6 oz Vinyl Repair Adhesive

ARDEX LLC Henry, WW Company offers the 12220 6 oz Vinyl Repair Adhesive. This product is specifically used for repairing vinyl tiles. It’s a liquid adhesive that works well with vinyl and rubber materials. 

The item weighs 0.5 lb and is made in the United States. The dimensions are 2.0 inches in length, 2.0 inches in width, and 7.5 inches in height. The item is sold in a single cartridge containing 6 fluid ounces. 

This adhesive is not discontinued and comes with a warranty. It does not require any batteries and is easy to clean up with water. The adhesive provides a secure and reliable bond for vinyl or rubber cove base installations.


  • It does a good job of joining vinyl, ensuring a strong bond when the two sides match perfectly.
  • Works quickly and effectively, saving time and effort in repair projects.
  • Holds tightly and has some flexibility after drying, making it durable under foot traffic.


  • The adhesive didn’t dry properly as the glue remained tacky. 

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5. Gorilla Max Strength Clear Construction Adhesive, 2.5 Ounce Squeeze Tube, Clear, (Pack of 1)

The Gorilla Max Strength Clear Construction Adhesive, available in a 2.5-ounce squeeze tube, is versatile and powerful. This adhesive is known for its exceptional strength, being twice as strong as Gorilla’s Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive Ultimate. 

It dries crystal clear and is 100% waterproof which makes it suitable for use even underwater. The adhesive is durable in all weather conditions and can be repositioned, fills gaps, is paintable, and is easy to dispense. 

The product is made from a hybrid material and is compatible with various materials, including foam, wood, fiberglass, glass, and stone. It comes in a foam form and is packaged in a single tube. 


  • Works on a variety of materials including stone, wood, and plastic. 
  • Resistant to water, ensuring long-lasting bonds in wet conditions.
  • The glue is easy to apply and work with, making it suitable for various DIY projects.


  • Some users found that the It did not adhere well to rubber, despite claims on the packaging.

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6. Red Devil 0790 Tread 330 Premium Elastomeric Flooring Adhesive

The Red Devil 0790 Tread 330 Premium Elastomeric Flooring Adhesive is a strong glue designed specifically for installing stair treads and risers. This adhesive is quick to grab as it holds things together well right away. 

It works on many different materials like plywood, hardwood, ceramic tile, and concrete. It helps to reduce noise and squeaking when you walk on stairs. The adhesive dries quickly, so you don’t need to hold it in place while it dries. 

There won’t be any leftover marks or residue on your stairs after using it. The adhesive can also be used for other purposes, like bonding wood together. It’s a popular product for people who work on home improvement projects.


  • Easy to Use which is a simple application process.
  • Bonds wood to wood and other materials effectively.
  • Helps avoid squeaky floors caused by mechanical fasteners.


  • There might be a risk of staining or discoloration on certain types of flooring or materials.

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7. Loctite PL Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive

Loctite PL Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive is a versatile glue that can be used for a variety of projects. It sticks to many different materials like wood, concrete, stone, metal, and more. 

It doesn’t have a strong smell, and you can paint over it once it dries. It sets in about 30 minutes and fully cures in 24 hours, even in cold temperatures. It’s waterproof, so you can apply it directly to wet surfaces without it shrinking.

Loctite PL Premium is perfect for many types of projects, including installing subfloors. It works well with wood, plywood, OSB, MDF, concrete, stone, brick, metal, ceramic, PVC, and more. It meets strict state and federal regulations for safety and environmental standards.

This adhesive comes in a 10 fl oz cartridge, and one pack includes one cartridge. It’s tan in color and is packaged in a way that makes it easy to apply. The product is made by Loctite, a trusted brand known for its quality adhesives.


  • It can hold heavy items like a brick to the ceiling. 
  • Works on wood, metal, concrete, ceramic, and drywall. 
  • It is water resistant as it stands up to rain, snow, and sun.


  • It might have problems with the adhesive not sticking well or dispensing properly. 

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Wrap Up On Best Adhesive For Vinyl Flooring On Concrete   

The best adhesive for vinyl flooring on concrete provided in this article performs the best specifically. Therefore, you must go through each of the sections carefully and understand them in selecting your needs. 

The right adhesive will make the installation process smoother and help your flooring stay securely in place for years to come. The best adhesives are strong, versatile, and easy to apply.

Many types of adhesives are available, each with unique features suited for different applications. Lastly, you also need to look through the right adhesive to be aware before buying for yourself.

Also, we hope this article helped for find the best adhesive that you want. So, you can check our website regularly to get more information about similar topics. You can comment below on this article in the comments section for any doubts related to the topic. 

FAQ: Best Adhesive For Vinyl Flooring On Concrete  

After reading the article, you may have relevant questions in mind about the topic. For this reason, some might try to find them online on Google and look for the answers. So, the most important questions along with their answers are provided in this FAQ Section.

Q1. How to prepare the concrete for adhesive?

Ans: To prepare concrete for adhesive, first clean the surface to remove dirt. Make sure the concrete is completely dry. Roughen the surface with sandpaper for better adhesion. Fill any cracks or holes and let them cure. Therefore, Then apply the adhesive evenly, press the pieces together firmly, and let it set according to the instructions.

Q2. Does vinyl adhesive stick to concrete?

Ans: Yes, vinyl adhesive can stick to concrete, but it might not be the best option. There are other adhesives like construction adhesive or concrete urethane that can provide stronger and longer-lasting bonds. Therefore, Vinyl adhesive is more suitable for woodworking, not concrete repairs.

Q3. Can you lay tile over vinyl flooring on concrete easily?

Ans: Yes, you can lay tile over vinyl flooring on concrete but requires careful preparation. Ensure the vinyl is in good condition and the concrete subfloor is level. Use a good thin-set mortar and flexible grout. Proper cleaning and fixing any issues with the vinyl are essential. Therefore, Consulting a professional is recommended for best results.

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