Best Quietest Over The Stove Microwave & How To Install It?

Best Quietest Over The Stove Microwave & How To Install It?

Having a microwave on the kitchen counter requires some space. But if your kitchen is very small or you don’t want to place it on your kitchen counter.

Then utilizing the space above the stove by installing the microwave is a great idea. But this should be different from other microwaves.

According to the report of the US Bureau Of Labor Statistics, more than 90 percent of US households are using the microwave as a daily appliance. Huge Number!!!.

Also, there are only two major types of microwaves available in the market. The first one is over the counter and the second one over the stove microwaves.

It means millions of people are using their microwave above the stove. 

Then you can also do this with your microwave. But which over the stove microwave is the best? How can you install it above the stove?

That’s why you need to read this complete article because I have covered both of them. Also, I have included the buyer guide before buying any over the stove microwave.

But first, you need to understand what the over the stove microwave really is? So that you can understand the difference between them.

What is Over The Stove Microwave

As the name suggests, over the stove microwave is usually placed above the stove.

This is also called over the range microwave because this is not necessary to install it above the stove. You can place it wherever you want on the wall.

But this should require better venting so positioning the microwave fan to exhaust works very well.

That’s why many people install it above the stove because mostly you will find the ventilation duct on it.

So if you are also planning to have an over the stove microwave. Then you should also install it above your stove so that you don’t need to take tension about the ventilation.

Pros & Cons Of Over The Stove Microwave

Having a over the stove microwave is a great thing but you should be aware of its advantages and disadvantages. So that you can get ready for it.


  • It will help you to utilize the useless place.
  • This is much stronger than other microwaves
  • This will decrease your cleaning work.


  • This will require proper ventilation.

So now you understand about over the stove microwave. Now you need to know the buying guide for selecting the best one.

Buying Guide For Over The Stove Microwave

How do you find the best over the stove microwave? As you know this is not so easy, that’s why you should know some important criteria to find it.

  • Build Quality: Installing a microwave above your stove at least requires better build quality. So that it can be run long-lasting and can withstand that much temperature.
  • Proper Ventilation: If your kitchen is smelling very bad like smoke, stem, and other odors. Then if you have over the stove microwave then you can easily remove it. But it should have better ventilation.
  • Sensors: As you know you are going to place it above your stove. So maybe it reaches its maximum level to withstand the temperature. That’s why if it has a special sensor then this will let you know before anything goes wrong.
  • Size: How much space have you left above your stove? There are so many over the stove microwaves available. But if you don’t have sufficient space for it. Then this will not be going to work. That’s why checking the size is important.

The 3 Best Quietest Over The Stove Microwave

Now you are ready to know about the best over the stove microwaves. I have listed them by following these criteria above or if you want to then you can also check more.

1. 1.8 Cubic Feet Over The Stove Microwave By FRIGIDAIRE

What kind of food do you usually cook in your microwave? Are they big like baking a whole chicken inside it or small cakes and light dishes? Usually, the bigger and heavier foods require much space to cook.

So that they do not attach at the backside of your microwave. Because there is a coil that produces magnetrons to cook your food evenly.

That’s why if you are finding the same then you can easily go with this over the stove microwave. Because it has around 1.8 cubic feet of space for your food.

So that you can easily cook any standard size food like medium pizza and so on. Also, it has a touchpad so that you don’t need to push any button.


  • It has auto-defrost that is better for your pizza.
  • You will get two fan speed features of 105 and 300 CFM.
  • It only has 35 pounds of weight that will help you while installing.


  • You will face problems while servicing if you have a warranty.
1.8 Cubic Feet Over The Stove Microwave By FRIGIDAIRE
  • Width: 29.87" x Height: 15.62" x Depth: 15.75"
  • CFM: 300 - Capacity: 1.8 cu. ft. - Cooking Watts: 1000 -...
  • Venting Type: Non Ducted - Auto Defrost - Timer - 27 Touch...

Last updated on 2024-05-21/Affiliate Links/ Images from Amazon

2. 1.34 Cubic Feet Over the Stove Microwave By Cosmo

Usually, while installing your microwave over the stove you need to leave some space for a venting duct behind the microwave.

But if you don’t have enough area for managing both then how can you do that? But this is necessary if your kitchen is smelling bad.

Also, over the stove microwave requires a better venting system.

So if you are facing the same problem with your old microwave. Then you should replace it with this Cosmo over the stove microwave with inbuilt venting space and fan.

So both of your problems are solved by using it. Also, it has 10 power levels that can cook any kind of food.


  • Its design is very heavy-duty and made with stainless steel.
  • This will automatically turn off when the food is cooked.
  • This will easily remove bad smells and moisture.


  • It has only a 1.34 cubic feet capacity that is good for only small size foods.
1.34 Cubic Feet Over the Stove Microwave By Cosmo
  • 1000 WATTS OF POWER: With 10 power levels and 1.34 cu. ft....
  • INTEGRATED RANGE HOOD: Removes smoke, odor and moisture with...
  • CONVENIENT TOUCH PRESETS: Rely on touch presets for your...

Last updated on 2024-05-21/Affiliate Links/ Images from Amazon

3. 1.6 Cubic Feet Over the Stove Microwave By FRIGIDAIRE

Having better build quality of microwave will prevent most of the damage while installing it over your stove.

Because maybe if it slips from your hand then you may spend more to fix it if it is not strong enough.

Usually, most microwaves are made with galvanized steel. However, this is more durable but not much stronger than stainless steel.

That’s why if you are also finding better quality and strong microwave. Then you should check out this over the stove microwave.

Because it is made with stainless steel and metal. Also, it has 2-speed ventilation that can deliver around 220 CFM air circulation inside the microwave.


  • It has an LED cooktop so that you can easily take out your food.
  • You will get 10 power levels to get fast cooking.
  • You can easily cook any medium size of food.


  • This is much heavier because its weight is around 52.6 pounds.
1.6 Cubic Feet Over the Stove Microwave By FRIGIDAIRE
  • Over the range
  • 1000 watts/ 10 Power levels
  • 2 speed ventilation/ 220 cfm/ cooktop LED lighting

Last updated on 2024-05-21/Affiliate Links/ Images from Amazon

So now you understand about the best over the stove microwaves. But how can you install them? That’s why you need to read below.

How To Install Microwave Over Your Stove: Step By Step Process

Installing over the stove microwave is not difficult if you have the right path to follow.

Because if you do anything wrong then your microwave may fall to the floor. That’s why you need to read this complete step-by-step process below to prevent this situation.

1. Locate The Stud Over Your Stove

Installing the microwave over the stove requires a strong place. That can handle this kind of weight otherwise your wall may damage.

That’s why before starting the procedure you need to locate the stud behind the wall. Make sure it should be below the upper cabinet.

Because this is the place where you are going to install your microwave. If you are facing any problem with doing this then you can use a stud finder.

That will let you know the best place. After it, you should mark down the area with a pencil.

2. Install The Outlets Inside The Cabinet

A microwave is an electronic appliance that’s why you need electricity for using it. But it doesn’t have a long wire to reach the power connection in your house.

Also, it looks very odd and messy. That’s why you need to locate an outlet within the cabinet right above your microwave.

But make sure before doing all these things you should shut off the power. So when you locate the outlet then you need to install a new receptacle on it.

So that you can connect your microwave with it. But if you are not comfortable doing electrical work then you can call any professional electrician.

3. Apply Template On The Wall & Upper Cabinet

Do you know where you need to drill for making holes to install the microwave? I know this looks very difficult, that’s why you need to apply paper templates.

You will get this with your microwave. But make sure you need to have at least two paper templates. Because the first one should be applied against the back wall.

Then the second one applies at the bottom of the upper cabinet. You can use any masking tape for this work.

So when you do this now this time to make some holes by using the drill. On these templates, you will find locations where you need to drill.

4. Align The Microwave Fan With Exhaust

Some microwaves come with an inbuilt venting system like above I have listed but some do not. But both require a better exhaust system.

So that you can take all the hot air from your kitchen. That’s why if your microwave has a ventilation fan then you need to align it with the exhaust.

If you haven’t a ventilation fan in your microwave. Then you need to adjust the vent channel and the air direction should match with your ductwork.

So that all the hot air of your microwave can easily go outside from your kitchen and even house. Make sure this should not be recirculated inside your house.

5. Install Mounting Brackets & Plate

How and where can you install your microwave over the stove? This is also called the microwave support unit where you actually hang your microwave.

That’s why it should be well and strong enough. So for doing this you need to have a mounting plate and brackets.

Then you need to install them by following the marks which you did above. You can simply follow the straight line and then one by one nail it to the back wall.

Also, if you want more protection then you can also use another plate right below the microwave door and attach it from the cabinet.

6. Hang Your Microwave

Now this time to hang your microwave where you build the unit. That should require an extra pair of hands.

Because when you hold it at the fixed place another person can tighten all the bolts. You need to be careful while doing this and make sure it should be on the mounting plate.

Carefully take out the wire inside the cabinet where you make a hole for it. So when you tighten all the bolts in your unit.

Then this time to use some more inside the cabinet and connect it with the upper cabinet. Then you will get three security levels that will never fall down your microwave.

7. Connect The Duct

This is the last step that will complete your process to install your microwave over the stove.

That should be required to connect your ductwork from the microwave ventilation system.

This is necessary to fit this unit carefully otherwise it may lose and you can’t make your kitchen cool. Usually, some microwaves require transition fittings but most do not.

That’s why your microwave is also one of them. Then you need to do that but if not then simple tin snips work well.

You can easily connect it to the backside of the microwave by making a big hole inside the cabinet.

That’s why it is better if you have more cabinets above your microwave. So that you can hide this thing.

Wrap Up On Best Quietest Over The Stove Microwave

Whether you have over the counter or over the stove microwave. Both require a better ventilation system inside your kitchen otherwise you can’t make your food.

Because this will completely change the temperature of your kitchen. However, over the stove microwave can easily do this work.

Because it is too close to the exhaust system of your house.

You need to divert the direction of your ductwork to prevent the recirculation of their hot air inside your entire house. That will increase your work.

But this will also be helpful for you because this system also takes out your kitchen hot air. That everyone may don’t know.

That’s why you should be very careful while installing it.

But not all microwaves can do this work properly. That’s why I have added only the best one above.

That can do this work easily and you can choose according to your need. Also, you can check out the buying guide.

This will also help you to filter your options and prevent you from being confused.

FAQ: Best Over The Stove Microwave & How To Install it

Finding the best over the stove microwave and then installing it is quite difficult. That’s why many people like you have so many problems.

That can be solved easily. That’s why I have added some of them in this article to give appropriate answers. 

How much does it cost to install an over the stove microwave?

Installing a microwave will not cost you more whether you call any professional or not.

Because this includes some tools and materials to purchase.

But if you have both of them.

Then this is free for you. But overall it will cost you around $200 to $250 that’s all.

How do I secure my over the stove microwave?

If you want to add more security to your microwave from falling on your kitchen floor.

Then you need to install some more plates inside the microwave.

But it should be required to have cabinets on both sides. Then all you need is just install one by one at plates.

How much time does it take to install a microwave over the stove?

If you have already done this in the past. Then this will not require much time.

But you completely don’t know how to do that. Then you need to have at least 3 to 4 hours.

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