How To Clean Suede Shoes Without Suede Cleaner (7 Steps Guide)

How To Clean Suede Shoes Without Suede Cleaner (7 Steps Guide)

Suede shoes are a popular type of footwear known for their softness which come in various styles and colors. According to, these shoes are good to wear in colder months, providing you with both style and warmth. 

This shoe also gets dirty as it is more soft and fuzzy. It creates a condition that makes you feel sad and unlikely to wear. Therefore, how to clean suede shoes without suede cleaner is provided below for you in this article. 

Guide Before Cleaning Suede Shoes

Some may face challenges like stains getting worse with each cleaning. Cleaning suede shoes requires a delicate approach to prevent damage. So, knowing about the guide Before Cleaning suede shoes is necessary. 

  • Suede Brush: You need to use a special suede brush to remove dirt and dust gently. This needs to be done whenever you wearing suede shoes. This helps you to maintain the material’s appearance and prevents the buildup of Materials.
  • Avoid Moisture: Let your suede shoes air dry naturally if it is wet. Use a towel to soak excess water or leave it for some time to dry outside.  You should not use heat sources like heaters or fires as they can damage the material.
  • Right Brushing: You should apply quickly with light strokes to avoid damaging the suede when you use the brush. Brush back and forth to remove tough spots. Also, make a final brush in one direction to keep a uniform look. 
  • Shoe Protection: After cleaning, you can apply a silicone-based spray designed for suede. It provides waterproofing which maintains the material of the shoe. This will help you to protect against water damage and dirt.

Tools And Supplies For Cleaning Your Suede Shoes 

Each tool has its purpose in cleaning and maintaining suede shoes. So, you must be aware of the tools and supplies for cleaning required for you. 

Brush or eraserUse a brush to gently brush off any dirt or dust from your shoes. You can take a brush which is not hard to clean. Also, you can gently rub the eraser on any tough spots or stains on the shoe. 
White Vinegar or white detergent or dish soap with waterFor creating a cleaning solution by mixing a small amount of cleaning agent with water. This makes the use of any cleaning chemicals with water.
Microfibre clothYou will require a microfibre cloth to dip into the solution and gently scrub the entire shoe. The cloth allows you for a smooth and easy-to-clean shoe.
X-Acto KnifeAn X-Acto knife is a sharp tool used for cutting paper and other materials. It’s important to handle it carefully because it can cause injuries. You should also keep it far from kids after its use.
Hair dryerYou can use a hair dryer to dry the shoe if possible. Otherwise, let them air dry overnight away from direct heat sources. It is not compulsory to have a hair dryer but you can also leave it in a place outside to dry.
Hand glovesHand Gloves are required to make it safe from unwanted chemicals, impurities, or dirt. You can wear it if you feel uncomfortable to do.

7 Steps On How To Clean Suede Shoes Without Suede Cleaner: You Should Follow! 

There are many varied processes followed for cleaning suede shoes. But, you don’t have to look in searching for them all online. Therefore, we have provided below on how to clean suede shoes without suede cleaner for you all. 

1. Brush/Rub Away The Dirt 

To start cleaning your suede shoes, you should be ready with all the tools and supplies. So, just lay down on the floor. You need a brush to use it to remove the dirty particles. Therefore, we have to remove the dirt or any kind of residue by seeing properly. 

Scrub the brush lightly on the shoe in one direction to gently brush off any loose dirt or debris from the surface of the shoe. Be cautious not to apply too much pressure to avoid damaging the suede. 

Also, you can use a clean eraser to gently rub away the mark for dry stains. Using the eraser to gently rub on the spots without pressing too hard makes it safe. Just rub the eraser on the stain and you’ll notice it disappearing.

You need to make sure that you clean all the corners and have to repeatedly follow the process. This is important for removing tough spots and excess dirt from suede shoes. 

2. Use A Cleaning Solution   

Secondly, you must clean the brush which you used. With a clean brush, we will be proceeding with the next step. Therefore, You probably need a container or bowl to add some water. 

The water must be warm not hot not cold. Here, we are using white vinegar to mix with the water. Mix the solution with the help of a brush properly. The solution should be mixed well so it doesn’t feel watery. 

On the other, you can also use cleaning agents to help in the cleaning process. You can also simply use a small amount of soap with water to clean. It needs to be done according to your preferences. 

3. Use A Microfibre Cloth

When our cleaning solution is ready. We require a microfibre cloth or any soft cloth. You need a microfibre cloth to Lightly Scrub Dirt and Scuffing areas. Therefore, you need to dip a small portion of a microfibre cloth into the solution. 

You need to clean the areas where you find any dirt with the use of a microfibre cloth. For tough stains, use more of the soap mixture and use a microfiber towel for a closer clean. Blot it gently with a clean cloth or sponge if the stain is wet. 

Avoid rubbing on the shoe as it may spread the stain covering to a large portion. Press the cloth onto the stain to absorb moisture to the dirt. This will remove the dirt particles to loose. You need to dab on all sides of the shoes. 

4. Clean Again For Any Dirt Existing  

It’s essential to give the suede shoes thorough cleaning to ensure they stay in top shape.  You need to check your suede shoes and identify areas with dirt or stains again. Therefore, you need to find the dirt by looking closely to identify areas that need attention. 

It is time to remove it when you have pinpointed the dirt. Use a gentle brush or cloth to carefully clean the surface of the shoes. Be thorough, making sure to clean every part of the shoe to remove all excess dirt.

Also, there might be anything sticky on the shoes which you have to lightly remove from the surface. You can use X-Acto Knife or any little pointed things. Also, you must be careful not to damage the suede.

5. Clean The Shoe Laces Separately If Necessary 

The Shoelaces of suede shoes also need to be cleaned. So, remove the laces from the shoe and keep them in the water for some time which loosens the dirt. Therefore, you also need to gently rub the laces between your hands to undesirable dirt.

If the dirt persists, it may be necessary to employ a brush to scrub the laces. A soft-bristled brush is ideal for this task as it effectively removes dirt. It does so without damaging the delicate suede material. Be sure to scrub gently to avoid causing any damage to the laces. 

It’s important to properly wash and dry the laces after scrubbing. Rinse them thoroughly to remove any remaining soap or dirt particles. Then, carefully wring out excess water from the laces. To dry them, lay the laces flat on a clean towel or hang them in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. 

Once the laces are completely dry then they can be re-laced onto the shoes. Ensure that the shoes themselves are also thoroughly dry before reattaching the laces to prevent any moisture-related issues. By following these steps, you can effectively clean suede shoe laces and maintain the overall cleanliness and longevity of your footwear.

6. Repeat The Process If Not Clean 

If your shoes aren’t clean after all the attempts then don’t worry! Sometimes, dirt can be stubborn and needs a bit more effort to remove. Therefore, If you find that some spots are still dirty then you can go back and use the brush or eraser again. 

It’s important to be patient during this process as cleaning suede shoes can take some time especially if there are tough stains to tackle. You don’t need to rush as it can take your time and work methodically to ensure that each spot gets the attention it needs.

Continue repeating the cleaning process until you are satisfied with the results. This might mean going over certain areas multiple times to ensure that all the dirt is removed. Being diligent in your cleaning efforts, you can keep your suede shoes eventually be clean and look as good as new.

7. Dry The Shoe 

To dry wet suede shoes, start by using a hair dryer on a low setting or a dry towel to gently remove excess moisture. Therefore, you can allow the shoes to air dry naturally away from direct heat sources to prevent damage to the delicate material.

Once the shoes are completely dry, use a suede brush to restore the nap and maintain the soft texture of the suede. Brushing helps to fluff up the fibers and remove any remaining dirt or debris. This step is crucial for keeping your suede shoes looking fresh and new.

To maintain the cleanliness and good condition of your suede shoes, it’s recommended to perform regular maintenance and protective measures. This includes brushing them after each wear and storing them properly when not in use. With proper care and attention, your suede shoes will stay clean, soft, and ready to wear again whenever you need them. 

Why Do People Love To Buy Suede Shoes?

People love to buy suede shoes because they are durable and last for a long time. It provides you with a good appearance suitable matching with mature men’s.  Therefore, it stays strong even after being used a lot and remains strong even after years of use. 

Unlike some other types of shoes, suede shoes don’t easily show signs of aging or damage. Additionally, suede shoes are comfortable to wear and can be cleaned easily with a brush. Overall, suede shoes are a popular choice because they offer both style and durability.

This makes suede shoes a top choice for most people because they’re both cool and tough to wear. They look great, last long, and don’t get messed up easily. Lastly, People also enjoy wearing them because they feel good on their feet.

Wrap Up On How To Clean Suede Shoes Without Suede Cleaner 

The method told to clean suede shoes in this article can help you to easily clean your shoe safely without any kind of damage. Therefore, you must go through each of the sections carefully and understand the steps to do it. 

You can also apply a suede protector spray to prevent future stains and water damage. You have to hold the spray at a distance and evenly coat the shoes. Also, it depends on how often you wear your suede shoes so you may need to clean and protect them more frequently. 

Regular maintenance helps keep your suede shoes looking their best for longer. For stubborn stains that won’t come off. Lastly, you can take your suede shoes to a cobbler or a dry cleaner specializing in leather for professional cleaning.

Also, we hope this article helped for find how to clean suede shoes. So, you must visit our website regularly for more such updates. You can comment below on this article in the comments section for any doubts related to the topic. 

FAQ: How To Clean Suede Shoes Without Suede Cleaner 

Most people while looking through cleaning suede shoes also have some questions related to it. This is the reason we have selected only the important questions along with their answers related to the topic in this section.

Q1. Does toothpaste help to clean shoes?

Ans: Yes, toothpaste can help you clean shoes in some cases as it has the same properties as cleaning out teeth. It can be good when you are using it on the rubber soles of shoes. Therefore, it can be somewhat clean but not as clean as you get from using cleaning agents.

Q2. Can you use water to clean suede shoes?

Ans: The use of water should be taken lightly for cleaning if you bring a new suede shoe. The water can damage your shoe if you fully use the water. you can use vinegar or any other cleaning products with water. Therefore, Avoid using water directly on suede, as it may cause water stains.

Q3. How can you keep suede shoes looking always new?

Ans: A suede shoe depends upon your use which impacts its look. Many safety should be taken towards your shoes. You need to care about the shoe if you use it daily. Therefore, you need to follow various cleaning disciplines regarding the shoes.

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