5 Simple Ways To Reduce Construction Noise In Neighborhood: What You Need To Know!

Construction Noise In Neighborhood

Due to the rapid growth of cities and populations, construction work is constantly happening all around us. And we all know that on an active construction site, noise is inevitable. All these new large construction projects bring with them a lot of loud construction noise.

Because heavy equipment and power tools are extremely noisy, however, construction work could not be possible without them. Whether you are at the office or at home, these construction noises can reduce your productivity or prevent you from getting in your nap for the day.

That is why a lot of people are asking “How to reduce construction noise in neighborhood?”. In this article, we have shared 5 simple ways to reduce construction noise in neighborhood to protect your home or business from excessive unwanted noise.

What Are The Major Sources Of Construction Noise

Before you start blocking or reducing construction noise, you should first need to have an understanding of several factors, such as what makes construction noise so loud or what are the major sources of that noise. 

And there are some significant sources of unwanted noise on any construction site, and they are extremely loud. Here we have given a look at the main reasons for construction noise.

  • Construction Equipment: It requires a lot of power to move all the heavy materials around a construction site. That is why the noise levels of construction equipment are extremely high and almost each one of them creates unsafe levels of noise. Some construction equipment such as chainsaws generally produces around 110dB of noise which is loud enough to have a severe impact on your hearing. So, workers near this type of machinery must wear hearing protection
  • Construction Materials:  The materials used on construction sites are generally very hard and dense and it is actually required for creating structurally strong buildings. However, these materials can also contribute to loud noises. Because cutting, drilling, or moving these hard materials can creates a lot of sounds. 
  • Environmental Conditions: If the construction site is in the city and surrounded by large buildings, then your environmental conditions can also contribute to the noise. Because the smooth and flat surfaces of those buildings can reflect and amplify most of the sounds that impact them. And windows, metal, and concrete can all cause that noise amplification. 

5 Effective Solutions For Reducing Construction Noise In Neighborhood: Try These Noise Reduction Techniques

Protecting your home or office from construction noises or other neighborhood noises is extremely important. Here are 5 useful noise reduction techniques that can help you reduce construction noise in your neighborhood. 

1. Sealing Your Windows

As exterior construction noises are your main concern, you should start with your windows first. Because our windows not only let in the light, but they can also let a lot of exterior noise in as well. 

So, if you can seal your windows up properly, then it can solve some of your issues. However, if you have got single-paned windows, then you might need another line of defense. 

In that case, installing new windows could solve your problem, but it is not always possible in leased office spaces or apartments. 

And an excellent alternative option is to use window inserts. They can provide you with an almost similar effect as double-glazed windows and work as good window insulation, and also they are a cost-effective solution.

And these are available in the market in standard sizes and can also be custom cut to fit your windows. 

2. Reinforcing Your Walls

Whether you need to do residential soundproofing or commercial soundproofing, one of the main places where you should focus is the exterior walls. And depending on the materials you used in them, they might allow loud sounds to let in. 

So, if you are feeling that your walls don’t have proper noise insulation, then there are a few things that you can do about it. 

You can first double down on the insulation because it has been found that many older homes have no insulation or very little amount of insulation in the exterior walls, however, it depends on where you live. 

And if you find that your walls are hollow or stuffed with old newspapers, then you can consider using insulation that can be used for both sound and heat. 

Also, you can add some mass-loaded vinyl to your existing walls, so that it can add a good amount of mass and density where your walls need it. 

And to install it, you don’t even need to open the walls up. You can just roll it out on top of your existing drywall, and you are ready to go. 

You can also add another layer of drywall on top of it, however, you should make sure that your framing is strong enough to support the extra weight before starting the process. 

3. Soundproofing Your Door

Doors are another place in your room that can allow noise to let in. So, if you find that the construction noise is coming through your door, then you will need to solve this issue. 

Sometimes you can simply seal all the gaps around the door, because if air can get through, so sound can also. 

However, this method will not always work and you might need to add mass as well. Because if your exterior doors don’t have enough mass, then they will not be effective at blocking outside sounds. 

Mostly, we can find that exterior doors are a lot stronger than interior doors, as they need to keep weather and unwanted visitors out. 

So, they need to be strong, but strong doesn’t always mean that they are dense. Because if you have got an old door with big windows, then those old windows can let a lot of sound in. 

And sealing them can be a good option, however, you can also replace your current door with a much heavier door without windows.

4. Use A White Noise Machine

If construction work is happening in your neighborhood, then one of the simplest steps that you can take to decrease the noise level in your room is to use a white noise machine. 

In the office, a white noise machine can be really useful to hide most of the ambient noise present to give you a more pleasant environment. 

You can choose from white noise, brown noise, or pink noise to create a more calm and peaceful environment in your office. 

It is an excellent way to use sound to combat sound and if you are looking for an office-wide solution, then this can be the perfect option. 

5. Using Sound Absorbing Materials

One of the easiest and most affordable options to deal with construction noise is to install sound-absorbing materials in your house. If the sound is getting in through your windows, then the best choice can be soundproof curtains. 

However, if the sound is coming in through other places, then you might need to implement other options. And soundproofing curtains are also a cost-effective option. You can also install double-pane windows, but they are really expensive. 

That is why normal windows fitted with a soundproof curtain can be a more effective option than double-pane windows. 

And if you want to reduce construction noise in your rented apartment, then it will be much harder to achieve for you than reducing construction noise in your own house.

Because you can install soundproofing curtains over the windows to reduce construction noise, but replacing the windows to get better results would not be an option.

Why Construction Noise Is A Serious Problem

It is true that no one likes noise and it is really bad for our health. And even at low levels, constant or continuous exposure to noise can result in an increased level of stress and lowered focus. 

So, it can cause us to make mistakes at our workplace, and we might not get proper sleep at home which can result in health issues. 

These loud noises are a serious productivity killer with health problems. As the level of noise goes up, the problems increase with it. When we are exposed to sounds over 70 decibels(dB), we start to potentially damage our hearing. 

And the louder those sounds, and the longer we are exposed to them, the chances of our hearing damage increase. Also, the construction noise levels can exceed the maximum recommended limits. 

So, reducing the amount of noise you are exposed to is the best option to keep you and your family happy and healthy.

What Are The Impacts Of Construction Noise On Our Health And Everyday Life

Contractors should also learn how to block construction noise to reduce noise disturbances because there are severe impacts of construction noise on our health and everyday life. Here we have covered some of the serious impacts.  

  • Impact On Human Health: Noise can severely impact human health, as extended exposure to loud noises from construction work can cause irreversible Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) or permanent hearing loss. And construction workers are generally at high risk for NIHL and harmful noise exposure. That is why construction companies should think about reducing workers’ exposure to unsafe noise levels to reduce this risk.  
  • Impact On Animals: Loud noises from construction work not only impact humans but also impact animals. Because many animals depend on sound to communicate with one another, detect predators, protect their young, or even find food. So, when the noise from construction sites is louder than animal calls, then it can block those sounds that animals make for survival.
  • Impact On Our Everyday Life: Loud construction noises are not only hazardous to workers and animals but they can also disrupt our everyday lives. For example, construction noise can distract children in classrooms, and loud noises from construction sites can reduce workplace productivity.

So, we should try to reduce hazardous noise levels from construction sites to save our communities and the ecosystem around us from its harmful impacts. 

Can You Complain About The Construction Noise

Construction works can produce excessive noise and it has been found that almost 51% of all workers in construction sites have been exposed to hazardous noise. Nearby construction works can also ruin the quiet enjoyment of your property. 

Because of that a lot of people want to know “how to deal with excessive construction noise in my neighborhood?”.  

The first thing you could do is to communicate with your neighbor and tell them the problems you are facing due to the disruptive construction noise. 

There are several laws that specify acceptable decibel levels at various times of the day in case of any nearby construction in your neighborhood. 

So, if the excessive noise or the loud construction noise continues outside of those hours, then you have the right to file a noise complaint with your local police department.

You can call your local police department’s nonemergency number to file a noise complaint about the nearby construction in your neighborhood. 

You can also file a complaint by filling out an online form by visiting your local authority’s website. However, there can be different laws or ordinances depending on where you live.  

Wrap-Up On Construction Noise In My Neighborhood: Protect Your Home From Construction Noise

Construction noise can be temporary, however, you don’t really know how long it will last. And it doesn’t matter if you are experiencing it in your home or in your office, it can get extremely distracting and annoying. 

You don’t need to wait until the construction work is finished. You should do something you can to get rid of this annoying noise. 

And if you want to learn how to deal with construction noise leaking into your home, then your simple efforts can help you to increase your comfort level and reduce disturbances to your everyday life.

We hope that our informative article has helped you to get the answer to your question- “How to reduce construction noise in my neighborhood?”. If you still have some questions or doubts in your mind, please let us know in the comments below.  

FAQ: Construction Noise In My Neighborhood

As a lot of people want to know how to deal with or avoid construction noise, they have many questions on their minds. Here we have picked several related questions and answered them in a brief manner.

Q1. How Do You Deal With A Noisy Neighbourhood?

Ans: If your neighbor is too noisy or stops you from feeling comfortable in your home, then you can try to discuss it with them if you can. However, if that doesn’t work for you, then there are several other ways you can ask them to stop, such as by reporting them to the council.

Q2. What Is The Effect Of Noise On Construction Sites?

Ans: Exposure to loud construction noise both short and long term can cause irreparable damage to a construction worker’s hearing, such as hearing impairment and permanent loss of hearing. Also, prolonged exposure to loud noise can lead to high blood pressure, sleep disturbances, and increased levels of stress.

Q3. What Is An Example Of Noise From A Construction Site?

Ans: Sources of noise on construction sites include the use of jackhammers, cement mixers, cement cutters, electric saws, welding machines, and several hand tools.

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