7 Essential Sound Deadening Material For Car Audio (Provides More Comfortable While Driving In Noisy Environments)

Best Sound Deadening Material For Car Audio

Car audio systems are becoming more advanced every year, however, even the best audio system can be hampered by the sounds and vibrations of your car’s interior. That’s where sound-deadening material for car audio comes in. 

Sound-deadening materials are designed to reduce noise and vibration by absorbing and dampening the sound waves that pass through the car’s metal panels. They help to improve the sound quality of your car audio system, make your ride quieter and more comfortable, and even reduce the overall road noise.

Choosing the best sound deadening material for car audio system can be a daunting task, with many different options available in the market. So, in this article, we’ll review some of the best sound deadening materials for car audio and also provide a comprehensive buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

Whether you’re a seasoned car audio enthusiast or just starting, this guide will help you choose the best sound deadening material for your car audio system so you can enjoy high-quality sound with minimal noise and vibrations.

So, let’s get started.

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Buying Guide For Best Sound Deadening Material For Care Audio

If you want to improve the sound quality of your car audio system, investing in a sound deadening material can make a big difference. Here’s what to consider when choosing the best sound deadening material for your car:

  • Material Type: The most popular types of sound deadening material include butyl rubber, asphalt-based, and foam-based. All these materials act differently and provide their unique features.
  • Coverage Area: You’ll need to measure the areas in your car that need sound deadening, such as the doors, roof, and floor. This will help you determine how much material you need to buy.
  • Ease of Installation: Look for a material that’s easy to install, especially if you plan to do it yourself. Some materials require special tools or adhesives, while others have self-adhesive backing that makes installation a breeze.
  • Budget: Budget safeguards you from overspending and setting up long-time financial goals so determine your budget before you start shopping, and look for a material that fits your needs and your wallet.

By considering these factors, you can choose the best sound deadening material for your car audio system and enjoy a more pleasant listening experience on the road.

7 Best Sound Deadening Material For Car Audio

Each product is different from others and any one product might not fulfill your needs regarding sound deadening material for car audio. So, below we have given you the top 7 products to choose from with their detailed review.

1. Car Sound Deadening Material Mat – 197 mil 8.7 sqft Auto Audio Deadener Foam, Sound Dampening, and Heat Insulation By KOIKEY Store

KOIKEY store manufactures various products like furniture legs, storage containers, and car accessories. This store has mastered manufacturing car deadening accessories. This product by the KOIKEY store comes in 7 different size options.

This sound deadening material mat can easily withstand any temperature from -40 F to 300 F. KOIKEY store claims that this mat can block 98% of radiant heat coming from car heat engines and exhaust.

This mat is waterproof, moistureproof, and odorless. IT can be easily installed in any part of your car as it is easy to cut and install and it is self-adhesive.


  • Has an easy installation and can be installed anywhere in the car.
  • Makes a well sound difference, by reducing the noise.
  • Has good material and is worth of money.


  • The adhesiveness is not so strong, which makes it less durable.

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2. 80 mil 10 sqft car Sound deadening mat, Butyl Automotive Sound Deadener, Audio Noise Insulation and dampening By Noico Solutions

Noico solutions is a manufacturer that only manufactures products in order to lessen the noise from the car. This store is filled with varieties of mats that help in sound deadening in cars. This store even has a high rating.

Butyl automotive sound deadener provides more performance than other products as it is 1.5 times thicker. This mat is of weight 0.7 lbs and it is self-adhesive and consists of butyl. It comes with a thickness of 80mil.

And covers a total of 10 square feet of area and comes with 10 stacks of sheets with dimensions 14.5 by 10 Inches. The exterior of this mat has a metallic finish which gives a classic look to the car.


  • Has an easy installation as it comes in sheets instead of a whole mat.
  • The raised dots indicate that the product is properly installed.
  • Also helps in reflecting atmospheric heat.


  • Not available with various size options and the roller is not included in the packaging.

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3. Sound Deadener for Car, 10mm Thick Sound Deadening Mat Material By GOSCHE Store

GOSCHE store has limited products but manufactures quality items. This store mainly manufactures products related to furniture of wood and metallic finish. This sound-deadener product is a masterpiece of the GOSCHE store.

This product comes with 7 different size options and each size option comes with a different number of sheets. It works from temperature -40 C to 149 C. It also acts as a shield to stop heat from entering the car and has a thickness of 5mm.

This product has many features like waterproofing, moistureproof, corrosion proof, scratch resistant, fire resistant, and many more. It is self-adhesive, you can even stick it on the upper side of the car as it will not easily fall off.


  • Comes with various size options with changes in the number of sheets.
  • Has essential features which make the product better.
  • Has an average weight of 1.7 lbs.


  • Not worked well in sound deadening.

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4. 96 mil 37 sqft Car Sound Deadener Deadening Mat Audio Noise and Heat Shield Insulation By CHAGANG

CHAOGANG is a store that manufactures different car-related products. It even has a large collection of other products and mainly focuses on manufacturing premium products.

This sound deadener mat of CHAOGANG comes with a single size option that is 196 mil by 37 square feet.  It comes in the form of 29 pieces and is self-adhesive. It includes a multifunctional thermal insulation material.

This material helps in keeping the car warm in winter and cool in summer. It also has all the features that a premium sound deadener mat must have. It can be used in any part of the car and has a thickness of 5mm.


  • It can be installed in almost every part of the vehicle where the noise is more.
  • Has many features that other products do not provide.
  • Has good sticking capability as it comes into pieces and is self-adhesive.


  • High priced and has fewer reviews

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5. Damplifier Pro Premium Car Sound Deadening Material – Butyl Rubber Auto Sound Deadener Mat By Second Skin Store

Second Skin Store is an outstanding company that provides mattresses and skins for cars. This company manufactures only materials for cars such as sound deadening, blocking, absorbing, and heat insulation.

This particular product comes with 4 different size options. This product uses standard materials which increase its costs. This mat will definitely give your vehicle a luxurious and attractive look.

This sound deadening material weighs 9.88 pounds and the cost increases as you increase the size option. 


  • Uses standard and safe health materials.
  • Comes in sheets which help to cover the whole vehicle easily.
  • Premium and gives luxurious look to your vehicle.


  • Costs are very high and not value for money.

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6. Favorite 90 Mil Car Sound Deadener Material (30 Sqft) Audio Noise Insulation Reduction & Butyl Insulation By S’mart Mat Store

This product is also by S’mart store. It also works the same as other products in the list but in order to provide you with choices based on different features we have added this product. This product comes with 3 size options with 15, 32, and 44 square feet of covering

It is also self-adhesive and helps in strong adhesion. It is heavy-duty resistant and has an ideal temperature from -58 F to 248 F. It works more perfectly in the vehicle interiors. 

It weighs a little higher than other products which are approximately 10 pounds. On the product page, you can find the complete installation process which provides a doubt-free installation.


  • It is used by several customers and has a high rating.
  • Comes with strong adhesion and no heat gun is required.
  • The average price of this product fits every customer.


  • Made up of foam which is not a good material for sound deadening.

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7. 80 mil (2 mm) 36 sqft (3.4 sqm) car Sound deadening mat, Butyl Automotive Sound Deadener By Noico Solutions Store

This product is also a variety of sound deadening material by noico solutions. It comes with only one size option and has the highest cost as sound deadening material. The high cost of this product is due to the durability and features provided.

Some of the features of this product match with the other ones in this list. It has a thickness of 80 mil and covers an area of 36 square feet with dimensions 29.5 by 19.5 inches. It is suitable for both very cold and very hot regions as it can withstand a temperature from -49F to 212 F.

It will give you high and effective sound deadening when you install it on the trunk, roof, firewalls, doors, floors, or wheel walls. The manufacturers advise wearing gloves in order to protect your hand from the strong glue.


  • Have many outstanding features like self-adhesive, ultrasound proofing, etc…
  • Has a complete quantity guide which will help in savage of material and money.
  • A good alternative for premium purchasers.


  • Provides the same features as other materials but costs a bit higher.

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How To Install Sound Deadening Material For Car Audio?

Purchasing a sound deadening material would be easier for you by just reading the detailed product description. To get started, you’ll need to gather some materials including sound deadening material, a razor blade, a roller tool, and a clean rag.

First, clean the area where you’ll be installing the sound deadening material. Then, measure and cut the material to fit the area you want to cover. Use the roller tool to press the material firmly in place and remove any air bubbles.

Focus on the doors, floor, and roof. You may also want to consider adding a layer of foam insulation to reduce noise further.

Wrap Up On Sound Deadening Material For Car Audio

Sound-deadening material is a popular solution to improve the audio quality of your car. By reducing unwanted vibrations and noise, it can help create a more immersive listening experience. 

However, it’s important to note that the effectiveness of sound-deadening material can vary depending on factors such as the type and thickness of the material, the surface area it covers, and the overall acoustics of your car. 

Also, we hope that you found this particular article helpful and if you have any problems or doubts related to sound deadening material for car audio then kindly make us aware by dropping a comment in the comment box below.

FAQ: Sound Deadening Material For Car Audio

Choosing the best sound deadening material for your car audio might not be an easy task even after going through a detailed article. So, for this reason, below we have cleared a few questions related to it.

Q1: How effective is sound deadening material in reducing unwanted noise and vibrations?

Ans: The effectiveness of sound-deadening material can vary depending on factors such as the type and thickness of the material, the surface area it covers, and the overall acoustics of the car.

Q2: Can sound deadening material be removed once installed?

Ans: Yes, sound deadening material can be removed if needed. However, it’s important to note that the adhesive used to install the material can be difficult to remove and may leave residue behind.

Q3. What are the external factors which depend on the sound deadening of car audio?

Ans: The external factors depending on the sound deadening of car audio may be wind noise, road and tire noise, engine noise, traffic noise, and noise from the environment.

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