5 Best Stylish & Affordable Curtain For Noise Reduction: That Support Your Deep Sleep!

Annoying sounds can be very irritating especially if you live in a noisy world like a metropolitan city. Living just close to a street that is filled with traffic then it can be difficult to bare the noise. 

According to the study of nih.gov, noise-reducing curtains can be an effective way to reduce noise levels in homes when you live in a heavily trafficked area. So, it is important for you to find out the best curtains for noise reduction.

In this article, we have provided you with well-researched content for reducing noise with the help of a curtain. The products listed in this guide are checked thoroughly and gone through reviews by customers who have bought them.

So, let’s get started.

Are You In Hurry? Then Check Out Below!

You might be urgently needing the best curtain and do not have sufficient time to read our whole detailed guide. So, here we have given you the top pick among the below which we will feel will suit you which is NiceTown 3 Pass Microfiber Noise Reducing Curtain.

This particular curtain comes which various sizes and color options that will definitely fit into your window and give it a cool look. Also, the material of this curtain is polyester with a polyester blend.

It is the cheapest of all the products and has very high ratings from thousands of people who have purchased it. It has a plain look that fits with any room design.

NICETOWN High-End Thermal Curtains, Full Blackout Curtains 84 inches Long for Dining Room, Soundproof Window Treatment Drapes for Hall Room, Black, 52 inches Wide Per Panel, Set of 2 Panels
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  • Curtains measure 52 inches wide x 84 inches long per panel,...
  • Silver grommets make installation easy on any standard...

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Are Noise Reduction Curtains Really Work

In the case of soundproof curtains or noise-reduction curtains, it won’t do actual soundproofing, however, this is more about sound deadening or echo canceling. Sound deadening actually means something that reduces or soaks the sound echo.

And there are two things that you need to understand about soundproofing – one is echo and the other is decibel. An echo is something that is created due to the reflection of sound waves from other sources, whereas decibel is the actual loudness of any sound.

So, noise reduction curtains will help you to reduce the echo by absorbing sound waves, and to some extent, they control the decibel level as well. However, you should not expect them as a sound barrier curtain.

They won’t be able to control the whole decibel coming in from the street traffic, however, they can block them or minimize them to a certain level. But as one of the cheapest solutions available, this definitely works when you don’t want to go to other expensive options. 

However, if you really want to make your house or room fully soundproof, then the best solution is to invest in other options such as soundproof window fitting.

Buying Guide For The Best Curtains For Noise Reduction 

Generally, good soundproof curtains will absorb sound waves and reduce noise pollution to some extent, which is why they are perfect for a bedroom, living room, or home office. However, you should make sure to check the below factors before purchasing a noise-reducing curtain. 

  • Types Of Curtains: When you are looking for soundproof curtains, you should first choose a curtain type. Insulation curtains generally look almost similar to the regular window curtains found in most homes. These curtains also come in a wide range of designs as well. But the main difference is that insulation curtains are actually made with heavier materials to block some noise. These curtains can also function as blackout curtains since the thicker material also works to block sunlight. 
  • Size And Weight: First, you should measure the length and width of your window. And then you should look for a curtain that is wide and long enough to sufficiently cover it. Your soundproof curtains should ideally cover a large portion of your wall, in addition to the window, to be most effective. If possible, you should choose a curtain that is almost three times as wide as your window and 10 or more inches longer.
  • Material: The materials that are used to make noise-reduction curtains will definitely affect the way they look, but they will also affect how well they block or absorb sounds. That is why more fibrous options, such as velvet curtains, can be more effective at sound absorption. 
  • Installation And Maintenance: You should also consider how easy it would be to install and maintain the curtains. If possible, you can check the manufacturer’s installation directions before making a purchase. You should also take note of the manufacturer’s care and cleaning instructions.

List Of Best Curtain For Noise Reduction

I found a few of my best choices by measuring all the above parameters. I am not going to confuse among the top 10 hence sharing the best of the 5 curtains for which I found good reviews.

1. NiceTown 3 Pass Microfiber Noise Reducing Curtain

This is made by the well-known acoustic company NiceTown and Microfiber-based Nicetown noise-reducing curtains are 100% polyester.

These blankets are two-panel blankets and have the capability to cover the complete window up to the range of 42″*84″ size. They are feeling soft and quite heavy in use which stands them a good sound insulator.

The curtain is available in various different colors but the dark curtain has the ability to blackout up to 85-90% of the light. They are energy efficient to maintain the temperature in both summer and winter.

The benefit of this curtain is that it will offer you a really dark environment so that you can get a good night’s sleep during the day. The effect of absorbing the sound of this curtain is 2 times higher than the ordinary 1 layer of curtains. And its quality finishing will withstand years of use.


  • Made up of 100% Polyester with triple weave blackout fabric.
  • Some of the curtains have the capacity to blackout 90% of light.
  • Comes in various sizes and color options that will definitely suit your room.


  • Sometimes product size gets verified from the actual size.
NICETOWN High-End Thermal Curtains, Full Blackout Curtains 84 inches Long for Dining Room, Soundproof Window Treatment Drapes for Hall Room, Black, 52 inches Wide Per Panel, Set of 2 Panels
  • Complete blackout curtains block light and reduce noise for...
  • Curtains measure 52 inches wide x 84 inches long per panel,...
  • Silver grommets make installation easy on any standard...

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2. NiceTown Full Shading Heavy Duty Lined SoundProof Curtain

This product is again owned by NiceTown with a bit higher quality and longer in size as it best fits the large size window.

It has a max size availability of 52″*108″ and is available in a variety of colors. It is 100% Polyester and will have 2 panels per package.

It claims the 100% blackout of the Sun Ray and UV light due to sue in-black liner backings. It is heavy in weight which causes the noise-absorbing capacity to be 2 times higher as compared to 1 layer curtain.

This curtain will offer you a really dark environment, so it can be a great choice for any room where you want to turn day into night. However, you should remember that these curtains are not noise-canceling, they are noise-reducing. 

And its excellent quality finishing will withstand years of use. But, you will need a rod that is strong enough with a center support to support these heavy curtains.


  • Curtains are made up of 2 layers of triple-weave fabric to blackout almost all light.
  • Comes with different large-size options which are especially suitable for large windows.
  • Has a good balance in heat and cold temperate areas.


  • These curtains fail in color and have a little dirt on them when products arrive.
NICETOWN Sound Barrier 100% Blackout Divider Curtains 84", Noise, Heat and Cold Blocking Drapes with Felt Fabric Lining for Noise Reducing/Nursery/Daytime Sleep/Bedroom (White, 2 PCs, 52" Wide)
  • READY MADE: 2 panels per package. Each Curtain with 1.6"...
  • NOISE REDUCING: Detachable felt fabric liner in the middle...
  • 100% BLACKOUT: Curtains are made with 2 layers triple weave...

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3. Deconovo 100% Blackout Curtains, Linen Soundproof Curtains

This product is manufactured by Deconovo and has a linen material which is a great choice. This is also a blackout curtain along with a soundproofing facility. 

It also has various sizes and color options. These curtains are not totally plain but have a bit of texture on them. It also helps in thermal insulation and can be easily installed on the window with the help of a rod.

These curtains are made of faux linen fabric, which is really simple, natural, and durable. And each curtain panel has 8 silver metal grommets on top. Also, the design of the silver grommets creates a casual elegance for your house and it makes the curtains relatively easy to install and slide.

However, the greatest benefit of this curtain is that it can give you a good night’s sleep so that you can remain full of energy throughout the day. And these curtains are also machine washable.


  • Gives an aesthetic look due to a bit textured type of color on the curtains.
  • Helps in light-blocking, thermal insulation, soundproofing, and face-resistant.
  • Easy installation with the help of a rod.


  • Sometimes products are damaged and the two curtains come with a slight change i length.
Deconovo 100% Blackout Curtains, Linen Noise Reducing Curtains for Bedroom, Thermal Insulated Living Room Curtain Drapes for Windows (Grey, 2 Panels, 52x72 Inch)
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  • DESIGN and TEXTURE: The curtains are made by faux linen...
  • FUNCTION CURTAINS: Create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere...

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4. NiceTown Thermal Insulated Blacktown Best Curtains Noise Reduction

This curtain is of good quality by the company NiceTown, which is available in various sizes including the larger size of 80″*84″.

It’s each curtain panel is made of 100% polyester and has the ability to blackout up to 85%-99% of the light.

This thermal insulated curtain would be the perfect choice if you are running out of budget and looking for the best noise-reducing curtain under $20. Same as other NiceTown curtains it is good to wash in the machine and best underwater temperature of 85F.

This blackout window curtain will also prevent harmful UV rays from reaching your floors and furniture in your room. And it can efficiently prevent cold or heat transfer from outside and increase the energy efficiency of your home. 

It will also allow you to create darkness in your room at any time of the day. And its good quality finishing can easily withstand years of use.


  • Have the same material in both the front and rear panels.
  • Comes with good quality at cheaper rates especially helpful for low budgets.
  • Has capacity blackout light still 90%.


  • Does not soundproof well then blackout the light.
NICETOWN Halloween Soundproof Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain Thermal Insulated Solid Grommet Room Darkening Drape for Dining Room (Single Panel, 42 inches by 84 inch, Black)
  • ELEGANT DESIGN: A panel BLACKOUT CURTAIN per package. Each...
  • NICE MATERIAL: This smooth, soft and heavy-duty blackout...
  • MULTIFUNCTION: This Blackout Window Curtain will prevent...

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5. RYB Home SoundProof Divider Noise Reducing Curtain

This curtain is designed for multifunction as it stands good sound insulation also helps in a blackout of the sunlight up to 100%.

It is a 3-layer curtain which makes them a strong barrier to noise, it’s available in 2 panels which causes the total width would be 104 inches.

It has a Detachable fabric liner in the middle of the three-layer which makes it the most noise-absorbing curtain. It is easy to use and cost-saving to your energy consumption.

Different people have different reactions to these curtains’ noise-cancelling effect. However, you should remember that these curtains are not designed to provide you with a 100% soundproofing effect. And these curtains are also easy to install and maintain.


  • Made up of 3 different layers for different functions.
  • Has the first and last layer of room darkening and blackout fabric respectively.
  • It does not cost more or less hence best option for medium budgets.


  • Does not affect much soundproofing or decrease the decibels and frequency.
RYB HOME Soundproof Curtains 84 inches - 3 Layers Blackout Curtains Noise Cancelling Thermal Insulted Drapes for Door Window Living Room Room Divider Curtains, W 52 x L 84 inch, Gray, 1 Pair
  • 3 LAYERS - Package includes 2 panels total width 104 inch. 1...
  • NOISE REDUCTION - Detachable felt fabric liner is in the...
  • 100% BLACKOUT - Triple weave blackout fabric & 3 layers...

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Wrap Up On The Best Curtains For Noise Reduction

Soundproofing a room with the help of curtains is not a complete solution but this is a cheaper and temporary solution. However, the thicker and more high-quality curtain will have a better noise cancellation possibility.

Curtains are just noise and echo-reducing materials, they will not be effective in reducing the decibels. With the right curtains in place, you’ll be on your way to a better, more restful night’s sleep.

Hopefully, after thoroughly going through this article you have found the best curtains for noise reduction. If still, you have any questions or doubts in your mind then kindly leave a comment below.

FAQ: The Best Curtains For Noise Reduction

Soundproofing is not an easy task and however, shopping curtains online is daunting. During this process, you might be very confused and come up with different questions in your mins. So, I have tried to give a solution for a few of them.

Q1. Are noise-reducing curtains effective for blocking out traffic noise?

Ans: Yes, curtains that reduce noise can be useful in lowering road noise. But you should always keep your windows closed and use curtains with a good noise-reduction rating.

Q2. How do I measure my windows for the right size of noise-reducing curtains?

Ans: Start by taking the width of your window frame from one end to the other to determine the size of your windows for noise-canceling curtains. Next, determine how far it is from the frame’s top to the ground. Be sure to provide an additional inch on both sides.

Q3. Can I wash noise-reducing curtains?

Ans: Yes, you can wash the majority of noise-canceling curtains. Before washing, though, make sure to read the care directions on the label because certain curtains can need special cleaning solutions or should only be dry-cleaned.

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