5 Best Stylish & Affordable Curtain For Noise Reduction: That Support Your Deep Sleep!

In this noisy world, it is very hard to stay away from the annoying sound, and if you are in the metropolitan city than it is obvious that you are living close to street or traffic area and definitely looking for soundproofing your house where the cheapest option is Noise reduction Curtains.

But obviously confuse to find out the best curtain for noise reduction.

No one can deny that to setup SoundProof windows and another set up in House will cost you more than 1000$ than the cheapest option is SoundProof Curtains.

But is Noise reduction Curtains or noise blocking curtains really work? and is it really worth to invest? answers to all your queries will be listed here in this guide.

I was searching for soundproof curtains to stay away from this noisy world and have gone through a number of reviews on Amazon and YouTube Videos and finally, came to the conclusion.

All my learning with the best curtain for noise reduction I explained here in this guide which is the best of my findings and worth investing in it.

For your quick review, you can refer below are our top 5 best findings.

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Are noise Reduction Curtains Really Works?

Yes, It works. But How?

If you talk about Curtains SoundProof than I must say it won’t do actual soundproofing but this is sound deadening or echo canceling.

Yes, Sound deadening means something which reduces or soak the sound echo.

There are two things to understand about SoundProof one is Echo and the other is Decibel.

Echo is something which is due to the reflection of sound waves from the other sources however Decibel is the actual loudness of any sound.

Hence noise reduction curtains help you to overcome the Echo by soaking soundwaves and somewhere it control Decibel as well but do not expect them as a sound barrier curtain.


Let say you are in a closed room or a bathroom where no source of any curtains and if you sing a song or play music in a loud voice than this becomes louder due to echo.

If you try the same thing in your bedroom which has more clothes and other things than the same voice will not be that much louder even you play in a wardrobe.

The reason is clear because there are a lot many sources that control the loud noise by soaking their waves and not reflecting any soundwaves.

The same concept applied for soundproof curtains, it won’t control the whole decibel coming in from the street traffic but yes it somewhere blocking them or minimizing.

To have this cheapest solution definitely works instead of installing expensive others.

If you really need to make your house or room fully soundproof than the best solution is to invest in other areas like soundproof window fitting etc.

I hope you are now clear with Is Soundproofing Curtains works or not?

Hence we will move forward and learn about what type of curtains you should buy and what parameters you should check before final purchase.

How to Choose Best Curtains For Noise Reduction?

Many companies around the e-commerce website claim that their curtains are SoundProof but the reality is a bit different.

What you should check before purchasing Soundproof Curtains are explained below.

Size of Curtains

Our idea is to the soundproof room and if you are planning to start with Curtains than make sure the size of Curtains.

Ideally, it must start from the ceiling and should end at the ground and should also have a width which is more than 5-10 inches more of actual window size.

The more you cover the more it will soak or minimize or deadening sound waves.

We are talking about SoundProofing hence try cover as much as you can start from the ceiling as it is different than your ordinary curtains.

Hence make the choice of your ideal size of around 2 times more than your window size and two times more than the width.

Width is important to make more layers, which increase the covering more and more and multiple layers on curtains increase more deadening of sound waves.

Weight of Curtains

Including height and width, the weight is also an important criterion to judge while purchasing curtains.

If you are still thinking do heavy curtains block sound then answer is yes.

The lighter in weight can cause less deadening of sounds and less absorption. The more in weight means it will be built and heavy which has more capacity to absorb noise.

Obviously, it will be not easy to hang these curtains but this is what suggested while talking about SoundProofing.

If possible with lightweight curtains try to make 2-3 layers of same curtains to close the complete window and now you are close to the full proof sound deadening.

Material of Curtains

Extra fiber in curtain makes sure that you have more noise cancellation and if you have any material like Velvet which suits best.

The other best thing you can look at is the extra thermal layer with the quality of the curtain.

This makes it more thermal ware, insulated, and will increase chances of coming in and out noise very less.

In return, this also helps to maintain heat inside the room.

Finally, check for the extra liner which adds another noise canceling to your curtains so in summary, I must say find out a curtain which is thick, insulated thermal, and blackout in nature.

List of Best Curtain For Noise Reduction

While I was searching on Amazon then I found few of the best choices which are listed below thought this might help you.

Make sure to check the below points before making the purchase with any best noise reducing curtains on Amazon.

Reviews  – Have a look at all the reviews or feedback provided by buyers on the product to make sure how quality that seller is offering and is it worth investing in?

Price – Almost all the SoundProof curtains because of the equal offering quality are having close to equal price so advice to suggest middle range best product which really helps to your need.

Size Of Curtains – While you make any purchase on Amazon, it will show you a list of colors and sizes of curtains and as suggested chose for size which is more than 84″ and measure or compares with your actual window size.

Material Quality – How about the quality of curtains you can check from the user reviews so check and decide and make sure that it should be easy to wash.

By measuring all the above parameters, I found here are a few of my best choices. I am not going to confuse among top 10 hence sharing the best of the Three curtains for which I found good reviews.

NiceTown 3 Pass Microfiber Noise Reducing Curtain

This is made by the well known acoustic company NiceTown and Microfiber based Nicetown noise reducing curtains are 100% polyester.

These blankets are two-panel blanket and having the capability to cover the complete window up to the range of 42″*84″ size.

They are feeling soft and quite heavy in use which stands them good sound insulator.

NICETOWN 3 Pass Microfiber Noise Reducing Thermal Insulated Solid Ring Top Blackout Window Curtains/Drapes (2 Panels, 42 x 84 Inch, Gray)

The curtain is available in various different colors but the dark curtain has the ability to blackout up to 85-90% of the light.

They are energy efficient to maintain the temperature in both summer and winter.

Key Features:

  • The same fabric on both sides.
  • 100% Polyester and Triple Weave Blackout Fabric.
  • Grey and Dark color curtains are able to blackout up to 90% light.
  • Each panel is 42″ wide.

5 Best Stylish & Affordable Curtain For Noise Reduction: That Support Your Deep Sleep!

NiceTown Full Shading Heavy Duty Lined SoundProof Curtain

This product is again owned by the NiceTown with a bit higher quality and longer in size as it best fits for the large size window.

It has max size availability of the 52″*108″ and available in varieties of colors. It is 100% Polyester and will be having 2 panels per package.

NICETOWN Full Shading Curtains for Windows, Super Heavy-Duty Black Lined Blackout Curtains for Bedroom, Privacy Assured Window Treatment (White, Pack of 2, 52 inches W x 95 inches L)

It claims the 100% blackout of the Sun Ray and UV light due to sue in black liner backings.

It is heavy in weight which causes noise-absorbing capacity is 2 times higher as compared to 1 layer curtain.

Key Features:

  • It is of 2 layers and heavy in quality.
  • Made of 100% polyester.
  • Well, suited for the large size windows.
  • They offer noticeable differences in heat and cold maintenance.
  • It’s back color is black in case of the white curtain to absorb most of the Light and noise.
5 Best Stylish & Affordable Curtain For Noise Reduction: That Support Your Deep Sleep!

NiceTown Blackout Curtain Panel for Bedroom

These curtains are Super heavy and soft blackout curtains panel and cover the large size area up to 52″*120″.

If it listed the size of 2 panels as 52″*84″ then refer this as the size of one panel and for the second the same size hence the total size will be double then what listed there.

They have ability to Blockout up to 85-90% of the light and UV Ray, they are cheaper in price and best fit for your budget.

NICETOWN Blackout Gray Curtains & Drapes for Bedroom - Thermal Curtains Grommet Noise Reducing Room Darkening Solid Window Panels for Living Room (2 Panels, W52 x L84, Grey)

They are thread trimmed and wrinkle-free and both sides are of the same color. The greatest benefit to bring this home is energy saving.

Key Features:

  • They are made of Polyester material.
  • Wide compatible and best for all types of large windows.
  • Machine washable and low-temperature ironing.
  • Up to 90% Blackout.

NiceTown Thermal Insulated Blacktown best curtains noise reduction

This curtain is of good quality by the company NiceTown, which is available in various sizes including the larger size of 80″*84″.

It’s each curtain panel is made of 100% polyester and has the ability to blackout up to 85%-99% of the light.

This thermal insulated curtain would be the perfect choice if you are running out of budget and looking for the best noise reducing curtain under $20.

NICETOWN Soundproof Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain Thermal Insulated Solid Grommet Room Darkening Drape for Dining Room (Single Panel, 42 inches by 84 inch, Black)

Same like other NiceTown curtain it is good to wash in the machine and best underwater temperature of 85F

Key Features:

  • The material used in both the front and rear panel is the same.
  • Perfect choice for a lower budget.
  • Having the ability to blackout light up to 90%.
  • It is less effective with sound but best to blackout light.

RYB Home SoundProof Divider Noise Reducing Curtain

This curtain is designed for multifunction as it stands good sound insulation also helps in a blackout the sunlight up to 100%.

It is a 3 layer curtain which makes them a strong barrier for the noise, its available in 2 panels which cause the total width would be 104 inches.

RYB HOME Soundproof Divider Curtains Blackout Curtains for Living Room Window, Inside Felf Linings Insulted Heat Cold Noise Shade Drapes for Sliding Glass Door, W 52 x L 95 inches, White, 2 Pcs

It has a Detachable fabric liner in the middle of the three-layer which makes it most noise-absorbing curtain.

It is easy to use and cost-saving to your energy consumption.

Key Features:

  • It is a 3 layer curtain.
  • It has 1 layer of room darkening and 1 blackout fabric and the middle layer is fabric lining.
  • For the affordable price, this soundproof curtain could be the best suggestion.

Conclusion on the Best Curtains For Noise Reduction

Above are my listed suggestions and list of best curtains for noise reduction, which you can look for as your best choice. Soundproof a room by the curtain is not a complete solution but this is a cheaper solution.

Obviously, the thicker and longer curtain you have than it can cover the full window and will have better noise cancelation possibility.

Make this in your mind that Curtains are for noise cancelation or reducing echo or absorbing sound waves, not for reducing decibels.

Hence the thicker and quality curtain you have can make your curtains better solution to prevent noise coming through.

If you are in mid of city where lot’s and lot’s of traffic than these curtains might not work well but of course, somewhere it minimizes bit noise and can give you relief to some extent.

Here are 3 the best out of 5 you can go for.

Last updated on 2023-03-08/Affiliate Links/ Images from Amazon

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