5 Effective Solutions to Fix Toilet Gurgles When Flushed: Troubleshooting the Annoying Noise!

How to fix toilet gurgles when flushed with bubbles

Are you struggling to find a better way to fix these gurgles and bubbles coming up your toilet? I know this looks very cheesy. Most of the people like me and you underestimate this problem but this is just an alarm of big trouble.

You need to fix it very soon because what’s next to worse. Don’t worry, you don’t need any plumber to fix this issue. Believe me, most of the toilet related issues can be solved without any help of a plumber as we did soundproofing of the bathroom.

Even if you don’t have any major experience in plumbing yet you can do this work. In a meantime, you need to identify the cause of this problem.

Then after it, you could apply these 5 effective ways to fix toilet gurgles and bubbles when flushed so it could be solved very soon. Before starting any kind of work to fix this gurgles and bubbles problem, let’s check some major sources and which tool you need to do this work.

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Toolbox or Accessories for Toilet Gurgle Fixes

I know you don’t want to do this work but this is very important for the better functioning of your toilet.

So before getting into this you need some basic tools to work comfortably like:

  1.  Toilet Plunger
  2. drain snake combo

Moreover, If you don’t want to put lots of effort into this then the Chemical drain dissolver  is the right choice for you to clean the drain pipes. Alternatively, toilet bleach and brush is not also a bad idea to clean this mess and I think you have these.

Be also prepared with below just in case:

  • Need a towel and rags to prevent spills of water
  • Make sure to seal off the drains before plunging the toilet
  • You can use duct tape to seal the drains or if you have more pluggers then this also a good choice.

So these are some of the basic tools that would help you to solve your toilet problem. After you figure out what is the main problem behind this gurgling and bubbling noise.

Then you might need some other things, for example, you have to replace the water inlet line and flushing system if you notice that this is the main source of all the problems.

But first, let’s check out what things make your toilet gurgle and bubbles.

What Makes Toilet Gurgle, Bubbles How To Fix Them

If you feel that your toilet drains slowly, make bubbles and gurgles this indicates that you have a blockage in the drain pipes and you need to clean up.

In short, this blockage causes negative air pressure or suction in your plumbing. That’s why air comes back into the toilet and this will make gurgling and bubbling noise.

But this is not the only one cause you have to face, you need to consider the other problems as well.

#1: Fix the Air Bubble In The Toilet Drain Pipes

Air bubbles are also a very normal thing that makes a very important role in our plumbing system. Thanks to the P-trap and S-trap. That is the standing position of your toilet that prevents gases and smells that come from the sewer.

These traps are working as a barrier in the toilet system so that all the wastes can’t come back to the toilet. Then where are these air bubbles coming from?

So these bubbles are coming from the toilet tank and that pipe that brings water to the toilet. Not the pipe that brings the waste to the sewer.

That’s why you are hearing these bubbling sounds coming from your toilet. But wait is this reason also responsible for the gurgling sound?

I am pretty sure this sound is coming only when refilling the toilet tank otherwise it is not supposed to be produced.

So when you are refilling your toilet tank, these bubbles would find their way to disrupt the water source. How you can fix them so just follow these ways:

It is very easy to come out these bubbles just turn on the faucet then the water line keeps them out until you stop this faucet.

But the next time you will do the same then that gurgling sound most probably can’t come out or if it is still coming then the pipe may have an issue.

Next problem, please.

#2: Empty Clogged Vent Stack

If everything seems good in the drain pipes then this problem might be coming from the vent pipe so you need to check the pipe.

These types of vent pipes that connect to the roof are especially seen in the American standard toilets. I suggest you cover the top of the vent pipe from forged because in most cases small little birds made their nest on it, or bats also made this place for their sleep.

Before getting over the roof you need to check the pipe first because reptiles also might be there in it. This type of pipe is a good place for any small animals, especially reptiles. So be careful!. These types of things will definitely restrict the airflow in the vent pipes.

After looking at the vent pipe now it’s time to clean it. What you will need is just a flashlight, rope, air compressor (if you have one).

1st Step, Tie the flashlight with rope and let it down in the vent pipe, and check it carefully. Is something in it or not? After checking if you notice something is in the vent pipe then let’s move on to the next step.

2nd Step, as you know air compressor pushes high-pressure air so if something in the air vent then it will definitely go out through the sewer. If you have the air compressor then you can use otherwise normal water pressure can also do the same work.

Your work finished in the air vent cleaning, now it’s time to check the toilet clog.

#3: Identify the Reason and Fix Toilet Clogs

This is one of the common problems why your toilet gurgling at end of a flush, most people face this problem in their toilets.

Why do they face this problem so it might be breaking the flushed water passing through the pipes? That’s why you see something is coming back in your toilet at the end that your toilet started gurgling.

This will happen because of a weak flushing system but the modern toilets have a dual flushing system so that nothing will clog into the drain pipes. But if you don’t have these modern systems then read it fully.

Realistically, you can solve this problem without any plumber because this is not a big problem. Just follow these steps below and you will solve it. You need some tools that I have listed above, toilet plunger, drain snake combo, and chemical drain dissolver. These tools will help you with it.

After packing the toolbox let’s jump to the easy steps:

1st step, seal all the nearby drains and plunge your toilet because this will increase the air pressure inside the pipe.

Note: make sure to seal all the drains in the sink, bathroom, shower, and so on.

2nd step, tap the toilet drain by taping by rubber plungers. if it doesn’t work then you need a drain snake to dislodge the toilet pipe. This will 100% work.

Note: do not flush anything if that doesn’t look like waste or toilet paper.

Let’s move to the next step.

#4: Remove the Calcifying Elements

After solving these 3 problems if your toilet is still making these gurgles and bubbles then something is not good in your toilet tank and you should check it. 

So just open your toilet tank and look into the walls and the watercolor in the toilet tank, if it is not looking normal. I mean if your toilet tank walls and watercolor got reddish. Then you are facing sediment buildup or you can also say calcifying elements.

Basically, if the water in the toilet tank contains iron, magnesium, or calcium so it is not a good signal. You need to clean it very soon because this will increase very fast and it could block the water from entering the tank.

Also, it will cause a gurgling sound when you fill the tank. But this is not the end you need to clean it weekly because your water has these elements that’s why it will build again. 

Don’t worry this is a normal problem and you can do it so follow these ways:

  1. Just put a scrubbing brush and bleach solution then clean it properly so it should break down the bacteria and these minerals as well.

Let’s jump to the 5th and last problem.

#5: Quickly Fix the  Faulty Tank System 

How do you know if your toilet tank system is not working properly? This will make your work hard because you don’t know how a faulty tank system behaves. Watch this video and you will understand the working of a proper running tank system.

After watching this video now you probably understand how your toilet system works. There are simple 2 main mechanisms in the toilet tank: the first one is for releasing the water to the toilet bowl and the second one is for refilling the tank.

Both activate when you tap on the flush. This first is also connected with the valve and the flush and the second one is connected to the pipe so when you press the flush lever both work at the same time.

So your whole toilet tank depends on these 2 elements then you need to check them first if the gurgling sound is coming out.

As seen in this video, water is spraying in all directions because of its faulty fill valve, however, it might be the cause for this bubbling sound also.

If you find this is the main reason behind this gurgling and bubbling sound then you should use these Universal fill flapper repair tool kits that will help you in this work.

So if you find a solution to your problem then this is great. 

After solving all these problems if you still notice the same problem then you have to call the plumber to fix the issue. As we discussed the major problems, not all the problems.

Wrap Up On How To Fix Toilet Gurgles And Bubbles When Flushed

I know plumbers are very experienced in this work so that they can fix it properly and if you are trying to fix this problem then maybe you do anything wrong.

Don’t worry if you don’t have extra money to invest in your toilet then you can also solve this problem.

What you need to do, just prepare your toolbox with some necessary tools and then figure out which source is responsible for this problem. Then, try any of these ways that I have explained above.

Thus you will definitely solve this problem but I suggest you check all the connected systems that will affect your toilet directly like vent pipes, drains, tanks regularly so it will work perfectly for a long time.

And also this is very important to fix these gurgling and bubbling sounds as soon as possible because as you know this is an alarm for big trouble. 

Finally, all the information that I have provided in this blog post is mixed up with my own experience and also based on deep research that comes from the top website on Google search. So you will not be going to lose your valuable time and money.

Give us your feedback in the comment section after using any of these ways so we can improve our content quality and this will also help visitors to believe in our words.

FAQ: How To Fix Toilet Gurgles And Bubbles When Flushed

People are facing hundreds of problems with their toilets and I have picked some of the major issues in this article to give you an appropriate answer. 

Q1. Why do toilet gurgles and bubbles when in the shower?

Ans. This is very simple because in most cases your shower and the toilet pipe share the same drain line and a vent stack. If this line got blocked then your toilet also gurgles and bubbles when in the shower It’s the best solution that just the steps above and you will solve both of these problems. 

Q2. Why is the toilet gurgling and bubbling and won’t flush?

Ans. There are many reasons behind this: first, maybe something got stuck in the drain pipeline or the traps, or your toilet tank is not working properly because of the calcifying elements, or maybe some tools are not functioning properly. You can solve it by using the appropriate solution that I will have explained above.

Q3. Why does the bathtub drain gurgle when the toilet is flushed?

Ans. This is the same reason which I have explained above in the shower related problem. Your bathtub drain might also connect with the same drain in which your shower, the toilet is connected. So when you solve your toilet problem then these 2 problems also will be solved automatically. 

Q4. What makes the toilet smells very bad?

Ans. As I have explained earlier about p-trap and s-trap. This is the reason for this smell. These traps prevent any type of gases and smell that come out from the sewer. So if these traps are not working properly then you might be getting this smell. This is not a big problem just you need to check, is something stuck in these traps.

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