What Is Rockwool Insulation & How To Install It: DIY Guide

What Is Rockwool Insulation & How To Install It: Complete Guide

Insulation is a kind of process designed to increase energy efficiency by reducing the heat and acoustic properties inside a house.

But when it comes to insulation material there are so many. Rockwool insulation is also one of them. But is it a good choice for you or not?

According to the report of the U.S. Energy Information Administration, most U.S. homeowners are using more than 43 percent of total energy for cooling and heating purpose.

Huge Number!.

But this is increasing by the day. That’s why this requires to have better insulation inside the house.

So that people can save some energy and their electricity bill as well. But do you know what is Rockwool insulation and how you can install it on your interior walls?

That’s why you need to read this complete article. Because in this article I have explained everything about it.

Also, included some reasons why you should use it and the difference between Rockwool and fiberglass insulation. 

That’s why this is going to be very interesting and informative. So don’t skip any point otherwise you will lose your chance to insulate your house properly.

What Is Rockwool Insulation

Rockwool insulation is also called mineral fiber wool insulation, comes in a batts design.

That is similar to fiberglass insulation but the materials and manufacturing criteria are different.

Because instead of using fiberglass for composing, rock wool insulation is made of Basalt rock and recycled Slag.

I know it doesn’t look possible but it is. Here is brief information for composing rock wool insulation.

Natural stone is heated up in the industrial furnace at about 1600 °C temperature which will melt rocks into pure liquid. 

Then the liquid rock also called magma will be exposed from the high-pressure air or stem. It is very important for lowering the temperature for the next process.

So in the last process, the liquid rock will go inside the super high-speed spinning. So it can convert the rock into long strands. 

That’s all the mineral wool is ready. But for making these strands into a meaningful design is also very important.

So that they can increase the efficiency and lower the thermal and acoustic leakage.

That’s why after composing into different strands they will capture into dense batts to cut convenience size. 

How To Install Rockwool Insulation Inside A House

Installing rock wool insulation is similar to fiberglass insulation. But it is a little bit different because rock wool batts insulation is harder than fiberglass.

Also, some other things important that you should notice. That’s why carefully read this installation guide.

1. Collect All The Tools & Measure The Cavity Area

What tools are required for installing rock wool insulation? Is your stud cavity has a standard or custom area?

Usually, there are so many home improvements tools are available. But not all of them are necessary for this project. 

All you need is just collect these tools that I have listed below in one place. So when you needed the urgent you don’t need to leave the place and start finding them. 

  • Dust Mask
  • Protective Glass & Gloves
  • Measuring Tape
  • Utility Knife
  • Putti Knife
  • Straightedge

So when you collect these tools. Now another part comes for measuring the cavity area of the stud. Because many people don’t install a standard size stud.

That might be difficult for installing batt rock wool insulation. That’s why before executing anything you should check the size of the cavity.

Usually, the standard size of any stud is around 2×4 but you should check yours. 

2. Have A Better Rockwool Batt Insulation

How you can determine which is better rock wool insulation and which is not? What criteria you should follow?

As you know now many manufacturing units are composing rock wool or mineral wool insulation. That might be very difficult to choose the best from them. 

But I have included some criteria for selecting the best batts rock wool insulation. So that you can make your house as much as heat and noise resistant. 

  • Density 40kg/m3 
  • Heating Rate 20°C
  • Melting Point 1218°C
  • Double Skin
  • Water Absorption Rate 0.12kg/m3

These are some important properties that you should check in your batts rock wool insulation. Because a better insulation material helps you while installing it.

However, this is not easy but worth it for getting better. 

3. Install The First & Then Second Part

Now you are ready to install the batts rock wool insulation on the interior wall in your house. That’s why you should start by installing the first part.

Because you will not get the batt from top and bottom. That’s why you need to install another layer at the bottom. 

But first, you should need to start from the top then slowly down below. So just take the first layer of batts insulation and then push it into the cavity.

Make sure do not push it too much it will decrease the r-value. All you need is just push nice and tight. 

Now it comes to the next part that you need to install below. So take the one and before installing you need to measure the left area.

Then by using the utility knife cut the extra part of the insulation. But make sure to leave around half inches extra for tight installing. 

Then take the cutting part and then install the bottom area as above. You need to follow the same process for each stud cavity.

You may face an air conditioner duct and other wiring problems while installing it. I have covered these problems below. 

4. Make Some Adjustments

Have you have installed an air conditioner in your house? Do you have different wirings inside the cavity?

These are some major problems while installing fiberglass and rock wool installation.

But these can be solved easily that’s why all you need is just follow the instructions below. 

  • Window Gaps: Usually, rock wool insulation is very dense. So this is difficult to stuff it into the space. But you can split it into two layers and then cut it from the center. It will decrease the density and hardness. So you can easily fill out the cavity by using a putty knife.
  • Air Conditioner Pipes: For handling this problem you need to take the measurement from the edges of the stud. Then draw it to the rock wool insulation. After that, you need to cut out the groove as the same you have an air conditioner pipe in rock wool. At the last, remove one-half of the insulation that is equal to the pipe. Then install it behind the pipe.
  • Electrical Wires: Usually, wires are a little bit different. Because they are pretty small. That’s why what you do is just stand the rock wool and look at the wire position. Then cut the groove into the rock wool. At the last, place the bat into the stud bay.
  • Electric Box: First you need to take the measurement of the electrical box. Then cut out the section into the rock wool insulation. So that rock wool insulation can easily fit nice and tight. Then carefully slide the rock wool insulation into the cavity.  

6. Have A Final Look To The Insulation

You have successfully installed rock wool insulation into the stud. Now you need to have a final look. So that you can install the drywall.

Because after installing the drywall. If you find any gap or something else. Then it becomes very difficult to correct. 

That’s why before anything you should look each and everything into the batt insulation. Especially around the window and other attachments.

Because they might have some leakage. So if you have then you can also use duct tape around them. But do not wrap more because it will decrease the r-value. 

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Rockwool Insulation

However, you are going to use rock wool insulation. But you should also know the benefits of it. So that you can make it better if needed. 

  • Thermal Efficiency: Usually, rock wool insulation is made from liquid rocks. That’s why they are pretty much dense and harder. That makes it thermal effective more than fiberglass. That’s why the study says rock wool insulation provides around 3.0 to 3.3 per inches r-value.
  • Soundproofing: Rock wool insulate have random fiber standard orientation. That’s why they trap sound waves and vibrations at the same time. This helps you to make your house soundproof as well. You can easily install it in your bedroom, living room, office room, and so on. 
  • Fire Resistant: Rocks are more fire-resistant and they are made from it. That’s why rock wool insulation makes your house safe from fire. Because fire is the biggest enemy that destroys everything. So if you have something that can fight from it. Then installing rock wool insulation is a great choice. 
  • Moisture Resistant: Usually, concrete-made houses are free from moisture problems. But when it comes to the wooden made this is the biggest problem. But if you use rock wool insulation then you will not face it. Because it reduces mould and bacterial growth.
  • Easy To Install: If you don’t have much time to install an insulation material. Then you don’t need to take tension about it. Because rock wool insulation can easily to install you only need to follow some basic steps as I have explained above. 
  • Environmental Friendly: Rock wool insulation made from natural resources. That will not harm anyone and produce minimal carbon footprints.
  • Long Term Use: Rocks are very solid material and they have unrivaled durability. That can stay for a long time. So if you don’t want to invest in insulation again and again. Then this becomes a very great option for you. 

Difference Between Rockwool And Fiberglass Insulation

Rock wool and fiberglass both are different insulation materials. That maintains thermal and acoustic efficiency in a house.

But which one you should use to check out the difference?

  • Eco Friendly: According to the U.S. Department Of Energy, rock wool insulation contains more than 75 percent of recycled materials. On the other hand, fiberglass only has 30 percent. It means rock wool insulation is more eco-friendly than fiberglass.
  • Source: Rockwool insulation made from liquid rocks which is a proven material against noise and thermal disturbance. But fiberglass is made from glass strands which will be formed into blankets and rolls. However, both look the same but rock wool insulation is a much harder and reliable solution.
  • R-Value: Fiberglass insulations provide an r-value of about 2.2 to 2.7 per inch. On the other hand, rock wool insulation provides more than 3.0 per inch. That means when it comes to providing thermal resistant rock wool insulation is a better option.
  • Fire Resistant: Fiberglass insulation can withstand up to 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. But rock wool insulation can withstand 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. So your house becomes safer after installing rock wool insulation.

Do You Need A Vapor Barrier With Rockwool Insulation

A vapor barrier is a plastic sheet that helps insulation or wall to get moisture. However, this is required to install a vapor barrier with insulation.

This will increase the efficiency and resist moisture to get in. But rock wool insulation as you know made from liquid rocks. 

That is itself moisture resistant. That’s why using another layer is a waste of money and time your time also.

You can install rock wool insulation directly to the wall. It will never get moisture but if you want better safety then it all depends on you. 

How Much Does Rockwool Insulation Cost

Rock wool insulation is a reliable solution that is available everywhere. That’s why the cost is also not more than your expectation.

However, it is an insulation material that applies to the wall and sometimes attic. 

But it will cost you around $0.5 to $0.75 per inch. It means on average it will never go more than $250 to $350.

If you are insulating your complete house. So now you have seen the cost is affordable like other insulation materials.

Wrap Up On What Is Rockwool Insulation

Living in a cold city or country is really a difficult thing. Because you need to face many problems and major is the heating problem.

That is annoying because getting too cold may cause you illness.

That’s why for reducing this problem you need to install insulation on the wall. However, you can also install it on the roof.

But if you have another floor above your room. Then you don’t need it because the room will handle this problem. 

But the main wall can’t do that. That’s why you should install insulation on it. However, you can other insulations also.

But non of them will give that much thermal efficiency. Because rock wool insulation contains rocks as usual. 

That is the best solution against thermal leakage. Also, rock wool insulation saves you from high and low-frequency sound waves that may harm you.

Especially, high traffic sound waves that impact higher than any other noise source. 

That’s why if you are living near any traffic area. Then you should install rock wool insulation for making your and your family safe. 

FAQ: What Is Rockwool Insulation & How To Install It

Understanding rock wool insulation and then installing is a kind of complicated work. That’s why many people are like you facing lots of problems.

That can be solved easily. That’s why I have added some of them in this article to provide appropriate answers. 

Q1. Is rock wool insulation safe?

Ans: Rock wool insulation is considered with dense rock strands, not any harmful chemicals. That may harm your health and overall your family’s health. That’s why it is completely safe for use inside the house.

Q2. Does rock wool insulation contain asbestos?

Ans: In the early stage of rock wool insulation is generally used for wrapping up ventilation ducts. That may be indicated asbestos but in reality, rock wool insulation doesn’t contain any of this material, as of now.

Q3. Is rock wool insulation bad for skin?

Ans: Not only rock wool insulation also fiberglass insulation is bad for the skin and can lead to a skin infection. Because both have sharp fibers that may cause pierce the skin. As the result, you may get an infection. That’s why while installing it you should wear protective items. Also, after it covers it with a plastic sheet.