5 Best Underlayment for Laminate Flooring to Reduce Noise (2021 Buy Guide)

Underlayment is a material used under the floor covering to provide a smooth surface and absorb most of the moisture and its main advantage is with noise reduction but which one is the best underlayment for laminate flooring to Reduce noise?

I know you are curious to know and the best part is I have reviewed the best collection of the underlayment for the laminated flooring to reduce noise.

While I was doing floor soundproofing for my bedroom which was having the Laminated flooring, I searched the same query and my best findings I listed in this detailed guide.

The selection of Underlayment will be based on the flooring and if you are using the Laminated flooring then you must aware of what is laminate flooring.

Laminates are more durable and resist stretches as they are made from the pressed wood.

Laminate flooring is easy to install and fit and forgets kind of flooring which looks shiny and available in varieties of colors and thickness. But it has a problem with impact noise.

But do I really need underlayment for Laminate Flooring?

I personally suggest yes, but Why?

We already learned the difference between airborne noise and structure-borne noise. There the main reason behind structure born noise is the flooring due to the impact of any object or footsteps.

This can be overcome using the underlayment as it not only offers a smooth surface over uneven subfloor for the laminated floor covering but helps to create insulation for the noise and resistive to the moisture.

Underlayment is hidden just below the floor covering and not viewed from the floor covering which causes it to increase the mass of the floor covering and in result strong barrier for noise.

You won’t believe but it is most recommended to use the underlayment for the laminated flooring and if you are living between the existing floors then must use to avoid noise from the people living below your apartment.

But what is the best underlay for laminate flooring to reduce noise, which fits for your budget and easy to install?

Below are my top 5 best picks for soundproof underlayments for laminated flooring.

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5 Best Underlayment for Laminate Flooring to Reduce Noise

The below-listed underlayment is collected based on the budget and reviews users had after their experience. 

I decided to cut short this list up to the top 5 only so you won’t get confused and decide better on the right product.¬†

By the end of the guide make sure to go through the conclusion to get an overview of the best out of all for laminated flooring.

Vapor Barrier 3 mm Laminate Flooring Underlayment by Floorlot

This is well-recommended underlayment for Laminate and Engineered floating floors as it has coverage of up to 200 sqft area per roll.

This includes moisture and vapor barrier and 3 mm thick enough to adjust below the laminated floor covering to prepare a smooth base for the top floor covering.

Floorlot Blue Flooring Underlayment with Moisture Barrier for Laminate and Hardwood Floors, (3mm Thick, 200 sq.ft Roll)

It offers great insulation against the noise of the footsteps and minimizes the hollow sound associated with floating floors.

It is easy to install using the peel & stick tape and overlay system which provide a strong seal and no additional films required for the vapor barrier.

Key Highlights:

  • Well fit for laminate, hardwood, bamboo and engineered wood flooring.
  • Each roll comes with 200 sqft coverage.
  • Ability to hide even minor imperfections in the subfloor.
  • Even for joint problems, this underlayment offers great cushioning.
  • The average cost per square would be around $0.21 which is cheaper as compared to another local store.
  • Due to attached adhesive strip no additional tape required.

This offers great value for the price, there you will be awarded an underlayment with the attached vapor barrier which is a blue color side and noise reducing foam on the other side with easy installation.

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3 in 1 Vapor Barrier Laminate Flooring Underlayment by Bestlaminate

If you are in the position of covering the large size area up to 1000 sqft then underlayment offered by the Bestlaminate will be the perfect cost-effective solution.

It is a collection of the 10 rolls in a bundle with each has a coverage area of up to 100 sqft per roll. The thickness of each roll would be around 2 mm.

3in1 Vapor Barrier Flooring Underlayment w/Overlap and pre-Attached Tape Strip - Bestlaminate- 2mm - Bundle 1,000sq.ft (10rolls @ 100 sf)

It has a pre-attached tap to seal with each other against noise and create a strong vapor barrier.

It mainly suited for both wood and cement subfloor but do not use this under the concrete floor as it is only a great solution for the laminate and engineered floating floors.

It is able to handle up to 1/8 inch of tiny high points of the subfloor for leveling purposes, so do not expect much more than that.

You might compare this with first in thickness but as I said it is the best for its price and well known and tested by thousands of customers.

Key Highlights:

  • It is 2 mm in thickness.
  • It is a bundle of 10 rolls (100 sq ft each).
  • It has attached tap to seal altogether.
  • This underlayment is a great value for the price.
  • Do not expect this underlayment to level floor.

This underlayment is best for the value its available and as I suggested earlier do not expect it to offer levelness to the subfloor. It is available in blue color.

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3 In 1 Heavy Duty Foam Thick Underlayment by AMERIQUE

If you are covering a mid-range area of up to 200 sqft then this heavy-duty thick foam underlayment offered by AMERIQUE would be the best cost-effective solution.

It is a pack of 2 rolls with each coverage of up to 200 sqft area, which means a total of 400 sqft with a bundle of 2 rolls.

AMERIQUE 691322303964 Premium 3-In-1 Heavy Duty Foam 3MM Thick Flooring Underlayment Padding with Tape & Vapor Barrier, Royal Blue, 200 Square Feet (Pack of 2)

It is 3 mm thick enough with closed foam technology for noise reduction purposes with bright blue look for strong moisture or vapor barrier.

Like other underlayments, it has attached tape and anti-crush technology for excellent performance and long life.

It is perfect for wood, bamboo, floating and laminate flooring with mold and moisture protection.

Key Highlights:

  • It is made of closed foam technology with a 3 mm thickness for great noise reduction.
  • It has anti-crush technology for excellent performance.
  • It is a pack of 2 rolls with coverage of 200 sqft each and in a total of 400 sqft area.
  • You might face issues while laying down as it does not lay down very flat on the floor.

What I would say is you won’t expect much with this underlayment but yes it does its job what you can expect. Here and there you might face issues while laying or sticking multiple pieces all together.

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First Step 630-Square Foot Roll Underlayment by Roberts

From the name itself, it suggests a total coverage of around 630 sqft which is well fit for the laminated engineered hardwood floating floors.

It has a cushioning styrofoam bed in between the plastic top and bottom layer of air circulation, which cause it to seal out moisture to protect flooring.

First Step 630-Square Foot Roll Underlayment

It has attached an adhesive strip and 4″ overlap film which obviously great seal in between the multiple roles.

They also listed the Sound transmission class (STC) of around 67 which is more above then required 52 of any soundproof material and impact insulation class (IIC) of 68, its too good.

It is good to use for the subfloor levelness up to minor correction and reduce noise and create a peaceful ambiance.

Key Highlights:

  • It is meant to use on concrete slabs and wood subfloors.
  • It creates a pocket of circulating air with inhibits mold growth.
  • It helps in minor subfloor correction.
  • Having a high STC score of up to 67 and IIC of 68 with R-Value 0.40.
  • Due to extra 4″ overlap offers tight sealing.
  • It has an approx thickness of up to 3 mm.

This underlayment could be the best and most competitive as compared to the above-listed underlayment. It offers great sealing against moisture and reduces noise due to hight STC score.

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QuietWalk Underlayment for Laminated Flooring by MP Global Products

It is well suited to use with laminated, floating engineered and luxury vinyl plan up to 5 mm and thicker.

It is made of recycled fiber which absorbs most of the sound and blocks noise to travel to the other room areas.

Quietwalk underlayment is having a compression-resistant which supports click together a mechanism to uphold the pressure of the overlying floor.

QuietWalk Laminate Flooring Underlayment with Attached Vapor Barrier Offering Superior Sound Reduction, Compression Resistant and Moisture Protection (Covers 360 Sq. Ft.)

It has attached a vapor barrier that protects the floor from the harmful moisture and allows heat to permeate evenly while protecting the floor covering with thermal shock.

It can be installed over wood or concrete subfloor which covers the 100 sqft area per roll and has an STC score of 66 and IIC of 22 with R-Value as 0.58.

Key Highlights:

  • It offers strong moisture protection.
  • Ability to cover 100 sqft area per rolls.
  • Lay down flat on the floors with no ripples.
  • Not too thin or thick and no petrochemical smell.
  • Superior to noise reduction¬†

The fiber of the underlayment is efficient enough to absorb most of the moisture and it is easy to cut using a usual knife and you won’t face any issue with installation.

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My Best Underlayment for Laminate Flooring to Reduce Noise

First of all, all the laminated flooring will definitely need underlayment and out of the above listed 5, I would recommend going with Underlayment by Floorlot and First Step.

But again it all up to you that what size or area you want to cover and the price and budget you already set. But while doing the selection of the underlayment I would recommend to chose the one which has high STC, IIC, and R-value.

The underlayment must be vapor or moisture barrier and should have strong insulation against noise. If you ask me to pick the three out of the above listed five here are my best findings.

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