Top 7 Best Vacuum For Carpet and Hardwood Review: Buying Guide

Top 7 Best Vacuum For Carpet and Hardwood Review: Buying Guide

A vacuum cleaner also called a hoover creates suction to remove debris and dust on the floor, wall, and ceiling.

But not all vacuum cleaners are the same. Because these are designed to use on hardwood and tiles.

But when it comes to the carpet you need more suction power. Then carpet vacuum comes up. But the question is which one is the best?

According to the report of Get One Desk Organization, more than 40 to 50 million units of vacuum cleaners are sold every year in the US only.

Also, this number is growing every year by 9.6 percent and more.

So the large majority of the population is aware of the importance of vacuum cleaners in their life.

That’s why many people have confusion related to using vacuum cleaners in different places. However, this can be possible but not for every place. 

The same while using it on the carpet. Because carpet has piles of fabric on its upper layer. So that it can be stuck in the vacuum pipe.

That’s why you need a special vacuum cleaner that is usually made for carpets.

But which is best for use? That’s why you need to read this complete article. Because I have covered around 7 best vacuums for carpet and hardwood also.

You can use it at both places. Also, a buying guide that will help you know the important features and properties of your carpet vacuum cleaner.

But wait!!.

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If you are in hurry and you have no time to read the complete article. Then you can simply go with this BISSELL upright bagless vacuum carpet cleaner.

Because it works with scatter-free technology that also picks up the pet hair from the carpet. Also, has a swivel steering to easily maneuver around the furniture. 

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Buying Guide For Best Vacuum For Carpet

Having the best vacuum cleaner for carpet and hardwood requires to have better features and properties. That you should notice while selecting the one for you.

  • Build Quality: Do you need to use a vacuum cleaner every day? There are many types of vacuum cleaners are available but most of them are not much strong enough. That’s why if you have naughty children and pets. That usually plays with a vacuum cleaner. Then you need to find a better quality vacuum cleaner. 
  • Suction Power: Using the vacuum cleaner on the carpet requires a better suction capacity to pick up debris and pet hairs. That’s why the vacuum cleaner you select should have better suction also. 
  • Pick Up Capacity: Some vacuum cleaners have bags and some have a clean bucket. But both have work to pick up dirt and pet hair. So it should have better capacity especially if you have a big house. 
  • Weight: Sometimes you need to clean the dust from the ceiling and the wall. That requires lifting up the vacuum cleaner. That’s why it should lightweight so that you can do this work easily.
  • Versatility: Ordinary vacuum cleaners can’t work on carpet. But you can use a carpet vacuum cleaner on the hard floor. So keep this in your mind while finding the best vacuum cleaner for carpet.

Top 7 Best Vacuum For Carpet: Which You Should Try?

Picking up dirt and debris becomes difficult if you are working on carpet. That’s why it requires a different type of vacuum cleaner. That you need to find below. 

1. CleanView Upright Vacuum Carpet Cleaner By BISSELL

Do you want a clean bucket to pick up debris? Checking the beg again and again while picking up the debris from carpet or any other place becomes difficult.

Especially, if you have converted it into a lift-up version to clean other places.

That’s why having a clean bucket attached to a vacuum doesn’t require a bag. So that you can easily check if it is filled or not.

When the bucket is filled completely then you can simply remove it and empty the bucket into the dustbin.

So if you like this feature then you should check out this BISSEL clean chamber carpet vacuum cleaner.

Also, it has a multi-cyclonic suction system that increases performance. When it comes to the hardwood it will easily clean it without much scatter. 

That’s why I have also recommended it above. Because being a vacuum cleaner it has many additional features also such as scatter-free technology and triple action brush roll.  


  • It has an edge-to-edge cleaning system.
  • Emptying the dust tank is very easy with this vacuum cleaner.
  • It has a multiple-level filtration system that can wash with water.


  • Its maintenance is quite difficult.

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2. Powerful Suction Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet By Dirt Devil

Are you living near to desert area? How many times in a day do you need to clean the floor? So if you are living near to any heavy traffic area or desert.

Then usually you need to face dust problem in your house. 

That will ruin the beauty of it but also increase your work to clean the complete house again and again.

So if you don’t have much time to do that. Then after a single day, only your home looks like a house to dust or dumping ground.

Especially if you have may window or an open area from where the dust is coming in the house.

However, this work is important and you need to do that but if you have powerful suction like this Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner.

Then you can complete your work within a few minutes. 

Also, it has powerful multi-roll brushes that easily collect debris from the carpet and hardwood also.

But the interesting thing is that with it you can adjust the height. This will become helpful when need to clean under the furniture. 


  • It has quick-release want with 10ft extra reach. 
  • You can easily remove the most stubborn debris with its turbo tool.
  • You can remove its filter and clean it under the water.


  • This vacuum cleaner is a bit heavy.

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3. Lightweight Powerful Vacuum For Carpet By EUREKA

How much weight you can lift from your hand? Usually, while cleaning the wall, ceiling, stairs, furniture, and other things requires lifting the vacuum cleaner in your hand.

So that you can easily move it to some places where you can’t go from sliding it. 

However, sometimes this process will exhaust you completely if it takes more time than expected.

In this situation, a lightweight carpet vacuum cleaner works very well. So whether you are an adult, aged, or even young.

If you have a problem lifting the vacuum cleaner.

Then you can simply hold it from your hand and do the same thing you are getting with this EUREKA vacuum cleaner.

Its weight is around 11.5 pounds. How lightweight is it? I know this is surprisingly great but doesn’t provide much power. 

Then you may be expecting it because it is lightweight. Also, it has a wide nozzle to collect more debris at the same time.

So that you can complete your work within the time frame. 


  • It has 5 levels of height adjustment settings.
  • Its powerful suction can pick up even small debris.
  • You can easily empty the bucket because it has easy to push button.


  • It is not a great vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

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4. HEPA Filter Lift-Up Vacuum For Carpet Stairs By Kenmore

Do you know what is HEPA filter and how it helps you while cleaning the house?

So HEAP also called high-efficiency particulate absorbing is a standard for the filtration system. The filter meats this standard has a more efficient level.

Usually, every vacuum cleaner has a filtration system whether it is HEPA or other. But it has a HEPA filter then it works better for a long time.

Also, you don’t need to change it. However, cleaning is also important for it but most debris will easily clear under the water. 

On the other hand, when washing other filters you need to use your hand or scrub to clean them properly.

That’s why if you are finding the same then you should check out this Kenmore vacuum carpet cleaner.

Also, it had lift-up enabled and versatile handheld freedom. However, you can use it with 3 in one tool. But it works better with a single system. 


  • You have 2 color options to choose from.
  • It has a power flow bag chamber that enables powerful suction.
  • You will get 5 years of warranty. 


  • Its motor may produce noise.

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5. Multi-Surface Vacuum For Carpet And Pet hair By Kenmore

Where do you use your vacuum cleaner? Usually, in our house, we have multiple types of surfaces such as tiles, hardwood, carpet, concrete, and more.

But sometimes a single vacuum cleaner can’t work on all of these surfaces.

Because it is specially designed to use on a specific surface like carpet and others. That’s why if you want to use an ordinary vacuum cleaner on the carpet.

Then it will not work because this requires having the high suction capacity to pick up debris. 

But this Kenmore vacuum cleaner is based on new generation technology. That can easily work on multiple surfaces at the same time and without changing anything else. So whether you have any kind of surface in your house. 

This vacuum cleaner will easily clean it. Also, it has 2 more tools to use on your pet or tackle other places where the wide nozzle can’t reach. 


  • It is available in different colors and features options.
  • It also works on a HEPA filtration system.
  • This is very lightweight at under 14lbs. 


  • Their service department is not helpful. 

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6. Handheld Cordless Vacuum For Carpet By RoomieTEC

Do you like a cordless vacuum cleaner? Dealing with a long cord every day when you are cleaning is quite difficult.

Because maybe you have water on the floor and if the cord touches it then you may face serious electric shock. 

Sometimes cords become great especially if you need more power. But if you don’t have electricity right now and you have to clean the floor.

Then a battery-powered vacuum cleaner also works well in this situation. 

This refers that both have their pros and cons. But if you don’t want any cord in the vacuum cleaner.

Then you should check out this RoomieTEC cordless handheld vacuum cleaner. That is really very lightweight and provides up to 25 minutes of runtime with high power. 

However, it has a small storing compartment but if you don’t have that much dirt in your house. Then it works pretty well for you.


  • It has an ECO-friendly mode that usually doesn’t produce noise also.
  • This is versatile and very lightweight.
  • It has an advance stainless steel filter for deep cleaning.


  • Its suction is low and not better for high efficiency working.

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7. MAXLife Bagless Vacuum Cleaner For Hard Floor By Hoover

How many times when you need to clean the filter of your vacuum cleaner? What is the difference between the bag and the bagless vacuum cleaner?

Using bagged vacuum cleaners requires checking whether the bag is full or not. 

So if the bag is full then you need to empty it in the dustbin. But this is really an annoying thing to take tension for it.

But when it comes to bagless you don’t need to take any tension. Because you will get a clear view of the bucket.

It is always in front of your eyes so when it is full you can empty it in the dustbin as simple as that.

The same you are getting in this Hoover bagless vacuum cleaner. Also, you are getting the next level of filtration system called Maxlife. 

With the help of this technology, you don’t need to clean the filter again and again when you are going to use it.


  • You can use it on multiple surfaces also.
  • It has a large cup to collect the dust.
  • It delivers long-lasting suction capacity. 


  • Its build quality is not quite well.

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Wrap Up On Best Vacuum For Carpet & Hardwood

Having multiple types of surfaces in the house means you need a special vacuum cleaner. That can clean it with high power.

However, there are many types of vacuum cleaners are available in the market. 

But when it comes to using on carpet no one work like specially designed for carpet. This is the only vacuum cleaner.

That can easily work on multiple surfaces. Because it has high power suction and this is the main thing. 

That you should be found before selecting any vacuum cleaner. Because whether it has more and more feature.

But if the suction power is not better then this will not work. That’s why I have covered around 7 best vacuums for carpet and hardwood also.

FAQ: The 7 Best Vacuum For Carpet & Hardwood

Finding the best vacuum cleaner for carpet and hardwood is quite difficult. That’s why many people like you have lots of questions.

That can be solved easily. That’s why I have added some of them in this article to provide appropriate answers to them. 

How much does it cost to have the best vacuum for carpet?

The cost of a carpet vacuum cleaner depends on its capacity, build quality, features, and other things. The better vacuum you want the more you need to pay for it. But overall the cost will not go more than $150 to $450.

Can I use a vacuum cleaner on a wool carpet?

Carpet vacuum cleaners are specially designed for every type of carpet. This also includes wool. However, this is also required to have a swivel brush roller. But if it doesn’t have then you may face some problem.

How much suction need to clean a carpet?

This usually depends on the type of carpet and dust. So you have a wool carpet then the pressure should be between 1×10-3 to 1×10-9 Torr to 1×10-9 to 1×10-12 torr. But if the dust is heavy on the carpet. Then you can use your vacuum cleaner on the pressure 1×10-12 Torr.

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