7 DIY Tips on How To Soundproof Home Movie Theater Cheaply.

How To Soundproof Home Movie Theater Cheaply.

Watching a favorite movie on a big screen excites everyone, especially adults. But if the volume goes higher then you may disturb your neighbors.

That is really a key issue that requires soundproofing the complete home movie theater. 

According to the report of Miracle-Ear, around 80 to 100dB is the common sound level of any movie theater.

But when it goes higher especially at home then you may be stuck in a problem. 

That’s why if you want to get rid of this nightmare. Then you need to soundproof your home movie theater. I know building a movie theater room was a very difficult job for you.

But now you need to invest in soundproofing which may increase your budget.

But this is necessary if you don’t want to face any legal problem against yourself. Don’t worry, this is not as expensive as you are thinking right now.

You need only some soundproofing stuff, that’s all. But what are those?

That’s why you need to read this complete article. Because I have covered around 8 simple ways to the soundproof home movie theater.

Also, I have shared some information related to soundwaves that will improve your knowledge. 

How Sound Waves Work?

Before going deeper into how to soundproof home movie theaters. This is great to understand a little bit about how sound waves work.

So that you can block going outside from the movie theater.

Usually, when the sound is produced it transfers into waves that help it transmit from one to another place.

However, after hitting some solid surface these waves will be absorbed. But most of them pass through it. 

This only happens if the surface has a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating below 40. That indicates the sound level is pretty high and can be audible outside.

But when it comes to the house the common noises are only two: Airborne and Structure-borne. That I have explained earlier. 

The Basics Of Soundproofing

You have understood how sound waves work. Now, this is a great time to understand the basics of soundproofing.

So that you can make a wise decision on which soundproofing material you need to use in your home movie theater.

Usually, soundproofing is a combination of four important things: Damping, Mass, absorption, and Decoupling.

So if you find any of them in your soundproofing material. Then you are on the right path. But if not then you need to stop working and move to another. 

So make sure to understand these four things deeply. So that you can save some investment and get better soundproofing in your home movie theater. 

How To Soundproof Home Movie Theater: 8 Simple Ways

After understanding both things above. Now you can understand why these simple ways work better than wasting money on something else. 

1. Insulate The Walls & Ceiling

Where are you living and what is the temperature in your home theater? Do you know insulation also blocks sound waves?

There are some insulation materials, especially solid ones, that help you to block the noise. You can use any of them on your wall and ceiling. 

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass is insulation made from extremely fine fibers and it provides better sound and heat absorption.

This comes in two major types: batts or rolls and loose-fill. That’s why while making your home movie theater soundproof you should use it on the walls or ceiling.

Also, if you are facing a temperature issue in your movie theater. This will easily optimize and it means you will get two benefits in one insulation.

Mineral Wool Insulation

Mineral wool is non-metallic closed-cell insulation that is usually made from molten glass.

It creates a strong barrier that resists heat transmission and also blocks high-frequency sound waves.

However, this is not much better than fiberglass insulation. But if you don’t want to use fiberglass in your house for any reason.

Then you can use mineral wool insulation on the walls and ceiling. 

2. Add Mass To The Wall

Mass is a simple measurement to measure the actual weight of anything. Whenever adding mass to anything it means you are making it denser.

So that nothing can pass through from it whether it is heat, air, and even sound waves. 

That’s why this is my personal best technique to soundproof anything. That’s why if you want to soundproof your home movie theater.

Then you need to add mass. But how can you do that? Literally, there are many ways to do that. But in my opinion and research, you should use it.

Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass loaded vinyl is a heavy limp vinyl sheeting that is usually made with some metal particles.

That usually increases the mass of anything and helps to block the sound waves. Also, it is very flexible and has natural properties.

That’s why it is a nontoxic high-density material. 

However, it can also block the heat transmission but not that much. Because it is best in reducing sound transmission through the walls or ceiling as well.

That’s why when it comes to soundproofing many soundproof lovers recommend it as the first priority soundproofing material to use. 

3. Install Soundproof Tiles & Subfloor

When it comes to soundproofing most people think the floor can’t become the cause of carrying noise outside.

But this is the biggest culprit; however, the soundwaves are more likely to pass through from the walls and ceiling.

But the vibrations can transmit through the floor as well that impacts the airborne noise. 

As a result, you need to face problems with your neighbors. However, making the movie home theater on the ground like a garage or other places only carries vibrations.

But if you have a floor below from your movie theater. Then the main sound waves also can pass through from it. Then what is the solution for it? 

Soundproof Tiles

Tiles are thin ceramic, stones, clay, and even metal rectangular or square coverings. That usually covers the floor, walls, and even ceiling.

But when it comes to soundproofing tiles that are made from soundproofing materials.

That you can use in your movie theater to block the vibrations or sound transmission. 

Underlayment & Subfloor

Underlayment and subfloor both are covering materials like soundproof tiles. But these materials are used below the topmost layer.

Because these layers provide extra support to the top layer. However, it is not compulsory to use it while soundproofing the floor.

You should use them for replacing the soundproofing tiles. 

4. Double The Drywall

Drywall also called wallboard or plasterboard is a panel typically made from the calcium sulfate dihydrate.

It is usually available in large rigid sheets to use interior walls and ceiling. But when it comes to the core it commonly has two paper sheets which work a facer and backer. 

However, drywall is a very common thing in US houses. But it also reduces the sound transmission through the wall.

That’s why using better drywall in your movie theater also works well. But when you combine two or even three layers together and try to glue them. 

Then literally it creates magic because you are increasing the density of a material.

So the better the density is the less chance sound can travel out of the room. However, it is not possible to find the same density of drywall. 

But don’t worry you only need to find as much as thicker drywall. That you can use in your movie theater and then you can try to combine them.

I know this press is a little bit tricky and confusing. But if you do that in a meaningful way. Then you can succeed in making your home theater room soundproof. 

5. Seal Every Crack & Gap

How many gaps and cracks do you have in your movie theater? Do you know sound waves can travel even in a small space?

Usually, finding a small space in any room is quite difficult. But this can become the cause of traveling noise outside.

That’s why you need to seal them all. I know this looks very difficult. But there are some ways that can help you in this situation. But what are those ways? 

Acoustic Sealant

Sealant is a very thick liquid or substance that is used to fill a specific passage or gap.

However, the sealant is not an adhesive but has some adhesive properties. Also, the acoustic sealant has a plus point. Because it also has acoustic qualities.

That’s why it can stick in the space to fill it. This can be used for sealing a visible crack or gap. Because using it on the complete wall becomes messy. 

Acoustic Plaster

Acoustic plaster is different from the normal one. Because it contains fiber and aggregate for sound absorption.

Also, it has a favorable seamless smooth finish that increases the beauty of the surface.

These also can be used to seal the invisible crack and gap in your movie theater. You don’t need to literally see them all, just apply the acoustic pastor in the complete room. 

6. Soundproof Door & Window

A window and a door is a defined area which provides an opening in the wall of a building. So this also can be part of leaking sound waves out of the room.

However, they are tightly close or not but they can’t block the noise. 

Because still, they have some gap down to the bottom or around the frame. That’s why while soundproofing the complete home movie theater.

You should add them to your list. But how can you make them better to block the noise inside? 


Weatherstripping is a kind of process of sealing the gap such as doors, windows, or even garage doors.

Usually, in this process, you need to use a rubber strip. That you can apply around the frame or between the opening.

This weatherstrip will help you to block the sound waves, heat, and prevent rain from coming inside. 

Soundproof Blanket

A soundproof blanket is a large piece of soundproofing material. That used to deaden noise and mostly high-frequency sound waves.

So you can use it to cover your door. This will help you block the noise pass-through from the door. That’s why you should use it in your soundproof home movie theater. 

Soundproof Curtains

Soundproof curtains look similar to normal curtains, the only difference is their material.

Because the soundproof curtains are made from soundproof materials and normal curtains are not.

That’s why if you have a window in your home movie theater. Then you can use them instead of using normal curtains. 

7. Use Soundproof Panels & Bass Traps

As I have explained earlier, walls are the main surface that is responsible for passing sound waves.

That’s why you need to be very careful while selecting a soundproofing way for walls. However, there are many techniques out there to soundproof it.

But what is the best and efficient way to do that? 

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are sound-absorbing panels. That is mainly used to absorb echo and reverberation inside the room.

However, sound waves can also block from these panels but not most of them. Because these are designed to capture echoes and reverberation.

But as you know a movie creates different sound waves and some of them also convert into echoes. That’s why you should also use it in your home movie theater.

Bass Traps

A bass trap is some kind of sound absorber. That usually captures low-frequency sound waves.

Usually, both acoustic panels and bass traps are used together for getting the highest soundproofing.

But bass traps are usually placed at every corner of a room. Because this is the place where the echoes and sound waves hit the surface.

But if you have a sound absorber in this area. Then you can make the movie theater better. 

Change The Position Of Your Seating

Do you know the position of your seat in the home movie theater can impact sound traveling? This is right if you have many hard surfaces in the movie theater.

Then there is a high chance that echoes and sound waves will hit the surface and turn around for the next. 

However, they can also pass through it. But if you installed a soundproofing layer then they can’t.

That’s why you need to install seats with an upholstered plywood base. So that these waves can be absorbed easily. 

Wrap Up On How To Soundproof Home Moving Theater

Having a home movie theater is a dream for many people. But they usually don’t know that home theater also comes with some sound problems.

That they need to solve them. However, some people don’t have that kind of rude neighbor who can complain about watching movies with a loud noise. 

But in reality, most of them have because they don’t want to get interfered with by any kind of noise.

That’s why for preventing this situation you need to soundproof your complete home movie theater. I know this also requires some budget if you do that cleverly. 

Then you can complete this work within a minimum budget. That’s why having some knowledge of how sound waves work and the basic things of soundproofing is important.

That I have shared above. If you read them carefully then you know what I am trying to say. 

However, there are many ways to make a home movie theater soundproof. But most of them are not very effective.

That’s why I have given the best soundproofing materials. So that you can make a wise decision on which soundproofing material you want to use. 

FAQ: Important Ways To Soundproof Home Theater

Making a home theater soundproofing is quite a difficult thing. That’s why many people like you have lots of questions. That can be solved easily.

That’s why I have added some of them in this article to provide appropriate answers to them. 

How much does it cost to soundproof a home movie theater?

The cost of soundproofing the home movie theater depends on which soundproofing material you select for this work. But on average, it will cost you around $2500 to $3500.

 Which is the cheapest way to soundproof a home theater?

However, there are many to soundproof a home movie theater. But when it comes to the cheapest you can go with acoustic plaster. Because you only need to plaster the whole surface. But this will absorb a small amount of noise only.

Which is the most effective way to soundproof a home movie theater?

There is no one effective way to soundproof a home movie theater. Because a single material can’t do this. But if you combine two or three ways. Then you can increase the effectiveness. So using fiberglass insulation with a soundproof blanket and curtains work better.

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