7 Reliable Ways To Block Neighbors Security Cameras: Protect Your Privacy

Block Neighbors Security Cameras

Everyone has a security camera these days and also everyone is legally permitted to install security cameras on their property. Because it is great for the safety of your property, however, it can be quite an invasion of privacy. 

You might feel uncomfortable with your neighbor’s security camera, particularly if you don’t know them that well and their security cameras are pointing at your property. 

And it is perfectly normal, which is why you might want to block your neighbor’s security camera to ensure that it is monitoring the property for their safety and not invading your privacy. Here we have covered 7 reliable ways on how to block neighbors security camera to protect your privacy. 

Is It Legal For Your Neighbors To Point Security Cameras At Your Property

Several studies have shown that having a surveillance camera system results in an almost 50% reduction in crime. So, it might make you feel uncomfortable, but your neighbors are perfectly within their rights to install security cameras on their property, even if their cameras are pointing toward your property. 

Because your neighbor is a property owner just like you, so they would choose how they would like to protect their property from potential thieves, just as you do. 

As long as the main purpose of the cameras is security, they are legally free to do whatever they want. Then, the next issue arises which is your expectation of privacy. If your neighbor is pointing cameras at your property, then they have to provide sufficient reasoning behind it. 

Your neighbor will have to answer you why they have pointed their security camera directly at your property, and how the camera is being used. 

However, if the area in your property that is being recorded by your neighbor’s cameras is within public view, such as your front yard that is visible from the street, then you have very little reason to ask them to remove it.

How To Block Neighbors Security Camera Without Breaking The Law: 7 Effective Ways

If you have already understood the legality of your neighbor’s security cameras, now you might need to know how you can block those cameras. Here we have shared some simple and effective ways on how to block neighbors security camera without breaking any law.  

1. Talking To Your Neighbor

In some cases, your neighbor might not realize how uncomfortable their security cameras are making you. That is why before taking any other step, you should first talk to your neighbor about it. And if your neighbor is a sensible person, then this might be all you need to do to solve the issue. 

You should tell him that you are not comfortable about having their security camera pointed at your house. And you can politely ask them to adjust the angle or change the direction of the cameras. Also, you can politely tell him to reposition his security cameras.

And you should talk to them in a pleasant tone and make them realize that their camera is actually disturbing your privacy. Also, you need to tell them that you want to come to a compromise that makes everyone happy. It should solve your problem, however, if it doesn’t, then move to the next step. 

2. Block The Camera’s View With Grown Trees

This is another excellent strategy and an absolutely beautiful method that you will love. It is also cost-effective and looks really lovely. The method is to plant tall shrubs or grown trees on the spot to cover your windows and private rooms where your neighbor’s security camera is pointing. 

And you should buy ready-grown trees that are tall enough to protect your privacy. Also, a privacy fence or bamboo curtains can be useful options for you. You can also use curtains, however, if you are more environmentally friendly and you like to think differently, then using grown trees is the perfect option for you. 

You should also keep in mind that most modern cameras have incredibly wide-angle lenses and long ranges, which means that they can see a lot more than what is directly in front of them. 

That is why you might consider extending your fence to prevent those cameras from seeing onto your property. 

3. Ask For Help From A Third-Party Or Mediator

If your neighbor could not realize your problem even after you talk to him, then you can take the help of other people. So, if you and your neighbor are unable to come to an agreement, then community services available in your local area can help you to resolve the issue. 

You can easily find mediators in your local community service or mediation centers. You just need to explain your situation to them and they will start to solve your problem immediately. 

These local conflict resolution and mediation services are generally nonprofit organizations that intervene in the early stages of a dispute to resolve the issue and avoid the involvement of law enforcement authorities.

They generally organize a mediation session or mediated meetings between neighbors and serve as a neutral third party to solve the problem. And in most cases, they will know exactly what to do. Also, it is a very important step if you want to avoid any drastic measures. 

4. Talk To Your Local Police Or Law Enforcement Authorities

If your neighbor doesn’t want to understand your problems or they don’t want to move their camera to another angle so that you can get your privacy back, then it might be time that you should talk to the legal authorities.

And if nothing else works, then you might need to get in touch with your local police and ask them what they recommend. But, if your neighbor is not doing something clearly illegal, the police would not be able to help you. 

And you should also keep in mind that this will probably intensify tensions further between you and your neighbor. 

Also, your city might have non-emergency public safety officers that can help you to deal with these types of situations. However, if your neighbors are deliberately pointing their cameras at your bedrooms or private rooms, then you must report them to the local authorities.

5. Install Security Cameras In Your Property

Making your neighbors take their own medicine might sound silly, but it could work in this situation. You might also think that fighting fire with fire in this situation is dumb and irrelevant,  however, serving them a taste of their own medicine might just do the trick for you. 

If your neighbor’s nature is unfriendly and aggressive, and you can’t reason with them, then having your own camera watching them should solve your problem. And we think that there is no better way to make your neighbors change their minds about their annoying security policy. 

Because you are legally allowed to install a lawfully placed security camera on your own property, and your neighbor can do nothing about it. And you can always lawfully install your home security cameras as lawfully your neighbor had installed them on their property. 

And if you install your security cameras legally facing toward them, then they might get concerned about their privacy, and they would be able to understand what you are trying to say.

6. Check If The Camera Is Real Or Fake

You should follow this step first before you try to block your neighbor’s view of the camera. Because, before you do anything to block your neighbor’s security camera, you should first make sure that your neighbor’s camera is not fake. 

There is a really good chance that your neighbor has a fake camera because fake security cameras can sometimes act as a deterrent. And there is also a small chance that it is turned off, so be careful of that too. 

Using fake security camera systems is one of the best and cheapest ways to prevent and scare away potential thieves. 

Because it serves as an excellent deterrent and is a very cost-effective and smart method to protect your property, however, most infrared security cameras emit a red light that might get seen at night. 

So, to check if the security camera is real or fake, you can see whether wires or red lights are associated with the cameras.

7.  Use Blackout Curtains

Using blackout curtains can be one of your preferred choices, however, it is not the best idea if you prefer sunshine. But, it can be the best choice to hide the view of your window, if the camera is pointing at your window.

Also, blackout curtains will block light better than any other type of curtain and it is its main advantage. So, you can choose any other method, but blackout curtains are definitely the best choice for increasing privacy in your house.

Another fantastic method is to use security window films. There are many reasons companies and households add window security films for protection and one of the reasons is to block the neighbor’s camera view. 

Also, you can choose whether you want your security window film to be visible or not. And the average cost to install window security film is not very high, and it is also durable.

Things You Should Avoid While You Are Trying To Block Your Neighbor’s Security Camera

As you are trying to find information on how to block neighbors security camera, you will find several other strategies on the internet that could potentially be more effective. However, you should also consider whether those actions’ legality may put you at risk or not. That is why here we have covered some of the things that you should avoid.

  • You should avoid suggestions to cut or tamper with your neighbor’s camera’s wiring or cords. Because, if you get caught on camera, it will worsen the situation and can get you into trouble. Similarly, you should avoid obstructing or obscuring a camera’s lens, as these things are illegal. 
  • You should also avoid using lasers or other powerful lights, as doing so would get considered to obstruct the camera’s vision for personal reasons. Also, it would cause the camera to record you doing so. And no matter how you feel about them, those cameras are actually your neighbor’s property. So, if you tamper with them or destroy them, then your neighbor can take legal action against you.
  • Finally, you should avoid the suggestions to hack your neighbor’s security camera, as it is also complicated. However, hacking into a security camera can be easy if you can hire a professional. But, hacking any system without your neighbor knowing can easily get you in trouble. And you will find a lot of such misleading tips and questionable advice that will most probably get you in serious trouble.  

Wrap-Up On How To Block Neighbors Security Camera

If your neighbor is not intentionally trying to spy on you or you can not prove it, then there is actually nothing you can do to force them to take down their security cameras. So, if you try the methods of disabling, disrupting, or destroying your neighbor’s security camera, then it might probably work for you. 

However, it almost always leads to a worse scenario. That is why your best option is to talk with your neighbors to make them understand your problems, and if that doesn’t work, then you should think about some creative ways to protect your property from their camera’s view.

We hope that our informative article has helped you to learn how to block neighbors security camera to protect your privacy. However, if you have any other creative and lawful ideas, please feel free to share them with us.

FAQ: How To Block Neighbors Security Camera

Most people don’t know the legal issues and regulations regarding security systems, which is why they have lots of doubts in their minds. Here we have tried to clear some of those doubts in this FAQ section.

Q1. Can Your Neighbour Put Camera Pointed At Your House?

Ans: People definitely have the right to install CCTV cameras or security cameras on their property. However, they should try to point cameras away from neighbors’ homes, gardens, and private spaces or public streets. But it is not always possible to do so, and it is not illegal also.

Q2. Is It Illegal To Have Cameras Around Your House?

Ans: In the United States, it is generally legal for you to install a residential security camera on your property and record video. However, citizens of the US are also guaranteed a reasonable expectation of privacy, which extends to video recording. It means that you can’t record people anywhere that is generally considered a private place.

Q3. Do Security Cameras Record Continuously?

Ans: Home security cameras are generally motion-activated and will record when they detect motion and also send you an alert. However, some security cameras can record 24/7, which is also known as continuous video recording. No matter how it records, a security camera is an excellent tool for home security and the peace of mind that goes with it.

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