8 Best Devices To Annoy Neighbors Without Actually Saying Anything: Efficient & Affordable!

Devices To Annoy Neighbors

Dealing with noisy neighbors is definitely not an easy task. Whether they’re being too noisy or playing their music too loud, it can be tough to deal with them. Because unwanted noise is one of the worst of all the stresses that you can experience in your home. 

According to the report of the National Library of Medicine, after reaching a certain level, noise can cause physical and psychological problems such as high blood pressure, headaches, anxiety, depression, and even hearing loss.

It means that if your neighbor is constantly making noise, it’s not only annoying, but it can also be harmful to your health. In this situation you have two choices- either you can confront them or you can find a way to annoy them or irritate them in return. 

In this article, we have covered the 5 best devices to annoy your neighbors and get under their skin. Also, we have shared 3 other devices that may not be as effective in annoying your neighbor but you can use them to see what works best for you.

So, let’s get started. 

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Why You Need To Annoy Your Neighbors

You must be wondering why there is a need to bother the neighbors. So I would like to tell you here that not all neighbors are good.

There are some neighbors who party late at night and use their noisy lawnmowers all day. Due to this, you may not be able to sleep well. If you are working from home you can’t focus on your work.

Due to lack of sleep, our nature becomes irritable and many diseases also occur, such as headaches, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and depression. 

If there are small children in the house, then their minds can also get affected badly. If children are not able to sleep properly at night, then they cannot get up early in the morning and are also late for school.

That’s why you need to annoy your neighbors to teach them a lesson. You will find many such products online, with the help of which you can take revenge on your neighbors.

5 Best Devices To Annoy Neighbors: Top Devices To Use

If you have decided to take revenge on your neighbors then here I am telling you 5 Best Devices.

With the help of these devices, you can easily take revenge by harassing your neighbors. These devices are available on the Internet, which you can easily purchase and use.

1. Genuine OEM Bassed Magnetron By LG

A magnetron is also known as Crossed Field device that produces high-power of electromagnetic waves. 

This device is going to be of great use to you at this time. When your neighbor’s party is late in the night and you are troubled by the loud sound of the speakers, you can use Magnetron Device.

This device works by means of an electromagnetic generator, due to which a type of impulse is emitted that can stop electronic devices.

When you use it, it also stops the loudspeakers. This device is small in size and not too heavy. But can be a little bit difficult to install.

Because it should be installed near the noisy source. Otherwise, it will not work very well. 

The magnetron is used in many other places like- Microwave, Ship, Airplane, Military bases, etc. By this, you must have understood how useful Magnetron is.


  • It has amazing durability and can be used in any place.
  • It has OEM Genuine System that will also save electricity bills.
  • This device generates high-density rays that can easily block soundwaves. 


  • This device is costly and also very difficult to install.

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2. Sound Dampening Bumpers By GorillaGrit

Sound Dampening Bumpers are flexible and transparent and the purpose of which is to absorb the sound coming from the closing of cabinet doors and drawers.

Your neighbors might move their furniture around at night, due to which there is a sound and you are getting disturbed or your neighbors close the doors or windows too fast, causing you trouble.

To overcome this problem, you can gift Sound Dampening Bumpers to your neighbor or you can give them advice to purchase.

When your neighbors start using Sound Dampening Bumpers, your problem will also be easily solved.

Sound Dampening Bumpers is very easy to use. They are very small and soft in size. You can use them in the doors, windows, drawers, and other furniture of your house.

When the door is closed sharply or the furniture is rearranged, these Sound Dampening Bumpers will absorb the generated energy and reduces the sound.


  • Sound Dampening Bumpers are very small in size and transparent.
  • These bumpers help you to secure your floor against friction.
  • Sound Dampening Bumpers are self-adhesive and stick easily.


  • They can’t block low-frequency noise.

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3. High-Frequency Antenna By General Motors

High-Frequency Sound is one whose frequency is between 8 kHz to 20 kHz. This type of soundwave frequency can pass through any type of barrier.

High-Frequency Antenna is a device that generates High-Frequency Soundwaves. When your neighbors use Lawn Mower Machines all day, party till late at night and they are not understanding your problems and you have tried everything, then you can use these High-Frequency antennas.

This device emits high-frequency sound waves, which cover the frequency of loud sound from the speakers.

Due to this, you do not get much noise and it also affects the people doing the party.

This device produces high pitch sounds to annoy neighbors. But while using it, you should keep in mind that you do not have to use this device much, because it can affect your family too.


  • This device generates high frequency according to the loud sound of the speakers.
  • It has a better build quality.
  • This device is very small in size so you can put it anywhere.


  • Its excessive use can prove to be dangerous for your family.

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4. Easy To Assemble Dog House By Starplast

A doghouse is one that is designed to shelter a dog in a variety of weather and conditions. It is also known as a kennel.

Starplast Doghouse is very nice and comfortable for dogs of small to large sizes. This doghouse is corrosion-resistant and lasts a long time.

If your neighbors make a lot of noise and ignore your problems, and you are unable to do your work and have trouble sleeping, then you might want to take revenge on your neighbors.

In this situation, you can raise dogs and purchase Starplast Doghouse for them. You can train your dog so that he can trouble the neighbors who bother you.


  • This doghouse is light in weight.
  • Starplast Doghouse is made of UV-stabilized polypropylene plastic material.
  • It is comfortable for dogs and keeps the temperature stable.


  • It is difficult to install.

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5. 2-Cycle Of Handheld Gas Blower By Husqvarna

Handheld Gas Blower is one such device that helps to clean your garden and they work by Electric or Gasoline Motors.

With its use, scattered leaves and cut grass debris present in your garden can be easily transferred. The Handheld Gas Blower is also very easy to use. 

If your neighbors make a lot of noise and you are tired of explaining to them and they are ignoring your problems, then you might need to decide to take revenge on them.

For this, you can use Handheld Gas Blower. Air comes out from the nozzle of this device, with the help of which you can spread the debris lying in your garden to your neighbor’s garden. In this way, you can take revenge on your neighbor.


  • Auto Return Stop Switch is present in this.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • The Handheld Gas Blower Produces High Air Volume and Velocity.


  • It might increase air pollution.

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3 Other Devices To Deal With Noisy Neighbors: irritate Your Neighbors With Technology!

Getting revenge on your noisy neighbor can make the situation very complicated. But if you don’t want to do that then you can go with some other ways.

1. Non-Looping White Noise Machine By Magicteam

White Noise Machine is a device that generates a stream of background sound. Due to this, the person does not hear distracting outside noises.

There are 20 Soothing Sounds in this device such as Rain, Fire, Wave, Bird, and Fan. If your neighbors make a lot of noise and because of this, you are not able to sleep at night or you have small children in your house, then this White Noise Machine can prove to be very good for you.

If you use this device, then the sound coming from outside gets reduced. The sound of the White Noise Machine is very quiet and comfortable. Due to this, you can sleep peacefully at night.


  • Due to the white noise running in the background, young children fall asleep quickly.
  • This device can prove to be good for people suffering from Tinnitus disease.
  • You also get Timer System in this White Noise Machine.


  • Younger children might get dependent on white noise machines to sleep.

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2. Studio Foam Soundproof Panels By Burdurry

Soundproof Panels are those panels that absorb and reduce the sound of the background. They are also known as Acoustic panels.

The Soundproof Panel is light in weight. If your neighbors make a lot of noise, then you might not be able to do your office work properly or sleep peacefully.

In this situation, you can use Soundproof Panels. It is not very difficult to use them. You just have to stick them on the walls of your room.

By doing this, they can reduce the noise coming from outside. So that you can do your work without any problem. You can use it in any part of your house, such as the Study Room, Bedroom, and Basement.


  • Soundproof Panel is safe and it does not pose any risk to your health.
  • You can use it very easily.
  • Soundproof Panels improve the sound quality in a room.


  • The Soundproof Panels can pose the risk of fire.

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3. Highest NRR Comfortable Ear Plugs By Mack’s

An earplug is a device that is made from a foam-type material for the ears. Its purpose is to protect the ears from damage caused by loud noises.

If you stay at your home and do your office work on the desktop, but your neighbors make a lot of noise and party till late at night, and you are neither able to do your work nor sleep at night, then in this situation, you can use Earplugs. 

They are very soft and are designed according to the ear. If you use them, then you stop hearing the sound coming from outside.


  • By using earplugs, you can focus on your work and sleep peacefully.
  • It is also very good for people suffering from Tinnitus disease.
  • These are very comfortable for your ears.


  • The size of these earplugs is not the same.

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Wrap Up On Best Devices To Annoy Neighbors: Annoy Your Neighbors In Style

If you get upset with your noisy neighbors, then your mind will become calm only after taking revenge on them. So you can use these devices to annoy your neighbors. 

And it is perfectly understandable that you can become angry and want revenge, but you should also try to calm down and think about it carefully before you take action.

Also in many cases, it happens that your house is near a road and the noise of traffic disturbs you. In that situation, you cannot take revenge on anyone, and you have to soundproof your place. 

We hope that our informative and comprehensive guide has helped you to find out the best devices to annoy neighbors. If you have any more questions, please let us know in the comments below.

FAQ: 8 Best Devices To Annoy Neighbors

Annoying your neighbors can be difficult work. That’s by many people have lots of questions. So I have added some of them in this article to provide appropriate answers.

Q.1 How much does it cost to annoy neighbors?

Ans. If the cost of devices troubling the neighbors is seen. So it depends on the quality of the device. But if we look at the average, then it costs about 50$.

Q.2 Can I file a lawsuit against my neighbor?

Ans. If your neighbors are troubling you excessively and ignoring your words. So you can file a case against your neighbor.

Q.3 Which is the best way to annoy distracting neighbors?

Ans. The best way to annoy distracting neighbors is to buy a doghouse and raise dogs. In this way, you can annoy the neighbors by training your dog.

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