How To Break Car Window Quietly In Emergency: Best Tips to Use.

How To Break Car Window Quietly In Emergency: Best Tips To Use.

Sometimes breaking the car window glass becomes the reason for someone’s life and death.

This usually happens if you forget your car keys inside the car or somewhere else. But why should it be quiet? 

According to the report of Forbes in 2019, around 29.9 percent of common property crimes happen in the US only and 27 percent are only car break-ins. Huge Number!.

But this number is increasing by the day. That’s why while breaking the car window people may think you are another thief.

This will make this whole situation messy. So this is required to do this as quietly as possible.

But how can you do that? That’s why you need to read this complete article. Because I have created a list of 6 best ways to break the car window quietly in an emergency situation.

You should keep this in your mind. So that when you are facing the same you are ready for it.

Also, I have shared some safety precautions and important tips. That will help you make a wise decision at that time.

So read this article completely otherwise you will lose your chance to do this perfectly.

Why You Should Break the Car Window Quietly

Why should I take care for being quiet while breaking the car window? I know you are breaking the window of your car.

But suppose you forget your car keys inside the car and lock yourself outside. Then it is hard to explain to someone that you are the owner of the car. 

Or if you are getting late to go somewhere else. Then you might be stuck in a problem that can’t be solved too quickly.

There may be a chance that the stranger who saw you while doing this calls the police or his friends.

I know he is trying to help anyone who is thinking right now. But only you know the truth, not anyone else.

That’s why this is the best way to solve this problem be quiet while breaking the car window. 

However, there are many ways to do that. But it also requires some safety precautions.

That will safeguard you and other cars parked around your car. So if you want to do the same then you should read below.

Precautions Before Breaking The Car Window

While protecting someone’s life this is important to follow some safety precautions. Especially while dealing with glass.

Because it is usually very sharp and you also might get hurt. 

1. Identify The Window Glass

There are so many types of car window glasses available in the market. That can be used in your car window frame. But not all of them can break in the same way.

Don’t worry except for all of these glasses you will find two common window glasses. The first one is the regular and the second one is safety glass.

That has the plastic layer between both layers. That’s why before doing anything with your car window this is great to check. 

2. Wear The Protective Gears

Breaking the window glass of your car or someone else may also hurt you. That’s why before attempting anything you should wear all the protective gear.

That includes protective boots, gloves, glasses, and so on. I know it is not possible to have all of these things at that time.

But you can also wear long-sleeve shirts, jackets, shoes, and gloves (if possible). These also will help you to do the same purpose. 

3. Clear The Area

I know your intention is to save someone. But after breaking the window glass of your car, it makes the place messy.

If someone steps in the place then they also get hurt. That’s why after doing all of these things you should clear the area. So that other person can also do their job safely. 

6 Ways To Break The Car Window Quietly In Emergency 

If you have an emergency to reach the office as soon as possible and you forget the car keys inside your car.

Then there is no better way instead of breaking the car window. But it should also be quiet. That’s why you need to read all of the ways below. 

1. Ninja Rocks

What are these ninja rocks and how can you find them? I know what you are thinking, what rubbing it is.

But I believe I was also thinking the same as you are now. Do I need to become a ninja for breaking the window glass?

No, and this is also not possible. Because this is literally not related to any ninja things. This is an ordinary ceramic part of a spark plug.

That used to take off the window glass of a car. This is a great tool to break the window glass without any kind of noise

This is so effective that’s why most thieves usually use it as their perfect weapon against the window glass.

Because it produces vibrations to break the glass and these vibrations are very intense. That’s why whether it is a regular or safety glass both can break easily. 

These ceramic ninja rocks cover the main component. So that you will also not be hurt because it also produces electricity.

But after using the ceramic coating it will not hurt you anymore. However, you are using it for a good reason but do this carefully. Otherwise, maybe some think you are a thief. 

2. Hit The Edge

Have you ever hit the car window glass from your hands? I know this is a ridiculous thing.

But if you have tried then you know how much pain you got after doing this shit. After getting so much pain I am pretty sure your car window glass did not break. 

Do you know why this happened, why the glass doesn’t break? This is only happening because you have wasted your energy at the wrong place or wrong glass.

Instead of doing this, you should find the best place to hit. Usually, passenger window glass is weaker than others. 

So when you are going to try this you should hit the very edge with a hard object. I think this is the smartest way to break the car window glass quietly.

Because it is less noisy and works efficiently. But if you lock yourself inside the car and forget the keys outside. 

Then you need to do this with your legs. But make sure to have some space so that you can use your full power.

However, breaking the car window inside the car is quite difficult. But if you follow the right way you can do this. 

3. Porcelain Bit

Do you want to break the window glass far away from your car? Is there any way to use this for your security? Usually, car window glasses have very low densities.

That’s why using any sharp thing on the glass will easily break. Just like the spark plug. 

But after understanding the wrong use of spark plugs its manufacturing has been stopped. That’s why it is difficult to find it right away.

But when it comes to any sharp object like porcelain bit can work the same. Because it also has sharp edges that are great for this work.

However, it is not made for this work that’s why you may be hurt. But I have a solution, you can throw a porcelain bit from a distance of your car at one of the corners.

That you have selected for this work. But make sure to use some pressure so that it can easily break. 

So while doing this you should be very careful. Because maybe a piece of glass hit you.

That’s why when you are throwing the porcelain bit of any hard object into the window glass. Make sure to keep a safe distance. 

4. Emergency Hammer

Do you have a toolbox in your car? What things do you have under the driver’s seat?

So an emergency hammer, also called a glass breaker, is quite different from the regular one. Because it is made for breaking through the window glass.

That’s why it has three tools inbuilt; the first one is a knife, the second small hard tip, and the third one is a hammer top.

However, It is another safety device but whether it is regular or tempered glass this hammer can easily break it. 

Usually, this hammer will be found under the driver’s seat (if you have it). I know it is impossible to get it from outside of the car.

But if you are stuck inside then you can use it. Because inside you have limited sources to break the car window. 

So when you find it then it’s time to use it. Where is the best place to use the emergency hammer? As I have explained earlier, if you want better results then you should hit the very edge of your car window glass.

This will break the car window silently and more efficiently. 

5. Standard EMT Device

Do you know what this device is and how it can help you to break the window glass?

So the standard EMT device also called tempered glass breaker is another car window glass breaking tool like spark plugs and emergency hammers. 

It is made from hard metal and has a small tip. So that it can easily break the window glass.

However, this is mostly used by professionals and police for emergency use. But if you already have then you can also use it.

The process is similar when you are using other tools for completing this work. 

But when it comes to the hardness and performance this is best from them. Because when using this EMT device you can hit anywhere on the car window glass.

It will easily break and you can watch the shatters on the ground. 

So like other car window-breaking tools, this is also an affordable tool. You can place it under the driver’s seat.

So when you need it you can easily get it right away. I know it is impossible to get it from outside but if you have then. Good Luck!. 

6. Automated Steel Punch Tool

Are you a carpenter or have some tools for it? What is a steel punch tool and how can you use it?

So an automated steel punch tool is used for drilling metal and hardwood surfaces. This is mostly used by plumbers and carpenters.

This is more like a regular hammer but has some moving parts. That works better for breaking the car window quietly in an emergency.

However, this is a professional tool that’s why it is difficult to have it. But if anyone around you is a carpenter or plumber then you can borrow him.

Don’t worry, the process of using the automated steel punch tool is very easy. So all you need to do is just attach it against the car window glass and release the spring.

Then a hard object hits the surface and at last the glass breaks. 

As you are thinking that it has a spring mechanism then it may be a big tool.

Then how can you use it at the very edge of your car window glass? Don’t worry, this tool is very hard and strong. That’s why you can also use it at the center of the glass. 

5 Important Tips When Breaking The Car Window

Breaking the car window becomes messy work and may hurt you or someone else. That’s why before using any of these ways it is great to read these important tips. 

1. Use Duct Tape

Do you have duct tape in your house or shopping bag? If you have then before doing anything else you should cover the window glass with it.

So that it will hold all the shatters and save you. This way you can clean the area easily after completing this work.

Because all the pieces of the glass are combined in duct tape. 

2. Pillow Punch

Are you very serious about the noise and your safety while breaking the car window? So if you don’t have any tools then you need to do this with your hand.

This may also hurt you. That’s why if you have a pillow or any soft thing. Then you can place it against the glass and then hit the window glass.

It will definitely break it without any noise. 

3. Soundproof Blanket

I know it is difficult to have a soundproof blanket at that time. But if you have then it will save you from most of the unwanted noise.

Because when the glass shatters from the floor surface it produces more noise than while hitting.

That’s why before doing this you should lay down the soundproof blanket on the floor and start working on the same.

Combine Formation: If you are at home and you have all of these things. Then you should use all of them while breaking the car window.

Because it will increase efficiency and make the work perfect.

Wrap Up On How To Break Car Window Quietly

Forgetting the car keys is a very common thing but if you don’t have the spare keys. Also, if you are getting late, go somewhere important.

Then it becomes very difficult to think about what I should do next. Especially if you are outside of your house.

Where people may see you while breaking the car window. However, this is the only solution you have right now. But if you don’t want the unwanted involvement of someone who doesn’t know anything.

Then using the ways of breaking the car window quietly in an emergency will help you. That’s why I have shared the 6 best ones.

So that you can determine which one works better for you. But don’t forget about the safety and you should have something for it as I have explained earlier. 

However, having all of the things right next to your shopping bag is not possible. But make this process safe.

Also, you can use the tips that I have explained above and these will also help you. 

FAQ: Best Ways To Break The Car Window Quietly In Emergency

Breaking the car window quietly in an emergency is quite difficult. That’s why many people just like you have lots of questions.

That can be solved easily. That’s why I have added some of them in this article to provide appropriate answers to them. 

How hard do I need to hit the car window glass to break it?

While breaking the car window glass you need to hit as much as your hand is.

Because it requires more than 20 to 24,000 PSI per square inch force.

What is the quick way to break the car window glass?

Usually, a spark plug is a tool that can quickly break the car window glass without any noise.

But it is difficult to use it from a distance and may hurt you after shattering the glass on the floor.

That’s why you should be very careful while using any of these ways.

Is it possible to break the car window underwater?

Yes, it is possible to break the car window glass underwater. But it also requires more force and energy than land.

That’s why using your hand is not a great idea instead of this you can use an EMT device or emergency hammer. 

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