10 Ways On How To Quiet A Noisy Furnace Blower : 100% Working tips

10 Ways On How To Quiet A Noisy Furnace Blower

Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons!!. But when it comes to keeping your house warm and cozy.

This requires a better heating system inside the house. However, some houses have been built in but some have not.

That’s why they have to depend on different other methods like a space heater or furnace blower to achieve the same purpose.

However, a furnace blower distributes the hot air throughout the whole house. But this also produces so much noise that ma disturbs you.

According to the report of Mabuchi Motor, a normal mechanical motor produces around 48 dB of noise.

But when it is connected with a blower the noise frequency will increase drastically. That’s why people who are using it usually place it in the basement.

So that they can’t hear annoying noises. But sometimes this noise can easily be heard from your room.

So you need to use a better solution for making your noisy furnace blower quiet. But how can you do that? That’s why you need to read this complete article because I have covered the 10 best solutions for this problem. 

Also, I have included some common noise problems in your furnace. That’s why you need to read the complete article carefully.

Otherwise, you will lose your chance to make your noisy furnace blower quiet

Some Common Noise Problems In Furnace

Usually, a furnace can be big enough to blow hot air throughout the house. That’s why there may be a chance a common part is producing so much noise. That’s why starting anything else you should look at these things. 

  • Rattling Noise: As you know, a furnace has a number of moving parts inside it. That can be loose or completely fall off to the surface. That becomes the cause of rattling noise. Because when you start your furnace then these parts also start vibrating.
  • Rumbling Noise: If you are hearing rumbling noise from your furnace blower. Then it might be the cause of fuel ignition. At this time you need to call a professional.
  • Banging Noise: This is a very common noise problem in furnaces. That usually comes from the duct, vent, and filter area. Because of destabilizing or dirt buildup. That can be solved by yourself.
  • Humming Noise: Usually, a loud humming noise is only produced by a fan or transformer. The same may be a cause in your furnace. That’s why you should look at this area after doing any further things. But I think you should call a professional for this work. 
  • Squealing Noise: This sound usually comes when the belt is loosened in your furnace.  That’s why you should look at your furnace blower and analyze the problem. If you want then you can remove the belt and check why it gets loose so much.

Check These Problems Before Getting Into Deep

Getting noise from the furnace or furnace blower is a very normal thing. But when it becomes so loud it is disturbing.

Then before getting into deep first you should check out these problems. Maybe after these are behind the noise.

  • Dirty Air Filter & Duct: I know cleaning the furnace completely is very difficult work for everyone. But this is also required if you don’t want to face any problem with it like noise. Because the major thing behind is the dirty air filter and ductwork. These also make airflow worse inside the furnace. 
  • Flexible Ductwork: If the ductwork in your furnace is not installed properly. Then the furnace may bend. As a result, it makes the airflow harder and the static pressure creates noise.
  • Close Vent Dampers: Are your vent dampers loose and close again and again? If this is happening with your furnace. Then closing the supply into the vent undue stress on your HVAC equipment.

But if you have other problems then you should read below to solve them easily. 

How To Quiet A Noisy Furnace Blower: 10 Simple Ways

So after checking all of these problems the noise is still coming from the furnace.

Then you should check out these ways below. That will let you know how you can solve other major problems in your furnace and blower. 

1. Adjust The Fan Speed

As I have explained earlier a fan usually produces a humming noise. There may be many reasons behind it.

Maybe the furnace fan has a buildup of dirt and dust that requires cleaning. Or the fan is running at a high level that doesn’t require it.

While installing any furnace blower it is configured at the best settings according to your house.

This will help you to get better airflow inside your house. But sometimes the furnace fan speed is way higher than the expected flow.

That’s why when the air pressure reaches its maximum level it produces noise. That’s why if you are facing the same problem.

Then all you need is to decrease the fan speed at the lower level and check the airflow.  If it is good for you and the furnace blower then set the fan at the level. 

2. Add Ductwork

Have you installed the complete furnace by yourself or called a professional? So installing the furnace completely is a very complicated thing.

That requires several years of experience. That’s why if you or the professional that you have called doesn’t have that experience in this field. 

Then there may be a chance you installed the equipment properly. But the ductwork is not enough for accommodating the air pressure.

Don’t worry this is a very common problem and can be solved easily. So when the ductwork is very small to handle the static pressure of air volume produces noise. 

That’s why all you need is just to increase or expand the ductwork all around the furnace or blower.

So that it can access the whole area and make the furnace quieter. But keep in mind that it also should not be too large.

Otherwise, it will increase the temperature inside the furnace. 

3. Add Additional Return Duct

Are you getting whistle noise from the furnace? If yes, then you are facing the vacuum problem on the intake.

That increases the high air pressure between both parts intake and output side. That’s why you are hearing this kind of noise.

Do you know why this is happening with your furnace blower? So when the furnace blower is not getting enough return air then instead of pushing the air inside the complete system. It starts producing a vacuum which leads to noise. 

So if you are completely sure this is the problem behind the loud noise. Then you need to install additional ducts.

That helps you to reduce the noise level and also this additional ductwork boosts the airflow.

So whether you have a bigger house you will easily get enough warm air without facing any kind of noise. 

4. Add Bypass Duct

How big is your house? How many rooms have you added to the furnace? So if you have a bigger house and you have to connect the multiple zones with a single line.

Then it also creates a vacuum inside the furnace. That becomes the cause of having noise problems.

I know it is not possible to install multiple furnaces for each room. Because this requires heavy investment and also doesn’t work well.

But you can also make your single furnace system better to get rid of this problem.

All you need is just add an additional bypass duct within the system. I know this is a little bit tricky but works very well. If this is the main reason behind the noise.

But when you are doing this you should be very careful. Because sometimes people leave some gaps that may leak the warm air. 

5. Add or Expand Grilles

What is the size of your furnace duct system? Is the size not enough according to the airflow?

As I have explained earlier if you are getting humming noises from your furnace fan. Then you need to decrease the speed of it. 

But sometimes after decreasing the fan speed, it does not provide enough airflow inside the house.

So the cold air gets into your house and disturbs you. That’s why if you want better warm air without humming noise from the fan.

Then you need to add or expand the grilles. This will help you to remove the vacuum from the furnace.

However, this can’t completely quiet the furnace but will reduce the noise level. That will help you to focus on what you are doing.

6. Switch The Grills Into High-Velocity Model

What does high velocity mean? How can you increase the airflow by just replacing the grills? Have you ever sat in front of the table fan? I am sure that you are getting better airflow instead of just sitting up on the other side. 

This is called high velocity because some people think that high velocity means just increasing the fan speed. That will not work at all.

That’s why if you want to get better warm air inside your house. Then you need to replace your old grills with the new latest high-velocity model.

Because these are more flexible and made at high velocity. But while installing it you need to be very careful about the direction.

That you are giving to these new grills. You need to set them as much as straight to the multiple zones. 

7. Replace Variable Speed Blower

Making the complete furnace quiet you need to work on the blower. Because this is the main problem behind producing the noise.

That’s why you need to try different things to make it better. However, I have explained many ways to keep the blower motor at the lower level. 

Also, if you want more airflow then when you do the next. But after doing all of these things the furnace blower is still producing annoying noise.

Then this time to replace it with the variable-speed blower. That will drastically decrease the noise level without decreasing the airflow inside the house. 

Because the fan speed depends on the cooling and heating load inside the house. But the fan operates at the regular speed that you have set for it.

So when the airflow moves through the duct system it removes the noise. 

8. Rearrange The System Components

Do you know how many moving parts are in your furnace? How do you know if any part is loose and needs to rearrange from its place?

Usually, running the furnace for a long time without servicing makes any part loosen. That becomes the cause of facing noise problems in your furnace.

That’s why you should look at the complete furnace carefully like inside the vent, filters, blower, and other parts.

Also, the outside ductwork if you find any part is not in its place then you need to fix it. Or if it is not working well then you need to rearrange it. 

Maybe after fixing it another place it starts working. I know this work is a little bit complicated.

But if you want to save some money and remove the noise. Then this is a required step you have to take. 

9. Consider Your House Sound Isolation

How warm is your house? Are you using additional insulation for soundproofing in your house?

Usually, the furnace only increases the fan speed if your house is not warm enough. Or if you use any automatic furnace then it will also increase your monthly budget. 

However, there are other ways to make the house warmer and you can mix it with the furnace. So that you don’t need to have more hot airflow.

Because you are already in your house. But this requires more budget for it only one time. 

This will help you to remove the cold air and annoying noises. But there are so many insulation and soundproofing materials in the market.

That’s why you should check out this link where I have described everything about it. 

10. Soundproof The Blower Compartment

How old is your furnace blower? Do you have a budget to replace it with a variable blower? So after using the furnace blower for a long time it starts producing noise.

But if you don’t have a budget to replace it. Then this requires better servicing but still, you are getting noise from it. 

Then you need to make the blower compartment soundproof by using some sort of insulation materials.

However, some of them are very hard and some are very loose to place on the furnace blower. 

But don’t worry there is an insulation material called melamine foam. That you can easily use next to the blower intake where most of the noise is coming.

But this doesn’t have any gum to stick on the blower. That’s why you need to use the steel wire to secure it in its place.  

Now all the ways that will help you to fix the noisy furnace are completed. I know you got tremendous information in this article and use it for better work. 

Wrap Up On Best Ways To Quiet A Noisy Furnace Blower

However, you have a noise problem in your furnace or its blower. When you are trying to fix the problem you need to check the complete furnace.

So that no small thing can be left anymore. Because there may be a chance after fixing the blower. You still get annoying noises from the furnace. 

That’s why when you are getting these noises from your furnace. Then also check the complete furnace.

That’s why above I have given ways to solve both problems whether the blower or complete furnace behind it.

But before getting into deep you should check the common problems. That is producing the noise if they are then you can fix it.

However, removing the noise from the furnace is not difficult to work. But if you literally don’t have any experience related to this field. 

Then you can call any professional to do this work for you. However, the professional will cost you but this is worth it.

Also, if you don’t have time for it then this is also a better option without facing anything wrong. 

FAQ: 10 Ways How To Quiet A Noisy Furnace Blower

Finding the best way to quiet a noisy furnace blower is quite difficult. That’s why many people like you have so many questions.

That can be solved easily. That’s why I have added some of them in this article to provide appropriate answers to them. 

How much does it cost to quiet a noisy furnace blower?

Making a noisy furnace or its blower quiet depends on what is the problem behind it.

How are you able to fix it? That’s why if the problem is very critical and you need a professional hand that also increases the budget. But overall it costs you around $250 to $750.

How much noise does a normal furnace blower produce?

As you know there are so many types of blowers available in the market.

That’s why it also depends on the blower capacity how much normal noise it can produce.

But a standard blower doesn’t produce more than 48dB of noise.

When should I replace my furnace system?

Replacing the complete furnace will take around 10 to 15 years. But if you carefully use it and do regular servicing.

Then it will increase the lifespan of your furnace. However, it requires more time but this is worth it.

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