Simple Process On How To Change Recessed Light Bulb: Make Your Space Compiling!

How To Change Recessed Light Bulb

A recessed light bulb is one of the better options used for brightening your homes, office, shops, stores, etc. It is installed into the ceiling or walls to eliminate shadows and spread light around their rooms.

According to the report of marketresearchfuture, the recessed lighting industry recorded a market value of USD 59. 26 Billion in 2021. Therefore, this number will reach a market value of USD 137.53 billion in the upcoming years. 

This will further increase the addition to encourage the use and installation of recessed lights. While it is considered as many people in the United States are mostly bringing the most of this modern technology. In the future, people often face problems. So, if you don’t know how to change the recessed light bulb.

In this article, we have also shared 6 simple steps on how to change recessed light bulbs. However, recessed lights are also called downlights or can lights. It comparatively sits flush with the wall or ceiling for a sleek & polished finish.

When you go to buy a new recessed light bulb, just confirm all details of the old one’s characteristics. This will not create a mismatch when you bring it to use for your lightning. Therefore, many things have been shared which will help you relate to the topic.

And we have also discussed the main things which are important. By the use of recessed lights which don’t look complex and most of the electric wiring components are hidden. Today, there’s a much longer-lasting appliance that may be more of an investment.

So, let’s get started.

How To Choose Light Bulbs For Your Recessed Lightning

The Light Bulbs for your recessed lighting should only depend on the use of a specific reason. After knowing all about light bulbs, you will far better understand which suits you the best and you can use it accordingly.

Here, we have shared important things about lightning. Most specifically how you can use light bulbs to transform your space in today’s modern world. So, go through each point and understand it nicely.

  • Temperature: Temperature is an important term to know how cool or warm the tone of light should be in a particular space. This can actually create an imbalance of paint colors in your room. 
  • Style: The style of your light bulb can go so far in making your space look more elevated and polished. So, you should skip those plasticky led light bulbs and opt for a more stylish bulb like an Edison-style bulb where you can see the filament. 
  • Colour: The color matters as typical incandescent bulbs mostly give off a soft yellowish light with some wider tones available. While the board LEDs are capable of producing color in a much wider range. 
  • Cost & Energy Efficiency: Light Bulbs come a long way from what they used to be in cost and energy efficiency. There are now way more energy-efficient designed bulbs. Most of these bulbs have been listed in terms of energy cost.
  • Fit (Cap & Shape): There are two parts to this: the Cap and the shape. So, Cap is the part of the light bulb which fits in the lamp holder and the shape is the shape of the glass on top. 

How To Change Recessed Light Bulb: Step-By-Step Process

Changing a recessed light bulb is very simple but most people don’t know how to do it. Here, the process has been explained clearly which will help you to know how to change a recessed light bulb.

1. Things Required For Changing Recessed Light Bulb

Before trying to change a recessed light bulb. Various things must be kept in accordance with the requirements of work. As you will require some tools to do the work easily and quickly for installation. 

The main things you’ll need are a flathead screwdriver, putty knife, and light bulb. Therefore, you should find these things first before starting work. This helps to save time and avoid any kind of unwanted problems

In this way, it ensures you minimize the damage and avoids any kind of unfair problem. So, for better work, you must have the required tools to make the necessary changes. 

2. Find Support To Reach The Ceiling Recessed Light Bulb

When you have collected all the important things for the work. Then you need to find support as a medium to stand easily. For support, you will need a ladder or something to climb up. 

Without this, you can’t reach the ceiling upper wall. So, find it and then you can do the main changes standing on it. Also, to prevent yourself from falling, you need to find support that would hold your weight.   

This is the reason you need to select good support to make you comfortable throughout changing a recessed light bulb without the fear of falling.

3. Ensure The Recessed Light Bulb Switch Is Turned Off Completely

When you have found support. The next thing you have to do before operating with the electric wires and cables which are present in the recessed lights of ceilings is that you need to make sure you have turned off the switch. 

This is to prevent you from getting any kind of shocks. This ensures your safety and protection from undesirable situations resulting in creating a problem. Without turning it off, never try to touch electric elements. 

Later, when we will finish all the steps to change the recessed lights. Then at the last, we will check if it works after the proper replacement of light bulbs.                                     

4. Use A Particular Light For Visibility

When you climb up with the help of support, you will require light to see as it may not be visible to your eyes. For this issue, you can use Torchlight or any light that you have with you as a medium to see the fixture of the recessed light bulb. 

If you don’t find anything, you can even use your smartphone flashlight to light up in front of the recessed bulb switch. 

However, for this, you can tell a person to light up when you perform the replacements at the recessed light replacements. This will help you to do your task easily without any kind of problems.

5. Loose The Outer Circular Covering For Accessing Changes

For losing the outer circular covering of the area known as a fixture, use the putty knife or a flathead screwdriver to loosen it properly. Move it all around unless it gets bent down. 

You should be careful just because you don’t want to mess up the paint or the ceiling right.

When it takes a little bit, take time from each side to pull it and then finally pull it down. 

After the power to the light is off, the replacement of the light fixture can continue safely. Unplug the connectors by pulling the two halves apart. You need to pinch, rotate and release the spring retainers to remove the fixture from the housing

6. Hand Yourself A Light Bulb Which Is To Be Replaced

Install the replacement light by first installing the spring retainers. Now, you need to plug in the connector as a new light bulb or LED can be used. LEDs lights last long and they just have a more natural light versus kind of a soft yellow.

Therefore, there may be connectors to plug in at the upside of the units at their place. Finally, everything has been done. 

So, then we’re gonna cover it and reverse everything in its place. Then switch on the light to make sure it works before you close it up. Lastly, the lights can be powered on to check if it’s working.

Different Types Of Trim Used For Recessed Lightning

In the market, there are various types of trim used for recessed lighting. It depends on what purpose you bring using it. Therefore, I have shared some important types of trims used mostly.

  • Baffle: Baffle is one the common trim used to reduce glares creating a softer glow to reduce eye strain. It is recommended for the living room, entryways & foyers.
  • Reflector: A reflector is a trim for recessed lighting which amplifies the light by making it brighter and more vibrant. It completely reflects the surface which is recommended for kitchens and rooms with higher ceilings.
  • Gimbal: Gimbal is an important best trim that provides pivots and turns to offer directional lightning. It is mostly ideal for accent walls, and sloped ceilings.
  • Wall Wash: This is an important trim that is designed to greatly highlight artwork in the gallery and also in displaying walls. It reduces much of the light produced by the bulb to focus great lightning.
  • Shower: The shower is also known as ceiling mount trim which is used in a wet location. It resists moisture & corrosion and is less likely to short-circuit over time.

Can Recessed Lighting Be Used For Outdoor

Yes, there are many outdoor Recessed lights that can be used for outdoor purposes. It is mostly designed to stand up against outdoor elements including rain, storms, and extreme temperatures.

It is also available in multiple sizes and trims and with a variety of unique features. This helps to provide lighting to be more attractive and amazing. 

This type of lighting is used as porch ceilings, soffits, ground, decking, etc.

Does Recessed Lighting Add Value To The House

Yes, of course, recessed lighting bulbs add value to your house which looks too beautiful. Recessed light provides you with a modern and contemporary look which enhances the quality of the surrounding visibility.

The ecosmart bulbs are all energy efficient and are more bright. Therefore, the lightning temperature on a spectrum forms a cool light all the way to warm light. 

It depends on your space how much natural light it gets and the type of light you’re working with. We might want a warmer-toned bulb in that light or big bright lights we need during the day.

LED Ranges Which Are Best As Recessed Lightning

Yes, LEDs are the best selection of recessed lightning. To know more about the ranges, when you buy led recessed light, look at the package. It will indicate where that bulb’s coloration falls on a Kelvin spectrum. 

The 3000 Kelvin range will give you that yellowish light similar to incandescence which is best for bedrooms, and living rooms, and a comfortable place to relax.

LEDs in the 4000K to 5000K kelvin range will produce a far wider light which is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and work areas. 

Here, you will get a sharper focus and you can concentrate more on what you’re seeing and doing. But just note that light in the low yellowish or high bluish range can interact adversely with the color of your walls.

Wrap Up On How To Change Recessed Light Bulb

This process you just know how easily you can replace the recessed light bulb by yourself. The recessed light can be specifically installed. Also, if you are a beginner you must not try to do it alone without having someone looking at you.

This new standard and new bulbs provided a little bit more about lighting when you make your next light bulb purchase. 

We hope no issues or problems will be faced by doing this work. If you are not confident to change a recessed light bulb. However, for this issue, a professional expert can be brought up and fixed.

Here, much of the important information will be helpful. But still anyways, if you have some questions related to the topic which need to be clarified. You can freely comment below and we will try to respond as soon as possible.

FAQ: How To Change Recessed Light Bulb

Today, many people have problems related to home improvements and they quietly search for them online on google. For this problem, we have directly selected the most common questions and answered them below.

Q1. Does recessed lighting increase the electric bill?

Ans: No, recessed light doesn’t increase your electric bill much if you use energy-efficient bulbs. For this purpose, you should always use certified LED bulbs which would last longer and minimize energy resulting from increasing the electric bill.

Q2. How much does recessed lighting cost?

Ans: Recessed lighting cost with an average to-start cost estimated at 100 dollars for installation setup. Also, the cost of installation may differ by factors such as permits, type of light, labor cost, existing fixtures, wiring, location, etc.

Q3. Are all recessed light bulbs the same size?

Ans: No, the recessed light bulbs are not the same size. The size of recessed light bulbs usually varies from 3 to 6 inches in diameter. Therefore, some light bulbs are screwed in and pin base bulbs which should be done according to the fixture.

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