How To Get Floor Plans Or Blueprint Of My Existing House: 8 Simple Ways!

how to get floor plans of my house

Homes are usually built with confusing and delicate blueprints or plans. They contain the most inert part of the home development and help us to understand the build better. But what if you want to make some changes and don’t find these plans?

According to the reports MoneyControl, apartments are the most preferred with 36% voting for them and the second most choice for houses are plot systems. Let it be apartments or plots it is necessary to know how to get floor plans of my house.

It is frequently found that many people after building their houses forget their blueprints. If any of them want to change their floor plans according to the trends or other leakage problems then it might be problematic.

After misplacing the floor plans the only thing is that you can either search it from somewhere else or create a new one. This is only possible by following our complete guide on how to get floor plans of my house.

This post will not only give you several ways of finding your floor plans or blueprints but also give you some informative tips and tricks for designing your house in all the ways like the best ideas and common mistakes you must avoid while setting up your home.

So, let’s get started!

What Is The Need For Getting The Plans Or Blueprints Of House?

However, the basic use of the blueprints and the floor plans had been already discussed in this post. But let us now get more into this. Firstly, the main use of the floor plans is getting a clear blueprint or design of the house.

This blueprint is very necessary when you want to know the important placements done in your home and even helps if you want to change your upcoming floor plans and designs. 

At last, without a plan, a house is not at all changeable by your looks and it is very important to find your blueprints.

8 Ways To Get Floor Plans Or Blueprints Of My Existing House

There is not a perfect working way by which you can get your floor plans or the blueprints of your existing house so, I have shared with you some common ways which are really very common but they may not come up in your mind.

So, I have listed all the ways below by which you can really find your blueprint but if still you won’t get your floor plans then I have also shared a way by which you can clear this issue and get your blueprints and floor plans.

1. Contacting Your House Builder

The first common way is to contact your house architect who designed your whole house. Usually, huge builders keep a record of different files of their clients including the floor plans and blueprints so this might solve your issue.

You can easily get the contact of your architect by contacting him through email, phone, or website. But in case your house has been built decades before then it might be difficult in getting your original builder of the house.

Let’s say you even get your architect, but there are still chances that you may not get your floor plans. However, many builders keep a copy of the files of their houses so the builder may even ask you for an extra charge to give your floor plans.

2. Referring To Similar Houses

You can either refer to other houses of your same apartments or plots or else refer to the houses which have been built by the same builder. Let’s say there are more than 10 similar houses to yours then for sure any one of them will be having its floor plans and builders.

There are even chances that your builder has built several other houses around your home then you can even refer them because the same builder has the same choice of building other houses.

If your home looks almost 70% similar to the other house then you can go ahead and refer to their blueprints and make some changes if necessary by your builder or the architect.

3. Contacting Other Real Estate Officers

This way is somewhat similar to the first one by which you can find your floor plans or blueprints by contacting your house builder. But in many cases, you take a readymade house with the help of a real estate officer.

For those who don’t know, a real estate officer acts as a mediator between a landlord or property management and a person who buys a particular property. A real estate officer does all the work of buying the property and the payment for this they take a part of the amount in the form of commission from both the buyer and seller.

This is the reason why a real estate officer can be effective in finding your blueprints as they have contacts with many builders all over the city. So, make sure you try to contact any of the real estate officers.

4. Checking The Fire Insurance Maps

Fire insurance maps are commonly known as Sanborn maps and they quite differ from street maps. They are built to understand the environment and the area where the buildings are built better by that in an emergency it can be easy to overcome the difficulty. The above image is an example of a fire insurance map.

So, you can go to the nearest fire station and say them the problem and the very need of getting your blueprint. After that, they will give you a fire insurance map of your area and in that, you have to find your house.

It may be difficult if your area is a bit crowdy. Anyways, if you get the fire insurance maps also they may be not as clear as the real floor plans or blueprint of your house. So, this way might be helpful if you just want your blueprint to look at a minor issue but not a complex one.

5. Property Records Office

Property Records office – Local planning or zoning office is a place where the whole city’s property, house, and building papers have been stored. This office stores these documentation in the case of any legal or tax issues.

Here apart from getting your floor plans and blueprints you will even get the entire documentation of your house. The only thing is that you may have to search a bit or speak with the officers.

The officers present there may even ask for some documentation for verification so that they can hand over the entire copy of your house documentation. So, make sure to have at least one legal paper before going to the property records office.

6. Searching The Property Listing Sites

We have discussed many things before related to legal offices and agents mainly focusing on the property. Glancing at the property listing sites is also the best way. So make sure that you follow the steps below carefully and learn how to do so.

First of all, you have to go to the best property listing site where many houses in your cities have been listed. For this, you have to just google the “city name” and the keyword “property listing site”.

Then, you will find several sites listed and now you have to wisely choose one which you know among them. After that just enter the site and try to look for a similar site to yours. Then you have to just contact them on the website itself.

While contacting they may even give you the phone no. or email or they may just give you a form. While doing any of these try to mention your need for a blueprint or floor plan clearly and if available try to add your legal documents. 

7. Just Look Around

You might need clarification about just looking around and you may even think is it possible to get our lost floor plans and blueprints by just searching in our homes? Then the answer to this question is yes there is little chance that this way might work when all others fail.

The houses which were built decades before always have some hidden places where some important files may be found like: basements, attics, storage rooms, etc… and in new houses, it is usually found in the storage room or beds, etc…

So, there is not a single place that can be recommended to search for your files in the home where you can find your files or blueprints. It is always recommended to search for a place in your home where you usually keep some files and just forget them.

After you find some files you have to just search for your blueprint it will contain some pictures in the form of textures with some text in it.

8. Hiring An Expert

This is the last but the most expert advice. When all the above 7 ways do not work this will surely work because it is always recommended to make new floor plans or blueprints of an existing house even if you have an old blueprint.

This is because old blueprints or floor plans do not convey good information and a clear idea. There is no shortage of people who make new blueprints of your existing house. If you are not able to find it, just try some of the things below.

Try contacting real estate officers or builders because they are always in need of creating blueprints or floor plans for new houses or else search for famous freelancing sites such as Fiverr and Upwork.

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Planning For New Floor

If you are building a new house and looking ahead for your interesting looks for the floor then here are a few mistakes to avoid while you plan for the flooring:-

  • Adding the same floor type throughout the home.
  • Taking approximate values of the floors leads to awkward looks.
  • Neglecting the theme and going to more stylish looks of the floor.
  • Not testing a few types practically on your floor.
  • Not taking suggestions from different people living in the same house.
  • Not Making your floor changeable according to the trend.

Best Floor Set-Up Ideas For A New House

The best floor set-up idea can be even by avoiding the mistakes mentioned above. The below are additional to make your floor planning awesome:-

  • Understanding different types of floor design materials like Ceramic, Hardwood, Concrete, Marble floor material, and so on.
  • For your bedrooms, the carpet and tonal floor deigning might suit the most according to the trends.
  • For your kitchens and dining room somewhat textured like white and black flooring might give a classy look.
  • For the bathrooms, you can use a picture or designful floor type and even try to add a textured wallpaper suited for it.
  • Lastly, you should always maintain a theme for your house and choose a floor according to the theme and keep in mind the recommendation mentioned above.

Wrap-Up On How To Get Floor Plans Of My House

This post will only give you an idea for searching for the floor plans but all the efforts are from your side.

I would also recommend you hire an expert as listed in a last way even after getting your blueprint. This is because you have to also change as per the trend changes and further if you want to make any changes to your home you can do it easily.

I hope you liked all the ways and extra tips related to how to get floor plans of my house. After reading the whole post thoroughly there may be many queries rising up in your mind so feel free to ask us in the comment box below.

FAQ: How To Get Floor Plans Of My House

When researching this topic on the internet I found a few unanswered questions which I have tried to clear below.

Q1. Can we create a floor plan or blueprint on our own?

Ans: Yes, it is highly possible to create a floor plan or blueprint by yourself. But for this, you must have some basic knowledge of designing and better if you know to engineer. Extra Tip:- You can even use Word to create a blueprint or floor plan.

Q2. How do architects create a blueprint for a particular home?

Ans: Big architects are professionally trained and they use their computers to create a floor plan or design. There is even some software available to do this process.

Q3. How is a blueprint very useful to build a house?

Ans: Blueprints give a clear structure of the home in the mind of the architect so that the architect can buy different things easily with no wastage of materials.

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