5 Quick Ways On How To Get Smoke Smell Out Of Clothes Without Washing

How To Get Smoke Smell Out Of Clothes

Smoke odor in clothes can be a common problem for smokers. And sometimes it can be a problem for non-smokers also. However, if you are a smoker, then there can be a smoke smell in your hands, your car, your house, and even your clothes. 

According to the report of Our World In Data, approximately one-in-four adults in the world smokes tobacco. And many people try many different methods to clean or remove the smell from their clothing. However, the results may vary depending on how long your clothes were exposed to smoke. 

So, you might be wondering about how to get smoke smell out of clothes. And sometimes it might seem impossible to get out that smoky odor from your clothing, but with the right methods, you can do that easily. 

In this article, we have shared 5 quick ways on how to get smoke smell out of clothes without washing to help you remove the smoke odors and get your clothes smelling as fresh as ever. Also, here we have covered the tools and materials required to get rid of smoke smells and how you can remove smoke smells from your house. 

So, let’s get started. 

What You Will Need To Get Rid Of Smoke Smells

If the clothing is labeled as dry clean only, then you should follow the steps to air out the clothing outside or inside your house. In some cases, you can also use a home dry cleaning kit to refresh fabrics. And if necessary, you can take your garments to a professional cleaner.

Here is a list of tools and materials that you will need to get smoke smells out of your clothes without washing or with a washing machine

  • Baking Soda
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Large garbage bag or plastic shopping bag
  • Odor-eliminating Spray
  • Coffee grounds 
  • Vodka or rubbing alcohol 
  • Laundry scent boosters
  • Lemon juice

How To Get Smoke Smell Out Of Clothes Without Washing: 5 Easy And Effective Ways

In some cases, you might not have access to a washing machine or you might not know how to get smoke smell out of clothes that you have been wearing without washing them. So, you can definitely try these methods to get the smoke smell out of your clothing. 

1. Let Your Clothes Sit Out In Fresh Air

One of the simplest and most effective methods to make your clothes smell better is to let your clothes sit out in fresh air when you don’t have the option to use a washing machine. It would get your job done most of the time. 

If you can hang your garment in an outside area that is well-ventilated, it would definitely help you get the smoky smell out of your clothes. However, you should let them sit for a few days outside. 

However, you should avoid leaving them in direct sunlight as their color may fade. Also, you must try to hang the clothes in single layers so that fresh air can move through them more freely. 

2. Using Steam To Eliminate The Odor

Steam is another extremely useful option that you can use when you don’t have a washing machine available. However, first, you should check the manufacturer’s label to ensure that steaming is okay for your garment. 

Now, you need to take an iron that has a steaming option and just fill it with distilled water. And then use it on your clothes to get rid of the unpleasant smell. Also, you can use a 3-to-1 solution of distilled water to rubbing alcohol to help you remove the odor.

And steam is an excellent way to remove smells from your clothes because it uses both water and heat, those two things help break down residues left by cigarette smoke. 

So, you can definitely invest in a handheld garment steamer or any iron with a steaming function that will do the job for you.

3. Remove Smoke Smells Out Of Your Clothes Using Baking Soda 

You might know that one of many uses of baking soda is to eliminate odors. When you are using this method to remove smoke smells, you need to place your clothing in a large garbage bag or a plastic shopping bag. 

Then, just add almost half a cup of baking soda and tightly secure the plastic bag. Next, you need to shake the clothing together with the baking soda for around 2 minutes to give the baking soda a chance to cover your clothing. 

After that, you should leave it overnight to allow the baking soda to get the smoke smell out of your clothes. 

Then, the next day, you need to open the bag outside and shake the baking soda off of your clothing properly. This should also help you get the cigarette smell out of your clothes.

4. Applying An Odor-Eliminating Spray

When you want to remove a smoke smell from your garment, you can also use an odor-eliminating spray as these are extremely effective. You can purchase these from your local store or you can make your own. 

So, to make your own odor-eliminating spray, you would need to add equal parts of water and vinegar into a spray bottle. After that, just add 20 or more drops of essential oil to the mixture. Also, mint or lemon scents can be two great choices.

And commercial odor-eliminating sprays generally work by using strong chemicals like ammonia, formaldehyde, and ethanol to break down the components in the air, which cause unpleasant smells. These products usually come ready to use with a variety of scents.  

5. Using A Bowl Of Coffee Grounds To Absorb Smells

You can also keep a bowl of coffee grounds in your dresser drawer to absorb stuffy smells from your clothing and it is a really old and effective method. So, you can definitely use this method as it has existed for a long time. 

However, if this method is not working perfectly according to your needs, then you can place your clothes in a brown paper bag. After that add some fresh coffee grounds to it and let it sit overnight.

Now, you would find that the smoke smell from your clothes will be completely gone in the morning. Also, there is no need to shake it, because coffee has its own odor-absorbing magic to work.

Removing Smoke Smells From Clothes With a Washing Machine

It is relatively easier to get the smoke smell out of your clothes when you have a washing machine available. So, if you have this problem and want a quick and effective solution, then you can try one or more of these four methods to remove smoke smells from clothes with a washing machine. 

1. Add Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice

If you want to remove smoke smells from your clothes, then freshly squeezed lemon juice can also be an effective option for you. You just need to take 1 to 3 lemons and squeeze them until you get a half cup of lemon juice. 

Now, you should add this to your clothing when it begins its first cycle in the washing machine. And this should help you remove unpleasant smells such as smoke and other scents that are unwanted.

Because lemon juice is acidic and has enzymes that can break down the residues left on your clothing by cigarette smoke. You can also mix equal parts detergent and lemon juice to clean your clothes.   

2. Using A Mixture Of Vinegar And Warm Water

Before you start to wash your clothes, you can place them in a wash basin or sink. Then you need to add a mixture of 1 cup of vinegar and warm water. Also, you can try to freshen up your clothes by adding a few drops of essential oils. 

These essential oils usually produce the scent of lemon, orange, or lavender. Now, just soak your clothes for around one hour and then completely wash them as directed by the manufacturer. 

And adding a cup of vinegar to each load in the washing machine can help break down residues in fabrics caused by smoking. This method has been effective for most people and should also work for you. 

3. Use Vodka Or Rubbing Alcohol

When you have any unwanted smells that you want to remove from your clothes, then alcohol can be used as an effective odor remover. First, you need to purchase an inexpensive vodka or bottle of rubbing alcohol to do this.

Then, just pour half a cup into your washing machine when you want to get rid of bad odors such as smoke. Now, you can run your washing machine normally as you would for any other type of load.

And, if you don’t have vinegar or baking soda available for your cleaning, then alcohol is a great option to remove the smoke smells. And you should buy some cheap vodka, as you should not waste an expensive bottle of vodka on your clothes.

4. Apply Laundry Scent Boosters

If you are wondering how to get smoke smell out of clothes, then another method that you can try is to apply laundry scent boosters. You can purchase these from your local grocery store or you can create your own laundry scent boosters from essential oils. 

To make your own homemade laundry scent booster, you can take either one cup of sugar or 1 cup of rock salt. Then you need to mix it properly with 20 or more drops of your favorite essential oil. 

Also, you can use almost any flavor that you would like, which can vary from lavender or lemon to peppermint or orange. And using essential oils for cleaning is an excellent way to naturally clean and deodorize your clothes, shoes, or even furniture. 

How To Get Rid Of Smoke Smell From Your House

You might think that removing the smoke smell from your house is a difficult task, however, the fresh-smelling end result is definitely worth it. Here are a few steps that you need to follow to get rid of smoke smells.

  • Ventilate Your Entire House: First, You should open as many windows and doors as possible and if you have portable fans, try to place them near the windows. It would help you blow interior air out. 
  • Cleaning Your Wood Floors: Smoke smells can even stick to your wooden floors and to get it out, you need to clean your flooring in sections. For each section, first, you should apply a thin layer of hardwood floor cleaner across your wooden floor. Then clean your wood floors with a mop, until all the cleaner is gone.
  • Cleaning Your Tiled Surfaces: You can scrub your tiled surfaces with a tile scrubber, dish brush, or sponge. And to achieve a good clean, you can use your own homemade cleaner of equal parts distilled white vinegar and water.

Wrap Up On How To Get Smoke Smell Out Of Clothes

Smoke can easily cause damage to your clothes, property, and health. And sometimes getting rid of the smoke smell from your clothes can be a difficult task, however, it is definitely not impossible. 

Also, by using these methods, you can remove that smoky smell without using any harsh chemicals or spending your money on expensive dry cleaning services. 

And you should be able to remove various smells from your clothes that have become stinky and unwearable by following these steps.  

We hope that our detailed article has helped you to find out how to get smoke smell out of clothes. If you still have any doubts or questions in your mind regarding this topic, please leave a message in the comments below. 

FAQ: How To Get Smoke Smell Out Of Clothes

As a lot of people don’t know the right way to remove the smoke smell from their clothes, they have some common questions on their minds. Here we have tried to clear those doubts in the FAQ section of this article.

Q1. How Long Does It Take For The Smoke Smell To Leave Clothes?

Ans: To remove the cigarette smoke smell from your clothes, you can place them in a plastic bag and add a few dryer sheets to the bag. Then seal it tightly and let the clothes sit in the bag for at least 24 hours so that the dryer sheets can work their magic to remove the smell.

Q2. Does Hand Sanitizer Remove The Cigarette Smell?

Ans: Some smokers generally use alcohol-based hand sanitizer on all areas of exposed skin to remove some odor. However, it might also burn or irritate sensitive skin, so it should not be used around the eyes.

Q3. Does Laundry Detergent Remove The Smoke Smell?

Ans: If you want to really remove smoke odor from your clothes, then you need a reliable liquid detergent and a washing machine to do the job for you. First, you need to load your washing machine normally and then choose a strong liquid detergent to remove heavy smoke odors.

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