How To Soundproof Closet: 7 Easy Ways!

How To Soundproof Closet

A closet has many benefits and allows you to store all your belonging, clothing, makeup, and accessories in a single place.

Some cabinets are simple and look like a wardrobe, while others can be huge where you can walk in, spend a little time watching yourself, and think about your outfit for the day.

Closets are becoming common, and you will find multiple individuals using them in their bedrooms. Even people turn their closets into the recording room to record audio. For such cases, it’s essential to make the cabinets soundproof, and that’s not easy.

However, you can achieve the maximum level of silence with the proper techniques without investing a lot of money. This article will help you with the easiest ways to get a soundproof closet.

What Is A Closet?

Most people know about a closet, and you might be using one in your bedroom. But as I said, they are used to store your belongings, clothing, shoes, or other everyday materials.

They come in various shapes and sizes. Depending on your budget, you can select the size that matches your requirement. Browse some images on the Internet, and you will see that the closets come in

  • Wardrobe styles
  • A massive piece of furniture fixed on a wall.
  • A separate room made of wooden furniture consisting of almirahs, drawers, and hangers. To store your items.

We are talking about the last one as these closets are huge and can give you multiple benefits like recording or some time in silence if you successfully soundproof them.

Why Do You Need A Soundproof Closet?

You might think that the primary use is to store clothes, then why does it need to be soundproofed? There can be multiple reasons

  • You would love to get ready and spend some alone time in a soundproofed closet.
  • You can use it for other purposes like recording or meditating.
  • When you are stressed, you can go in your closet and relax.

In reality, a soundproof closet has multiple benefits. But, first, you need to spend a little on the right tools and install the hardware correctly.

Seven Ways To Easily Soundproof A Closet

We have suggested the most accessible seven ways using them will give you the best experience, and they are easy to apply in any closet.

1. Use Acoustic Panels

An acoustic panel is made up of foam that you can stick on the walls of your closet. They absorb most of the sound from the outside, giving you a soundproof experience.

They come in sheets of various designs and colors readily available on any online marketplace. They all work the same way; just the size, shape, or paint may differ.

Purchase the one you like, fix it on your walls using a good quality adhesive. They are budget-friendly and give your closet a professional finish.

However, they come with some issues as well like

  • Just using an acoustic panel will never block out every single bit of noise. You need to use other materials as well.
  • Most of them come in dark colors, so you need to cover them with sheets if you are selective about colors. It increases your work and expense.
  • They are easy to install, but at the same time, they are delicate and easily get worn off.

An acoustic panel is a great option to solve the noise problem immediately. They might not be that effective, but they are more than enough if you are not looking to record sound in your closet.

With closed doors and acoustic panels installed on all walls gives you a decent experience without investing a lot of money.

2. Layer Of Drywall

This is one of the expensive options, but it’s undoubtedly worth investing the money and effort. A drywall is a construction material used to build walls and ceilings. They come in substantial, thick sheets that you can cut according to the size of your closet and fix them using cement or other adhesives.

Follow these steps to fix drywall properly.

  • Create a wooden frame on which you will install the drywall sheet.
  • Fill the empty spaces in the wooden frames with acoustic panels for a better experience (not compulsory).
  • Fix the drywall sheet on the wooden frame with the help of iron nails and adhesives.
  • Let it dry, then give it a good finish. Use sandpaper to rub out the extra cement, and use a sheet to cover your drywall with the colour you want.

It sounds like a lot of work, most people won’t DIY it, and you might need professional help. In addition, the cost of the drywall sheet and labor charges will increase your expenses.

That’s why it’s the most expensive option on this list, but it covers the whole closet and gives you an extra dense layer that blocks most noise. Also, using an acoustic panel is the cherry on top.

You don’t have to go through this extensive process if you are not recording. Just follow other methods for simple soundproofing.

3. Make The Closet Walls Thick

It’s the essential thing that applies with all kinds of soundproofing, be it doors, panels, windows, or walls. Just make them thick, and it will help in blocking most noises. Either you can use the options that I just explained or go for these simple and cheap options.

1. MLV is a particular type of adhesive that comes in liquid form, but once it’s applied and dried, it becomes solid a gives you a brilliant plastic-like finish. You can use a brush to paint multiple layers of MLV on your closet walls; this process will take time, and you might have to wait for numerous days for a good finish. But it’s cheap, effective, and an easy DIY option that anyone can try.

2. Using an extra sheet of wood is also a good option as it gives you an extra layer which is extremely helpful in blocking out noises. Also, installing those wooden sheets is much easier compared to drywall. Either use adhesives to directly stick the sheet on the closet wall or build a wooden frame to fix your sheet on that. Either way, it works the best.

3. You can even hang moving blankets on the sides of your closet. They are not the perfect or permanent option even they don’t give a good finish. Use them as an extra option because something is better than nothing.

4. Sound Absorber For The Floor

The sound will hit the floor and create an echoing effect as you speak. You will wonder why this is happening, but you will never find out the exact reason. So, the best option for such scenarios is to cover the floor with sound-absorbing material, and it will help you get a complete soundproof closet.

Even the left-out space below your closet’s doors allows many sounds to pass. The material you will use to cover the floor will also help pack that space.

  • Carpets are a good and cheaper option.
  • Blankets work the best
  • Sound-absorbing blocks are excellent.

1. If you are unwilling to invest a lot on the floor, use some carpets, and you are done. It gives a decent experience, but please make sure you use mats made of cloth material. They must absorb sounds, and using those plastic carpets is just another expense. Also, it won’t help in soundproofing.

2. The next best option is to use thick blankets. You can especially shop for those thick blankets at the thrift store and fix them properly to get a better finish. It’s another cheap option that quickly covers the floor, and you don’t have to break the bank.

3. Sound-absorbing blocks are specially designed to give a complete soundproof experience. However, using them will be expensive, it will increase the height of your floor, and you may need external help to install them.

5. Fill All Gaps And Holes

You might not see any holes or empty spaces by looking at the closet, but all cabinets are made of wood, and carpenters make holes for wiring. If they leave a huge gap, it will become a massive problem for you.

You need to check the wiring and find holes in those hidden spots. Also, check the sides, top, and bottom of your closet doors. If you find any empty spots or holes, then immediately fill them using

  • Good quality adhesives
  • Mass Loaded Vinyl
  • For the door, you can use weather strips or rubber blocks.
  • Seal the bottom using door mash, carpets or welcome mats.

Even a tiny hole will ruin the complete experience. If you have taken all the measures to get a soundproof closet and still facing issues, then start to check for the small holes. They might be the biggest reason.

6. Use Noise Blocking Curtains

Curtains are one of the best options if you are looking for a temporary solution; you have to use heavy curtains to block out most noises coming from outside.

Even curtains will absorb the sound and save you from the echoing effect that usually happens in a soundproof closet.

However, just hanging the curtains may not provide the best results. Instead of two or three, we want you to use a single curtain for a single wall.

Make it stretch and tight fit on the side walls so that your curtain acts as an extra layer on the wall. It will help you to reach the topmost soundproofing experience.

  • You can easily find heavy curtains in any local or online store.
  • They are cost-effective and an easy to install option.
  • Come in various colors and design options. You get the desired look.
  • You can easily DIY it without paying professionals.

Curtains come with many benefits, but the biggest drawback is that they don’t block out noise and are not a permanent solution.

Use it as an extra option!

7. Use Bass Traps For Corners

The corners of your closet may bounce back the sound giving you an echoing effect. After investing a lot of money and effort, I’m sure you don’t want to hear that disturbing echo sound. So, try installing bass traps in the corners.

A bass trap is made up of foam in various shapes and designs. You can even use them for walls and pillars, not only for corners.

Some bass traps look like an egg tray, while others may have fancy designs. You get hundreds of options to choose from.

It’s again a cheap option that gives fantastic results. A bass trap is easy to install, and anyone can DIY it. Some other benefits include.

  • They help in reducing echoes.
  • Made out of unique material that’s best for blocking sounds.
  • Cheap and easy to install in any closet.
  • Comes in unique trending designs and give a professional finish.

Order them online! You can find multiple online tutorials that teach you the best installation methods. If you have never heard about them or have no idea installing them, watch those tutorials before you jump in fixing them.

They are easy to install, but you will never get the experience you want if you blunder.

Wrap Up On How To Soundproof Closet

These were the seven best options to get a soundproof closet. It may sound like a lot of work, but if we leave the drywall behind, all other options on the list are pretty easy to try, and anyone can DIY them.

Also, don’t get confused with so many options. Think of these requirements before you select your choice.

  • What is the purpose? Are you looking to convert your closet into a recording room, or it’s just for a personal enhanced experience?
  • How much you’re willing to invest?
  • Do you have any DIY experience or need professional help?

These small things count a lot in deciding a budget and getting the job done. If you are looking for a personal experience, it can be done on a low budget.

But if you are going for a recording room and don’t want even a bit of noise, you need to invest a lot.

At last, if you have tried all these methods and still think that something is missing, then try to use a white noise machine. You can easily find it on Amazon.

This machine doesn’t block the noise but creates sounds that cancel the outside noise and give you the best soundproofing experience. Try it, and you will indeed feel the difference.

FAQ: 7 Easy Ways To Soundproof Closet

Most people DIY this process and face a lot of issues. We compiled a list of common problems people asked about on various platforms.

Q1. How do I stop sound coming through closet walls?

Ans: It happens because of thin closet walls. It would help if you made the walls thicker for that. You can use MLV, an extra sheet of wood, drywall, curtains, heavy paint, or acoustic panels. Select a material depending on your budget.

Q2. Is it easy to turn a closet into a recording booth?

Ans: Getting a simple soundproofing experience is easy, but turning a closet into a recording booth requires investment and work. At times, you even have to take professional advice.

Q3. Which material is best to block sounds?

Ans: Drywall is the best material to block sounds as they are heavy. Creates an extra layer for your closet that gives you the best permanent experience. However, it’s a little expensive option.

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