How To Throw An Epic Party Without Disturbing Your Neighbors And Avoiding Noise Pollution

How To Throw An Epic Party Without Disturbing Your Neighbors And Avoiding Noise Pollution

When you want to celebrate for any reason, then a party at your place is the best option. You can invite your friends and family, arrange delicious food, and play your favorite music. 

But, if you have upstairs, downstairs, or next-door neighbors, then you can also receive a noise complaint if things get too loud.

And most cities have noise ordinances or regulations that make loud noises illegal in certain areas after a designated hour.

In this article, we have given a look at how to prevent noise pollution in party at neighborhood by temporarily soundproofing your house with things that you have already available in your house.

Which Areas Of Your House You Should Concentrate On

When you are soundproofing a house, there are certain areas that you should mainly focus on. Actually, you should focus on adding soundproofing materials wherever possible, however, the areas that you should concentrate on are:

  • Walls
  • Windows
  • Doors

You would also need to add soundproofing to the floor, but if you live in a house instead of an apartment, then the impact noise traveling through the floor might not be a big problem.

So, you should mainly think about reducing the airborne noise that is going out of your building. And the most common sources of airborne noise are people talking or shouting loudly, music, and TVs. These are some of the most common problems at a party.

If you are looking to temporarily soundproof your house, then you should focus primarily on sound escaping through walls, doors, and windows.

How To Soundproof Your House For A Party And Prevent Noise Pollution: Reducing Noise Levels and Avoiding Complaints

Before starting a soundproofing project, you should consider whether you have got any alternative options. If you don’t have any other options, then here we have discussed 7 simple ways on how to prevent noise pollution in party at neighborhood by soundproofing and reducing noise levels. 

1. Use Extra Carpet In The Floor

You might think that you should give the least importance to your floor while soundproofing your house. That is why we have mentioned it in the first step so that you can complete this work early in your process.

Laying carpets on your floor actually helps to manage acoustics rather than blocking sound. Because sound waves tend to bounce off hard and flat surfaces and due to this, they echo around a room and amplify. 

Due to this, floors, especially hardwood floors, are one of the best places for echoing sound waves. So you might need a soft material and that is where carpet can be useful for you.

Because the carpet’s structure is excellent for reducing echo as it not only stops sound waves from bouncing off the flat surface but it can also absorb the sound waves to an extent. 

However, one important factor that you need to remember here is that you should try to get the thickest carpet possible. Because the thicker the carpet, the more it will dampen or absorb the sound waves. 

But, you might not want to buy an expensive carpet that costs thousands of dollars for a temporary solution like this. We would also recommend laying carpet even over carpeted floors.

You might think that it is meaningless, but if you can add even more mass to the floor, it will help dampen sound more effectively. 

Also, in the case of people wearing shoes and spilling drinks, it can help you solve these problems, because all you need to do is pick up an old carpet the next day.

2. Soundproofing Your Windows

Windows and doors are possibly going to be your main issue while you are trying to temporarily soundproof them. In general, windows are actually difficult to soundproof because they continuously open and close, and glass also is not very soundproof.

That is why windows are difficult to soundproof both permanently and temporarily. Sometimes we recommend replacing the windows, but it is not possible in this case. 

First, we would advise you to lock the windows and hide the keys, so that no one can open that. Because we all know that sound escapes best when windows are open, so closed windows will create less of a problem. However, it might get a bit warm indoors. 

Another effective option for soundproofing your windows is to add heavy drapes or curtains as many as you can. Because using heavy drapes or curtains will help to dampen sound waves before they reach the window, so less sound would leak outside.

Also, you can buy soundproof curtains and as an alternate option, you can even use blankets. However, blankets are harder to hang from curtain rails. 

And the most important thing that you should remember while soundproofing your windows using drapes or curtains is to cover the whole window and more than that. 

It would be best if the curtains reach the floor with a bit extra to spare and also you need to make sure that the curtains are wider than your windows so that you can pull them together without any gaps.

And the most effective way to temporarily soundproof your windows is to just hang more curtains. There are also some other options available that will give you much better results, however, they are really expensive and time-consuming.  

3. Soundproof The Doors

As we have mentioned before, doors are one of the most difficult areas to soundproof in any soundproofing project. When you are soundproofing for a house party, you have one advantage here. 

Because, in this case, most probably you will only need to concentrate on your external doors, and these are comparatively easier to work with. As interior doors are generally hollow, they are extremely difficult to soundproof.

However, exterior doors are generally solid, or made from strong materials. They are usually made like this to provide better thermal insulation and protection, but this also works for soundproofing.

First, you should try to keep people indoors as much as possible as noise levels are relatively easier to control in a building. Also, try to keep the doors shut so that less noise will go outside.

So, for soundproofing your door temporarily, the first thing we would recommend is to hang heavy curtains in front of it. It is one of the easiest ways to add mass to a door and it will provide you a certain amount of sound dampening just like with your windows. 

But, it can be harder to hang curtains in front of a door and that is why an alternative option would be to fix blankets to the door. However, this will not address the tiny gaps between the door and the frame and sound waves can easily leak through those tiny gaps.

And one of the most effective solutions for this problem can be to staple curtains or blankets to the top of the door frame, as staples generally come out really easily and also leave very little mark behind them. Also, try to keep interior doors shut whenever possible. 

4. Soundproofing Your Walls

You should also pay attention to your walls, as walls can transmit both impact noise and airborne noise. However, this would not be a big problem with exterior walls.

Depending on what you are trying to do, you can choose how to soundproof your walls. If you are trying to block noise for your neighbors, then you should focus on exterior-facing walls only, because this is where sounds escape outside. 

But, if you are trying to soundproof for someone inside the home, then you need to focus on the interior walls. And one of the easiest ways to soundproof both interior and exterior walls is to add mass to them. 

However, for this, you should generally use specialty products such as mass-loaded vinyl, which is both expensive and permanent. But, if you are looking for some more temporary and easy solutions, then hanging blankets is probably the best option. 

And try to get as many blankets as possible. Now, you might think about how you can temporarily attach those blankets to the wall. Here the best option is to construct a really simple frame that can be leaned against the walls if you have got the resources. 

Because it can help you to fix the blankets without damaging the walls. You just need 3 pieces of timber – one shorter than the others and then fit them together to form a U-shape. After that. simply turn this upside down and lean it against the wall. 

Now, you can staple or nail the blankets to the top of the frame. However, you should try to use the heaviest blankets possible, or multiple layers of thinner blankets to make enough of a difference.

5. Moving The Party Into The House Basement

It might not be an option for temporarily soundproofing your house, but it can be a good alternative option. Because moving the party into your basement will make it much harder for loud noises to reach your neighbors. 

However, it has several disadvantages, such as a basement might not be the perfect place to host a party. And you might need to reduce your guest list slightly if don’t have a large basement.

We are recommending you this as an option only because it is definitely much easier than temporarily soundproofing your house. So, if you have got a basement, then you can consider this option.  

6. Keep The Noise Down

One of the best ways to prevent noise pollution is to address it at the source and here this means your music and guests. What you need to do is to ask them to keep the noise down as much as possible.  

And you should say this from the beginning and also your reasons for saying so. So, We hope that your guests will listen.

Also, the other option is to keep the music volume down. And quieter music also means that your guests don’t need to shout over it to be heard.

7. Speaking To Your Neighbors In Advance

It is not again an option for soundproofing your home, but if you want to avoid conflicts and problems about the party, then it is the best thing to do.

So, you should speak to them in advance and you can also invite them. They might decline your invitation, however, at least it should make them feel better about the whole thing.

And speaking to them in advance also shows that you are careful not to disturb them. Also, you can give them your contact number if they don’t have it already and tell them to get in touch if the noise levels are too high. 

It will not only show that you are being considerate, but it will also give you a chance to deal with the issue before they decide to contact the police.

Additional Tips On How To Throw A Party Without Annoying Your Neighbors

According to the report of Epicurious, on average, almost 60 percent of your invited guests will show up to your party. Here are several other tips that you can follow if you want to throw an epic party without disturbing your neighbors. 

  • You can ask your guests to be mindful of those living around you. Tell them to keep their voices to appropriate pitches and not to stomp too loudly on your floors.
  • If any of your guests get too loud, and if they don’t listen after one or two requests, you can ask them to leave. Because you have to live with your neighbors, not the inconsiderate guest. 
  • If you are hosting parties in your house every week or month, then your neighbors might get annoyed easily. So, try to keep your parties few and far between. 

Wrap Up On How To Prevent Noise Pollution In Party At Neighborhood

Even soundproofing a house temporarily will require a lot of work. Soundproofing is a process that generally requires lots of time and resources. But when you are trying to soundproof your house temporarily, then you might have neither of them.

And here we have mentioned several ways on how to prevent noise pollution in party at neighborhood. However, you should remember that it might not be as effective as proper soundproofing. 

We hope that our detailed guide has helped you to learn how to prevent noise pollution in party at neighborhood. If you still have several questions in your mind, please let us know in the comments below. 

FAQ: How To Prevent Noise Pollution In Party At Neighborhood

If you want to know how to prevent noise pollution in party at neighborhood, then one of the easiest solutions is to just cut the noise off at the source. And you might have several other questions and some of which we have discussed here.

Q1. Why Do We Prevent Noise Pollution?

Ans: Noise pollution can cause severe health problems for people and wildlife on land as well as in the sea. Loud sounds from traffic noise to rock concerts can cause hearing loss, high blood pressure, stress, and anxiety.

Q2. What Are The 4 Fundamental Ways In Which Noise Can Be Controlled?

Ans: There are generally four types of noise control –  sound absorption, sound insulation, vibration damping, and vibration isolation.

Q3. Why Is Noise Control Important?

Ans: Humans must understand unsafe noise levels and their harmful effects. If you can avoid excessively loud noises, it will help you keep your ears healthy and well-functioning for a long time.

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