Top 6 Best Impact Driver: Cord or Cordless Quiet & Efficient

Top 6 Best Impact Driver: Cord or Cordless Quiet & Efficient

Fixing the daily issues in your house requires some important tools and an impact driver is one of them.

That will help you to screw in wooden parts, metal sheets, and even any soft surface.

According to the report of Consumer Affairs in the US, around 60% of American people usually fix small things in their houses without calling anyone professional.

This will help them to save money if you are also the same person who doesn’t like to waste their money on a small thing. That he/she can do without any help.

Then you are doing great but if you don’t have some important tools for it such as an impact driver. Then this will become very difficult. I know impact drivers produce so much noise.

But some silent impact drivers in the market are quieter and efficient. But finding them is literally a difficult job. If you don’t have time then this article will help you.

I have explained about the 6 best quiet impact drivers that screw everything without producing any hilarious noise.

Additionally, I have shared an important buyer guide that will lead to the best one if you don’t want to go with this list.

So let’s get started.

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If you don’t have time to read the complete article. Then I have the best quiet impact driver that will work in any condition.

Whether you are in Alaska or Hawaii this can bear both temperatures. So without wasting any time PORTER-CABLE impact driver is the best one on this list.

I know this is corded but its power is amazing. In a few seconds, it will screw in any parts hard or soft. You don’t need to use any extra tools.

Because it’s a  7.5 AMP motor that provides from 2200 RPM to 2700 BPM.

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If you want to know more about it. Then you should scroll down below you will find it.

Now It’s time to go over the buyer guide.

Buyer Guide For Best Quiet Impact Driver

Finding the best quiet impact driver from your own research is a better idea. Because this will help you to understand the impact drivers.

So that you can increase your work efficiency.

  • Noise Level: Suppose if you have to do work with the impact driver for a long time. Then its noise will not let you sleep at night and your mind will feel dizzy. That’s why if quiet impact drivers are available in the market then why you go for a noisy one.
  • Revolution Per Minute (RPM): Usually RPM indicates the power of the machine. The more RPM the better a machine screw or drill. That’s why Impact drivers work so well because they have better RPM against standard drills. And also this will prevent overheating in the machine. So try to find a better RPM impact driver.
  • Build Quality: As you know impact drivers are used for daily and rough use. Suppose if it slips from 10 ft then it may get damaged. It may also happen if it stops working. That’s why if you don’t want to invest again and again then try to with the better build quality. This will safeguard the inner parts.
  • Controls: Usually impact drivers have forward and reverse switches that help to toggle the direction of your index finger or thumb. These switches will not let the battery drain away. So make sure to find these buttons in your impact drivers.
  • Types: Usually, impact drivers come in two types; corded and cordless. These both are great and depend on your needs. I mean if you carry it to other places and don’t like to work. Then cordless is best for you. But if you want better speed and don’t take tension about the battery failure. Then you can go with a corded impact driver.

The 6 Best Impact Drivers For Daily Use

So if you don’t have time to research the best quiet impact drivers. Then you can also check out the list that will narrow down your selection and based on the above requirements.

So that you can easily find the best one without wasting time.

1. M18 Electric Impact Drive Kit By Milwaukee

Max Speed: 2900 RPM

Noise Level: 48 dB

Type: Cordless

Do you have naughty children who always play with your tools instead of their toys? Some of them are not so dangerous but some like Impact drivers are.

If they accidentally connect it with the battery and switch on the button. Then any dangerous accident with them. That’s why if you want to keep them safe.

Then you need to put them inside the strongbox that can’t be opened without you or an older person.

So if you also have naughty children then you can go with this Milwaukee quiet impact driver because it comes with a strong briefcase.

That will protect your tools from them and protect them from any accident.

Additionally, It comes with 2 batteries that can easily be attached to the driver so that you can start your work.

And a heavy-duty charger that will charge both batteries fast. So you need to wait for a long time.


  • Its weight is only 10.5 pounds so that you can hold it easily.
  • It is made with commercial plastic for rough use.
  • You have the option to choose in 3-speed settings.


  • You will not get extra space in the briefcase for your bits.

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2. 1/4-Inch MAX Impact Driver Complete Kit By DEWALT

Max Speed: 3200 RPM

Noise Level: 45 dB

Type: Cordless

Do you want to become professional in this work? Then you must know that every hale size is different from the other one.

That requires the different sizes of drill sockets and if you don’t have one.

Then you need to use an extra tool or you will face difficulties while screwing up and drilling a wooden or steel surface.

That’s why having a ready kit is very important so that you can use any drill or screw socket for any size of the hole.

So if you also want to become this person then this Dewalt impact driver with the ready kit and the strong bag is the best choice.

Because this kit has 40 different sizes of pieces.

That you can use in your work. Additionally, you have the option to change the speed settings from one to three for optimizing the work time.

And come with a single battery and heavy-duty charge for it. So that you can charge the battery whenever you need it.


  • You also have the option to choose only the impact driver.
  • It provides an 1825 inch Lbs torque.
  • It also comes with a strong and heavy-duty briefcase to keep them safe.


  • Some people say that its chunks are defective so that screws fall off.

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3. 20V MAX Cordless Impact Driver Kit By PORTER-CABLE

Max Speed: 2900 RPM

Noise Level: 38 dB

Type: Cordless

How much can you pay for having an impact driver for your daily use?

Do you already have the complete kit and just want to replace your old impact driver with the new and quiet one.

If you already have all the extensions and other tools that are using an impact driver. Then buying them again is not a great idea. 

Because this will cost you more. I know some parts and tools will not work with the new ones.

But if you go with this Porter-Cable impact driver then you don’t need to replace all of them.

Because it is a universal fit that’s why all the other parts will easily fit with it such as batteries, briefcase, and more.

Additionally, you will also get a battery and charger with it because the older one might not work well with it.

That’s why but if you work then this is a plus point for you. You can use both of them if needed. 


  • It has a strong body so it will not break.
  • You will also get inbuilt LED lights to work in dark areas.
  • It has a digital display for showing the battery level.


  • Its chunk may be wobbled while screwing.

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4. Variable Speed Heavy Duty Impact Driver By TECCPO

Max Speed: 2900 RPM

Noise Level: 42 dB

Type: Cordless

Traveling or comping both really great things to fresh the mind with friends and family members.

But suppose you are not going on any vacation, it is just another workplace. Where do you need to carry your impact driver so that you can screw up all the things? Or if you are going camping and want to build your own treehouse.

Then this requires some tools and an impact driver is one of them that you need to carry.

That’s why if you don’t have a better case to put all the tools in it. Then you may lose them on the trip.

If you don’t want to happen then you can go with this Teccpo impact driver. That comes with a heavy-duty bag.

You can put all the tools in it such as the impact driver, batteries, charger, ready kit, and many more.

Additionally, an ultra-fast charger, LED lights, extra more than 6 accessories will work as a plus point in it.


  • It has a lightweight and compact design for better use.
  • You will get 1600 inches of Ibs torque.
  • Its batteries will charge within 30 minutes.


  • Its instruction manual is too complicated.

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5. 12 Volt Hex Shank Impact Driver By MILWAUKEE’S

Max Speed: 2500 RPM

Noise Level: 35 dB

Type: Cordless

Do you literally have all parts of an impact driver? What is your budget for the impact driver? If you literally don’t have extra money to invest in the parts.

Then heaving only a single impact driver is the best choice. Am I right? I think I also have all the parts, so I ordered only a single impact driver.

Then I attract them with it. But keep in your mind that I know that these parts will easily attach with the new one and will not glitch anymore.

That’s why if you also don’t want to spend more on other parts. Then you can go with this volt hex shank impact driver by Milwaukee.

But you need to make sure the parts are compatible with the new one. Otherwise, you may break the impact driver.

So if you analyze it then this impact driver is a better option for you.


  • It also has LED lights for work in dark areas.
  • It is based on Redlithium technology for powering the batteries.
  • This is compatible with the M12 lineup for better work.


  • Some people are complaining that its bottom portion cracked after some time.

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6. 7.5-Amp Corded Impact Driver By PORTER-CABLE

Max Speed: 2200 RPM

Noise Level: 43 dB

Type: Corded

This is great to have a cordless impact driver because this will let you work free from any wire and bond to move your hand.

But their batteries are not quite good enough to work for a long time. As you know batteries, especially lithium-ion batteries only provide power for about 2 to 4 years only.

Then you need another battery that needs investment again and again. But instead of using cordless, you can use corded if you don’t want to invest again and again in it.

Because corded impact drivers usually need a battery connection and work directly to take power from electricity.

All you need is just plug it in the switch and it is ready to work. If you like corded then this Porter-Cable impact driver is a better choice that comes with a powerful 7.5 AMP motor that provides fast speed.


  • It provides 450 ft. lbs of torque.
  • It comes with 1/2 inches easy socket change.
  • It is lightweight for better work. 


  • Its manufacturer has a weak response for warranty.

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Wrap Up On Best Quiet Impact Driver

Whether you are an IT engineer like me, accountant, businessman, and anyone. If you find any issue in your house that you can solve.

Then you should fix it by using any tool such as nut bolts, screws, hammers, or even impact drivers.

These tools are the part of our daily life that are needed from time to time for making the house better.

And Impact driver is one of them that is explained in this article as a daily routine tool.

Because whether you are going camping, making a new wooden store for your baby, and other works.

It will make your work easy by screwing them with each other. Although this is not necessary to take tension about it.

But if you have a strong case and bag then this is a plus point and you should use it.

And if you want to go with your own research and formula then I have explained how you can do that and you can read above.

If you include them in your research then you find the best one. 

FAQ: Best Impact Driver For Mechanics

After getting an impact driver most people like you face lots of problems that they want answers to.

That’s why I have added some common but most important questions to give appropriate answers. 

How much does it cost to have a quiet impact driver?

This mostly depends on the type, build quality, torque, RPM, noise level, and many more things.

The more quiet and best impact driver you want the more you need to pay for it. But on average, a single impact driver will cost you around $40 to $70.

What is the difference between a standard drill and an impact driver?

Impact drivers and standard drills are totally different from each other.

The first difference is that it boils to power down while the rotational action. And the second one is that impact drivers are compact and lightweight for working.

Which impact driver is best corded or cordless?

This depends more on your needs. I mean if you usually move your hand while drilling and screwing.

The cordless impact driver is the best one. Or if you want better battery life and don’t want to move your hand again and again. Then a corded impact driver is for you.

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