7 Best Window Fan For Cooling Review: Top Rated Buying Guide

7 Best Window Fan For Cooling Review: Top Rated Buying Guide

Usually keeping your house cool in the summer season requires an air conditioner. That may consume around 60 percent of your total electricity bill.

That’s why investing in a window fan is a great idea. Because it consumes a lot less energy than an air conditioner.

According to the report of the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in 2020 around 236 billion kWh of energy will be consumed by the residential sector in the US alone.

That is equal to about 16 percent of total residential sector energy consumption and 6 percent of total electricity consumption in the US.

So the numbers are huge but this can be overcome by using less energy consumption appliances in the house like this window fan.

That will reduce your electricity bill by 30 percent.

But which window fan is good to use in your house that provides better performance? Great question!!!!. That’s why you need to read this complete article.

Because in it I reviewed the 7 best window fans and included the top-rated buying guide. That will let you know how you can find the better one according to your research.

But wait!!!!….

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If you are in a hurry and you have no time to read the complete article. Then you can go with this Holmes dual window fan with 3-speed settings.

Because this is designed to fit in your window easily whether what type is it.

Also, it has a built-in manual thermostat set. So that you can easily manage the airflow in your room.

However, its design is made for landscape window fittings. But if you want to set it in a vertical position. Then you can easily do that with it because it has a simulated extender.

Programmable 8
  • Designed to fit into most double hung and slider windows
  • Adjustable extender screen and bonus extender panel help to...
  • Independent electronically reversible motors allows for air...

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Buyer Guide For Best Window Fan for Cooling

If you want to find the best window fan according to your research. Then this is difficult but not hard.

All you need is to add some criteria to your research. That I have given below.

  • Quality: Do you have naughty children in your house? Who is always touching the electronic appliance that may be dangerous to them? If yes, then you should have a better quality of window fan. That protects your family and you will find better quality in the top brands.
  • Air Flow: Some window fans only look big and heavy but when it comes to the airflow. Then you can’t cover a small room. That’s why you should be very careful. While selecting the window fan the air should well and can cover the whole room even if you have bigger.
  • Manual / Automatic: Changing the airflow according to the room temperature and other things without any manual touch can do only automatic window fan. But this will become very annoying when you want more airflow or its machine gets broken. That’s why manual window fans are much better from it.
  • Position: If you have vertical fittings in your window then the landscape window fan can’t fit in it until it can be changed. The same I have listed above. So if you have vertical fittings then make sure to check this thing.

7 Best Window Fan Review: Which Should You Use?

How much electricity you can save depends on how better your window fan is. If it is worse than your air conditioner then your investment gets wasted.

That’s why I have reviewed all the best window fans that come in the best category.

1. Adjustable Thermostat Small Window Fan By Bionaire

How much space did you leave in your window to fix the window fan? As you know sealing the window area completely is not a great thing.

Because this will increase the humidity in your room. That’s why you should leave some empty space and have a window frame. But some window fans have bigger sizes.

So if you don’t have that much area for them. Then installing the bigger window fan is not a great idea.

But don’t worry if you only have a smaller space then this window fan can easily fit in it.

Because it is very small, the air velocity is 20 percent better than the other window fans in the market.

Because it has 3 fan support and a manually adjustable thermostat for your house.

Also, if you have vertical space in your window then you can easily fit this window fan. Because it can be transformed from landscape to vertical position.


  • This window fan comes in two colors and two styles.
  • It has manually reversible airflow settings.
  • Its compact design fits in your window frame.


  • You will only get 5 years of limited warranty.
Adjustable Thermostat Small Window Fan By Bionaire
  • 3 Independently controlled comfort settings
  • Adjustable thermostat & manually reversible airflow
  • Designed for use either horizontally or vertically

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2. Auto-Locking Reversible Window Fan By Comfort Zone

How many windows do you have in your house? If the number is more than 6 to 7 then this is great you will not face humidity problems in your house.

But if you don’t have that much quantity or have any other reason. It Will definitely be the worst season for you.

I know you can use the exhaust fan or you have a ventilation duct.

But the exhaust fan also increases your electricity bill and the ventilation duct can’t control that much humidity.

That’s why the solution is this reversible window fan. That can also work as an exhaust fan when you change its settings.

It means only in a single investment you will get 2 benefits. First, you can get a better airflow inside the room and remove the humidity from your house.

However, it has a bigger size but this can be easily fit in your window frame. Because it has a versatile design but if you don’t have space for it.

Then you easily stand on its feet by using 2 sturdy feet.


  • It has a carrying handle at the top that provides better portability.
  • This can be used in three different styles.
  • It has a removable fabric cover that protects it from bugs and debris.


  • After using it for some time you may hear some noise.
Auto-Locking Reversible Window Fan By Comfort Zone
  • DUAL SPEED SELECTION: Enjoy the flexibility of choosing...
  • SECURE AUTO-LOCKING EXPANDERS: Experience a secure and snug...
  • VERSATILE REVERSIBLE FUNCTION: Take advantage of the manual...

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3. Programmable 8″ Dual Window Fan By Holmes

Controlling the airflow inside the room is difficult because if you have a bigger room.

Then the airflow should be at the high level but in the small area, the lower level will also work. This will only help you if you have three-speed settings.

But the motor also should be of better quality because whether you have three or even for speed settings.

If you are not getting enough airflow inside the room. Then these settings don’t matter because handling two or more blades altogether is difficult.

However, the window fan has other motors also for this work. But the combination of them should work better to provide better airflow and exhaust capacity.

Just like this dual window fan because its motor can exchange the air inside your room while providing airflow.

It means in the meantime you will get benefits of both features. However, it needs the minimum space in your window of about 25 inches wide and 12 inches high.

But if you have double-hung then this will easily fit in it.


  • It has an adjustable extender also and bonus panels.
  • You will also get the direction switch to change the airflow position.
  • Its motor is water-resistant.


  • The packing is quite good. You may face some difficulties.
Programmable 8
  • Designed to fit into most double hung and slider windows
  • Adjustable extender screen and bonus extender panel help to...
  • Independent electronically reversible motors allows for air...

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4. Remote Control Window Fan By Amazon Basics

Manually changing the settings of your window fan can be a little bit annoying if you’re playing a game and you are at the last level.

At this time leaving your game maybe because of the cause of being defeated. Or if you have an old family member that can not stand from their seat.

Then you also face difficulties.

That’s why having a remote control window fan is a better thing. This will help all the people who don’t want to leave their work or whatever they are doing right now.

If you also want this kind of window fan then you should try this AmazonBasics remote control window fan.

It has all the features that you want in your window fans like dual blades, compact size, and adjustable design.

Also, if you want to set it in another place like on the table then you can easily do this by using sturdy feet.

However, it has the same designs as others but this can be fit in the space between 25 to 32 inches.


  • This is made with Amazon; it means better trust.
  • It has a powerful copper motor that can cover small and medium rooms.
  • It has a molded handle and removable feet.


  • You may get this with the loosen bolt that needs to be tight.
Remote Control Window Fan By Amazon Basics
  • Window fan with two fan heads with 9 inch blades; includes...
  • Circulates air and cools small to medium rooms with 3 speed...
  • Powerful copper motor and adjustable thermostat

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5. Expandable Airflow Twin Window Fan By Comfort Zone

How big is your room? Where have you installed the window fan? If your room is bigger than the standard room size then providing better airflow inside the entire room can be difficult work for any window fan.

Because most window fans are made only for small or medium room sizes like the above.

But when the room size becomes bigger or if your room and kitchen are combined. Then you need more power and a better quality window fan that can cover your entire room.

Especially on the first floor if you want to install it in your living room. So if you want the same type of window fan, you can go with this expandable airflow twin blades window fan.

Also, it has adjustable width that covers the space in your window is about 23 to 37″ only. So if you have any standard size window frame then this window frame will work better.


  • It has three-speed settings that provide better airflow.
  • Its multifunction option refreshes your room and removes the stale.
  • This includes a remote control that you can use.


  • The packaging is not great and you will face problems while removing it.
Expandable Airflow Twin Window Fan By Comfort Zone
  • ADJUSTABLE 3-SPEED CONTROL: Tailor the airflow and optimize...
  • VERSATILE MULTI-FUNCTIONALITY: Select the cooling function...
  • FLEXIBLE WIDTH ADJUSTMENT: The accordion expanders of this...

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6. Max Cool Technology Window Fan By Genesis

Do you know what the max cool technology and ETL certificate is? So max cool technology is nothing but a part that increases the blade’s rotation speed.

That provides a better airflow without having any heavy-duty and high-quality motor. So if you have this part in your window frame then this is better for you.

If you don’t want to pay more to cover your entire room for better airflow. Also, the ETL certificate is a license that refers to the product being highly tested to check the security standard.

So if you have any security concerns with your window frame. Then this certificate will remove it. That’s why you want these two additional benefits in your window fan.

Then having this Genesis max cool technology window fan is a great choice. Also, it has expandable airflow and an adjustable design.

That easily fits in your window frame if you have a small space. 


  • This is easy to carry because it has a handle at the top.
  • It has sturdy feet so you can place it anywhere.
  • It has reversible airflow that prevents humidity inside the house.


  • Using it vertically can be difficult work.
Max Cool Technology Window Fan By Genesis
  • 3 speed settings: the Avalon high velocity Twin reversible...
  • Max cool technology: this Twin fan features a built in...
  • Dual motors: this innovative double fan has two 9" fan heads...

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7. Weather Resistant Window Exhaust Fan By Sharper Image

Are you living in extreme weather conditions? Is this the rainy season in your city or country? Every electronic appliance like laptop, TV, mobile, and even window fan can be damaged due to the water.

That’s why you need to save it from water but sometimes the window fan can’t be like in the rainy season. 

Then you may face some damages that require some investment or you need to remove it for some time.

Then this will increase your work if you want to get rid of this problem. Then you need to have a water-resistant window fan.

The same as you are getting in this window fan because it’s motor and other parts are really water-resistant

But require some precautions like covering it with a blanket or anything else. That’s all because if there is heavy rain outside then this can’t be endured.

Also, It has a different design that can easily fit in your window frame.


  • It has also a reversible airflow.
  • The installation procedure is very simple.
  • This will easily fit in the single hung.


  • This can’t cover much like others.
Weather Resistant Window Exhaust Fan By Sharper Image
  • STRONG AIRFLOW: The weather-resistance design utilizes a...
  • REVERSIBLE EXHAUST: Transition the airflow from fan to...
  • PERFECT FIT: Seamlessly fits into windows 24” to 38”...

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Wrap Up On Best Window Fan Review

Whether you have a bigger room or a smaller one, you want proper airflow inside your room. Then you need to have at least a twin blades window fan.

Otherwise, it will not work better because providing the cooling and exhaust feature can’t work in a single fan. That’s why those I have listed above have twin blades.

But you want to know about the other features then you should check out the buying guide above.

Because understanding the major things inside your window frame is important. This will let you know whether or not this is a great choice for you or not.

But keep in your mind that having a compact design can’t cover the big room size if you have one. 

FAQ: 7 Best Window Fan Review

Finding the best window fan is quite difficult. That’s why people just like you have any questions that I have listed in this article to give appropriate answers.

How much does it cost to have the best window fan?

The cost of the best window fan depends on the quality and performance. But this is for your small room with standard quality then this will cost you around $60 to $150.

Is it better to have an exhaust feature in the window fan?

Yes, this is a better selection to have an exhaust feature in your window fan.

Because this will provide you two benefits in a single bundle.
Also, the performance is not going to be less anymore.

Because the motors are designed for this work.

Is installing the window fan in your house worth it?

Yes, it is worth it because if you are facing so much humidity in your house and your electricity bill increases monthly.

Then you can use the window fan that works with a lot less energy than your air conditioner.

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