11 Tips on How To Fix A Wobbly Ceiling Fan: Causes and Fixes With DIY Tips.

11 Tips On How To Balance A Wobbly Ceiling Fan: Causes And Fixes With DIY Tips.

Working from home, or sleeping in the bedroom may be dangerous for you if your ceiling fan is imbalanced and producing noise.

Some people just ignore it because they don’t have time to examine their ceiling fans.

But running a wobbly ceiling fan at a high speed may strike you and other family members.

Do you know the U.S. Product Safety Commission recently recalled all the latest fan designs of Hampton (The King Of Fans)? Because its design is defective and may detach the blades at a high speed.

That may cause extensive injuries and property damage.

It means that ignoring this problem is not the better solution because by the time it will only increase the may damage other parts also like motor, bearing, and bushing.

That’s why it’s time to fix this problem by reading this complete article. 

Because I have covered all the tips on how to fix a wobbly ceiling fan step by step that you need to apply on your ceiling fan if it is imbalanced.

Also, I have explained why your ceiling is imbalanced and producing noise.

So that after examining your ceiling fan you can apply the perfect solution according to your problem.

So first let’s start with the causes behind the wobbly ceiling fan.

Why Is Your Ceiling Fan Disbalanced?

While understanding the causes behind why your ceiling is unbalanced is important.

Because this will help you to try out the best solution for it and you will not face this problem in the future.

1. Manufacturing Defect

Is your ceiling fan branded? Which ceiling fan are you using? As you know Hampton is a world-leading ceiling fan manufacturing company.

They made a very big mistake in their latest designs of ceiling fans. That’s why they need for all the customers who have this defective piece.

That’s why this may be a chance that you have also the same.

But the manufacturers don’t recall it but how you can find it as soon as possible to prevent any serious injuries.

This will usually inform you at the beginning when you just purchase it and start the first time. But you need to be very careful when it’s spinning.

2. Low-Quality Material

As you know there are different types of materials available for the ceiling fan. That determines how better it will perform and when it ends.

That’s why when you are selecting the best ceiling fan for your room. You should go with the strong and better one.

So that It provides better quality and performance.

But you need to be very careful about the low-quality material for your ceiling fan. Because they may detach while especially plastic-based ceiling fan blades.

I found that plastic is not a great material for the ceiling fan because it is not strong enough.

3. Loose Screws

Regular maintenance is the most important work for every machine and device.

That is directly connected to your safety and health just like the ceiling fan, garage door opener, and more.

Because if these things get defective then you will see serious damage to your property and maybe a person.

That’s why there may be a chance that the blades and other ceiling fan screws are loose.

That becomes the cause of wobbly and rattling noise to your ceiling fan. Because sometimes these screws fall down at the housing mount and roll around when spinning the fan.

4. Hanging Problem

Have you hung the ceiling fan in the past? I know this is not so hard to do but people who really don’t have experience make any mistakes.

So the ceiling fan became imbalanced after some time. This may be also dangerous for you because the ceiling fan may be falling down to the floor.

That leaves you with extensive injuries.

That’s why while examining the problem in your ceiling fan whey it is wobbling.

You should also check these criteria and if you build a list then include this in it.

So these are some of the causes behind the problem of wobbling the ceiling fan.

But this time to fix it by using the step-by-step process below so make attention and read completely.

How To Fix A Wobbly Ceiling Fan : 11 Simple Steps

If you don’t have any experience of fixing a ceiling fan then doing it in the right way is difficult for you. But if you follow these steps below you will easily do it.

1. Examine The Ceiling Fan

Proper planning for doing anything will make your work perfect and easy. Because it includes all the necessary things that you need to do while fixing.

But as you know a perfect plan can’t be made without a proper examination. Because this will help you understand why and which part is not working well.

So that you can apply the appropriate solution for it. Suppose if the screws of the ceiling fan blades are loose and you are adding weight to the blade.

This is totally a waste and not going to work anymore. That’s why first examine your ceiling fan in any condition such as low, medium, and high speed.

Also, follow other criteria or you can also read the manual book of your ceiling fan.

2. Clean The Complete Ceiling Fan

How frequently do you clean your ceiling fan? Is your ceiling fan building up so much dirt and debris? Do you know why many home appliances end up working? Because you do not regularly maintain and clean it.

Regular maintenance of any mechanical or electronic appliance will help to maintain efficiency and run time.

Also, I am pretty sure your ceiling fan is not clean yet. That’s why it is wobbling so much because dirt also has some weight.

That will disbalance the ceiling fan blades. But when you clean it properly it will work well. Don’t Believe Me!!!? Try with yourself and you will find the big change if it is the problem behind the noise.

3. Measure The Blades Alignment

Using the low-quality ceiling fan also becomes the cause of the misalignment of the ceiling fan blades.

That’s why you may face the wobble ceiling fan noise. Don’t worry this can be solved easily but be careful while doing this otherwise, this process may damage the blades also.

So first take a ruler or a yardstick and measure the distance between each blade and the ceiling.

If you notice that a blade has a slightly higher distance than the other blades. Then this time to fix it to remove this problem.

All you need is to gently bend the blade up or down where the blade has a higher distance.

You only need to put a little bit of pressure on the blades so that they can’t break.

4. Tighten All The Screws

So as you know ceiling fans have lots of screws up and down. Also, some screws are attached to the blades and flywheel that control the spinning.

After using so long these screws may loosen and fall down under the housing. That’s why you may hear the rattling noise while running the fan.

That’s why you need to tighten not just the flywheel and blade screws, all the other screws are also impotent.

Because they hold the other parts also that work as the chain. Or you can also unscrew all of them and clean the further dust first.

So that the ceiling fan can run as much as faster so that you can get better airflow inside the room.

5. Adjust The Fan Blade Holder

Do you really know what ceiling fan blade holders are? So these are the holding things that are directly connected with the blades.

So the motor starts running and these holders spin the blades. That’s why you will get a better airflow inside the room.

Because connecting the blades directly to the fan is impossible and dangerous also.

That’s why after adjusting the alignment of the blade you also need to check the blade holders. Maybe they are not fixed yet.

These blades simply connect with the ceiling fan with high-quality screws. So that it can’t be detached somehow but after running so long it may lose.

That’s why you need to tighten and adjust the alignment of them also.

6. Lubricate The Ceiling Fan Motor

Is your ceiling fan producing rattling and grinding noise? Are you getting better airflow inside your room or not?

Do you know every mechanical device needs better lubrication?

So that its moving parts can run easily otherwise they may be stuck and not work properly due to the friction, especially the motor.

So if your ceiling fan is getting imbalanced and producing these noises. Then you should lubricate the motor.

But keep in mind that you only use a little bit, not so much. Otherwise, it will mess everything and again you need to clean your ceiling fan.

Make sure to use only oil-based lubrication otherwise it will increase your problem instead of decreasing it.

7. Fix The Ceiling Fan Canopy

Are you using a standard ceiling fan? Usually, the latest ceiling fan is coming with an inbuilt cover.

So you can remove the motor from it. But the standard ceiling fan has a detached canopy that covers the motor and other moving parts in the ceiling fan.

This canopy is usually made with lightweight plastic.

Also, find it at the bottom of the ceiling fan. That’s why your ceiling fan doesn’t have enough space between blades and canopy.

Then sometimes it slips to its original place and starts hitting the blades as well.

That’s why you need to fix it by using tape or any kind of sticking thing. That can easily hold the canopy.

8. Use The Balance Kit For The Ceiling Fan

So in this step, you need to use the balance kit for your ceiling fan. But the question is what is it and how can you use them?

Don’t worry this includes only two things that work as the weight adjuster to your ceiling fan blades.

The first thing is balancing the clip that you need to determine the best place to use the second thing, actual weight.

In the next step, you will understand how to use both of them and how these things will help you to balance your ceiling fan.

9. Place The Balance Clip At The Center Of The Blades

Now you need a balance clip that is easily available in the market at the cost of only $2. This usually looks like a U shape so that it can easily clip the blades.

All you need is to turn off your ceiling fan and clip the U clip at the center of the blades. Then observe your ceiling fan blades to see if the wobble sound decreases or not.

If you don’t find it is working then repeat this process with every blade and which blade is affected by this process.

Does the wobble sound decrease or not after using the U clip on it? Make sure to observe it carefully otherwise you can’t find it.

If you find then this time to weigh the blades to fix this wobble problem with your ceiling fan.

10. Slide The Balance Clip At The Best Place

When you find the right blade which is responsible for the wobble of the blade. But this doesn’t mean that you will simply use the clip at the center.

You need to find the best place in that blade so you can get the best result from it. Usually, the best place is towards the end of the blade.

11. Weight The Ceiling Fan Blade

When you find the spot where the problem starts again and again. Then you need to remove or replace the clip with a plastic clip.

This will help you to maintain the weight on the ceiling fan blade. So now this time to weigh on the blade by using the weight provided in the balance kit.

You need to use it at the top of the fan and it should be a straight line of the plastic clip. So that it can reach the center of the blade end.

Make sure to use the self-adhesive to peel off properly.

You can try different weights to find out the best weight for your ceiling fan blade. Or if it is not working well. Then you need to find another blade.

Wrap Up On How To Balance A Ceiling Fan

Putting the life of your family members in danger is so bad. But some people are doing this because they are not aware of it.

Because the ceiling fan blades can detach from it and strike anyone in the room. But I am very glad that you notice this thing and want to understand about it.

But now this time to act on it to fix this wobble problem to your ceiling fan. That’s why I have provided the causes that may be behind this problem.

When you understand the causes then you will not make any mistakes in the future that make you face the same problem as now.

Also, when you find it then if you have experience in this field. Then this will be very easy for you but if not.

Then you should understand much deeper. So that you will not make any mistakes that may cost you more.

That’s why I have provided the steps that you can easily follow. But maybe your ceiling fan is different so make sure to use only the way that is perfect with yours.

FAQ: How To Fix A Wobbly Ceiling Fan

Balancing the ceiling fan is quite difficult, that’s why many people just like you have so many problems.

That’s why I have added some of them and try my best to give appropriate answers to them.

Should I use the same technique in the 3 blades ceiling fan?

Yes, you can use the same technique with your 3 blades ceiling fan. Because the fan is the same, only the blades are fewer in your ceiling fan.

That’s all and this will also decrease your effort to find the imbalanced blade.

Can a wobbling ceiling fan fall down?

Yes, it can fall down on the floor because some screws may lose in your ceiling fan.

That’s why if your ceiling fan is wobbling then this is a serious problem.

That you should solve otherwise it may damage anything.

Difference between the shaking and wobbling of the ceiling fan?

Shaking is the normal thing for the ceiling fan because when anything spins faster it will shake.

But this is only normal at the specific range of about 1/8 inches.

But above it isn’t normal on the other hand wobbling is not normal it only happens when the ceiling fan is not working properly. That needs to be fixed.

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