10 Most Popular Quiet Garage Door Opener That You Should Look At!

10 Most Popular Quiet Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers use different types of mechanisms with different noise levels. Also, the type of motor used in the garage door opener can also be a source of noise. However, no one likes opening their garage door and creating distractive noise.

According to the report of Forbes, the average garage door opens and closes almost 1,500 times a year. And if you have a room over a garage, you might have noticed how noisy a garage can be. So, you need the best quiet garage door opener to get noise-free operation. 

Because with these garage door openers, your neighbors and everyone in your house will stop complaining about the loud and annoying noise when you open your garage door. Also, the best thing is that you can use these openers on any garage door type.

In this article, we have shared the list of the 10 best quiet garage door opener which would help you to avoid complaints and sleep peacefully if your bedroom is directly above your garage. Also, we have covered the buying guide to discuss those important factors which you should consider before purchasing one. 

So, let’s get started.

Best Pick! If you are in hurry and no time to read

For extremely quiet and secure operations. I recommend you to choose this C870 durable, secure, and quietest garage door opener by Chamberlain Group. That delivers max lifting power that handles any type of garage door. Also, it has amazing features as well that you find below.

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Let’s check why your garage door opener is too loud and how you can fix its noise. Literally, these solutions will help you a lot.

Buyers Guide Before Purchasing The Best Quiet Garage Door Opener

These are some of the key areas that you should notice while purchasing a garage door opener, otherwise, you may spend your money on the worst product.

  • Belt Drive vs Chain Drive: Chain drive is a very good and inexpensive drive that can handle heavier doors but with louder noise. On the other hand, a belt drive is a great option for the quietest door operation. You can choose it because it made for smoother and reliable operation without any vibration and irritating noise as well.
  • 1/2 vs 3/4 Horsepower: As usually 1/2 HP is using in many latest garage door openers and that will easily handle from 7 to 10ft. Of garage doors. But If you have a very heavier and bigger garage door then you might need a powerful one such as 3/4 HP that could handle up to 16ft.
  • Children And Pets Security: After the 1993 government order that manufacture has to use a reverse mechanism in every garage door opener. So for your family security.

The 10 Best Quiet Garage Door Opener with Remote Control

I have compiled this list for you to understand all of the features, advantages, disadvantages, and uses of every quiet garage door opener. After reading this you will definitely get informed about it.

1. Genie 7155-TKV Wifi Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener

This is the most trustable brand in this industry; they have various types of quiet garage door openers that are easily available on Amazon.com. Every device that they have created is world-class that’s why thousands of people give their positive ratings.

This smart Genie ultra-quiet garage door opener works on Aladdin connect technology so that it can easily connect with any Alexa or Google assistant using devices such as your mobile or speaker.

This feature allows you to open your garage door using your voice. Thanks to its 1 1/4 powerful DC motor that is paired with a steel-reinforced belt drive so you don’t have to take tension.

Surprisingly, you can use up to 50 cycles after the initial power failure of your house. Because this garage door opener comes with a heavy power backup for your safety.

How often have you seen this feature in the other garage door openers? I think very few people have seen this.

Its 5 piece rail system snaps all of the parts together so you can easily install it right away but don’t forget to get any helper. Because this is very important.

Moreover, it has also come with many additional accessories such as 2 pre-programmed 3-button remote for your garage door opener, a wireless keypad, wall console with light control buttons.


  • It works on residential sectional garage doors up to 7ft in height.
  • It is lightweight and no added hardware is needed. 
  • This garage door opener is equipped with a battery backup. 


  • Customer service is not good.

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2. BeamUp BU100 Heavy Duty Remote Quiet Garage Door Opener

Are you looking for a complete heavy-duty silent garage opener that includes an actual motorized opener with various important accessories? Then this affordable and energy-efficient garage opener is for you.

I know BeamUp is a new brand in the market but new always comes with a chance to become unique. Don’t worry some people also purchased it from Amazon and give it 4.5 stars out of 5.

Whether your garage door is a single door or double door this heavy-duty silent garage door opener will handle this.

Moreover, this is very easy to install; you don’t have to use any special tool. You find a manual that contains step-by-step instructions and video tutorials.

It provides 3/4 HP with a powerful DC motor that can quickly open and close almost any size and shape of the garage door and heavy-duty steel chain drive works long-lasting. 100w LED security lightings with photo eye safety system.

That gives reliable work experience day or night.

In addition, some other accessories also come in this package such as remote control with dual burst-technology for superior range, large wall mounts, remote door control for the easy-to-use garage door.


  • It provides smooth and quiet operation of your garage door.
  • This garage door opener is designed for garage doors up to 7 feet high. 
  • It comes with step-by-step installation guides. 


  • Customer service is bad.

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3. Chamberlain RJO20 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

This is the oldest brand in this industry that provides reliable and trustworthy garage door openers that do not produce much noise that’s why thousands of people purchased this from Amazon.

You can easily control it from anywhere because it is a wifi enabled device. That gives you a real-time notification when your door is closed or open.

Most importantly, its auto-lock feature ensures every time your garage door is completely closed. I think you also like this feature.

Moreover, This garage door opener has virtual silent technology that eliminates the noise and vibration completely.

You also get some other accessories with it such as one 3-button remote that controls the garage opener up to 1500 feet. Also, this is laced with an ultra-security feature that prevents hacking of your house.

Additionally, the wifi garage gateway helps you to connect your device so that you can operate it anywhere. For more security purposes, its manufactures also provide sensors if it detects an obstruction and automatically reverses the garage door that prevents any damage.


  • It increases the functional space in the garage. 
  • It also provides you with lasting performance. 
  • You can gain convenient security and control with the wall-mount garage door opener.


  • No proper instructions are given for installation.

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4. SKYLINK ATR-1722C Extremely Quiet Garage Door Opener

Compared with other ones this garage door opener claims that this is extremely quiet and reliable and people are really happy with their product.

That’s why people gave 4.4 ratings out of 5 on Amazon. However, this is new on amazon but on other e-commerce websites, it is selling extremely well.

Why do they claim that they have the quietest garage door opener? They provide a very powerful DC motor that will not produce much noise that wakes up your sleeping baby.

Its durable chain provides reliable operations with soft start and stop adjust that will maximize the life of this garage door opener.

Surprisingly, this will pair with your car so that you do not have to carry an additional remote. You will get some other accessories with this package such as energy-efficient built-in LED light so you don’t need to replace a light bulb.

Secondly, this garage door opener comes with 3-button one numeric password protected remote so you can unlock it just like unlocking your phone. If you forgot to close your garage door then this will automatically close the door after the preset time limit.


  • It is ideal for those homes which have living space above the garage. 
  • This will give you reliable performance. 
  • Its powerful DC motor provides you with extremely quiet operations. 


  • The quality of this garage door opener is not good.

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5. LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series Garage Door Operator

They are old in the market, everyone knows this brand and people also purchase their products such as this one. Almost 1000+ people purchased this and gave 4.6 stars out of 5 from Amazon and other websites as well.

I like its design and classic color that will attract everyone.

This will easily mount on your walls and can easily handle up to 300 KG garage doors. I know your garage door is not much heavier if yes then you try the next one. Its reliable and durable technology comes with 2.0 myq security that will protect your garage.

It has a P3 powerful motor that will provide ultra-quiet running operations and help you to eliminate the noise and vibration at your garage.

So don’t take tension your neighbors will not be disturbed at all. Its 2.0 safeguard technology sends a new code with every click so no one can hack.

While closing and opening the garage door then its visual and audio indicators warn you to prevent any damages. But the downside is this is not compatible with roll-up doors, low headroom tracks, and Wayne dalton so if you have one of these then this is not for you.


  • This garage door opener features a sleek and space-saving design. 
  • You will get reliable, durable, and powerful performance with it. 
  • It is also easy to install. 


  • This product is too much expensive.

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6. Chamberlain C870 Quiet Garage Door Opener With Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive

What is the quietest garage door opener? As  I have explained earlier that this is the most reliable and quiet garage door ever, you can trust it and you will not be disappointed.

The first one was the wall mount type but this one is regular shape because most people want a regular garage door opener. This is also extremely quiet and secure that will protect your house.

However, this comes in a regular size and shape, but it has various features that make a difference from your old and noisy garage door opener.

Chamberlain garage door opener is more powerful and quiet powered by a powerful DC motor with 1.25 HPS. Myq app provides you full control over your garage door opener so that you can operate it anywhere.

Its max lifting power can lift 7ft. but you can increase it up to 10ft. by using the extension with it that is coming with this package.

Exclusive two 3-buttons remotes give you more flexibility to operate your garage door from 1500 ft. Moreover, the security indicator will warn you while opening and closing the doors.

Surprisingly, a 2.0 encrypted wireless keypad also comes with it that protects your house from any possible hacking. This is not the end its anti-theft security system ensures once the doors close. Motion detection control panel detects any moment around your garage.


  • It is equipped with built-in battery backup.
  • It gives you an extremely quiet operation. 
  • This garage door opener is really easy to install. 


  • Its DC motor is not very powerful.

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7. Genie ChainDrive 550 Budget-Friendly Quiet Garage Opener

As you know this brand is very trustworthy and I have explained earlier about it. They have a variety of products that are listed on Amazon. If you don’t have a big budget to invest in your garage then I recommend you to this budget-friendly quiet garage door opener.

It comes with 5 pieces of a rail system and a pre-assembled chain drive that easily snaps your garage door with no extra effort. A powerful 1/2 HP DC motor easily handles your garage door so you don’t need to work hard to set it up.

Moreover, you will also find the gearbox and other accessories with this package such as two pre-programmable 3-button remotes that will catch the frequency up to 1500ft.

Secondly, a wireless keypad that allows you to open the garage with the personal PIN and this will safeguard your house from any hacking.

In addition, its manufactures are using INTELLICODE technology in it so that no one can open the garage door except you.

This is compatible with 7ft. of the garage door if you are large then that you can install an extension with it and can safely use up to 8ft.


  • It is ideal for garages that are attached to living spaces. 
  • It also allows for long-lasting durable operation. 
  • This garage door opener works with popular built-in car remotes systems. 


  • Customer support is really bad.

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8. Genie SilentMax 1200 Heavy Duty Silent Garage Door Opener

I know what you are thinking about another Genie but they have various great products and silent garage door openers are some of them.

But I have provided you some of their powerful, budget-friendly, and quiet garage door openers that come with all the necessary features.

This is a powerful one that has a 140V DC motor that handles any type of garage door but provides you ultra-quiet and smooth operations. Manufacturers use safe-T-Beam inside that prevents any accident and no one can enter your garage without your permission.

You can use almost any type of residential garage door but not up to 7ft. If you have a larger one then you need an extension that can be supported up to 8ft.

All the items come in this package so you don’t need any external item to purchase such as two pre-programmable 3-button remote control, a wireless keyless keypad, a multi-function control panel, and more.

All the parts come with 5 years of warranty and also 140V belt drive increases the strength and durability of your quiet garage door opener. Moreover, motion detection lights will save electricity and make your garage more bright when entering.


  • It is an ideal garage door opener for garages attached to living spaces.
  • This will provide you with powerful and smooth operation. 
  • You will get fast and easy installation and no additional hardware is required for assembly. 


  • Sometimes it does not function properly.

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9. LiftMaster 8365-267 Premium Series Quiet Door Opener

As I have explained earlier that this brand is very old and trustworthy that has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. This is the premium series of that one with lots of features that you need to quiet your house and garage as well.

It has a powerful 1/2 HP powerful AC motor that will produce more power to handle your garage door. You will also get MyQ technology that allows you to operate your garage door from your fingertips. This feature provides you the security to your house.

This LiftMaster quiet garage door opener uses 2.0tm safeguard technology it means every time a new code will send to your garage. So that no one can hack it. I know that family protection comes first, that’s why I have selected this one that fits your needs.

Some other accessories such as 2 transmitters and a keyless entry remote are also included in this package. But the downside is manufacturers don’t provide chains and rails in this package you have to purchase them separately.


  • Its motors are reliable, durable, and powerful. 
  • It would provide you with an energy-efficient operation that consumes up to 75% less power. 
  • Also, this garage door opener gives steady performance and lifting power.  


  • Sometimes the product would not work properly.

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10. ATOMS ATR-1622BK Deluxe Garage Door Opener

This is an extremely powerful and quiet garage door opener with a DC motor that’s why hundreds of people already purchase it on Amazon.

Even this brand is new in the market so think how demanding is this? That’s why I have listed this in my quiet garage door opener review so that you understand it.

1/2 HPF (High-Pass Filter) represents that this garage opener reduces the vibration and irritating noise that is effective compared to the traditional one.

Moreover, a strong and flexible belt drive provides more reliable operations that are ideal for home and living space.

You don’t need any bulb because a built-in LED bulb also comes in this package for long-lasting illumination. Also, this is very lightweight and affordable so you don’t need any professional to set this up.

Because a step-by-step offline video and instruction also guide you, however, a help definitely reduces your work effort.

In addition, a keypad transmitter, LCD diagnostic display, and built-in-car remote will secure your house from any hacking. Auto closer timer helps you if you forgot to close your garage door.


  • It is ideal for homes with living space above the garage. 
  • Its powerful DC Motor can deliver maximum performance with heavy-duty lifting power. 
  • It is compatible with backup battery. 


  • You will not get any help from its horrible customer support.

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Wrap up on Best Silent Garage Door Opener

I personally feel investing in a silent garage door opener is definitely worth it, so measure the height of the garage,.

Well having a remote control Garage door opener would be your choice but more focus on the power of the Motor if the height is up to 10ft then 1/2 HP motor is good enough, but for more than 10ft the suggested is 3/4 HP motor.

To get the best quietest experience I also suggest have a belt door opener instead of a chain door opener and keep focusing on its maintenance part to have better results.

FAQ: Best Quiet Garage Door Opener

A lot of people know that when they open their garage door the huge noise it makes disturbs everyone around their house. So, those people who want peace and quiet around their house have many different questions, and here we have tried to answer some of them.

Q1: What is the quietest type of garage door opener?

Ans: In between the Belt vs Chain garage door opener, it is always recommended to buy the belt drive opener. It allows smoother operation and fewer vibrations.

Q2: How much HP do I need for the garage door opener?

Ans: If the Height of the garage door is less than 8ft -11 ft then the best suggested is 1/2 HP motor but if it is over 12 ft then I strongly suggest buy a 3/4 HP motor.

Q3. Is Lithium Or Silicone Better For Garage Doors?

Ans: Silicone sprays are generally considered the best lubricants for garage doors as they are easy to apply, can withstand extreme temperatures, and resist moisture. However, lithium greases are also popular as they are extremely effective at preventing friction between moving parts.

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