How To Install Dishwasher in 8 Steps Step By Step Guide for DIY.

How To Install Dishwasher: Simple Step By Step Guide

Whether you are installing a new dishwasher or replacing the old one. Both can be easy if you know how to do that properly.

However, replacing the old dishwasher increases some work for you and difficulties. But if it is not working well or producing so much noise.

Then this is the only thing you can do to fix it.

According to the report of MySynchrony, the average lifespan of dishwashers is about 6 to 10 years only.

Because after that you will face many problems that can’t be solved anymore.

I know you have selected the best dishwasher for your kitchen whether it is standard or portable. Both are great.

But sometimes the installation process takes a lot of time. Because the standard and portable dishwashers are different from each other.

That’s why the compartment also should be right for it.

But don’t worry if this is not going well then I have included a trick on how you can make this happen.

Also in this article, I have covered how you can install the dishwasher in the compartment easily whether it is portable or standard.

So make sure to read the article and don’t miss any point otherwise you can’t make this happen.

But first, let’s start with removing your old dishwasher if you have installed it, but if not, you can simply skip this.

How To Remove The Old Dishwasher

Removing the old dishwasher only needs to follow some basic steps. That will lead you to do everything well so that the installation process will not be affected.

1. Disconnect The Dishwasher

As you know the dishwasher is connected with so many things that include the waterline, power, and drain pipe.

You should do these things one by one so that all things are not going to mix. So first let’s start with disconnecting the power from the socket.

You will easily find it where you have plugged it into the socket to give power.

Carefully, unplug it then move to the waterline that you will find below or behind the dishwasher. You need to have a wrench to close the valve tightly.

So that water can not come out before installing the new dishwasher.

So in the end, you need to remove the drain pipe from the dishwasher.

This will also find underneath the dishwasher simply just diss attach but make sure the complete dishwasher should dry.

This will also help you to complete the next step.

2. Unmount The Dishwasher

So this is the last step where you need to unmount the dishwasher.

But this is not so easy because you need to find all the screws that connect the dishwasher to the cabinet. Without doing this you can’t unmount the dishwasher.

I know this takes time, and I spend more than an hour finding each screw.

That’s why getting some help from anyone in your house will complete this work quickly and effortlessly.

But hold on, finding the screws is only the one side you need to unscrew all of them one by one.

So that you can easily unmount the dishwasher and install the new one. For this, you can use a simple screwdriver or anything else that can unscrew them.

So when you successfully unscrew all of them, this time to unmount the dishwasher, but make sure to do this carefully.

If you want to give this dishwasher to anyone in need, reuse it.

When you unmount the dishwasher successfully. You need some tools and materials to install the new dishwasher inside the compartment.

So read below I have listed some of the major ones.

Required Tools & Materials For Installing The Dishwasher

It is difficult to bring the tools and materials again and again while leaving the work incomplete.

That’s why before starting the work collecting them is a great idea. So let’s check what are those tools that you need to use to complete this work.

  • Plier
  • Power Drill
  • Wrench
  • Screw Driver
  • Safety Equipment
  • Dishwasher Parts
  • Wire Connectors
  • Plumbing Pipes

I know some of them you already have but for some, you can simply order. Also, you may need some other tools and materials according to your dishwasher.

So this time to install the dishwasher inside the cabinet so make sure to read below carefully.

How To Install Dishwasher: 8 Simple Steps

There are different types and sizes of dishwashers available in the market that require different installation methods.

That’s why I have covered the basic one that can be used for any dishwasher.

1. Examine The Area

Examining the area where you are going to install the dishwasher helps you to fit better in its place. Because there are so many sizes of dishwashers available.

That may not fit in the space which you have.

Suppose if the compartment for placing the dishwasher is only for the standard built-in dishwasher.

Then if you want to mount the oversized built-in dishwasher you can’ do that. Because it needs more space than the standard, however, you can also adjust the compartment.

But keeping it in your mind will not let you make the wrong decision.  Although for knowing the exact size of the compact you can use the measuring tape.

However, there are only 4 sizes of dishwashers available as standard, oversized, compact, and portable.

You can try any of them according to the size of the compartment and your needs.

But make sure to leave some spare in it to unmount the dishwasher in the future. Because this is an electronic item, it may get damaged.

2. Make A Perfect Plan

How important is it to make a plan for any home improvement work? Yes, it is because fixing anything in the house requires lots of time, money, and experience if needed.

But if you already make a plan for it then you can save them all. Don’t worry, making a plan is not a difficult thing.

All you need is just to note down all the tools, materials, estimated cost, overall budget, time, sources, and so on.

When you have a plan for doing any home improvement work then you only need to follow it.

The same also requires installing the dishwasher in the kitchen compartment. Because this also requires all these things that I have explained above.

Make sure to add each and everything related to install the dishwasher and going to use it. Because it is difficult to bring them again and again.

This will increase the time that is required for this work. I know you understand the importance of making a plan before executing anything.

Especially for office people that only have a holiday to work for home improvement.

3. Insulate The Dishwasher

As you know insulation is a process that covers the surface inside and outside from the insulating material.

That prevents the heat, cold, and noise from traveling through it. That’s why people usually like to soundproof their house if the noise and climate disturb them. Especially those who are living near the traffic area.

The same also applies to the dishwasher that requires a thick layer of insulation that prevents extreme heat and noise.

But these two things are part of the dishwasher and you can’t remove them. That’s why when you use the insulation layer on it then it will trap all of these annoying things inside it.

However, the efficiency depends on the material quality and thickness. But there are so many types of insulation blankets available for dishwashers.

That you can use but in my opinion, you should use the ceramic fiber dishwasher insulation blanket.

Because this is the latest and the best one amongst others.

Also, covering the dishwasher from this insulation material is not difficult. All you need is to purchase the exact size insulation blanket for your dishwasher.

Then firmly stick on its surface don’t worry it will easily connect with the dishwasher. Surprisingly, some dishwasher insulation blankets can withstand more than 1300 °C.

4. Mount Dishwasher 

As you know, using the dishwasher outside is not possible. You need a proper place where you can place it.

However, if you install the new dishwasher the first time. Then you need to keep some important things in your mind.

First, sliding the dishwasher under the compartment requires a flat floor surface.

Because underneath the dishwasher you will find many important connections that may damage. If you try to slide on the rough surface.

The second important thing you need to make sure the dishwasher should be straight while sliding under the compartment.

So that its inner parts do not get damaged from the edges of the compartment.

The last thing is after successfully mounting the dishwasher you need to align the dishwasher and check its level.

It should be well placed and match the level of the cabinet. It will also affect the style of your kitchen cabinet that’s why you should use the leveling foot. So that you can get a perfect idea.

5. Connect Dishwasher From Water Line

As I explained earlier, different types of dishwashers have different places to connect them with the waterline.

But most of the time you will find it under the dishwasher. Because it is the main place for every connection that you need to start the dishwasher well.

You will also find the water valve underneath the dishwasher.

All you need is to connect the water pipe with the valve that you have closed while removing the old dishwasher if you did.

But this is your first time, so don’t worry, just find the water valve. Make sure to connect the pipe tightly otherwise the water may leak and the dishwasher may damage.

6. Attach Dishwasher From Drain Line

Draining the water from the dishwasher is part of cleaning the utensils inside it. Because without it you can make the inner area clean and dry.

However, the dishwasher also uses heat to vapor the water so that all the utensils can clear properly.

But it will not change all of the water that’s why you need a drain line to clear the dishwasher.

The drain line also can be found underneath the dishwasher where you find the waterline.

So when you find it then all you need is just connect it properly. You can use brackets to make the connection leakage-proof.

Otherwise, it may damage the other parts also, especially the power socket and electrical connections.

7. Give Dishwasher Power To Start

As you know the dishwasher is an electrical device that needs electricity to work. Do you know all of the electrical products may be damaged by the water? The dishwasher is also one of them and it uses the water most.

That’s why I suggest you make the water and drain lines leakage-proof. Because the power socket is also near both lines.

That’s why when connecting the dishwasher from the power source you need to pay attention because it may have got current.

However, this is not possible because manufacturers know this thing.

That’s why they make these three things solid and leakage-proof so that you can not face this problem.

8. Make Some Adjustment

Changing the model and company becomes the cause of facing the size issue with your cabinet. Because this may be less or extra from the exact size.

If your cabinet is too small for placing the dishwasher then you can’t do anything in that case. All you need is just to change it all.

But if the dishwasher is small against the cabinet.

Then you can make some adjustments by using an extra layer of insulation blanket and something else.

That can cover the area but it should handle the heat and work better against the noise.

However, using the extra layer of an insulation blanket is not a bad idea. If you do that then this will decrease the impact of heat and noise more.

So this is the step-by-step process of installing a dishwasher in your kitchen. Whether you are an experienced person or not, if you follow these steps this will work great.

Wrap Up On How To Install Dishwasher Very Quick

Installing the dishwasher very quickly requires better knowledge of this. Because the only time is wasted on doing the same thing again and again.

That’s why I suggest you make a plan if you are a new player in the home improvement field. Because this may take your complete holiday.

Also, it requires too much effort and money so keep this in your mind.

By the way, installing the new dishwasher also comes with removing the old one. I know this is the part of the jungle but if you want to do this very quickly without any extra effort.

Then having an extra pair of hands will help to complete this task. But make sure both of you are wearing protective equipment like goggles, gloves, masks, and other things.

However, connecting the dishwasher from the power, water, the drain is very easy.

But not simple, that’s why reading the manufacturer’s instructions also plays a very important role in it.

But including other details like the size of the water pipe, drain brackets, and socket protection works as a plus point.

FAQ: Step By Step Process To Install Dishwasher

Installing the dishwasher is a little bit of difficult work. That’s why many people like you are facing so many problems.

I have included some of them and try my best to give appropriate answers. So make sure to read them all.

How much does it cost to install the dishwasher in the kitchen?

Installing the dishwasher in the kitchen will require only a little bit of around $50. But if you don’t know how you do that or if you don’t have time for doing this.

Then this requires calling a professional and they have different charges according to size, difficulties, and so on.

But on average, this cost will go around $200.

How hard is it to slide the dishwasher into the cabinet?

Sliding the dishwasher into the cabinet is not hard if the floor is flat.

Because the flat surface reduces the friction and helps you to get a dishwasher inside.

But if it is not as flat as much then you may face lots of difficulties while doing this.

How much time does it take to install the dishwasher?

This depends on how you install the dishwasher and how much you have experience in it.

Because the more you know about the installation process the less time it will take.

But on average, this may take from an hour to  3 hours.

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