What is Vinyl Plank Flooring Should You Use It And Best Alternatives: Pros and cons

What Is Vinyl Plank Flooring Should You Use It And Best Alternatives: Pros And Cons

Decorating the house from the new and modern resources makes it beautiful and cost-effective.

On the other hand, traditional methods are very expensive and now they are not in demand.

Vinyl plank is also the part of the modern world that replaces hardwood and other types of flooring.

According to the report of FC News in June 2020, overall the sales of modern flooring like carpet, vinyl plank, vinyl sheet, and others are increasing every year by a percentage of about 0.4.

I know the percent looks very small but the numbers are very big. That’s why if you are planning to install the vinyl plank flooring.

But don’t know what really is it? Then you need to read this complete article. 

Because I have explained everything about it, like its pros and cons, the difference from other flooring, alternatives, etc.

I have also covered the 3 best vinyl plank flooring, in addition, you can follow our exclusive guide on How to Install the Vinyl Plank floor on the concrete floor.

So if you decide you want to install this one, then you can easily execute it and simply order. But first, let’s understand what vinyl plank flooring is.

What Is Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank is a part of modern flooring resources that are primarily made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

These planks are separated into many long and narrow strips. That can replace traditional hardwood flooring and provide a better flat and waterproof surface.

This is available in a number of designs like other floorings that will match your house.

Instead of heaving weak flooring, these vinyl planks come in extra layers. That overall increases its strength and provides better soundproofing to the underfoot feel.

However, the topmost layer is primarily coated with aluminum oxide that prevents light and scratching.

But the installation process is similar to the hardwood. Because its shape nearly matches it.

On the other hand, the middle layer protects the vinyl plank from ripping and tearing and provides a photo-realistic look.

Also, the last backing layer is made with hard rigid vinyl. That is around 90 the thickest part of the entire vinyl plank.

But is it really good for flooring? This can be said after reading the pros and cons of vinyl plank flooring.

Pros Of Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank is a great material for home flooring. That has several qualities (aka pros) and you should understand them before any further actions.

1. Water Resistant Surface

Falling a glass of water on the floor is a very common thing that happens every day. But if the house flooring is not water-resistant then this will damage it.

That’s why manufacturers use a water-resistant layer on the hardwood flooring to protect against these accidents.

But sometimes it can hold a lot of water. As a result, your house flooring is no longer used. But vinyl plank flooring is naturally water-resistant.

So it can hold the highest level of water in your house.

2. Scratch Resistant Surface

If you are using the hardwood flooring for a long time and you have a pet. Then now you are facing dings and dents on the floor surface.

This is happening because the hardwood is not hard enough to prevent these scratches.

But on the other hand vinyl plank flooring is super hard and not going to damage after scratching by your pet.

Thanks to its ultra-durable and strong topmost layer that can make this done.

3. Easy To Maintenance

Are you an office person and living alone in your house? If this is right then you don’t have much time to clean the floor every day.

But some flooring like hardwood and laminate needs to follow a strict schedule to clean the floor surface.

Otherwise, you may face some damage to it. But vinyl plank flooring is not as special to them.

You don’t need to follow any cleaning schedule when you have time you can clean the floor surface.

4. Thick & Durable

Sometimes while shifting some heavy furniture in your house like sofa, bed, Almera, and others. If accidentally any of these pieces of furniture may slip to the floor.

Then it may give heavy damage to the flooring that requires some investment. This will only happen if the flooring is not thick or durable to handle the weight.

However, the vinyl plank flooring can easily handle this weight and you will not see much damages.

Cons Of Vinyl Plank Flooring

Every item whether it is gold, fan, Almera, or even vinyl plank flooring have its own cons. That is very important to know before any further actions.

1. Decoloration

Where exactly do you want to install the vinyl plank flooring in your house? Do you know some type of vinyl plank flooring needs to be treated as a vampire? Because if they are exposed directly to the sunlight for a long time.

Then you will see the effect of discoloration on your vinyl plank flooring. This is the major disadvantage of it but you can also coat another protective layer.

That will prevent the UV rays from damaging your vinyl plank flooring.

2. Harmful For Environment

As you know this is true that vinyl can last so long. Because it is relatively very sustainable and has plastic properties.

That is not environmentally friendly. There are also other reasons why vinyl plank is not environmentally friendly.

  • This can’t be recycled or decomposed.
  • Repair is not possible with this vinyl plank flooring.

Now you understand more about vinyl plank flooring. This will definitely help you make a wise decision.

3 Best Vinyl Plank Flooring

Finding the best vinyl plank flooring is quite difficult. Because there are so many in the market but not all of them are good.

That’s why you should check out the list below which includes only 3 that are really great.

1. N’ Stick Vinyl Floor Planks By Achim Home Furnishings

As you know there are so many ways available to beautify the house like using luxuries and others.

But not all of them are great because instead of beautifying the house they will make it worse.

Because you forgot the simplicity and this is key to making things better. The same is also applicable while choosing the vinyl floor planks.

As you know vinyl planks flooring is commonly available in wooden design and there are so many designs available for this.

Like a piece of pinewood will definitely be different from the piece of oak wood design. That may not match with your house design and as a result, your house will not look great.

But what is the solution for it? The solution is using the simple vinyl plank flooring that doesn’t have any texture only has a beautiful color.

That matches your house. So if you are finding the same then you should check out this vinyl plank flooring.

That can easily install only requiring removing the back and sticking to the floor surface.


  • You will get 15 pieces in a single pack.
  • Its single box can cover around 15 square feet of area.
  • You will also get a 2.0mm extra gauge.


  • This contains some harmful chemicals.
Stick Vinyl Floor Planks By Achim Home Furnishings
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  • Dimensions: Each plank measures 6 inches x 36 inches and...
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2. White-Washed Hard Core Vinyl Floor Plank By Art3d

Did you know that thousands of people have died due to heavy climate change? This is true according to the report of the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 500k people only died due to being struck by lightning.

Most of them are outside but some of them are also found inside the house. Their house is on fire and they can’t go outside.

That’s why using fireproof things has also become so important nowadays. Because this is an accident and can happen to you also.

So it is great to prepare for it by using this fireproof vinyl floor plank. As you know flooring covers around the complete area in your house.

So if it is not fireproof then you can’t stop your house from becoming ashes.

That’s why if you also want to feel safe in the heavy rainfall of lighting. Then you should check out this vinyl flooring plank.

Also, this is 100 percent waterproof and scratch-resistant. So if you have a pet then your flooring will not be in danger.

Because some pets, especially cats, have sharp nails that can damage the floor.


  • This is available in different colors and quantities.
  • These planks are very easy to install just peel and stick.
  • Its smallest bundle can cover around 54 square feet of area in your house.


  • You can receive a damage bundle so be careful.
White-Washed Hard Core Vinyl Floor Plank By Art3d
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3. Lock Wood Rigid Core Vinyl Plank Flooring By SELKIRK

As you know, shifting the heavy things every day in your house may damage the floor if anyone falls down at the bottom.

Especially in the garage because this is a place where you need to start and then park your car.

This is literally very heavy if it is 8 seater and more. If you didn’t install any kind of flooring. Then this will damage your garage floor.

Have you noticed your garage floor? How much damage does it give and do you need to fix it? That requires much investment and you need to spend your savings on it.

That’s why if you don’t want to do that then you can also use this vinyl plank flooring. That is really very hard because it has a rigid core inside.

That can handle the weight of your car easily. Also if your garage floor is already damaged and you want to cover it.

Then it will also help you to do that all you need just peel and stick it on the floor carefully.

Then let it dry for about an hour or two. Also, this is water and scratch-proof. So if your car is leaking then you only need to wipe it up.


  • This is available in many designs and pricing options.
  • This only requires very little or no subfloor preparation.
  • It has enhanced wear layer protection.


  • You will only get 15 years of residential and 5 years of commercial warranty.
Lock Wood Rigid Core Vinyl Plank Flooring By SELKIRK
  • 100% waterproof. Mopping and common household spills won't...
  • Enhanced wear layer protects against scratches, scuffs, and...
  • Easy to install. No acclimation time. Typically little to no...

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So these are some of the vinyl plank floorings that you should check out. But are these only options? No, if you don’t want to install vinyl plank flooring.

Then there are some other options to choose from.

Alternatives Of Vinyl Plank Flooring

So if you are not convinced with the results of vinyl plank flooring. Then there are some of the other flooring options available for you.

You should definitely check them out.

1. Laminate Flooring

As you know this is a popular type of flooring that is covered with particleboard. But this is probably composed of three layers and the extra cover is transparent that provides a clear glass finish.

By the way, the first layer is the image layer that is photo-realistic and mimics wood.

The middle layer is probably a base of plywood or fiberboard that provides the strength to the laminate flooring.

The last, the attached underlayment, which is really extremely tough that provides better durability.

Because this is a surface that is directly attached to a tough floor. Overall the laminate flooring can be a better option if you don’t want to use the vinyl plank flooring.

Because laminate flooring has endless design options to choose from. All you need is just to have the best one that matches your house.

2. Hardwood Flooring

As you know installing the vinyl plank flooring requires a solid hard surface at the bottom. Because it comes in a sheet that has only a wooden design.

But it requires double investment and lots of effort. That’s why hardwood flooring can be a better option for you if you want to save this.

However, the hardwood flooring is a natural wood piece that is cut into many sizes and coated from many protection layers.

But this is not 100 percent waterproof, which can be a negative point for it. But if you install the topmost layer on it you will not see this problem in your hardwood flooring.

Wrap Up On What Is Vinyl Plank Flooring

Before installing the vinyl plank flooring in your house. This is great to collect some important information about it like what it really is, how it works, alternatives and so on.

This will give you a broad idea of which idea is better to make your house beautiful. But not all of them are great.

That’s why I have shared the 3 best vinyl plank flooring options.

That is separated according to your needs and other important things. But do you know the pros and cons of these plank flooring? If not then you will face some issues after installing them.

Because maybe they are not compatible with the environment and so on. That’s why you should check them out.

But not the vinyl plank flooring is the only option to make your house floor better. There are also some of them that I have explained above.

But are they better options or not? I don’t know and I think if you are not convinced with the results of vinyl plank flooring. Then you should do some research on it.

FAQ: What Is Vinyl Plank Flooring

Understanding the vinyl plank flooring is quite difficult. That’s why many people like you are facing problems and I have added some of them to give appropriate answers.

I know you will also find yours but if not then you can ask in the comment section. I will reply as soon as possible.

Is vinyl plank flooring cheaper?

Typically it is because some of the popular floorings like hardwood and ceramic tiles are much more expensive than this. You will find around 40 percent price change in it.

But the quality and efficiency are similar to others. So which one is best for you?

Is there any other better flooring from vinyl plank?

Yes, some of the floorings like ceramic tiles are better but it has also had some cons.

That may cost you more like shifting the heavy furniture may damage it.

That’s why you should be very careful while doing this thing. But in the vinyl plank, you will not see this problem anymore.

How long does vinyl plank flooring last?

This probably depends on the quality of your vinyl plank flooring.

Suppose it is made with high-quality PVC and photorealistic materials.

Then you will see the big difference in it. But approximately it will last about 5 to 25 years.

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