8 Ways How to Poop Quietly in Public Place: Isn’t Embarrassing!

How To Poop Quietly In Public Place

Do you know poop anxiety, poop phobia, or fear of pooping in public? You might be suffering from a disease you don’t know about!

According to the report of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, a normal person once a day. But if you have diarrhea then the frequency might increase. Also, it may produce annoying noice.

Hey, but it’s completely fine and nothing to be worried about. Well, I’m not a doctor, and we are not here to discuss the medical terms.

We are here to learn how to poop quietly in public or how to poop quietly when you have diarrhea.

First of all, don’t be embarrassed. Pooping is a natural call that every living being has to attend to. You don’t have any choice.

Everyone is comfortable in their toilet, but the problem appears when you’ve to do it in public places like

  • Shopping malls
  • Gyms
  • Flights
  • At workplace
  • During a function

It can be any public place. You might have a bad stomach, and you have to use the loo with 5-10 people waiting outside. We will learn more about how to poop quietly in public, but first.

How To Control the Fear of Pooping in Public?

I don’t think you need to be fearful about pooping in public. I mean, it’s natural. Okay, back to the point.

Learn from the older guys – How elegantly they fart in public, and most of them are never embarrassed in toilets.

Don’t think about it a lot – The thing you’re fearful about maybe not be a matter of concern for other people. They must have been through the same condition in life, and humans have a short attention span. They’ll forget it.

You don’t know those people If it’s a family function and you see familiar people out there, that’s different. I’m talking about shopping malls, hospitals, flights where you’ll be with strangers.

You’re never going to meet these people again in your life. Don’t stress out for that 5-minute of embarrassment.

People understand – It happened to me at the Airport. A mid-aged 30 to the 35-year-old guy was making all the noises he could while pooping, and we were 6-7 people in the toilet at that time.

No one even gave an expression, and when he came out, it was all normal.

Whatever people think in their mind, if you are confident, no one will dare to say a word on your face. Don’t be fearful.

8 Ways How to Poop Quietly in Public: Simple & Easy

Here we go if you’re still concerned, and these out-of-the-box ways on how to poop quietly in public will blow your mind. I bet they must haven’t come to your mind yet. Let’s start.

1. Choose the last lavatory

That’s basic; if you are embarrassed by sounds you will make; then go to a place where you find the least number of people.

Most people hurry and directly smash the first 2-3 lavatory. Even the urinals or washbasins at the beginning of the toilet get the most crowd.

Typically, a public washroom will hardly be crowded until it’s rush hour. So, the best place to hide the noises is the last lavatory.


There can be some exceptions where not every toilet is designed the same way. You might have basins at the end of the bathroom or in the middle. You need 30 seconds to figure out the least crowded place in a washroom, and you’re good to go.

However, this trick doesn’t work in small toilets with just one or two lavatories.

If the lavatory is small, it means the place doesn’t receive a lot of traffic, but you never know. For such cases, you can browse the other options on the list.

2. Wait For A Little

How many hours do you spend in a washroom? Not more than 15 to 20 minutes, right? The same goes for all other people.

No one is going to be there forever. If you think you’ve made enough sounds and feel embarrassed about facing the people outside, then wait for a little.

Within 5 to 10 minutes, the crowd will be changed with the people never heard any sound coming from you.

This doesn’t help you to poop quietly, but of course, it solves the problem.

The main problem is not making noise but what people will think. Waiting for a little more time solves this problem up to an extent.


This trick will not work during rush hours when many people want to use the lavatory.

If someone is knocking on the door asking you to leave, you get no other option. Even it will be more embarrassing to face that frustrated person outside.

Please choose your option wisely that it doesn’t worsen the situation.

3. Try To Make Some Other Noise

This option works the best when the washroom is full of people waiting outside, and you are left with no extra choice. Making other noises will cover the sounds coming from you.

Be careful and make it look natural; otherwise, you’ll end up in an awkward situation.

  • If you can find a tap, then please open it.
  • Flush during intervals when you feel like making noises.
  • Use your mobile phone to play songs or more.

Please don’t make too many or continuous sounds, or people will figure it out. Try to make it look as natural as possible.

Do not focus on a single method; instead, use all three techniques simultaneously.


It’s pretty hard to fully contain the sound, especially when the lavatory is open from above or below the door.

You cannot try too hard, or people will figure out something wrong. This technique works best with the first point on how to poop quietly in a public place list.

I had seen most people suggesting this option, but make sure you do it the right way.

4. Do Not Rush

Some individuals ask about how to poop quietly when you have diarrhea. This is the option you can go with.

With a normal stomach, it’s easy to manage other things like making sounds, choosing the last lavatory, and stuff. However, paying attention to these details is challenging when you have a sour stomach because you already suffer.

For such conditions, I’ll suggest you control it a little. You tend to make more sounds when you do it in one shot. 

I know it can be difficult, but you need to try it out if you are concerned about people’s opinions.


We all have these problems at some point in life, and it’s difficult to control with a sour stomach. You might try to control, but you never know.

Got my point, right?

Try using the flush or the tap to create noise with this method. That’s easy, and you can do it quickly.  

5. Drop A Chunk Of Toilet Paper Before Pooping

Try this technique if you are concerned about poop dropping in the pot sounds.

Grab some toilet paper and lay it over the water inside the pot. This is the best way to contain the sound of poop falling, especially in the starting.

You can also make chucks or toilet paper and place them around the water inside the pot. This will ensure that your poop doesn’t touch the pot and make it dirty.

As it’s a public washroom and many people will be using it after you. Even someone has to clean that.

Flush it off when you leave!


It doesn’t work when you are running out of time. You will not take that much hassle when someone is waiting for you or you have an important meeting to attend.

It’s an extra option, frankly not that effective.

You can shift your position slightly, and the poop won’t hit directly to water. It works similarly but with fewer efforts.

6. Act Like You’re On A Phone Call

I don’t find a better option than this. Like making continuous noises is impossible, or playing songs on your mobile doesn’t sound relevant when you hear them on earphones. People will doubt!

However, you can talk endlessly on a phone call. You can laugh, shout, scold and people won’t doubt because it looks natural.

Use flush during regular intervals, and you are pro.

Don’t forget to silence your phone before you start acting!


What if the person near you gets annoyed by silly acting and asks you to shut up? It’s not obvious, but it can happen.

Suppose you are out of words while faking a call. It’s possible because you are not a trained actor.

Even the best option comes with a few exceptions. However, it is easy to tackle this situation, don’t rush on the phone call, or else people will figure out that something is wrong.

7. Pay Attention To Outside Noises

You get nervous about people hearing your sounds outside, but what if no one is there. You may have seen 1 -2 people while you were entering, but now they have left, so there is no need to cover the noises.

You can only figure this out when you pay attention to outside noises.

If you fail to hear the walking, chatting, flushing, or basin sounds, no one may be outside, and now you can freely enjoy making noises.

However, be careful because it’s a public toilet and people can arrive anytime.


There is no surety, maybe someone is urinating, and you figured out they left. Now, this would be the worst situation you want to get in.

So, make sure to control even if no one hears you. You can release a bit, but not a lot.

Don’t put yourself in a situation where you feel more embarrassed than before. 

8. Walk With Confidence

Here we come to the last point in our “How to poop quietly in public” list. As I said initially, no one would dare to say anything on your face if you are full of confidence.

Whatever people think in their heads doesn’t matter to us.

You used some of the options to minimize the noise, but you think that wasn’t enough, then don’t worry. No one is going to ask questions or laugh at your face. I’m pretty sure about that.

Don’t overthink the embarrassment is just in your head, and people hardly remember it.

In most cases, you will be among strangers who will not meet you for life. Think about that, and it will help you a lot in walking with confidence.


There are no exceptions to this. You are not doing anything wrong that you need to be embarrassed or afraid of.

We all find ourselves in these kinds of situations, and that’s okay. Don’t be nervous as most people will understand your problem.

Wrap Up on How to Poop Quietly in Public

These were the eight tricks you may apply to poop quietly in public. You might want to know which one is the best?

I would say none of them.

Each trick that I mentioned has pros and cons. Using a single method is not enough, and it would be great if you try a combination of 2 or 3 ways.

For example – Finding the last lavatory and making some noises with tap water and flush can be a great combination. Dropping some toilet papers and acting on a phone call works well.

My personal favorite is talking on a phone call. It looks so natural that hardly anyone would figure it out.

Moreover, the fear of pooping in public is called shy bowel or paraparesis in medical terms.  Suffering this condition means you have an overwhelming fear of being judged by others.

Because of the sounds or smells associated with defecation. Most people don’t have any idea about this.

I suggest you consult a therapist for such cases as therapeutic interventions can treat them. If this issue affects your daily life, there is no problem with consulting.

By the way, which method do you like the best? Please tell us in the comments.

FAQ: 7 Ways How to Poop Quietly in a Public Place

We found a lot of people asking these common questions. So here is a list of some Faqs about how to poop quietly in public.

Q1. Is pooing seven times a day normal?

Ans: No, it’s not. Pooping 1-2 times a day is normal, not seven times. Suppose it’s occasional due to diarrhea or some other issue. In that case, it’s okay, but if you are facing this problem regularly and it’s affecting your daily life, you must consult a doctor. You may find some issues with your liver. The sooner you consult, the better.

Q2. Is pooing in public a bad thing?

Ans: Of course not. It’s a natural call, and you never know where it arrives. Don’t overthink or get nervous. It’s common.
Pooping in public is not a bad thing. However, thinking it’s terrible is a bad thing.

Q3. Am I need to check up with the doctor for a pooping problem?

Ans: It depends on the type of problem you’re facing how largely it’s affecting your life. It’s your call. If you think it is not a big issue, then OK, but please consult a doctor if you’re facing it regularly.

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