How To Soundproof A Ceiling In A Condo: 7 DIY Easy Steps To use Right now.

How To Soundproof A Ceiling In A Condo: 7 DIY Easy Steps To use Right now.

Whether you are living in a condo or apartment, working in a noisy place is a very difficult job.

Because you can’t properly focus on your work that might affect your efficiency. Most of the time I found that the major noise is coming from the above condo.

That will spread all over in your condo and overall disturb you.

According to a report by the WordPress Organization, more than 10k condominiums are available in the US only where more than 1M people are living.

So this is great to understand that you might not be all alone who is facing this problem.

There are also some people out there who are facing the same problem. That’s why they have tried some ways and some of them get successful in it.

So if you also want to know about those steps then you need to read the complete article.

Because in this article I have covered around 7 easy ways how you can soundproof a ceiling in a condo.

Also, I have explained what type of noise you are mostly facing. I think this is important for you because you need to know what you are going to fight.

So let’s start our tour and first understand the types of noises.

Types Of Noise Coming From The Above Condo

Do you know there are many types of noises available that you might face every day?

Some of them are part of our daily life such as our voice, TV, radio, and many more other sound waves.

But some of them are not, such as impact noise, airborne, and structure-borne. That we are going to cover.

  • Airborne Noise: Have you ever heard a dog barking at you? This noise usually comes in airborne noise and other also such as TV, music and more. If these noises are coming from your above condo then you need a strong barrier to block the noise.
  • Structure Borne Noise: When you heard a noise coming from the above condo due to falling down any object on the floor or the noise of the footsteps. Then it is called structure-borne noise. Usually, these noises are more strong and unpleasant. This noise is also known as the impact noise. I think you are also familiar with this name.

Still confused about what is airborne and structure-borne noise. Then visit the link because I have already prepared a guide about these two noises. After reading it your all doubts will be solved.

Now it’s time to understand the best 7 ways to soundproof your ceiling in a condo.

7 Best Ways To Soundproof A Ceiling In A Condo Apartment

Living in a condo and apartment is quite difficult to work. Because you need to bear most of the hilarious things such as boys are having a party right above your floor, naughty children are making fun of you, and more.

If you want to stop them then you need to soundproof your condo ceiling.

1. Use Thick Drywall

Making the complete room soundproof required better materials and the drywall always comes at the top of them.

Because this is the direct soundproof layer that attaches to the ceiling.

So when any structure-borne noise is produced it will easily absorb whether it is too high frequency or not. That’s why checking your drywall is also very important.

So how much thicker your condo drywall is? What type of drywall is being used right now? Steel and wood both are different materials and have different sound blocking capacities.

Wood is greater than steel because it has a harder surface that produces more noise. That’s why you also need to check the drywall material.

Because these come in many types such as regular whiteboard, green board, blue board, paperless, purple, paper x, and more.

Whiteboard is the most common drywall that you are using right now. It is a great material for soundproofing but makes sure it is well thicker also.

I mean if it is not thicker at least 5/8″ inches.

Then it will not be going to work anymore. So if your drywall does not come in this category or if you have investment for this.

Then I suggest replacing it. And use a thicker and better one because if you combine the combination of whiteboard drywall with extra thickness.

Then it will easily absorb the structure-borne and airborne noise.

2. Attach Acoustic Panels

I know most of them your landlord will not permit you to replace the drywall inside your condo.

Or this is also not your house that you need to put high investment in. Using acoustic panels is also a great idea.

Have you seen any music or recording rooms? You will find that these rooms are usually covered with soundproof panels on the walls and ceiling.

Do you know why? Because these acoustic panels have better soundproofing qualities. That will easily block the outside noise.

But here is the plus point if you are also disturbing with inside echoes. Then these acoustic panels will also absorb them.

All you need is a bass trap in every corner of your room.

Because these are places where most of the echoes will produce and bounce here and there.

So when you use the bass traps in the corner then it will provide better results without investing more in it.

But wait, are there many types of acoustic panels available in the market? That will really confuse your mind.

But don’t worry I will let you know what you should use for a better result.

Basically, all of the soundproof panels are better to use but pyramid structure-based soundproof panels are best from them.

Based on their design sound waves will easily trap inside its complicated pyramid structure then easily remove.

3. Apply Green Glue

Suppose you have a hole inside the balloon then it will not blow. Because all the air will easily go outside through the hole.

That’s why until you fix the hole, you can not blow it. The same also applies to your condo ceiling. If you are living in an old condo that isn’t repaired yet.

Then it may be little space or a hole in the ceiling.

So until they fix these holes the noise comes inside the house. Because noise is not a solid thing that can be stopped while standing a solid metal in its direction.

It will easily find any small hole that can’t be seen from the human eyes and pass through from it. You can’t do anything to stop it.

The same also with your condo ceiling.

Then it will easily come inside your room until you don’t fix all the holes and gaps where the noise can’t come.

The better option for this is green glue. Because this glue can absorb any kind of small, medium, or high-frequency sound waves.

So when noise tries to come from any gap and hole then it will be absorbed by this amazing soundproof glue.

All you need is to just try to cover all the holes inside your condo. But how can you find them if they are so small? Great question?

In most cases, these gaps and holes can be found inside the crack and corners.

So this is better to cover the complete corners and the cracks if you have them in your condo.

4. Apply Soundproof Paint

What type of paint is in your condo? Have you heard about the soundproof paint? I think you haven’t heard about this paint anymore.

Because these paints are very difficult to find and only some people who are seriously concerned about their peace only use soundproof paint.

In that condition, you are also facing the same problem then you can also use soundproof paint.

Whether most of the noise comes from the right above your ceiling. I advise using this paint inside completely.

So that this will provide better results this will also cover the other holes and cracks.

That you forgot to cover with green glue. I think this is a much better idea to use soundproof paint instead of your ordinary paint if you haven’t painted your room yet.

Because this will also save your money from using other soundproof materials such as drywall, and green glue.

But this might come in a higher price range from ordinary paint.

Because it has soundproof qualities that you can’t find in other paints. Usually, these paints have better soundproofing qualities but some of them don’t.

You need to find a better result. If you don’t know how you can do that then you can read this article. I have already explained it.

5. Insulate Your Apartment Condo Ceiling

Suppose you are living in a cold climate and you can’t use any type of fire inside your condo.

Or there is around 45°C outside and you don’t have electricity. Then I don’t think you will suffer.

That’s why it is too hot or too cold outside if you insulate your condo. Then it will not be going to affect much.

Do you know better insulation also improves the sound transmission inside the room?

Yes, this is true if your neighbors are not good and peaceful people and make noise every time.

Or if you don’t have a bigger space for installing external soundproofing materials inside your room.

Then you can use better insulation that protects you from climate change and hilarious noise.

But wait what type of insulation material is great to use. Because most of the insulation materials will not provide better soundproofing.

There are more than 20 types of insulation materials out there.

That you can use inside your house but is not better to block the noise. Don’t worry fiberglass is the best insulation material out there that is capable of absorbing noise and preventing climate change.

Because it has an STC of about 36 and 2.7 per inch of R-value. That you can use it easily on your condo ceiling.

Temporary Solutions

If you don’t have a larger budget to invest in soundproofing condo ceiling or your landlord is not allowing you to do that.

Then you can also use some temporary solution. That you can easily use them.

6. Use Earbuds

These all of the above ways need permission from your landlord or you may not have the efficient budget for it.

Or if you tried all the way to explain your problem to your above neighbor. But they don’t understand it and keep producing the noise.

Then it will force you to bear the noise and work.

But literally working in this noisy place is very difficult. That may lead you to many mental problems such as heavy stress, migraine, sleeping problems, and so on.

In the same condition, it also becomes the cause of cancer that’s why if you don’t want to harm your body. And your neighbors do not stop producing noise.

Then you can use simple earbuds that are easily available in the market.

This will also don’t require the most amount of money. I know this is not the permanent solution but if you can’t do anything.

Or if you have a deadline for your work and you need better sleep. Using these earbuds is not a bad thing.

7. Use White Noise Machine

Can you distract your focus from one thing to another? Do you want better sleep? I know distracting your focus from other things to just one thing is very difficult to work.

That’s why most people can’t do that but when talking about the children. Then they are better at it because they don’t have more developed minds.

You are a mature person that’s why you can bear the noise. Because there is not any other way to tackle that noise.

But when talking about the children you can’t do that with them. If the noise is literally very high then it will definitely affect the child.

If the child’s age is lower than 10 years then the noise affects very badly.

So if you are living with your family and you have a newborn baby.

Then you can use a white noise machine that will help your child to keep distracted from the noise and help your child to sleep well at night.

Because usually, white noise machines have several soothing waves.

Wrap Up On How To Soundproof Apartment Ceiling In A Condo

So whether you are living in a condo or apartment if you are facing the noise problem from right above your neighbor.

Then you need to try some ways to block the noise.

Otherwise, you will face health-related problems that can be serious if you are facing them for a long time.

I know making the ceiling soundproof is quite difficult and expensive.

But some don’t require so much money such as soundproof panels, green glue, and more. Or if you can’t attach anything from the ceiling.

Then using earbuds and a white noise machine also becomes great in that situation. That will prevent structure-borne and air-borne noise from the above. 

That’s why I have described them above so that you can understand what problem you are facing. So that you can apply the right cure for it for a better result. Otherwise, it will not be going to work well. For soundproofing apartment ceiling you can apply these ways.  

FAQ: How To Soundproof A Ceiling In A Condo

Finding the best solution for soundproofing A ceiling in a condo is quite difficult. That’s why many people just like you are facing the same problem.

I have added some of them in this article and tried my best to give appropriate answers to them.

How much does it cost to soundproof a ceiling on a condo?

Soundproofing condo ceiling includes the estimated budget plan.
That depends on the local rate in your area and other charges may go higher or lower.

Estimate Cost For Soundproofing A Ceiling In A Condo
Minimum Cost – $300
Maximum Cost – $290,000
Average Range – $3,200

How does soundproofing a condo affect the building structure?

If the building is more than 20 years old, it hasn’t been renovated yet.
Then if you try any heavy material such as insulation, or thicker drywall.
May damage the building structure that’s why your landlord may not give your permission to use these ways.

How can I soundproof my entire condo?

Soundproofing the entire condo requires many soundproofing materials to use on windows, doors, floors, walls, and ceiling.

That will block all the noise that is trying to come inside your condo.

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