How Much Does It Cost To Soundproof A Room: Estimated cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Soundproof A Room: Estimated cost.

Knowing the estimated cost for making your room soundproof will help you to decide the budget for it.

Otherwise, it may go too high that it can’t be controlled anymore. This budget should include many expenses such as material costs, the size of your room, quality, and other things.

You need to note down every expanse that may be done while soundproofing your room. So that you can build a proper plan for it to execute.

Do you know how much it costs to soundproof your room?

If you live in California, it may cost you around $3500 to $10,000. This depends on the type of your room surface, the quality of materials, and many more things.

The estimated amount may go up and lower according to your country, city, or area.

If you want to know the deeper analysis, you need to read the complete article.

Because I have included all the materials cost that you may use, the additional soundproofing materials. That you need to use for better soundproofing.

But first, let’s check out the overview of building your room soundproof.

How Much Does It Cost To Soundproof A Room

I hope this overview gives you a broader idea of the expenses. But if you want deep analysis then you need to check out below.

Note: All the cost is based on the average room size in the US that is about 12X18 feet. So don’t be confused about the cost.

If you have a bigger or smaller room size. Then go with the lower or higher price. Additionally, the cost is estimated to go higher and lower according to many conditions.

Different Cost While Making The Room Soundproof

If you didn’t use any soundproof material yet. Then making the whole room soundproof is quite difficult work.

That’s why just start the process to get the work done. You need to have a perfect budget plan.

So that you can decide which thing to use and which one. That’s why I have prepared this analysis for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Soundproof Ceiling

Having a better ceiling will limit the sound transmission inside the room. But it should be soundproof otherwise it will not work anymore.

That’s why you need to decide which soundproof materials are good to use and come into your budget.

Deciding on the soundproof budget for the ceiling should include all the materials.

That you are going to use inside your house whether it is small or big. But I know there are too many small things that come up that you can include.

This will make it too complicated. That’s why don’t include too small materials in it. Make your budget estimate not exact. This will help you go up and down.

Usually the estimated budget for soundproofing the ceiling effect by many things.

Such as the area on which you are going to soundproof, quality of the materials, quantity, and renovation after the soundproofing.

Most of the time after the soundproofing the ceiling looks very bad. That’s why after the soundproofing you need to make it better.

Let’s check out those soundproofing materials that you should use on your ceiling.

Estimated Cost For Soundproofing the Ceiling
Acoustic Tiles$400
Mass Loaded Vinyl$500
Acoustic Foam$150
Suspended Ceiling$250

As you have understood, the major expenses for soundproofing the ceiling. These materials come in different shapes, sizes, and qualities.

But these are the standard ones that you should use. Before doing anything have you measured your room ceiling? Now it turns to go over the walls.

How Much Does It Cost To Soundproof Walls

Do you think around 70% of noise comes from the walls? If you successfully make it fully soundproof.

Then most of your problems get solved. But it is so easy to do that’s why most of the soundproofing materials are available only for walls.

Such as the most known process of acoustic decoupling where you added a resilient or hat channel between the drywall and the insulation layer.

So that an air barrier is created that traps most of the noise and increases the capacity of the material.

This is not the only one if you use acoustic panels on the wall the these will absorb the inside echoes as well as block the outside noise.

It means you will get two benefits in a single package. That’s why if you are seriously concerned about the soundproofing inside your room.

Then You need to make the wall soundproof by adding better quality soundproofing materials such as bass traps, acoustic panels, soundproof paint, soundproof wallpapers, and so on.

Do you know the soundproof paint and wallpapers have existed? I am pretty sure you have heard it the first time.

But these are and these have different but better soundproofing properties.

That’s why these paints and wallpapers are difficult to find but you can check out your local paint shop.

I think you will find it there if you want to use both of them. But how much do these materials cost, do you know? That’s why you need to read below.

Estimated Cost For Soundproofing The Walls
Soundproof Paint$200
Acoustic Panels$300
Bass Trap$250
Soundproof Wallpaper$100
Total Cost$850

So these are some of the major soundproofing materials that should use on the walls.

Some of these materials can use other surfaces like ceiling and, floor. Such as bass trap is a common material that places at every corner.

That’s why its half surface attaches with the ceiling and other half walls.

How Much Does It Cost To Soundproof Floor

What type of floor do you have? Timber, laminated, vinyl, concrete, tiles, or any other.

Because using the soundproofing materials on the floor may provide better or can decrease the effect.

First, analyzing whether the surface of the ceiling is compatible with the material or not is a great thing. That will let you know whether you should use it or not.

It will also help you to structure your budget plan. Usually soundproofing the floor includes many materials such as carpet, underlayment, green glue, rubber mat, and more.

That’s why the budget also becomes different when you separate them into the lower, middle, and better quality categories.

Usually, the lower one does not provide better soundproofing but blocks some of the noise.

Although the medium one is quite better because it is not expensive and also works well.

I know some of these you are using right now but those do not have soundproofing properties.

Such as a rubber mat; I am pretty sure you are using an ordinary mat not a rubber mat.

That’s why if you want to add them into your room then you need to know about their cost. That I have explained below

Estimated Cost For Soundproofing Floor
Rubber Mat$35
Green Glue$70
Total Cost$365

When you combine these soundproofing materials your floor becomes soundproof.

If you do have a floor above the ceiling then this will also help you to soundproof it. Overall provide better soundproofing inside your room.

How Much Does It Cost To Soundproof Window

Do you know your window also becomes part of producing noise inside your room?

Yes, this is totally right when the outside heavy wind is blowing. If your window frame is loose then the window makes noise.

Also when any gap is left between the frame and window or frame and the surface. It will allow noise to come inside.

There are many reasons why this happens. Maybe it is not installed well or has a climate-changing effect on the structure.

Do you know some materials shrink and expand due to climate changing?  That’s why if your window frame is made from it then you may face this problem.

But don’t worry this can be outcome by using some soundproofing materials. Such as caulk, window foam, glass sheet, seal strip, and more.

You can use any of them or all of them. The more you use the better it will block the noise coming from outside.

Whether your neighbor is shouting at his dog or you are living near to heavy traffic. This will usually disturb the most.

But how much these materials can cost you? This is an important question to check while making your soundproof budget plan.

Estimated Cost For Soundproofing The Window
Green Glue$350
Glass Sheet$35
Soundproof Curtains$40
Seal Strip$20
External Storm Window$70
Total Cost$545

So when you are soundproofing the window make sure to not damage the glass.

Otherwise, it will cost you more. All you need is to just use the seal strip and caulk carefully to seal the gaps.

Although curtains are used as an extra part for the window. But it will literally absorb most of the noise. Just make sure to place it near the window for better work.

How Much Does It Cost To Soundproof Door

Do you have naughty children in your house? Is your brother or sister making noise inside the house? Then I am pretty sure you can’t focus on your work.

Usually, we think about the outside noise from the house but we forget about the inside noise. That should be removed if you want peace in your room.

Making the complete room soundproof also includes the door.

That also works the same as a window. It may have gaps underneath the bottom or in other places.

That allows noise to come inside the room. I know using the seal strip totally blocks the door and you can’t go outside.

Or you can’t hang curtains near the door. So that it can absorb the noise. But there are also other ways that you can use to make the door soundproof.

Such as weatherstripping tape, door gasket, door sweep, blanket, and more. These are the standard ones that should be included in your budget.

Some of them are also available in the house right now and some are not. But don’t forget to check if the available materials have better soundproofing qualities or not.

If they are not then you need to use another one for better work. In most cases, these materials are not soundproof.

Estimated Cost For Soundproofing The Door
Door Gasket$20
Soundproof Blanket$60
Door Sweep$20
Weatherstripping Tape$20
Total Cost$145

So when you want to soundproof your room door these materials will help you. You can use any of them but the combination works better.

Other Material Cost to Soundproof A Room

Making the room soundproof also includes other costs that you need to add to your budget to make it better.

But knowing the why and where you need to use them is also important. Because without it these materials will not work well.

That’s why when you build your budget you need to include them. But what are these expenses? Great question!. These costs include insulation and ventilation.

Do you know better insulation also blocks the noise coming from outside? There are many types of insulation materials available in the market.

Some of them have soundproof qualities and some do not. That’s why you decide to use insulation. You need to care about the materials.

In my opinion fiberglass insulation is one of the best insulation in the market. You should use it.

This will easily absorb the noise and provide better insulation. On the other hand, while deciding the proper ventilation is a must use a ventilation duct inside the house.

While maintaining the airflow this also traps the sound waves. Most of the sound waves will trap inside it and then destroy it.

I know you also have a ventilation duct or if you don’t have one then you need to install it.

This will also cost you but the last expense also plays a very important role. This installation cost because if you have done this in the past then this will become easy for you.

Otherwise, you need to put lots of effort and time into it. On the other hand, if you call any professional then its cost is also included in it.

That may be around $1500 for the complete soundproofing.

Estimated Cost Of Other Materials For Soundproof Room
Spray Foam$350

So now you have understood the major expenses that you need to do to make your room soundproof.

There are also some small expenses that you need to check according to your own research.

Wrap Up On How Much Does It Cost To Soundproof A Room

While soundproofing a room there comes a lot of expenses. That if you don’t carefully analyze your budget may go up.

You will spend all of your investment and won’t get a better result. That’s why materials are great, the installation cost, insulation, ventilation, door, walls, and more. 

When you have the proper data you can estimate your budget very well. That’s why I have provided better data.

That will help you in this matter and provide you better results. Whether you have a lower or a bigger budget for it.

Keep in your mind that nothing can be limited. So it may be after soundproofing the entire room.

You may be getting some weak sound waves. That you can outcome by using some additional soundproofing materials such as white noise machine, earbuds, and more.

So make sure to read the complete data carefully.

FAQ: How Much Does It Cost To Soundproof A Room

Analyzing the exact budget for soundproofing a room is quite difficult. That’s why many people just like you are facing lots of problems.

That’s why I have added some of them to provide appropriate answers to them.

How much does it cost to soundproof a 22×18 room size?

Making soundproof the 22×18 room size will only cost more.

Then the estimated costing I have provided because the material quantity will increase and the installation cost also. On average, it will cost you around $12500 or more.

Can you make a room completely soundproof?

No, this is not possible to make your room completely soundproof.

There are always some soundwaves available inside your room. But they will not disturb you at all.

Or if they then you can use additional soundproofing materials

How do you soundproof a wall cheaply?

Soundproofing the complete wall cheaply is quite difficult. Because you need to measure all the area, material quantity, and many more things. 

But on average, it will cost you around $1800. 

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