How To Soundproof Furnace Room: Step By Step Process

How To Soundproof Furnace Room

Furnace is a structural machine. That is used for heating up the space, especially the room. However, sometimes it can produce noise that can be pretty annoying. But soundproofing a furnace room will help you.

According to the report of the Nation Library of Medicine, more than 10 million people are suffering from many health issues due to too much noise exposure. It’s Huge!!.

However, a furnace isn’t producing that much noise. But the problem may increase if you don’t care about it. So how can you fix this issue?

That’s why you need to read this article. Because in this article I have covered a step-by-step process to soundproof a furnace room. 

Also, I have explained why you need a soundproof furnace room and its pros and cons. So stick with us and you will solve the issue easily.

Why You Need To Soundproof A Furnace Room

The furnace room is the place where you install your furnace. This is also a commonplace where the noise from the furnace comes out. It can be pretty annoying if you are trying to sleep or work in that room.

Also, it can disturb other people living in your house. So soundproofing this room will help to reduce the noise. You can use different techniques to block the noise from the furnace.

The following are some of the reasons why you need to soundproof a furnace room:

  • To reduce the noise disturbance in your house
  • To get peace while you are sleeping or working

The furnace room is not always soundproof and it can disturb other people living in your house.

As I already explained how much noise can disturb your sleep and how much annoying the furnace sound is, how you can block this noise? The answer is simple by soundproofing it.

Step By Step Process To Soundproof A Furnace Room

Now, I am going to show you a step-by-step process to soundproof a furnace room. You can use this process in your house if you have the same problem.

Step 1st: Find The Source Of The Noise

The furnace room is not always soundproof. It may cause noise disturbance in your house, so you need to find out the source of the noise and how it can be reduced by changing some techniques. 

The first method for finding the source of the noise is using a computer. It will help to record how much noise your furnace produces. Also, how it disturbs the peace of your house. After recording you can see how annoying that sound is.

It may vary from room to room because of how it’s built or how its design is.

You can see how much noise the furnace produces during the day and how much disturbance it causes at night. That may help you to find out how annoying that sound is and how it disturbs your sleep.

Secondly, you have to trace out how loud the furnace is producing. You can use a sound meter for this job. Measure the noise level at the furnace and in other rooms of your house as well.

After that, you need to identify which part of the furnace room is causing the problem. Is it the door? The window? Or maybe the furnace itself? Once you find out the source, it will be easy to soundproof the furnace room.

Step 2nd: Cover The Noisy Area

Now it’s time to cover the noisy area. You can use some materials like soundproofing foam, blankets, carpets, or curtains to reduce the noise.  Also, you can use different materials for soundproofing the furnace room.

First, you have to cover all of the noisy areas with blankets or carpets. These things will help to absorb some sound waves and reduce how much noise comes out from your furnace. If possible, try to hang them on walls or ceiling as well.

If you are using soundproofing foam, make sure to seal all the gaps and cracks with caulk or expanding foam.

You can also install a door sweep and seal the door with weather stripping. Also, use double-pane windows to reduce the noise level. 

If you are using blankets, carpets, or curtains, make sure to hang them as close to the ceiling as possible. This will help to reduce the noise from the furnace. There are also some other soundproofing materials. 

That you can use to soundproof the furnace room properly. But I will explain then below so that you can understand each thing carefully. However, this can be a costly thing. But this will not cost you more than your budget. 

Also, if the noise is affecting your health then you should consider it as an important problem. Then follow all the steps to fix it.

Step 3rd: Soundproof The Wall

You can soundproof the wall using insulation. Cover all the walls of your furnace room with dense materials like mineral wool, fiberglass, or foam insulation board. 

If you are using mineral wool, fiberglass, or foam insulation board, make sure to use them between two studs. You can also install two layers of the material one above the other.

Also, you need to cover all the furnace openings with an additional layer of mineral wool or fiberglass insulation. This will help to reduce the noise from the furnace.

If you don’t have any idea to soundproof a wall Then go for sound absorbing panels that are covering the whole wall.

These insulations are specially designed to block the noise. Also, you can use drywall for soundproofing your furnace room. Cover all the walls of the furnace room with drywall using screws or nails. 

Seal all the edges and joints perfectly so no sound can come through them. You need to make sure how much sound insulation you are buying. Also, how much space you are able to fill with the insulation.

This is how you can soundproof a furnace room by yourself. It may take some time to do it yourself, but after that, you will get rid of how loud your furnace sounds are for good.

But if you have enough time and money to hire an expert, then you should hire an expert. Because it will save your time and money as well.

Step 4th: Soundproof The Ceiling

The ceiling is another place that can produce noise. You may not notice it but the noise from the furnace comes through the ceiling. If you want to know how to soundproof a ceiling for your furnace room, follow these steps:

To soundproof the ceiling of your furnace room, firstly hang some insulation or other soundproofing materials above your head. Use springs so that it won’t damage the ceiling and also will be able to absorb more sound waves.

You can use mineral wool, fiberglass, rock wool, foam panels, etc. It’s up to you which material you choose because all of them are good for absorbing sound waves perfectly.

Also, make sure that you buy enough insulations for covering all gaps between the ceiling and insulation.

Then, fill the gaps with caulk or expanding foam before hanging any of the insulation materials above your head. This will help to reduce more noise from the furnace room.

You can also use sound-absorbing panels on your ceiling for blocking all the noise from your furnace. But make sure that you buy enough of them and hang it right above where your home is located below. Also, cover all areas completely so no sound can come through them easily.

Step 5th: Soundproof The Floor 

You can soundproof the floor using carpet. It absorbs and blocks noise. So it gives a good effect on the furnace room.

However, you need to make sure that the area is sound-conducting and how much noise is produced by your furnace to get the desired result.

To soundproof the floor for your furnace room, you need to use an underlayment. This is a soundproofing material that you need to apply before you lay the carpet. It will help to increase the noise reduction and sound insulation as well as to give a good appearance inside your furnace room.

To install this material, make sure to cover all the area of your furnace room floor. Then cut the underlayment to fit the area. Attach it to all walls using a soundproof adhesive from below and above.

You can also go for soundproof mats. These mats are the most effective way to soundproof a furnace room. And this is also a very easy thing to do. You only need to put them on the floor of your furnace room and make sure they cover all the noisy areas.

However, if you want to put tiles on your furnace room floor, then you need to make sure that how much thickness of the tiles is. Because how thick the tiles are will affect how much sound insulation they provide.

You can also use various other methods to soundproof the floor for your furnace room. That will completely reduce noise from your furnace making you sleep in peace at night or work in quiet at day time.

Step 6th: Seal The Window & Doors

You need to seal the furnace room window and doors properly. If you don’t do this step, it will not give the desired result for soundproofing a furnace room.

The best time is to go for sealing when you are at home or working in your furnace room. That way you can hear if there is sound coming from outside of your furnace room.

Seal the window and door using weather stripping or a tight-fitting door sweep. You can also use foam insulation. It is made of soundproof materials, so it will reduce the noise from the outside coming into your furnace room.

Use a caulking gun to seal the small gaps or holes around your furnace room doors and windows. So soundproof a furnace room will be successful with this step.

Also, you can install an insulated door for your furnace room. That will help to reduce how much noise comes from the outside into your furnace room.

In order to soundproof the furnace room. You should consider the window and the door. It is an easy process to soundproof a door safely and quickly.

So you can do it yourself or hire someone to make your door as well as the entire furnace room more soundproof.

Step 7th: Have Some Furniture Inside The Furnace Room

Soundproofing will not give the best result if there is no furniture inside your furnace room. So you need to have some furniture or other materials that can assist you in soundproofing your furnace room.

However, make sure not to put anything that can vibrate. Otherwise, it will produce more noise against the walls and floor.

Also, you need to keep the furnace away from the walls by a few inches. So that it does not produce any noise against them.

And make sure that there is enough air inside your furnace room to prevent any sound from getting trapped.

Place shelves behind your furnace equipment. It helps prevent sound energy from being reflected back towards the wall and reduces noisy reverberation. 

You can also place some books or other weight objects on shelves. So that they absorb noise coming from your furnace room making it soundproof.

The other way is to set up a workspace in front of your furnace equipment. It reflects all noise away from you back towards the wall, making the room quieter for you.

Wrap Up On How To Soundproof Furnace Room

To sum it up,  how to soundproof a furnace room is not that difficult. However, it will give you the desired result to soundproof a furnace room safely and efficiently.

This step-by-step process will help you to reduce the noise and make the house soundproof. 

But make sure you follow these steps on how to soundproof a furnace room for your home.  If you do this, the noise coming from your furnace will never cause disturbance to you and your family.

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FAQ: 5 Steps To Soundproof A Furnace Room

Soundproofing a furnace room is a very difficult task. That’s why many people like you have lots of questions. That can be solved easily. I have added some of them in this article to provide appropriate answers.

Q1. What are the best materials to use for soundproofing?

Ans: If you want to make the best use of soundproofing materials, then go for weight material. As it can give you the desired result in reducing noise.

Q2. How much will it cost to soundproof a furnace room?

Ans: This is a difficult question, as it depends on which area you want to soundproof. It also depends on the materials you choose for soundproofing your furnace room. But on average, it will cost you between $200 to $300.

Q3. Do you need to hire a professional to soundproof a furnace room?

Ans: This step-by-step process can help you to soundproof a furnace room. If you follow all the steps carefully, then there is no need to hire someone to do it for you.

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