Why Should You Use Soundproof Sleeping Pods?

Soundproof Sleeping Pods

Do you live near a crowded place or face any problems while sleeping, like a little noise, can ruin your sleep?

If yes, you would love to explore the benefits a sleeping pod can provide, and we will help you with convincing reasons to soundproof sleeping pods.

What are sleeping pods? 

They are a special type of furniture that provides temperature control and a cozy environment, and they come with a thick cover or foam from inside that blocks most of the noise. If you are an insomniac or suffering from another type of sleeping disorder, a soundproof sleeping pod will help you rest and get a comfortable sleep.

There are some issues with sleeping pods as well.

  • They don’t block all the noises.
  • You may need to use some external products like curtains or more.
  • Some other problems

We will come to the problems later but first, let’s understand the problems people face with sleeping and how a sleeping pod can be most beneficial.

Sleep Deprivation

As per the major stats we discovered, some of the reasons for lack of sleep are Anxiety, not getting enough time to sleep, depression, night-terrors, and sleeplessness because of overuse of the screen.

Humanity has reached the highest level of comfort, but it came with a cost of overworking lack of sleep, and poor health. Not all, but surely a soundproof sleeping pod can help you deal with some of these issues.

As per Sleep Foundation, “32.6% of working adults reported sleeping six or fewer hours per night in 2017-2018, up from 28.4% in 2008-2009.”

Also, “42.6% of single parents sleep less than seven hours per night compared to 32.7% of adults in two-parent homes and 31% of adults with no children”.

These are some shocking stats! Sleeping is a common problem that most people don’t take seriously, but it can affect your daily routine quality of work and even create issues in your relationships.

If you are not suffering from a huge medical sleeping disorder, then a simple solution like a sleeping pod can help you bring back your lost sleep.

Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

We talked about the problems you face in sleeping, but do you know these small problems can adversely affect your health? Some problems are short-term and can be solved immediately.

However, some adverse issues need special medical attention. A sleeping pod can help in situations, but we strongly recommend you to take medical help if you see a long-term or adverse effect on your health.

Short-Term Problems

1. Weakened memory – Lack of sleep can badly affect your ability to think, remember daily things, and process information. Have you ever kept an item somewhere immediately lost memory of where you kept it? This might be happening because of weakened memory.

2. Lack of alertness – If you are a student or a working professional and face issues like lack of attention to studies or office work, then disturbed sleep might be a strong reason behind it.

3. Daytime sleepiness – An average adult body needs 7 to 9 hours of rest. If you don’t cover it during the night, then the body will ask for the same amount of rest in the daytime. That ultimately affect your work and brings extreme laziness to your daily routine.

4. Relationship stress of mood swings – When you have not rested properly, you usually get angry over simple things that you might regret later. But these small anger events can bring stress between you and your partner that majorly affects your love life, even relations with family and friends.

5. Prone to accidents – Driving with a sleep-deprived mind is like drunk driving. A slight moment of sleep and you will end up risking your life for nothing. It’s quite common with people working in high-demanding jobs or drivers as they usually get a little amount of time to sleep, and a slight discomfort can ruin the whole night. Also, it has become a major cause of accidents.

6. Deteriorates the overall quality of life – You might face these problems, or you might face all of them. A lack of sleep deteriorates the quality of your life by adding anxiety, stress, and another kind of diseases to it.

Long-Term Problems

Do you know a continuous lack of sleep can result in high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, heart failure, or stroke?

Yes, these are major health issues that can cost you a lot. So, if you’re facing sleeping issues and you’re not taking it seriously, then it’s time to think about it.

How Can A Sleeping Pod Help?

Hey, we don’t want to scare you with all this data and statistics about lack of sleep or the bad effects of sleep on your health. We want to guide you on the right and the easy way to deal with your sleeping problem, and we think a soundproof sleeping pod can help. How?

1. It blocks out noise – That’s one of the major reasons behind the design of a sleeping pod. They block out most external noises that won’t feel discomfort in sleeping. If you are the one who easily gets disturbed with a little noise, then a sleeping pod may work the best for you.

2. Better controls – If the weather is cold outside, you can switch on the heating mode, or if the weather is hot, you can turn the AC on. With soothing music, soft cushions, pillows, and mood lighting, a sleeping pod provide you with the best level of comfort that you can never get in your bedroom.

3. Attractive look – It may not sound like a huge benefit with sleeping, but it surely has a subconscious effect. Think of a situation where you are not getting in the mood to sleep, and you see an attractive sleeping pod. Won’t you get interested in sleeping in that? It might be your motivation to return early from the office so that you can have a night of cozy sleep.

Now-a-day, people like to binge-watch movies or tv series the whole night, or some people don’t even want to come home from parties. A soundproof sleeping pod can become your motivation to sleep in such an environment. That’s another benefit attached!

Where A Sleeping Pod Is Most Needed

Sleeping pods are taken all around, and now you can find sleeping pod hotels, homes, offices, and even people like to purchase portable sleeping pods for cars, tents, and anywhere that can easily be handled outdoors.

The most common thing with every industry is people, and people like to sleep. A sleeping pod can be used anywhere by anyone, but these are some places where you need a sleeping pod the most.

1. Offices – It’s proven that a little nap during a long shift can help in reducing stress and increasing productivity. Now most corporates or government offices are ordering sleeping pods to see a difference.

If you are a small business with limited staff and not getting the same productivity as expected, try installing a sleeping pod on your premises. You will surely see a difference.

2. At home – You may think about why you need a sleeping pod at home? But think of people living near railway tracks or in a bustling market. You are always prone to disturbances, and shutting down windows and doors hardly help.

If you face these issues, use a sleeping pod to block out major noises, it will give you a comfortable environment, and improve sleep quality.

3. While traveling – I guess it’s the most important place where you need a sleeping pod because you never know the conditions you will face. You may like the sound of that river during the daytime, but the same sound can become a huge hindrance in your sleep during the night.

Even you can end up in a crowded backpacking place, tenting outdoors can also be an issue. In total, you never know, and in such situations, a sleeping pod helps a lot.

If you research the Internet, you will find that the idea of a fully robotic sleeping pod hotel is trending. You can find them in Singapore, Mumbai, Tokyo, and most metro cities.

However, it’s currently restricted to metros as these are the places with most sleep-deprived people. Even you can find them at airports or other public stations.

The idea of sleeping pods is going viral because

  • People feel comfortable using them.
  • They are budget-friendly.
  • Looks attractive and comes with multiple functionalities
  • Easy to install in compact places.

With all these benefits, a sleeping pod is surely worth your investment.

Buying Guide For Soundproof Sleeping Pods

As this is an informational article, we will not go into pricing or where you can purchase, but surely, we will love to tell you about how they are designed and what material manufacturers use.

1. Design

Sleeping pods come in various designs. Some include an enclosed structure with a door installed, while others are open with no wall or doors. Some sleeping pods come with a Sci-fi movie look with dazzling lights and out-of-world designs.

You can browse images and check some videos on YouTube and know how exactly they look. Also, some bloggers will tell you about the various functions like how light, music, or cooling system works. It’s pretty interesting to watch.

2. Material

Soundproof sleeping pods are usually made up of many pieces that fit together. The most common elements in a sleeping pod include a headboard or footboard combo, a mattress, lighting arrangement, and insulation material.

The insulation material plays a major role and helps to maintain the sound-free and cozy atmosphere inside the sleeping pods.

The material used to construct a sleeping pod can be wood or metal. Most manufacturers use metal as it’s cost-effective and durable.

Some websites take orders for customized sleeping pods and design them just as you want. You can select

  • Colour of lighting and sheets.
  • How much soundproof it will be.
  • Type of design
  • Brand of mattress and pillow

It goes on. Every brand offers different customizations, so you need to check directly with the provider.

Type Of Sleeping Pods

Multiple sleeping pods are available, suitable for public and personal use. All of them prioritize the soundproof environment. They can be distinguished into 3 types.

1. Tranquillity Pods

A tranquillity sleeping pod is spacious and built with keeping a soundproof environment in mind. It gives you enough space to stretch your body, do some simple sitting exercises, and mindfulness of sleep.

They come with reading lights like airplanes to avoid getting irritated with the huge light if you want to read.

A tranquillity Pods look like an open egg and don’t come with a door.

2. Framery Acoustic Pods

These pods look like a telephone booth and are suitable for offices. The pods come with a wall and door made of thick glass, usually suitable for office meetings where people can see that you are busy.

But no one can hear your conversations. It also reduces the outside noise giving you a soundproof sleeping pod-like experience.

They come in multiple sizes, including small, medium, and large, containing one, two, four, or up to eight people at a time, with a desk and a chair inside the pod.

3. SlumberPod Privacy Pod

A slumber pod is specially designed for kids and is mostly used by the daycare business. They come in a triangle shape and are only effective in hosting one or two children at a time.

These pods are made of cloth and insulating material with no technical designs or lightings like the other pods. However, they are effective enough to block out noises.

They are durable and lightweight, making them easy to carry wherever you go. It’s one of the best options for kids because they usually start crying due to disturbed sleep, which is hard to handle.

Ways To Make A Soundproof Sleeping Pod More Effective

As we discussed initially, that seeping pod comes with some problems. The biggest one is they do not guarantee a 100% reduction in noise. Suppose you are using the best soundproof sleeping pod and still hearing the outside noises. Try these methods.

Using these methods will give you the best soundproof experience.

Wrap up on soundproof sleeping pods

We all deserve a better sleep, that’s not a need, but it’s a compulsion. We have seen the list of problems that may arise due to lack of sleep and its impact on your daily life.

In such scenarios, it’s very important to have a good sleep and if you are not getting it, think of investing in a sleeping pod. Try a sleeping pod even if you want a soothing sleep experience and explore the new technology.

FAQ: How To Soundproof Sleeping Pods

Here is a list of some common questions that we found people asking for sleeping pods. You may find your answer here.

Q1. How much does a soundproof sleeping pod cost?

Ans: They are not cheap, and a regular sleeping pod will cost you around $8000 to $12,000. It depends on the brand you are going for.

Q2. Which is the best type of sleeping pod?

Ans: If budget is not a problem, we suggest you go for a completely enclosed sleeping pod with a door as they work the best in blocking sounds and come with multiple other functions.

Q3. Are sleeping pods comfortable?

Ans: Yes, don’t be afraid to sleep in a closed environment; they are comfortable and provide a better experience than a regular bed.