SoundProof Blankets : How Blankets Are Good For SoundProofing?

SoundProofing is an art of keeping your private place quiet and pleasant but using SoundProof Blankets can you achieve this or not? If yes then how?

SoundProof blankets are not the best-recommended solutions for sound blocking up to 100% but yes efficient enough to absorb the soundwaves up to 80%.

That is why it has been suggested to soundProof a room or studio or your workplace where you are suffering from noise using acoustic blankets.

Usually, SoundProof blankets are called Acoustic blankets as their main purpose is to dampen the noise or absorb the unwanted noise originated from any source.

If you are in the middle of soundproofing your house then I strongly recommend having a look for the ultimate guide on 7 tips to soundproof a room.SoundProof Blankets do they really work

How SoundProof Blankets Works?

Many people misunderstood soundproof Blankets with SoundBarrier blankets because they are unaware of the concept of soundProofing vs Sound Absorbing and if you do not, make sure to check that guide first.

If you ask yourself do Soundproof blankets really work? Then I must say yes it works but how?

SoundProof blankets are made for the purpose of sounds absorbing where all the soundwaves initiated by any source reflect from the different corners of the rooms and amplify themselves.

With the existence of Soundproof blanket will absorb those soundwaves where its noise-resistant coefficient is around 0.8 which means it absorbs 80% of the soundwaves and reflects back only 20%.

It is made of two different layers the outer most is more transparent and made of woven fabric with acoustic transparent material and allows passing soundwaves in but the internal layer is very dense which absorbs most of the soundwaves which are coming in.

The inner layers materials are like fiberglass, mineral wool, cotton or vinyl which are efficient enough to absorb most of the soundwaves.

Instead of soundproofing blankets, you can also use some heavy dense blankets with the non-transparent top layer but results will not be efficient enough as the acoustic blankets.

But what about Moving blankets for SoundProofing, will that be a suitable replacement if you don’t have soundproof blankets?

Can we use Moving Blankets for SoundProofing?

I did research on this and found some awesome answers such as moving blankets are the roughs, not the actual soundproof blankets.

Moving blankets are a blend of polyester mesh and cotton materials which provide the great heavy dense blanket where its ultimate use is to prevent the damage of the accessories while transporting.

These are denser in the quality but not having those transparent acoustic materials to allow passing soundwaves coming in from the top layer.

Which is the result in more reflection back of the soundwaves, for moving blankets you can use any source of thick rough material but for efficient soundwaves absorption, it is advisable to go with acoustic blankets only.

For affordable price solutions, it is recommended to go with a few acoustic soundproof blankets and few moving blankets, where instead of buying 5 soundproof blankets you can opt for 2 and rest will be moving blankets.

As the price for moving blankets is cheaper as compared to soundproof blanket and can be used for multipurpose.

For an ultimate soundproofing experience, you can check the best-recommended moving Blankets from the Amazon.

For the effective use of moving blankets here is 9 step guide on how to hang moving blankets, I found while researching and thought it would be useful for you.

Reasons to Use SoundProof Blankets?

It is obvious to use soundproof blankets if you are struggling with the unwanted noise-generating in your house where the reasons could be anything like outside traffic, neighborhood music, etc.

This irritation got more worst if it’s generating echos in the house and the scientific reasons behind it are the reflection of the soundwaves from the walls, windows, ceiling or floor.

While we planning to soundproof a private room or music studio the biggest alternative we look is the soundproof acoustic foams and yes this is really very effective in minimizing the echos.

But what if soundwaves coming in or reflecting back from the hard surfaces like Door or window glasses or any other movable accessories.

Then the best solution to overcome that is a soundproof blanket, yes using soundproof blanket we can cover those hard surfaces and absorb the most of the soundwaves.

If we spoke about the window glass they absorbed only 5% and reflect back remaining 95% soundwaves and cause a real big problem if you have music studios.

However, the SoundProof blankets can be easily hung on any places and it has the ability to absorb up to 80% soundwaves and very less reflection back.

It is designed in such a way to pass soundwaves in from the top layer and its inner material absorb most of the waves. This will be a temporary solution you can use with any below-mentioned places.

SoundProof Blanket for Doors

We all know in any space the door is the biggest place which covers at least 10% of the room big area and if we won’t focus on Door then this could be the biggest challenge of noise generation.

As door connect the outside world with your room means the more soundwaves strikes to the door surface where few will pass and few will reflect back outside only or vice versa.

If you do not know on soundproofing a Door then makes sure to get look for the ultimate guide on 7 Steps to SoundProof A door.

While working around or getting more noise coming in then you can simply hang the soundproof blanket around the door and it starts its job.SoundProof Door Blanket

Every soundwave coming toward the door will be absorbed by the blanket and there will be very less hard surface left in your private area for soundwaves to be reflected.

Make sure to purchase the blankets which can cover top to the bottom area of the door for effective soundproofing of the door.

Here are few best suggestions for soundproof blankets of Door (Amazon), make sure to check the customer reviews prior to placing a purchase order.

SoundProof Blanket for Window

After the door, the other major source of a noise coming in or pass through with less absorption is the window and we have already explained the best ways on how to soundproof a Windows in 9 Steps.

Windows allows the passing of soundwaves easily due to the no airtight fitting, holes or cracks around the corners and many more other reasons such as quality of glass window.

Sometimes you may be playing the drum in the garage or using the air compressor in the garage ,where the soundwaves can coming out from the single-layer glass windows and overcome those the best solution is SoundProof blankets.

Like the door, we can hang the blanket around the windows which reduce the reflection back of the soundwaves and absorb the soundwaves coming from outside noise after passing through windows.

There are various advantages including hanging your soundproof blankets around door or windows.

  • Hang to the walls from where noise is coming in.
  • Use as a temporary carpet to minimize the echos reflecting back from the floor.
  • Can use in Bathroom and can experience great deadening of the echos.
  • In-studio for reducing the echos and better sound quality.
  • In private music room within the house to stop the escape of sound waves out.

Well in such a way there are various usage and reasons to have soundproof blankets in your house or any place wherever you are willing to deal with unwanted noise.

Now I hope you got a good idea on what is SoundProof blankets and how it works and reasons to use but if you are planning to buy make sure to check the below points prior to place purchase order.

How to Choose Quality SoundProof Blankets

While selecting soundproofing blanket to make sure to check the noise level you are facing currently in your space.

Because the price of the acoustic blanket will get an increase as you will look for the denser and the best quality materials.

Keep in mind that you can go with the moving blanket and acoustic soundproof blanket together for an affordable acoustic solution.

Here is the point to be considered while making your first purchase of soundproof blankets.

Quality of Material

It is the first most thing to consider as the absorption capacity of a blanket will totally depend on the quality of the material.

As we said earlier that it is made of two layers where the topmost layer made of acoustic transparent materials like fabric.

The inner layer is made of woolen, vinyl, fiberglass which create traps of the incoming soundwaves for more absorption.

From the user reviews, I understand that most of the soundproof blankets are having some shiny surface and they are dense internally. so can function efficiently.

The most important part of the consideration is the density of the blanket which is the real need for any blanket to get absorb any soundwaves.

For most user reviews you can check out a few suggestions on the Amazon SoundProof Blankets.

Size of the Blanket

While comparing the size of the moving blanket, it is around 72″*80″ in size however the size of the soundproof acoustic blankets is bigger than that approx 96″*80″.

Make sure you cover the area with a blanket which you want to be soundproof, let say door so search for the blanket which fit for the size of the door in similar for windows.

It is advisable to go for such blankets which have grommets as it makes your job easier to hang around any corner of the house.

Affordable Price Blankets

Price is the biggest thing to consider while purchasing soundproof blankets as I said earlier the price of the blanket will vary as you go for the higher quality.

The cheaper the quality the minor will be the sound absorption but usually moving blankets you can get for around 10-20 bucks but the acoustic blankets price range in between 40-80 bucks or maybe even more.

Here is one in that list which is Audimute sound Absorbing having an NRC rating of 0.85 means around 85% absorption and only 15% reflections.

It is great for recording studios, drum rooms, and rehearsal places because this blanket is composed primarily of recycled materials.

Well you know there are few suggestions to minimize the price on acoustic blankets by purchasing the right moving blankets so here is the tip for you.

Buy a few Moving Blanket

Well as I said it is an affordable solution to set a moving blanket along with an acoustic blanket to get more absorption of the soundwaves after saving huge pocket money.

If you chose the right moving blanket then you can achieve the soundproofing with minimum acoustic blankets.Moving blankets for soundproofing

Generally, the mover blankets are of around 72″*80″ but not tall as the acoustic blankets which mean you require more blankets to cover more spaces.

For more on quality and prices make sure to check the best-recommended suggestion here from Best Amazon moving blanket.

Conclusion on SoundProof Blankets

I have seen many places people tried differently to overcome the noise but I feel the easiest and effective solution is a soundproof blanket.

Due to its ability to absorb more than 80% of the soundwaves, it is quite effective in minimizing the echos.

Mostly door is the major source of the soundwaves to coming in and the effective solution to cover this is with the high-density blanket which is easy to hang and can be removed whenever in no need.

If struggling with a noise coming from the street close area or room or windows just hang blanket around the window or that place using its grommets.

While rehearsing in a closed room or small space then even you can purchase a SoundProof blanket hanger which can really get your blanket wherever you want.

Here is the end of my ultimate suggestions make sure to share your experience in the comment box for our new reader’s suggestions.

SoundProof Blankets do they really work

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