What Is Acoustic Windshield And Is Acoustic Glass Worth It?

What Is Acoustic Windshield And Is Acoustic Glass Worth It

While driving a car for a very long distance requires much concentration. But if the car windshield produces noise then this may disturb the driver.

However, this is a very common thing if you haven’t serviced your car. But if the noise is pretty much high then it creates a problem for you.

According to a report of the World Health Organization, more than 1.3 million approximately people die every year from car crashes in the US only and most of them happen due to the lack of attention of the driver.

That’s why for preventing this problem it is necessary to make silence in the car. So that driver can easily drive the car without losing his/her focus.

That’s why each and everything that is producing noise should consider your attention to fix and your car windshield comes at the top.

Because a regular windshield doesn’t have the acoustic film between both laminates. That’s why sound waves easily pass through from it and come inside your car.

But after installing the acoustic windshield will this problem be fixed or not?

Great questions!!. That’s why you need to read this complete article. Because in it I have covered each and every information related to the acoustic windshield.

Also, I have included other soundproofing materials you can use in your car.

But first, let’s understand what the acoustic windshield really is? So this is going to be very interesting so don’t skip any point otherwise you will lose your chance to fix this problem permanently.

What Is Acoustic Windshield & How It Works

The acoustic windshield also called acoustic glass is made with a mixture of raw glass and sound damping materials.

That usually fills between both laminate regular films. However, this acoustic windshield looks the same as the regular one.

But its sound-deadening properties will block the noise outside. So that passengers can speak without shouting or anything else.

But if your car suddenly has an accident then it will also safeguard all the passengers, even the driver.

Because after adding one more layer between the regular windshield. This acoustic windshield has a very dense and thick ability.

That will hold all the pieces of glass after hitting any solid thing.

In a simple way, the medium acoustic layer works as an insulator that interrupts the normal flow of vibrations.

So after hitting from a solid surface it will absorb as much energy. That will effectively reduce the heat and sound transmission through the surface.

However, this acoustic film can block the frequency between 1500 Hz and 5000 Hz.

I know this is not too much but if you are a normal driver. Then this will totally change the silence inside your car. However, if you usually drive above 100 KM.

Then you may hear some outer noise. That’s why if you also want to reduce the noise as much as possible.

Then while you are fixing the windshield on your car. You need to be very careful not to leave any gap left between the joints.

Advantages Of Acoustic Windshield

So now you have understood some basic things about the acoustic windshield. But do you know what are the major advantages you got after installing it in your car?

1. Noise Reduction

This is the usual advantage that you got after installing the acoustic windshield in your car.

So when you drive your car you will not hear any kind of outer annoying noise that disturbs you. However, these noises also will help you to stay awake especially if the distance is too long.

But if it goes higher then it will disturb you. That’s why for your entertainment you can also listen to any kind of song you like.

But if you don’t like too much noise then installing an acoustic windshield is a great thing.

2. Make Windshield Stronger

As you know for making any windshield acoustic you need to add an acoustic film between the lamination.

That makes it a perfect barrier between you and your car. But this will also make it dense and strong enough.

That can handle small accidents and safeguard all the passengers inside the car including the driver also.

Because the middle acoustic film will not let all the glass pieces away.

3. Thick & Lightweight

How much weight does your windshield have? Have you ever replaced the windshield of your car?

If yes, then you know the approximate weight of your car’s windshield. I know this is not too much that can’t be held in your hands.

But if you have a question after installing the acoustic film is its weight will increase or not? Don’t take tension; the acoustic film will not increase any weight in your windshield.

It looks the same as your older windshield is. However, it is not transferred into the acoustic glass.

4. Provide UV Resistance

Ultraviolet rays are the most dangerous rays that usually come from the sunlight. But we have multiple layers in your environment that block it away from us.

But now these layers are wiping out due to the heavy pollution produced by us.

That’s why you need to have UV-resistant acoustic glass in your car. That will safeguard you from the harmful rays of sunlight.

However, this is also helpful for you to get Vitamin D. But too much UV rays will harm your skin.

Disadvantages Of Acoustic Windshield

You know what benefit you got after installing the acoustic glass. But is there any downside of acoustic glass that you may face after installing it? Then read below.

1. Price & Maintenance Cost

The acoustic windshield is providing so many more features than the regular glass. That will also harm you when getting hit by any hard surface.

Its sharp pieces may cut your skin because it doesn’t have better bonding properties.

But acoustic glass has this safety feature. That’s why its price is much higher than the regular windshield.

Also, this is new in the market that’s why you may spend more while servicing your car.

Reasons Why You Need To Install Acoustic Windshield

Installing or not installing the acoustic glass depends on your need. But before deciding anything you should know the reasons behind it to install the acoustic windshield in your car. 

1. Peaceful Drive

Do you use your car to travel long distances? If yes, then you usually face many voices coming from outside of your car.

But if your car is already closed properly then where the noise is coming from. Most times I find that the car windshield has some gaps between the joints.

That becomes the cause of noise entering the car. Do you know this noise will go higher if you are stuck in traffic?

That’s why if you want a peaceful drive then having an acoustic glass is better. 

2. Protect Passenger

Cutting the skin from the shards of glass is hilarious. But when you get in an accident then there is a high chance you face this thing.

However, a regular windshield is designed to break into very small shards. That will not damage your skin.

But sometimes it does not happen and it will cut your skin. But after installing the acoustic glass it will hold all the shards of glass. That will protect all the passengers and the driver also.

3. Reduce Carbon Emission

How much do you love nature? Do you want to protect its natural resources? But as you know, driving the car has become the cause of producing carbon.

That pollutes the air and is not great for patients in hospitals. 

But while you install the acoustic glass it will hold the temperature inside your car. That’s why you don’t need to run the air conditioner of your car for so long.

That indirectly reduces carbon emissions in the environment. I know this is not enough but starting from one you will go long. 

4. Prevent Break-Ins

It is very normal that a thief steals a car in front of you and other people. But have you noticed how they can do that? What strategy do they use?

So in most cases police found that a thief usually attracts on the side windshield.

That’s why if it is strong enough it can’t break a small attack. Then there is nothing better than this because this will safeguard your car from any thief.

But this feature you will get in the acoustic glass. Tha also can become a reason for installing it. 

How To Check Your Car Has Acoustic Windshield Or Not

Is your car already installed with an acoustic windshield? How can you check you have the right windshield that you want to install in your car? This may happen if you give your car an acoustic windshield.

But the mechanic didn’t do that. Also, the acoustic windshield looks the same as the regular one.

So how you can do that? Don’t worry there are some ways to check it. The first one is you find the sticker on your glass that refers letter “A”.

It means this glass is Acoustic. Then the second way is to find the “SoundScreen” sticker on your car. Both refer you have installed acoustic glass in your car. 

Now you know everything about the acoustic windshield. That’s why I have decided to install it in your car. Then you can do that? That’s why you need to read below.

How To Replace Your Regular Windshield To Acoustic Windshield

Right now if you have a regular windshield installed in your car and you want to replace it.

Then it requires following some steps that will help you do that even if you don’t have any experience in it.

1. So in the first step you need to remove every piece of hardware that attaches to your old windshield. Because this may create problems.

2. After doing this, you also need to remove the wiper blades, windshield gasket, plastic molding, and other things from your old windshield.

3. Now this time to separate your old windshield by using the pinch weld with a razor. While doing this you need to be very careful.

4. Then use the razor and remove all the old urethane from the bonding surface. Make sure don’t make any scratch on the bonding surface.

5. When you complete it make sure to clean the bonding surface properly. So that while installing the new glass you will not face problems.

6. Then use the new urethane and apply evenly all around the windshield frame. But make sure to read the instructions.

7. Now you need to install the new acoustic windshield as soon as possible by using the suction cup and place it over the frame.

8. For a better seal you need to use the tape and apply it all around the windshield frame before drying the urethane.

9. So when it dries properly then reinstall all the hardware that has been removed earlier.

10. If you want to know if the installation is better or not. Then you need to take your car to the dealer to check the ADAS calibration.

So now you can successfully install the acoustic windshield in your car.

This will protect you and your car from the heat and sound transmission and other things also.

But if you want more soundproofing inside your car I have provided some other soundproofing materials below.

Other Soundproofing Materials For Your Car

After installing the acoustic windshield in your car if you are still getting annoying outside noise. Then you need to install some other soundproofing materials in your car.

  • Damping Mats: Have you ever the undercarriage of your car? Usually, the undercarriage of a car contains many moving parts that end up producing noise. These materials actually make your car’s floor very thin. That’s why you heard outer noise. But damping mats are specialized to fix this problem.
  • Sound Deadener: If you don’t know where the noise is coming from inside your car. Then what you will do because there are so many ways in your car where the noise can come. That’s why if you are seriously concerned about the soundproofing in your car. You need to install some sound deadeners in many places in your car. This will block every area where the noise can come.

Wrap Up On What Is Acoustic Windshield

Whether you have a regular or acoustic windshield if you leave any gap between the bonding area. You will hear the noise all the time.

There is no way to block it until you reinstall it. That’s why before considering the acoustic windshield my advice is first to check your regular glass.

If you find any gap then first try to fix it.

But if still facing outer annoying noise then this time to install the new acoustic glass. That will block most of the noise coming from outside.

That’s why I have provided all the steps on how you can do that. if this is the main culprit.

But if not then you need to find it or you can also install the sound deadeners in your car.

That will take the charge to stay back the noise. I know this looks very bad. That’s why you need to apply it inside the cover so that it will not show up.

But before installing the acoustic glass you should know the reason what you will get after installing it.

That’s why I have provided all the information related to the windshield.

FAQ: What Is Acoustic Windshield & Is It Worth It

Getting all the information related to the acoustic windshield is quite difficult. That’s why many people like you have more questions.

That can be solved easily. That’s why I have added some of the questions in this article to provide appropriate answers. 

How much does it cost to install an acoustic windshield in a car?

Installing an acoustic windshield depends on how better you want to install there are so many qualities.

Also, if you don’t want to install it yourself. Then the professional cost also increases that cost.

That may go between $600 to $800 so you should be careful while making a budget for it.

Is installing an acoustic windshield harmful for your health?

No, the acoustic windshield doesn’t have any toxic materials that may be harmful to your health.

Because this is made with the ordinary materials that are also found in your house. So don’t worry you will not hurt.

Can acoustic film in your car windshield create problems while driving?

Usually, all the materials that are inside your windshield are transparent.

So that driver can easily see the road. That’s why the acoustic film is also made with transparent materials.

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