What Is Lifter Tick And How To Fix It Quickly or Permanently Step By Step?

What Is Lifter Tick And How To Fix It Quickly Or Stop A Lifer Tick?

When suddenly passing through any breaker, hearing some sound from the car is a normal thing.

But if it continuously comes then it may cause any internal car damage. Maybe your car rocker arm, pushrod, lifter, valve, or any other part get serious damage.

If you ignore it by starting the radio especially in the case of Lifter Ticking Noise.

Then, in the long run, it will slowly damage other parts also and you need to invest more.

If the noise is increasing day by day then you are liable to pay the penalty of around $250 to $1500. Because there are some laws against it.

According to the report of Semasan, In the US every state has its own vehicle codes and the people of the state need to follow them. Otherwise, there will become a serious problem.

Vehicle noise regulation is also different according to every state in the US.

So if you have a problem in the lifter and that’s why this is producing noise higher than the regulated level. Then you need to pay more.

That’s why you don’t want to do this. You need to fix the lifter noise as much as quickly.

But what is the procedure of doing this, how can I start, which part should I check first? I know you have lots of questions related to this that’s why you need to read this complete article.

Because in it I have explained what the lifter tick really is, how you can fix it, what are the causes behind it, how you can replace your lifter and more.

So don’t skip any point otherwise you will lose your chance to make your car soundproof and fix this problem fast.

First, let’s start with a little bit of a brief introduction to the hydraulic lifter.

What is a Hydraulic Lifter (Valve )

The hydraulic lifter also called hydraulic tappet, hydraulic valve filter, and the hydraulic lash adjuster is another moving part of the engine.

That connects the engine’s valves with the camshaft. That helps the valve filter transfer the motion to the camshaft. So that it can open and close the engine valves.

This will control the intake of fuel and air in the combustion chamber and the process repeats. However, the lifter is a critical component of the engine.

That’s why it should be a well-working position. Because a car engine is a very complex device that combines hundreds of moving parts altogether.

That’s why this is required for critical maintenance. So that it can retain its better performance, efficiency, and durability.

This will help you to control the combustion process to save fuel as well.

If the hydraulic lifter isn’t working properly then you may face problems of having an engine valve and other issues. That leads to the dreaded lifter-ticking noise.

Are you still confused? Then watch this video you will understand what I am trying to say and you understand all the small components of the lifter valve.

Now it’s your turn to understand what are the causes of having lifter ticking noise inside your car engine.

What Causes Of Lifter Tick

If you are a car owner then you usually face the lifter tick because this is a common problem in the car.

But if you don’t care about it then it may damage the other parts also in your car. That’s why while fixing the lifter tick this is important to know what causes this problem.

1. Bad, Or Faulty Lifter

Sometimes when passing through a high breaker suddenly the lifter may damage, especially if you are driving your car at a high speed.

This becomes the cause of having lifter ticking noise in your car engine. In the US there are lots of roads and breakers out there that are ready to damage your car.

This is called a bad and faulty lifter when you start observing your car you will easily find this problem.

2. Dirt Deposits In Engine Oil

Are you a car-savvy person? How frequently do you drive your car to go to other places? If you are an office person then you probably need to drive your car every morning to go to the office.

This will become the cause of having ticking noise inside the engine. How? When you start your car it will charge the engine oil.

If it happens again and again then your car lifter could be jammed with dirt deposits.

3. Using Wrong Oil Viscosity

Does the valve filter of your car work on thin or thick engine oil? There are lots of types of engine oil available in the market.

But some of them may not be compatible with your car. Then if you use it may choke the valve filter.

Just like the engine oil viscosity of a fluid is also very important to ensure the valve filter is working well or not.

4. Faulty Engine Valve Lifter

Have you checked your engine valve lifter ever? Usually due to the poor maintenance of the car engine.

The engine valve lifter becomes damaged and if you ignore it will permanently damage.

The reason behind it using low-quality engine oil regularly that choked the valve lifter. As a result, it stops working, and then it starts producing noise.

5. Misaligned The Lifter

Do you know when the lifter absorbs the heat it will expand and shrink in size? Yes, this is totally right if you want the lifter valve to work properly.

Then you need to give the good balance spacing from the rocker arm, camshaft, and pushrod.

So the lifter can’t be stuck in a small space otherwise you may face your lifter ticking noise.

6. Damage Push Rod

A push rod is one of the most important parts of the engine. It doesn’t have any curve but connects with the underside rocker arm.

So that it can open the intake and exhaust valve to pass the air into the combustion chamber.

This process will complete the engine running but if the pushrod bent too hard. Then it will result in damaging the pushrod and facing the ticking noise.

7. Low Oil Levels

Do you regularly check the engine oil level? If not and if you don’t have enough lubrication inside the engine.

Then you may face the same problem of excess dirt. Because the lifter needs oil to maintain the lifting power by utilizing the suction process.

If the lifter fails in this process then you may face a lifter ticking noise.

8. Old Vehicle

How long are you using your car? After regular servicing your car and carefully driving. If a car lifter is still producing the ticking noise.

Then it may be the reason for using the car for a long time. Also, if you travel and usually travel in your car.

Then it may be a chance to take goodbye to your car. Because after using the car for so long it may damage moving parts.

That can’t be fixed and the lifter starts producing the ticking noise.

So these are some of the causes of the lifter ticking noise. Some of them are based on my own experience and some on my strict research.

I am not a car mechanic. But I know how to fix this issue because I have spent a lot of time with my own car. So let’s jump to the solution of fixing the lifter ticking noise.

How To Fix Lifter Tick Sound In My Car

Have you fixed anything in your car? If not, then don’t worry this is not so hard to understand.

All you need is to understand the solution and collect information about it. So that you can do your best.

1. Change The Engine Oil

As I have explained earlier the wrong engine oil and viscosity also become the cause of facing the lifter ticking noise.

That’s why in your analysis this may be the problem behind it. Then you need to change the engine oil.

All you need is just jack your car up and then carefully unclog and drain it in a container. Now take the filter out and install it again when all the oil gets outside.

2. Replace The Engine Oil Filter

Most of the time, if you are driving your car with low engine oil then the oil filter may damage permanently.

That’s why the lifter starts producing the noise because it is not getting enough lubrication.

So this requires replacing the engine oil filter. Don’t worry, you need to follow some steps as above. But while reinstalling the filter you need to use the new one.

3. Use Oil Additives

I know sometimes we actually use the wrong engine oil. That may damage the lifter and start producing ticking noise.

But changing the engine oil may be difficult for some people if they don’t know how to do that.

That’s why in this situation you can use oil additives which will make the oil thin for better flow and not choke the filter.

4. Replace, Or Adjust The Valve Filter

When the excess strain adds to the other moving parts of the car. This may damage the lifter that’s why the lifter starts producing ticking noise.

Then it is time to replace or adjust the valve filter. But keep in mind that replacing the valve filter may cost about $300 to $1000 depending on your car model and other criteria.

That’s why you can also adjust it if you can.

5. Fix The Damage Push Rod Or Rocker Arm

Sometimes when you hit accurately too hard it may be the pushrod and the rocker arm may damage.

Because it is directly connected with the speed and doesn’t have any curve. This will block enough lubrication in the lifter and the result is ticking or tapping noise.

So it’s time to fix the bent pushrod or rocker arm also.

6. Adjust The lifter

Above I have explained that if the lifter is not properly aligned and there is the poor spacing between the camshaft, rocker arm, pushrod, and the lifter.

Then you may face the liter ticking noise. That’s why if you want to get rid of this problem then you need to adjust the alignment of the lifter from the other moving parts. So it can work properly.

So if you are facing the lifter ticking noise in your car. Then you can use these ways to fix the solution and don’t worry it will not get worse if you do it properly.

But if you don’t want to face this problem again then you need to read below.

What Should I Do To Prevent Lifter Tick Again

Facing the lifter-ticking noise and other noises in the car is a common thing. But this will become bigger by the day if you don’t care about it.

That’s why if you don’t face the same problem again and again then there are some ways. That if you use them you will not face them again.

  • Proper Maintenance: Keep in your mind that every electronic and mechanical product needs proper maintenance. So that it can run for a long time without any damage. So while removing this problem you need to do proper maintenance of your car.
  • Use The Best Quality Of Engine Oil: Usually, oil is the most important thing in your engine. That lubricates other engine parts and increases the lifespan. That’s why if you don’t want to face this problem again you need to use the best quality of engine oil.

How To Replace The Hydraulic Lifter

Replacing the hydraulic lifter can be a little bit difficult work for you if you are not an expert.

But you can do this while following the steps below.

  • Prepare The Top Of The Engine: So first you need to remove the top of the engine. So that you can easily reach the valve cover that will help you in the next step.
  • Take Off The Valve Cover: After successfully removing the top of the engine. Now it turns to take off the valve cover by unbolting the and using the flat-handed screwdriver.
  •  Disassemble The Intake Manifold: First, you need to move the cylinder to get the manifold intake. While doing this you need to place the center position and then take out the intake manifold.
  • Replace The Lifter: This is the last step where you need to loosen the rocker arm. Then move it to the right side so you will see the hydraulic lifter that you need for a magnet.

Wrap Up On What Is Lifter Tick & How To Fix it

Facing the lifter-ticking noise also becomes embarrassing when you are traveling with someone important to you.

This is a very common problem seen in many cars. But if the car owner just ignores it then it will become bigger by the day.

That’s why if you don’t want to be stuck with a problem that you can’t solve.

Then removing these issues first is the prior thing for you. Don’t worry, you don’t need to work hard on it but you should understand what is the cause and how you can fix it.

That’s why I have written this article to help you. First, you should analyze the problem of why the lifter is producing ticking or tapping noise.

Then start fixing it if you can or if you can’t then you also get the help of any professional.

I know this will cost you more but this also saves your money by preventing any other problem.

FAQ: What is Lifter Tick & Best Ways To Fix It

Analyzing why your car is producing lifter-ticking noise is difficult to work. That’s why many people just like you are facing problems.

I have added some of them and tried my best to give appropriate answers.

 Is it safe to keep driving while lifting?

No, it is not safe for driving you by just ignoring the issue. If you do care about it then it may damage another part also and somehow you may face any accident.

How much does it cost to fix a lifter tick?

This mainly depends on where you have the problem and are you an expert in it or not.

Because if you do not then you may help any professional that will cost you more.

But on average, you will be charged around $200 while fixing the lifter tick.

Is it easy to fix the lifter tick without any past experience?

If you do not fix any problem in your and now you are trying to fix the problem.

Then you may face some problems while doing this. Getting advice from an expert is a great way.

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