Acoustic Plasterboard Vs Normal Plasterboard: Major Differences?

Acoustic Plasterboard Vs Normal Plasterboard: Major Differences?

While soundproofing a complete room, walls should come at the top of our requirements.

Because this is the main place where most of the outside noise is coming like your neighbor’s lawnmower, heavy traffic, party, and more.

According to the US National Institute Of Health report, more than 10 million US citizens are suffering from major health diseases like hearing loss, heart problems, and more due to heavy noise exposure.

So if you don’t want to be affected by the noise then using the acoustic plasterboard is a great choice.

Am I right? I think yes, but the acoustic plasterboard is more expensive than the normal one. Also, this does not mean that normal plasterboard doesn’t have acoustic properties. It has!.


That’s why understanding the difference between acoustic and normal plasterboard becomes so important.

Because this will help you to soundproof the wall. But the question is which one is better to use and what things you should notice.

So reading this article will help you to get the solution to your problem.

Because in this article I have explained both acoustic and normal plasterboard and their pros and cons.

So that you can make a wise decision. Also, I have included the other types of plasterboards and how you can install the acoustic plasterboard on your wall.

So stick around and read the complete article this will give you a clear idea of which one you should select for your wall.

But first, start with the intro and try to understand the basics of both.

What Is Normal Plasterboard

Normal plasterboard is ordinary plasterboard that doesn’t have any unique properties.

Usually, this is made with Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate). That is a soft and thick material used in plasters, blackboards, sidewalk chalk, and many places.

Also, after mixing some other materials this will become lightweight and better fire-resistant.

So while building these normal plasterboards manufacturers using pressure techniques between the facer and backer.

After pressing it very tightly the material will not be disconnected ever.

So you don’t think about it that’s why in most states using the plasterboard becomes a legal regulation.

So that your house becomes fire resistant and you can save some money also. Save Money!!!? Yes, this is totally right.

Heating and cooling systems consume more than 45 percent of total house energy in the US only.

So if you have plasterboard on your wall then you can save this energy.

But is using the normal plasterboard a great thing or do you need to check out acoustic plasterboard? Great question!. So for understanding this you need to read the pros and cons of normal plasterboard.


  • This is easily available in the market.
  • The installation process is very easy.
  • This is not very expensive.


  • This is not as thick as to block the noise.

What is Acoustic Plasterboard

Acoustic plasterboards are the more unique and the better version of normal plasterboards.

However, these are also made with the Gypsum that provides more softness and tightness to the structure.

But it is literally very thick among other plasterboards. Especially when you look at the traditional plasterboards and counterparts.

These are much better solutions for them because these latest versions of plasterboards will not expand anymore.

So that you don’t need to change it again and again. Literally, this was the main problem that stops people from using the plasterboards.

But now this ends and you can use the acoustic plasterboard.

So you can block any unwanted noise coming from outside. This will usually reduce the impact, airborne, and structure-borne noise that is the main problem while living in the apartment.

Usually, the soundproofing materials also have the insulation properties that I have explained above how you can save your electricity bills.

So if you go with the acoustic plasterboards then the percentage may increase a little bit and you can save more.

Isn’t that a great idea? I think yes, but wait, do you know what things you are going to face while using the acoustic plasterboard? If not, then you should read the pros and cons of the acoustic plasterboard.


  • It has a much thicker layer than any other plasterboard.
  • This is very effective to save your electricity bills.
  • It also has sound-absorbing properties.


  • It is a little bit expensive from the other plasterboards.

Wait!, these are not the only plasterboards you choose. You can also check out the other plasterboards and select the best one according to your need.

This will save your valuable time, money, and effort but also increase the effectiveness of your house.

Other Types of Plasterboards

Do you want more effective and affordable plasterboards than normal and acoustic?

Then understanding other types of plasterboards will give a clear idea of which one you should choose.

1. Fire Resistance Plasterboard

Do you know in the US more than 65% of people are living in timber wooden houses?

Because this is the most renewable and reusable material in the US market. That’s why people in the US like to live in it.

But this type of house is only found in moderate and cool places where the temperature is low.

Because in the hot temperature these houses caught fire instantly. That’s why people need to use fire-resistant plasterboard in their house to protect it from fire.

2. Moisture Resistant Plasterboard

Usually, in the summer and monsoon season, the house walls start getting moisture.

This will make the house structure weak and also become the cause of expanding and shrinking procedures.

That’s why if you want to prevent this thing from your house then you need to use moisture resistant plasterboard.

Don’t worry you can easily find it in your local area and make sure to properly fill in the wet area of your house.

So that it can absorb the most amount of moisture and make your house moisture-free.

3. Impact Plasterboard

Do you want plasterboard for your commercial building? If you are a commercial building where the people frequently go up and down.

Then using any ordinary plasterboard will not work. Because it can’t withstand the impact of heavy traffic.

That’s why you need to go with impact-proof plasterboard.

That will easily cover the heavy traffic area and provide more durability that reduces the chance of being damaged. Literally, there is no other stronger option than it is.

4. Foam Backed Plasterboard

Do you want to get better soundproofing and insulation with a moisture-resistant layer?

Then this is the better option for you because this is a mixture of three plasterboards and has three properties.

That will help you to save your house and prevent condensation inside the wall.

However, it is heavyweight and also a lot more expensive than others but it has multiple layers to provide different properties.

That’s why I don’t think about it anymore.

5. Foil-Backed Plasterboard

Do you know sound-absorbing and soundproofing are different? Yes, they are, because sound-absorbing material absorbs the noise, and soundproofing materials block the noise.

If you want to absorb the inside and outside noise of your house.

Then you should use the foil-backed plasterboard. Also, this will reflect the heat to maintain the temperature in the house.

This will save your electricity bill but is also expensive plasterboard.

6. Multi-Purpose Plasterboard

Multi-purpose plasterboard also called 4 in 1 solution that covers the water, impact, fire, and noise problem.

So if you want a better protective layer that saves your house from these all problems. Then you should go with the multi-purpose plasterboard.

However, the installation process is the same but this will cost you more than others. But if you are serious about protecting your house then I think this is no matter of cost at all.

So these are some of the types of plasterboards. That will help you with a specific problem rather than using the same one.

But keep in your mind that all the plasterboards only offer a certain level of resistance.

Now it’s time to understand more about the difference between normal and acoustic plasterboard.

Which One is More Effective: Acoustic vs Normal Plasterboard

This is important to have a protective layer on your house wall. That will safeguard your house from fire, moisture, and noise. Because these are the things that you face literally every day in your life.

But most of the time these issues will distract you and may be a dangerous thing while facing heavy climate change.

That’s why if you want to live in your house peacefully and protect yourself.

Then you should go with the acoustic plasterboard because it has much better soundproofing properties amongst others.

On the other hand, the normal plasterboard doesn’t provide this as much as you want. Suppose if you are living near any heavy traffic area.

Then the normal plasterboard will not work as effectively as acoustic plasterboard. Although both have the same costing but have a little bit different.

But if you want to get rid of the noise and save your electricity bill as much as possible. Then using the acoustic plasterboard is a better option in my opinion and research.

Suppose you have the acoustic plasterboard then how you can install it on your wall. Great question.

So let’s jump and understand the installation process of acoustic plasterboard. However, the installation process is the same for all types of plasterboards.

How To Install Acoustic Plasterboard On The Walls

There are two ways to install the acoustic plasterboard on your wall. The first is using green glue and the second is the screw.

Both are great ways but green glue is better because it has an acoustic adhesive compound. That will increase the soundproofing in your house.

1. Planning & Measuring

These two are the main things in any construction work otherwise you can’t build a perfect structure on an affordable budget.

That’s why first you need to make a perfect plan to install the acoustic plasterboard on the wall. You need to include all the measurements, items that need to use, quantity, rate, and other things

This will limit your budget and provide better results in the given estimate. You should start from the top of your wall and go to the bottom.

This way you will not miss any place that is necessary to install the plasterboard.

2. Cutting

When you have a proper plan to execute you only need some tools to cut the acoustic plasterboard.

Cutting the exact size of the acoustic plasterboard will help you to save some material.

This will save your money and in the future, if you need it again then you can simply use the left plasterboard. 

All you need is just have a well-sharp knife and then cut the material according to the proper dimension.

Then give a soft knock at the behind of the plasterboard. So that it can easily disconnect to the plasterboard. 

3. Use Adhesive

As you know I have described that you can use both screws or adhesive. However, the adhesive will cost you more but this is better than using screws. 

Because if you overtighten it then it may damage the plasterboard. That’s why professionals only recommend green glue as the best adhesive material. 

Because using the green glue is very simple and the soundproofing is truly impressive.

All you need is to carefully press the tube on the place where you are going to install the plasterboard.

Make sure to do this carefully and don’t spread it in unwanted places. Because the removal process is quite difficult. 

4. Installation

So when you successfully use the green glue in its perfect place. Then you need to put a perfect size of plasterboard.

That can easily fit in the cavity. Make sure not to remove and then reinstall the plasterboard in its place.

Otherwise, the effectiveness will finish and you may damage your existing structure.

That’s why before proceeding to install the plasterboard make sure to check everything.

Also, In my opinion, you should start from the top and then slowly go down. When you stick the board in its place then press it against the wall.

When you complete your work, wait for at least 1 whole day.

Wrap Up On Acoustic Plasterboard Vs Normal Plasterboard

Installing the plasterboard is important to safeguard you and your home from some irritating things.

But understanding the difference between acoustic plasterboard and normal plasterboard is difficult.

That’s why I have prepared this post for you and provides each and everything related to the plasterboards.

Also, I have discovered types of plasterboard that will let you choose which one you should instead of using only acoustic and normal plasterboard.

This will save you money and provide the better results that you want. But if you are not living near the traffic area and the climate is moderate.

Also if you don’t want to spend more on soundproofing your house wall. Then using the normal plasterboard is better than using anything costly because those are only used for extreme problems.

But make sure to read the pros and cons of both plasterboards this will give you a clear idea of which one is performing well now. 

However, both and other types of plasterboards are also great for a specific situation. If you are facing it right now then you should select the plasterboard according to this.

FAQ: Acoustic Plasterboard Vs Normal Plasterboard

Understanding the difference between acoustic plasterboard vs normal plasterboard is quite difficult.

That’s why many people just like facing lots of problems. I have some of them and try my best to give appropriate answers.

But if you don’t find your’s then let me know in the comment section. I will reply as soon as possible with a reliable solution.

How much does it cost to install the plasterboard on the wall?

Usually, the installation cost depends on the material quality, tools, and the type of plasterboard.

The better and effective material you use the higher it costs. But on average, it will cost you around $1500 for a standard single room.

Which plasterboard is the most effective one?

None of the plasterboards is the best for every situation because it is specifically designed for a specific problem.

But if you want as many problems to cover., Then you should go with the multi-purpose acoustic plasterboards.

Because these plasterboards cover the least issues.

Can I use the plasterboard in my bathroom?

Yes, you can use the plasterboard in your bathroom but it should be moisture resistant.

Otherwise, it will not work at all and may damage your existing wall.

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