What Is a Soundproof Window Plug/Insert & How To Make It?

What Is A Soundproof Window Plug/Insert & How To Make It?

Windows are simply amazing for making the space more attractive and healthy. Because it will let the fresh air and light enter inside the house.

However, the noise also comes with them, which is really a bad thing.

According to the report of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), around 100 million people in the United States ( about 50% population) are facing high exposure to heavy noise. That is really harmful to their health.

Especially if they are living near any traffic area. 

That’s why soundproofing the window becomes so important. But is a soundproof window plug or insert can be used for this work? How can you make it the same at your home?

So if you want to know what it is and how you can use it. Then you should read this complete article. 

Because in this article I have covered all information related to the soundproof window plug.

Also, I have shared a step-by-step process on how you can install it in your window. So stick around otherwise you will lose your chance to protect yourself from the harmful noise. 

What Is Soundproof Window Plug Or Insert

A soundproof window plug or insert is a kind of permanent or removable seal. That you can use to cover your window from inside.

This will help you to block the light, air, and noise from entering the house.

Usually, glass doesn’t have better Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings. That indicates how well the structure eliminates the noise.

But the soundproof window plugs increase this rating. Because it is made from multiple insulation layers. 

That is a mix of high-density materials to block the noise, green glue to absorb the noise, and other things also. That’s why after using it your ordinary window becomes an acoustic window. 

However, you can also make your window soundproof without using the soundproof window plug. But this requires double or triple the panel or laminate glass.

Not only increasing the budget you also need to replace your old window. 

What A Soundproof Window Plug Made Of

As I have explained earlier a soundproof window plug is made from multiple insulations materials. But what are those? You are going to make it to your home.

So this is great to have a list. So that you can manage the materials and select the best from them.

  • Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV): This is a limp mass material that is used to increase the mass of material. That’s why this should be used in your soundproof plug. Because this will help you to block the noise.
  • Green Glue: Do you know the difference between sound blocking and absorbing? So sound blocking is where the sound can be blocked. On the other hand, sound-absorbing material can absorb the noise. Green glue is sound-absorbing material. 
  • Plywood: Now, you need to provide a strong structure to your window plug. That’s why you need to use plywood. But you can also use MDF or OSB this will work as a plus point in it. 

So these are the main materials that are used to make soundproof window plugs or inserts. But why do you really need it? 

Why Should I Use A Soundproof Window Plug

Do you have a newborn baby, an aged person, or a patient at your home? Are you working from home or want peace?

Are you living near any heavy traffic area? Is your neighbor making too much noise? 

So there are so many reasons behind making your house or room soundproof. Where the window plays a very important role.

Because this is directly connected to the outer world without any protection. I know sound is a very common thing and without it, we can’t expect to live. 

But when it goes at a high level it starts giving harmful effects. So whether you are of any age or gender you are in danger.

That’s why using the soundproof window plug is a great thing to protect your loved ones and you as well. 

So now if you understand the importance of having a sealed window. Then you can read how to install it in your window. 

How To Make & Install A Soundproof Window Plug: Step By Step Process

Making and installing the soundproof window plug is not a hard job if you know the right process to follow. So if you want to complete this work fast then you should read below. 

Required Items & Materials 

So before starting the work you should collect them in one place. So that you don’t go find them again and again.

  • Tools: Measuring tape, utility knife, screws, screwdriver, drill, saw, square, caulking gun, staple gun.
  • Materials: Green glue, MDF or OSB, mass loaded vinyl, handle, weatherstripping, decorating items.

Now the game begins!. 

1. Measuring The Dimensions 

What is the size of your window and how much depth do you want? Before cutting the right size of soundproof plug or insert.

This is important to have the measurements. This will give you the right path and the exact amount of material to be eliminated.

So starting from the top you need to measure the length, width, and depth of the complete window. Because the window frame is a little bit smaller than the cavity.

But make sure to check the space. That should be left between the soundproof plug and window frame. 

This will prevent the vacuum that may ruin your work. For this work, you can use a measuring tape and note it down somewhere safe.

This will help you to complete the next step. Because the wrong size will not work at all. 

2. Cut The Materials

This is the most difficult part of this project. Because if you do anything wrong while cutting. Then you need to have another board.

But don’t worry this will not take more time and if you have already done the cutting job. Then you can easily do it. 

So you only need a piece of MDF or whatever plywood you have. Then carefully put it in a clean place and use a table or circular saw whatever you have.

But this will make the work more quickly. But I don’t want to do all these things by myself. 

Then you can buy the exact size of plywood from any local hardware shop. But keep in your mind that the soundproof window plug should be snug as much as possible.

So that it can easily block unwanted things from outside.

3. Add Soundproofing Layers

Making the window soundproof requires having multiple soundproofing layers. That will block or absorb the noise from outside.

However, there are so many soundproofing materials available in the market. 

That can be used with a soundproof window plug. But when it comes to effectiveness and performance mass loaded vinyl and acoustic foam are the right choice for this work.

That’s why you can use it on the plywood. But make sure to use the right quantity.

Because however, this is sound-absorbing material. But if you added only a single layer. Then this will not work very well.

That’s why earlier I have explained that you need to use multiple layers of insulation material for better use.

4. Stick Them All Together

When you get ready all the insulation sheets that you want to be in your soundproof window plug.

Then this time to stick them all together. So that you can make a proper and better structure. That’s why first you need to lay down the plywood on the floor.

Then spread the green glue throughout the board. Make sure it should be evenly spread. Next, lay the mass-loaded vinyl on it and press it firmly.

Don’t try to push hard; it will damage the structure. But make sure to remove all the air bubbles and make the surface smooth.

Now, it’s time to add the second insulation layer which will make the window plug stronger. So spread another thin layer of green glue.

Then lay down the acoustic foam on it. Again, press the whole area firmly.  

5. Start Decoration

Congratulations, you have to build your own soundproof window plug or insert. But how is it looking right now? I know it’s very bad!!!.

That’s why before inserting the soundproof plug into the space. You should try something to make it a little better.

So that it can match your house’s beauty. However, this also can be used as-is. But this is your choice.

By the way, if you want to decorate your soundproof window plug. Then you need to wait for it to dry properly.

Then you can use anything on it such as wooden paint, posters, wallpaper, and all that. It all depends on you.

Or if you want to hide it completely then you can also use soundproof curtains. That will work as a plus point for it. 

6. Install Handles

Do you want to safeguard your soundproof window plug from scratches while setting it up?

Do you want to make things easier for you to install and remove the window plug? Then you need to install handles on its very edges.

This will help you to locate it anywhere out of the frame. Also, when you want to clean your window from the inside.

Then you can easily remove it. That’s why you can use some screws and a screwdriver for this work. 

Then make a perfect hole from the drill and install it right away. Make sure the handles must be in the right direction.

Otherwise, they will hit the window frame that may cause any damage. So before putting it you should check it for good. 

7. Seal It With Weatherstripping

Installing the soundproof window plug doesn’t mean that you can completely soundproof your window.

Because this is only a seal that will help you to block and absorb the noise. But if it doesn’t install properly then it will not work well.

That’s why without adding weatherstripping to your window plug this is not completed. Because weatherstripping is a perfect seal.

That will prevent anything from passing from the cavity. That will be created when installing it inside the window frame.

However, this is a usual thing but it should be removed also. Because sound waves can travel through even a small gap or crack in your house.

But this is as big as you have under the door. This will help you in the next step also.

8. Insert It On Its Place

Now you have completed your window plug or insert. But how do you know it is properly fit inside the window frame?

This is not the best soundproof window plug until it covers the window from all the sides properly. 

That’s why now it’s time to check how well you build it. So try to install it carefully but make sure not to scratch. Otherwise, the performance will be reduced.

That’s why first you need to hold the window plug from its handle.

Then slowly slide inside the cavity and check if all things are good or not. If you don’t know, is it working well or not.

Then you can use a sound level meter. This will help you to complete this work. If all things look good then you have done a great job.

Benefits & Downside Of Soundproof Window Plug

You have installed a soundproof window plug to protect yourself from annoying and harmful noises.

But do you really know what are the benefits and disadvantages you will get from it? If not, then you should know it before you start executing your plan.

Benefits Of Soundproof Window Plug

  • Reduce Sound Transmission: After installing the soundproof window plug it usually reduces the sound transmission inside the house or area where you have installed it.
  • Energy Saving: In the winter or summer season we need to use a cooling or heating system for our house. This will increase the electricity bill. But soundproof window plugs also decrease thermal transmission.
  • Provide Blackout: Do you want to completely blackout in your room? Are you planning a candlelight dinner with your wife? Then you need to use a soundproof window plug for blackout inside the room.
  • Cost-Effective: This is made with easily available soundproofing material at your home. Then usually this is a cost-effective item.
  • Prevent Discoloration: Heavy sunlight usually fades the inside color and damages the furniture. But after using it this problem will be solved.

Disadvantages Of Soundproof Window Plug

  • Bulky: After adding multiple layers of insulation materials or other things this becomes heavier. So if you are an aged person and have a problem holding a heavyweight. Then you face some problems.
  • Prevent To Use Window: Outside is full of adventure and beautiful things. I know it is not possible to go out again and again especially during this Covid situation. That’s why windows will help you in the community with nature. But after installing it you can’t use it anymore.
  • Low-Frequency Waves: However, installing a soundproof window plug but can’t block low-frequency sound waves.
  • Compatibility: Most of the window frame doesn’t have extra space for installing other things in it. That’s why if you also don’t have the space then you may face problems using it. 

Wrap Up On What Is Soundproof Window Plug

Protecting your health from harmful noise becomes so important if you want to survive. Because the level of noise pollution is getting higher day by day.

However, there are so many things available to make your house completely soundproof.

But this depends on you how well you want to make your house. However, not all of them require much investment. But you need to have some in your pocket.

Because many ways in your house can become a gateway for noise coming inside the house.

But the window has the most because this can be open and shut easily. That can only happen if it has space for it. That’s why if you want to protect yourself from harmful sound waves. 

Then you should install the soundproof window plug as I have explained above. But it is great that you read all of the advantages and disadvantages after installing it in your house. 

FAQ: What Is Soundproof Window Insert & How To Make It

Understanding the soundproof window insert is not a difficult task. But so many people just like to have lots of questions that can be solved easily.

That’s why I have added some of them In this article to provide appropriate answers to them. 

How much does it cost to install a soundproof window plug?

Installing the soundproof window plug depends on many other factors such as the quality of the material, quantity, and so on. But when it comes to the overall budget it should not go more than $150.

Is a window plug the only way to soundproof a window?

No, a window plug is not the only way to soundproof a window. There are many ways out there such as soundproof curtains, soundproof blankets, weatherstripping, and so on. You can use any of them to replace the window plug.

How much noise a window plug can block?

There is no level to check how much noise a soundproof window plug can block. But if you use better quality materials and other things, Then definitely you will see better results and it will block the maximum amount of noise.

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