How To Get Bad Neighbours To Move or Get Rid of: 18 Working Ideas!

How To Get Bad Neighbours To Move

Bad neighbors can really put a damper on your quality of life. Especially if they’re constantly making noise, being messy, or causing other disturbances.

However, this behavior is often tolerated because people don’t want to deal with the hassle of getting their neighbor to move.

According to the report of the National Apartment Association, more than 39 million people in the United States are living in small apartments. Most of them are facing the same problem as you are right now.

So, you’re not alone in this battle. Although, this can be a difficult and frustrating problem to solve. But when it comes to your quality of life, it’s worth the extra effort to get rid of bad neighbors.

But how you can do that? That’s why you need to read this complete article. Because in this article I have covered 18 simple ideas for how to get bad neighbours to move.

Also, I have shared each idea has a different way do so.

So Let’s Get Started!

18 Best Ideas How To Annoy Neighbors To Move: Simple & Easy

If you are done with your neighbor’s silly things and now you want revenge. Then these 11 ways will help you to succeed in your mission.

So that you can feel great and no one disturbs you again. These ways are separated into some parts so that you can select them easily.

1. How To Annoy Your Neighbor

If you are done with your neighbor’s silly things that disturb you and you can focus on your work. If you tried all the things to convince you how busy you are.

But they are not stopping. Then it’s time to annoy your neighbor by using these simple ways.

  • Order Pizza: Have you ever ordered any pizza to the wrong address? If not then now you need to do it. You could have ordered a pizza to your neighbor’s address. So when the pizza boy comes to deliver the pizza and collect the payment. Then your neighbor will refuse to give payment because he didn’t order as usual. Then you can ask the delivery boy if you will buy these pizzas at a reduced cost instead of just wasting them. I am pretty sure pizza boy will go this way.
  • Doorbell Ditch: When you were a child you probably used this trick to annoy other people? But now you are young but you need to use it again on your neighbor’s doorbell. This will give you more enjoyment and satisfaction as you want. All you need is to just ring your neighbor’s doorbell and then hide for 10 minutes. Then again do it and hide for 15 minutes. You should do that again and again until you are not done with it.
  • Sic The Solicitors: I am pretty sure you face solicitors every week or month. Because this is their job to sell and rave about their product or service. You could benefit from it and annoy your neighbor. When a solicitor comes to your door you can tell them your neighbor might be interested in their product or organization. They will definitely ask you to show them his address. When you do that you will blow up your neighbor’s mind.

2. How To Annoy Upstairs Neighbors

An apartment usually covered with people all around your wall, floor, and even upstairs may produce noise because of your noisy neighbors.

So if you want to annoy your upstairs neighbors then you should try these ways.

  • Bang On The Ceiling: If you are living in an older apartment whose ceiling is not quite strong now. That’s why you are facing the upstairs neighbor’s stomping noise. They can reduce it if they want but if they are not doing this then you should try another thing to convince them. How? Well while they are sleeping you can use your broom handle or any ordinary stick that produces noise. Then use it to bang on the ceiling. This way they will learn a better lesson.
  • Use Ceiling Vibrator: Some neighbors are not as good as you are thinking about them. That’s why after making a loud noise on your ceiling they will learn how you feel when they do the same thing to you. If they will not stop not annoying you then you can next-level bang noise. So try out the ceiling vibrator when they are sleeping or working. This will definitely disturb them and this way you can take better revenge.
  • Try Out The Jelly: Is your neighbor walking like an elephant? If yes, then this is definitely producing so much impact noise on your ceiling. So it sounds better that they can’t go inside the house. Then they can’t produce the noise. This is a win-win situation for you. Am I right? I think yes, so you can try out the vaseline jelly on your neighbor’s doorknob when they are not home. Make sure to care about any hidden camera. This will reveal your secret and you may be stuck in a big problem.

3. How To Get Revenge Even With Mean Neighbors

Having mean and rude neighbors will don’t stop whatever they are doing to annoy you.

All the requests and warnings are a waste of time and you need to try other things to take revenge on them.

  • Roast A Pig: Sweat food smell will distract everyone’s focus while they are sleeping, working, reading, or watching a TV show. I know you can’t do that every day but on holiday this is better food and a way to annoy your neighbor. I am also a food lover so when I smell roasted food like a pig this distracts me. That’s why this will also disturb your neighbors and they can’t do anything about it. You are making food, not a rocket.
  • Use Free Internet: Have you used other people’s wifi for surfing the internet? Do you have an active internet connection right now? Some people don’t like to secure their wifi or don’t know how to do that. If your neighbor also has an unsecured active wifi connection. That is available for everyone then should also try it out and save some money. This will help you to get your work done and also help you to take revenge on your neighbor.
  • Borrow The Paper: Do you more than 73% of all the population in the US only read newspapers every morning and spend around 16.2 minutes daily. This looks amazing!. I know that this will also help you to annoy your neighbor if he has a tough habit of reading the newspaper every day. You can borrow their newspaper every holiday without telling anyone. After reading it you can stick it to your neighbor’s door with a sorry note.

4. How To Piss Off Your Neighbors

Do you know there are more than 5 types of people in the world? Those have different behaviors that affect other people’s lives like you.

That’s why if the above ways are not working for your neighbor.

Then he comes in this category so you can check out these ideas also.

  • Make Loud Music: Suppose if you are sleeping and someone is practicing his worst karaoke, stereo, or other music things. Then this will ruin your sleep and make you angry. The same you need to do with your neighbor if they are so mean and rude to you. If you are not a professional musician or singer then it’s even great. Because this will help you to produce a worse masterpiece. You should use this idea when your neighbor is working or sleeping.
  • Make Dogs Bark: I think you haven’t seen this before that you pay a dog to annoy your neighbor. But I think there is no better idea than that. Because I have already tried it out and I got better results from it. After some time my neighbor will come to my room and request to stop these dogs and he will not produce any kind of noise. You can also try it out by giving better training to some dogs. After some time they will learn how to do it and when to do it.
  • Turn On Your Sport Passion: Do you have any sports passion that hides from the people? Have you tried to express it and make practice it? If not, then now you should do that inside your room. Because this helps you to annoy your neighbor and may move them to the next place. Whether your sports passion is cricket, basketball, table tennis, and others. You should practice when they are doing something or sleeping because this is the best time.

5. How To Get Bad Neighbors To Move

When you are literally done with your neighbors and want some other ways. That forces your neighbor to move to another place.

That is well from them and you as well. Then you should try these ways.

  • Decorate Their Door: Do you know about some ugly colors or do you have those? Someone if you’re a child and someone paints your desk with ugly colors. Then this will disturb you don’t want to sit at the table. The same behavior also finds the younger version and if you want to get your bad neighbors to move. Then I need to try this way by using some ugly colors and making drawings on their doors. When you do that make sure not to capture any camera.
  • Knock The Door: When you are sleeping and someone rings the doorbell again and again. Then this will ruin your whole night and force you to move to the next peaceful place. Where you can sleep without any disturbance. Then you should also ring your neighbor’s doorbell or knock on the door at odd hours. Especially when they are sleeping because this is the perfect time for this job. That provides you satisfaction and helps you to move your neighbor.
  • Give Money To The Children: Do you know about some naughty children who always disturb anyone? There is a strict law about child beating if anyone finds it breaking this law. Then he/she is liable to impressment for three years and a heavy fine. So you can take advantage of it and give some money to the naughty orphan children in your building or someone else to make noise from your neighbor’s door. Literally, your neighbor can’t do anything about it and if they tried to do so you can take pictures and give them to the police.

(Note: These ways ate pretty dangerous you may be stuck in a big problem)

6. How To Get Revenge On A Neighbor Legally

If you have tried all the things and your neighbor isn’t stopping things to disturb you.

Then you can take legal action against him so that he/she can learn how to behave to other people.

  • Complain To The Management: Do you have management for the apartment? If you have then you can complain about these annoying things. What your neighbor is doing with you and try to convince them how busy you are and can’t focus on your work. Even at night, your neighbor is making too loud a noise. They will definitely take strict action against him.
  • Call The Cops: After complaining to the management if your neighbor doesn’t stop making the shit. Then you can call the cops and give them a warning. If they are not the next level of the worst person then they will stop. This way also you can take revenge on your neighbors by shaming them in front of all of the apartment members.
  • File A Legal Suit: Are they making a loud noise? That is miserable and you can bear it. Then you can file a complaint against the lawsuit. Because there is a strict law about the noise level if the noise is greater than the recommended level. Then they are liable to pay $2500 to $7500 or go to jail if they don’t have money.

Wrap Up On How To Get Bad Neighbors To Move

When you have a really bad neighbor that is disturbing you again and again. Then using some ways to take revenge from it is not a bad thing.

Because you are doing the same that they have done with you. That’s why I have discovered these ways that will help you.

You can check which category your neighbor is in now.

So that you can use the best way according to this. I know some of the ways may get you into trouble.

I have provided 18 different ways, some of which are not too dangerous to try. You can choose which idea is better for you.

But make sure to do everything without capturing it with any camera.

This will help you to prevent any problems. Or if you have tried almost every way and your neighbor is not stopping what he is doing right now.

Then you can file legal action against him. If they are making too much noise you will get a heavy payment.

Caution: Take all these ideas as advice only, rest you all know the consequences.

FAQ: How To Get Bad Neighbors To Move

Selecting effective revenge from your annoying neighbor is quite difficult. That’s why many people just like you are facing lots of problems. That can be solved easily. So I have added some of them in this article to provide appropriate answers.

Q1. What can I do to stop my neighbor from making noise with self-measure?

Ans: If you are facing a lot of noise coming from an upstairs neighbor or right next to the door. And if you don’t want to take any revenge on them. All you need to do is just stop the noise. Then you can soundproof your apartment or if you don’t have that much money to invest. Then you can use a white noise machine or earbuds.

Q2. Should I tell my neighbor politely to be quiet?

Ans: Yes, this is the first way that you should try. Because maybe your neighbor is a good person but you start the fight first without asking to be quiet. You can understand them about your problems, such as if you have work that has today’s deadline or other.

Q3. How to deal with a psycho neighbor?

Ans: Literally, if you have very bad luck then you will face a psycho neighbor. That may be dangerous for you if you do any silly things with him to take your revenge. This is better to collect evidence against him and prove he is a psycho person.

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