9 Best Silent Dog Whistle to Stop Barking and Training Review

Best Silent Dog Whistle

Dogs are one of the most common pets in America. But their barks can be annoying, especially when they do it at night or first thing in the morning. A silent dog whistle can help train your dog to stop barking, as well as other unwanted behaviors.

According to the report of the American Pet Products Association, it is estimated that about 36.5% of households in the United States own a dog. Dogs have been part of the family for centuries and will continue to be man’s best friend.

Dogs bark for many reasons. They may be hungry, thirsty, bored, or they may need to go to the bathroom. However, sometimes dogs bark for no reason at all.

This can be frustrating for dog owners, as well as for the neighbors who have to listen to the incessant barking.

A silent dog whistle can help train your dog to stop barking. The high-pitched sound of the whistle is only audible to dogs, so it will not bother your neighbors.

Silent dog whistles can also be used to train your dog to do other tricks, such as sit, stay, come, and down.

But finding the best one can be frustrating for you. That’s why you need to read this article. Because in this article I have covered the 9 best silent dog whistles. Also, I have added a buying guide. That will help you to find the right one.

Are you in a hurry? Then check this out!.

If you are in a hurry then you can pick this MODUS ultrasound electronic silent dog whistle to train your nearest dog.

Literally, more than 22000 people already purchased it and given their positive ratings. This silent whistle produces over 25KHZ of sound waves that don’t affect the human ear, How? I will clarify it soon.

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What Is A Silent Dog Whistle and How It Works

A silent dog whistle is a type of whistle that emits a sound that is inaudible to humans but can be heard by dogs. This makes them a popular tool for training dogs, as they can be used to give commands or corrections without the dog’s owner having to shout.

Silent dog whistles are also often used by dog owners who want to keep their dogs from barking excessively.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using a silent dog whistle, such as the fact that different dogs will be able to hear different frequencies. It’s important to find a silent dog whistle that emits a frequency that your dog can hear.

You can usually test this by holding the whistle up to your own ear and seeing if you can hear anything. If you can’t, chances are your dog won’t be able to either.

It’s also important to keep in mind that silent dog whistles are not a magic solution to all of your dog’s problems. If you’re having trouble training your dog or getting them to stop barking, it’s important to seek out professional help.

A silent dog whistle should be used as a supplement to your dog training, not a replacement for it.

Buying Guide For Best Silent Dog Whistle

Silent dog whistles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. So there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

1. Acoustic Consistency Of  The Whistle

This is very hard to fill the balloon with the same air pressure through your mouthpiece. That’s why you can’t whistle with the same sound frequency every time.

To do this you need to become a master in it. But I think you don’t want to become a whistle master, right!.

I have the best solution for this: you can simply purchase an electronic ultrasound silent dog whistle. This will easily produce the same frequency every time.

2. Rage Of  The Silent Whistle

How far away can my dog hear my dog whistle? This is a pretty interesting question, am I right? According to my own research, even 400 yards away your dog can still hear your acoustic whistle command.

If your dog ran away more than 400 yards from you then what would you do? That’s why I suggest you purchase the one that can be easily hearable more than 500 to 700 yards away

3.  Must Have To Produce Clean Sound

If you have purchased a non-electronic whistle then this section is for you. I mean to make your whistle easily hearable from your dog.

Then you need to clean it regularly with simple soap, dishwasher, scrub, and others. You will get clean and consistent sound waves.

4. Make It Strong Selection

If I told you to change your timetable then can you do that easily? I don’t think you can do it, even every person has to face many problems.

Even your dog will be confused if you change his/her whistle. That’s why strength is also an important factor in it. Make sure not to purchase any plastic whistles.

Otherwise after adapting the frequency, if the whistling breaks then you will definitely face some issues.

5. Adjustable Frequency

Working on the same frequency can be difficult because all dogs and all whistles are not the same. You have to adjust the frequency according to the comfort level of your dog.

The best thing is to purchase an electronic silent whistle and check all the frequency levels to understand which one is best. The silent whistle must be as much as a quiet fan for your better sleep.

Now, you are totally aware of how to purchase the best silent whistle for your dog? But if you still face the problem then you can read the instructions.

Some of the whistles come with an instructions book, DVD, and ebooks. You can check these and learn how you can use the whistle to train your dog?

Now, Let’s check the 9 best silent dog whistles to stop barking at your dog.

9 Best Silent Dog Whistle To Stop Barking and Training

Does your dog bark every time without any reason? Then I think he/she needs to be trained. As I have explained earlier that you need the best silent dog whistle to train your dog.

I have provided the same right below you can check:

1. Acme Silver Silent Dog Whistle- Best Price

The Acme Silver Silent Dog Whistle is the best value, good looking, convenient, and durable. Have you seen it has a trilling pea design mouthpiece cap?

That allows a user just like you to produce trilling. Trilling helps you to produce basic and more complex commands that go up to 400 yards.

The downside is you will not get an instruction manual so you need to try different frequencies to get the best pitch. It takes some time and practice as well. Let’s check how you can use it?

  • First, you need to remove its upper cap.
  • Second, as you start blowing your whistle then twist the end.
  • Third, when your dog turns to face the whistle.
  • Last, then turn the centerpiece of the whistle and lock the pitch.

Does this look easy? but it isn’t, I have spent over 7 days to get mastery on my whistle. This is why I am telling you to purchase a strong one. Don’t lose it anywhere otherwise, you have to waste another 7 days.



Strong structure

Instructions not included

Adjustable frequency

Not as much as quiet others

Silver math looks great


Mouthpiece cover included


No products found.

2. MODUS Electronic Silent Dog Whistle For Bark Control

The Modus Ultrasound Silent Dog Whistle is the best on my review list. This is not really a whistle because you can’t blow it. But this is very effective and easy to use to stop barking at your dog.

Why do I add this to this list? I think this must be a great alternative to replace the non-electronic whistle.

Many people can’t blow the whistle in a proper way that’s why their dogs don’t give them any reply. But with this effective electronic solution, you can train your dog not to behave badly, digging, and eating unsafe food.

MODUS silent dog whistle produces above 25KHZ of frequency. That easily grabs your dog’s attention and you don’t have to waste your 7 valuable days to master it.

All you need just press the button for over 10 seconds turn it on. After it, a green LED light will on and working. Moreover, this is not chargeable but 4 AAA batteries are included.

When it comes down then just replace the batteries. But its ultrasonic sound provides a range maximum of 6 yards.



Strong structure

Only 6 yards supportable

Adjustable frequency

Not waterproof

Electronic device


Ultrasound capability


Note: Don’t use this device on dogs under 6 months and above 8 years.

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3. FANZ Ultrasonic Best Silent Dog Whistle With Adjustable Frequency

The FANZ ultrasonic is the non-electronic silent dog whistle. It has an amazing ability to emit ultrasound waves. That you can’t hear but your dog can hear it clearly.

When your dog is 3 to 7 months old then this silent whistle works very well. Because at this age usually dogs mind works properly and start learning new things.

If you train your dog at this stage then he/she will never do any wrong thing.

This professional silent training dog whistle has easy to adjustable frequency. You need to rotate the frequency bar to find the best pitch.

A small and lightweight design gives you more flexibility and convenience to carry it in your pocket. Your dog becomes your best friend ever and friends don’t hear each other.

That’s why FANZ makes their silent whistle as much as comfortable to hear for dogs.

Moreover, its supportable range is 27 yards approximately. So don’t let your dog go far from this range.



Strong structure

Only 27 yards supportable

Adjustable frequency

Plastic Sleeves

Silver Mat Finish




No products found.

4. Elopaw Ultrasonic Completely Silent Dog Whistle

Elopaw is another electronic ultrasound silent dog whistle. That has more than 3 automatic frequencies.

That attracts almost every dog’s attention and makes them well trained. Its 3 frequencies produce up to 25KHZ of sound waves that pass through its obstacle material.

Can this silent dog whistle stop your neighbor’s dog barking? Yes, it has a human deep function for conditioned reflex that stops any dog from barking.

You don’t need to check multiple frequencies. All you need is to just press the beep button and this device starts emitting its ultrasonic sound waves.

What will you do when you forget to replace its batteries? Don’t worry this doesn’t work on batteries.

You will get the option to charge it from the USB cable. That works up to 12 days after the full charge. But the downside is this has also the same problem: you can’t call your dog far from around 5 yards. So be careful!. 



Ultrasound capability

Only 5 yards supportable

Adjustable frequency

Not waterproof





No products found.

5. Bcyajdi Silent Dog Whistle For Recall

Bcyajdi Silent Dog Whistle comes 2 in a single pack. That has the same frequency it means if you lose the first one then you can use the backup silent whistle.

For a better tune, you need to adjust its frequency by adjusting its sonic screw. Dog trainers say, if you lose control of your dog then he/she may bite your children.

This is totally hilarious!. You need to train your dog properly by using the silent whistle. The dog whistle helps you to train your puppy/dog.

So first start with simple basic skills then go further. This silent whistle is made with stainless steel and covered with a protective lid.

Moreover, its anti-losing capacity prevents dirt, damage, and accidents. Its amazing recall frequency helps you to get your dog’s attention without any health concerns.

But for positive behavior, I suggest starting to train him/her when your dog is 3 to 7 months old.



Cover with plastic lid

Maximum yards supportable

Adjustable frequency

Instructions not available

Strong structure




No products found.

6. ROFAKU Silent Dog Barking Whistle

ROFAKU is another silent whistle that comes 2 in a single pack. Additionally, its manufacturer provided lanyards with it so you can’t lose it anywhere.

Its adjustable frequency fits according to your dog’s style. Confused!, just set the best frequency that gives optimum results.

Are you going outside with your dog then don’t let the whistle hang in your neck? It looks very odd.

Thanks, its compact and lightweight design that you can easily carry in your pocket. For better grip, you will also get heavy metal and textured finish.

If your dog goes far from you then you can easily call him/her with this silent whistle. That provides you 25 yards of supportable sound waves.



Cover with plastic lid

Only 25 yards supportable

Adjustable frequency

Instructions not available

Strong structure




No products found.

7. JESOT DIY Silent Dog Whistle For Training

JESOT DIY Silent Dog Whistle is another excellent whistle in this list that comes 4 in the single pack. That’s amazing, if you lose any whistle then just pick the next one.

This works well if you have children in your home. I love its texture and durability that make it different from others.

So be careful otherwise someone may steal it😅. JESOT knows that your dog is your friend that’s why their ultrasonic frequency doesn’t hurt anyone.

Its engineer quality provides you frequency from 5.4 kHz to 12.8 kHz. So that you can easily teach your dog.

When blowing the air into a whistle then adjust the sonic screw for optimum pitch. Start your bumper and take the first gayer!. Then notice the reaction of your dog.

Check on which frequency your dog reacts most. Lock at the setting. Thus you have completed the most difficult work.



4 In a single pack

Only 25 yards supportable

Adjustable frequency

Instructions not available

Strong structure


12000 Hz of sound waves


No products found.

8. Ortz Silent Dog Whistle Pets At Home

The Ortz Silent Dog Whistle is the average one on this list. Why have I added this to my best whistle list? I have found that some customers got really good results from it.

Like the other non-electric silent whistles this also has some basic features such as adjustable frequency, plastic lid, stainless steel, and lanyard.

Finally, it has a plus point that its manufactures provide instructions manuals to train your dog properly.

But I found a major downside that it does make a noise that doesn’t look pleasant. Confused!? Its frequency level is below 15KHZ that is easily hearable from humans like you and me. 



Lanyard included

Noise can be hearable

Refund accepted

Not pleasant sound for dogs

Instructions is available


Ultrasonic sound waves


No products found.

9. Michael loudest Dog Whistle For Emergency (This is not silent)

The Michael Josh Dog whistle is not silent. Then why have I added this to this silent dog whistle list? I think that every silent dog whistle can’t work well in every situation.

If your dog lost in a city where so much crowd and noise are playing a lot. Then the loudest dog whistle works well in this matter.

Your dog hears its sound waves clearly. My intention is clear: I want you to train your dog better but if he/she ran away from you. Then, by the way, you can recall your dog.

This durable louder whistle provides you 150 dB of noise. That literally helps you to find your dog if he/she is lost.  



Very convenient and durable

Can be dangerous for health

Strong structure


Good environmental adaptability


Produce over 150 dB of noise


Note: Use only in the emergency situation. Otherwise, this will become dangerous for you and your dog as well. 

No products found.

Benefits Of Heaving The Best Silent Dog Whistle

You will get more benefits from it than just one. But be careful and start the training before 1 year of your dog. Otherwise, it will not work well. 

  • It is not harmful to your dogs.
  • You don’t have to face any kind of irritating noise.
  • This will encourage the positive behavior of your dog.
  • For electronic silent whistles, you don’t need to give much time to learn them.

Better Dog Training Module

How can you stop your dog’s barking? This is very simple: you need to get the attention of your dog. How? just play with your silent whistle.

Don’t forget to provide a treat and praise when your dog stops barking. You have to follow this regular basis first make a whistle then provide a treat.

If you face any problem training your dog then let me know I will give you a suggestion.

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