How to seal a garage door : Bottom,Top and Side from Inside

How to seal a Garage Door from Inside

I love spending a lot of time in my Garage but faced a lot of annoying noise issues due to the Garage door airtight and it was because of many reasons, such as uneven floor and gaps left at the bottom or top or side of the door.

Are you struggling with the same? Maybe yes.

So while I decided to soundproof my garage the first thing that came to my mind is to seal the garage door first.

Because this is the main source from where all the noises coming inside garages, such as busy neighborhoods and roadside traffic.

Almost around 100 Million US citizens are living near a noisy place probably you are one of them. So don’t worry you can easily seal your garage door.

If you seal your garage door properly, still you have other issues such as dirt, water and ice, rodent dropping, and so on.

Honestly, I didn’t face this situation yet but I know how to seal a garage door in a better way and this guide only focused on the same. 

I have done online Researcher and collected all the trustworthy information from different sources. So you don’t need to wander here and there.

To overcome all these problems, you need to install a better garage door seal for proper insulation. That’s why If you really want to seal your garage door then stick with me till the end of the guide.

Because I have shared the best items to seal your garage door. Additionally, a complete step-by-step blueprint to install a garage door seal properly.

But first, let’s move to 5 important instructions to install a garage door seal DIY.

5 Important Garage Door Seal Installation Instructions

Installing a better garage door seal is crucial for an airtight seal so that nothing can come inside. Do you think this is very difficult and you can’t do it?

Then you are wrong, I have researched every single person who has done this work very easily. So why can’t you?

Just follow the instructions and all the steps thus you are good to go. But If you really don’t want to do this by yourself then you can call any professional this is all up to you.

Let’s check all the important instructions for building a proper garage door dam seal.

  • Make sure to wear all the protective things such as eyewear and No products found. because your safety comes first.
  • Carefully clean the complete surface from the top, bottom, and side of your garage door. Otherwise, this will totally ruin all the work.
  • After sliding the rubber weather strip one thing you need to keep in mind is to put the screw back in both ends. To keep this weatherstrip sliding out of the garage door.
  • Carefully pop out the bottom of your garage door because if the panel comes out and flips up. Then you have to face a real bad problem.
  • After doing all these things make sure to wrap up the three 3 inches on the side.

So these are some of the important instructions that you need to read before getting into this. If you are still confused then watch the video.

So let’s jump to the step-by-step method on how you can seal your garage door easily by installing trims and weather stripping.

How To Seal A Garage Door: Step By Step Process

This process will take only a single day so you don’t need to put lots of time into it. Just follow the DIY step to install a garage door seal idea and make your garage sweat and safe.

But before getting into this first consider the problem of why you need to seal your garage door. Is this for noise purposes or other things?

If the purpose is noise then come to your garage in the daytime and close all the lights.

Check from which part of your garage door you can see outside. Whether you found the issue at the top, bottom, or sides. I am going to cover all these things so just read and implement.

1. Measure the Area For Sealing Your Garage Door

So this is the first and most important step to measure all the areas where you are going to install all the trims and weatherstripping.

So first mark down all the things and make sure to leave an 8 inches gap from inside the edge and make the notes. So this will help you for the next step.

I have noticed that many people leave some gap at the bottom so that air can easily come inside. I don’t know why, so if you are planning to do the same then don’t do it otherwise it will ruin all the things.

If the matter is air then this is natural when you are working in your garage so just open the garage door. It will prevent the lack of air.

2. Clean The Dirt and Dust On The Track By Brush

The cleaning process is the backbone of this garage door seal because if any dust is left on the surface then it will create an air bubble inside it.

So the noise and other things obviously come inside. So put a brush and clean all the things where are going to add these trims such as on the floor, top, sides, and at the bottom of your garage door.

People who have a wooden garage door then need to use any lubrication on the surface. Because after some time if you need to remove the trims from it then the surface will not look bad.

I suggest you use walnut oil because this works well for wood especially. This is not mandatory but if you do then it will let your garage surface well.

3. Cut All The Necessary Items For Garage Door Installation From Inside

Great, you have successfully completed the second step. Now, you need to cut all the trims and weatherstrips according to the measurements that you have written.

When cutting all the things make sure to leave the vinyl trim seal long and begin nailing it from one side. For this work, you can use a trim cutting tool or fine tooth saw.

You will notice that some of the profiles have pre-launched nails so you don’t need to create another. I suggest you cut the trims carefully because if you make them smaller then it will ruin your work.

Don’t worry, cut all the things according to the measurements so you will not face any problem.

4 Use Garage Door Seal Vinyl From Inside And Outside

As comes to the garage door seal, vinyl trim is the best garage door sealer because it will provide more flexibility to install it to the top, bottom, and sides from inside and outside of the garage door surface.

So you can use this vinyl trim garage door seal around a door that will provide you a proper seal without any leakage.

You have seen many different widths and links but the installation process for all is the same. For installation of the vinyl seal, you need to remove the existing trim if you have one.

If you are adding the new one then just install the nails at the eight-inch intervals. As I have explained earlier that in most of them you will find the pre-launched nails so they will guide you for this.

When finishing the nailing then just put it onto the surface and make sure the grooved side should be placed against the surface.

5. Install Garage Door Seal Retainer At The Bottom Of Your Garage Door

That’s great if you have installed vinyl stripping at the top, bottom, and sides of your garage door walls. Now, if you want or if the Retainer of your garage door has been broken then before anything you need to install an aluminum retainer.

So that when you go to install weather stripping you don’t need to face any problem.

So first you need a flathead screwdriver to pop out the roller that gives you access to the bottom seal of your garage door.

Then just pull out your old weatherstripping and after it installs a retainer at the bottom. But make sure to cut the notch of the bottom right corner then the bottom left corner.

So that this can easily attach to the body. At the last take the screw and your screw gun then drill at the bottom or through the face. Carefully just keep it tight while you are doing this, thus you have completed this step.

6. Install The Garage Door Seal

Now you need to install the foam or weather stripping at the bottom of your garage door to prevent all the messy things. So that you can protect your garage door easily. Let’s see the 2 major components which you need to install.

Garage Door Top Sealing

For sealing the top of your garage door, this is necessary to use a tough auto care product that remains flexible at extremely low temperature.

I know at the very low temperature usually, our garage becomes the coldest place ever. Have you thought about why they become? Actually, some small gaps left at the bottom, top, and sides of your garage door. That’s why this will make your garage so cold.

I suggest you use a rubber strip at the top of the ceiling to make your garage door fully closed. I know this will not make your garage soundproof but this will help you to make your garage warm.

Use Garage Door Bottom Seal

This is the main and very important thing in your garage door. Because all the noise and other things mostly come through the bottom.

As you have seen 2 types of garage door bottom seals that people are using. That you can use to seal garage door bottom.

The first one is the T Style which usually provides you the same insulation but this will create some noise while opening and closing the door.

Also, it can’t stop the ice during the winter season.

So what will I do? You can use the U Shape of the weatherstrip which provides more worm, isolation, flexibility, and more.

Do you know the best thing?

You don’t need any screws and special glue to stick it to the place. Because the “U” shape of weatherstripping comes with a simple clip so you just need to place it.

7. For Garage Door Bottom Seal Use Glue On The Bottom Surface

For complete soundproofing and whatever you want with your garage door. Then first you need a hard brush which you can use to make the surface clean.

A clean surface will help you to make the garage door flat without any gaps at the bottom seal. I think this matters a lot for you.

Have you ever seen in the winter season around 2 to 3 KG ice daily come inside your garage?

In my case, I have faced this situation a lot. That’s why for installing the bottom weather stripping properly you need a tough

That creates a perfect barrier at the bottom to make the garage door airtight.

Just measure the distance between one side to another and make 2 straight and some zig zag lines. Then after you need to infuse all the glue on the lines. Make sure to do this properly. Let’s check the next step.

8. Add Garage Door Weather Stripping Bottom Seal

Garage weatherstripping is a bottom rubber stripping that attaches to the surface and your garage door bottom.

That makes all the things out such as water, dirt, cold breezes, and more. Mainly this is made with compressed rubber and other tough materials.

Then cut weather stripping according to those distances and put it on the glue. Then last clean the excess glue on the surface from clothes.

So that this weatherstripping sealing works long-lasting. What you have to do? 

Great! You have sealed your garage door. Now you are free but wait, how do you seal your garage door with an uneven floor. Don’t know !. Let’s see how you fix it.

How To Seal A Garage Door With Uneven Floor

Have you also an uneven garage door surface? That becomes a cause of many problems such as water, dirt, noise, entering your garage. So to stop this you need to upgrade some things in your garage.

First, bottom seal, and second threshold seal. I have already explained the bottom seal above. But for the uneven floor, you need heavy rubber weatherstripping and glue also.

Because an uneven floor has a very tough surface that may create a problem.

Let’s see how you can install both on the uneven floor.

1. Garage Door Bottom Seal For Uneven Floor

The process for installing the bottom seal is the same for this one also. But you need to increase the depth of the weatherstripping. Make sure to choose a garage door seal extra-wide weatherstripping around 2 to 3 inches thick.

Because this will close all the small gaps that may create problems. If you are using a small one then just upgrade it with a wider and most original bottom seal.

2. Garage Door Threshold Seal

These bottom garage door thresholds are easily installed at the bottom of your garage door.  That creates a barrier of about 1/2* and acts as a sandbag that protects your floor from debris and water entering your garage.

This combination of weather stripping and threshold completely seals your garage. Don’t forget to use glue at the threshold and set it up in its place.

Now you are totally aware of all the information that helps you to seal a garage door.

Wrap Up On How To Seal A Garage Door

Whether you are having an uneven and simple garage you probably need a garage door seal from heaving a weather stripping or foam for better garage door seal insulation or can use a garage door insulation kit

Although these insulations have the capacity to block noise and other things after installing you need to check out your garage door. 


Before deciding anything you need to check the metal quality of the weather stripping, foam, vinyl siding, and whatever you have decided to use in your garage door.

Make sure to use a tough one because this will work for a long list so you don’t need to change it again and again.

For sealing garage door sides and top then I recommend you to go with the vinyl garage door weather seal.

And for the bottom garage door seal, you can go with the “U” shape of the garage door seal bottom because this will work as a bulbing. 

If you want quality products for your garage door then click on the recommendation links that lead you to Amazon’s best products pages that we have prepared for you

FAQ: How To Seal A Garage Door

Have read these questions related to the garage door seal? I have seen many people asking some questions on the different online platforms which I am going to give answers.

If you have the other one then you can simply ask in the comment section I reply as soon as possible. 

Q1. How much does it cost to seal a garage door?

Ans: In my case, I have charged more than $700 because I know that this is one time so I need to make it better. But generally, its price should be $130 to $400. it totally depends on you what you want.

Do you want to replace the garage door seal again and again? Or only just one time. I think one time is best. What do you think?

Q2. Should the garage door seal completely?

Ans: In reality, it will not make your garage totally soundproof but you can block dirt, dust, and other things entering your garage.

After using this you will definitely feel the change in the insulation and noise reduction in your garage. This is not so good but this is not so bad.

So if your main focus is soundproofing then you need to replace your garage door opener first. Because this is the main thing behind all other noises. 

Q3. How do I stop water from coming under my garage door?

Ans: If the water comes under your garage door then you can install a garage door bottom seal. I mean weatherstripping is the best thing but make sure to choose a wider and taller one. That can easily stop any water.

If you have any questions to seal a garage door then you can simply ask in the comment section.

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