How to soundproof Backyard or Garden From Traffic Noise using Soundproof Fencing

How to soundproof Backyard or Garden From Traffic Noise using Soundproof Fencing

Do you want to block out traffic noise in your backyard and garden? Do you want to relax in a soundproof garden with a cup of tea? If yes, then I suggest you install soundproof fencing in your garden.

You are not the only one, according to the studies of U.S Environmental Protection, around 50% (100 million) of US people are facing traffic noise problems.

That affects their health very badly and around 100k people died every year from this traffic noise issue.

I was also facing the same problem but now I am free, how? Because I have also installed the best soundproof fencing in my garden that protects me and my family from that unwanted noise.

Do you want to know which type of soundproof fencing I have installed in my garden? Then you need to read this article.

Also, I have explained some alternatives of soundproof fencing, and 4 important factors to judge the best soundproof fencing.

It’s going to be very interesting!. So don’t skip any point.

But first, you need to understand the difference between sound attenuation vs Sound deflection.

Difference Between Sound Attenuation vs Sound Deflection

Sound attenuation and deflection both are methods of reducing and blocking sound waves. You can use any of them to make your garden and backyard soundproof. Confused!. Please read below.

What is Sound Attenuation, and how It works?

Sound attenuation is the process to convert sound waves into pure heat. I think this is the most common and easy solution which you can use.

But It requires more space and effort because you need to install some green blockades in your backyard and garden as well. That will absorb most of the noise.

What is Sound Deflection, and how does it work?

Sound deflection is the best way to kill sound waves totally. As its name reflects, in the sound deflection method you need to install a tall road noise reduction fence .

That reflects and diffuses all the noise and sends it back to its place. Do you know the best things about this? You wouldn’t be able to hear any kind of noise that disturbs your silence.

Let’s understand how you can soundproof your garden with the sound deflection method. As you know for this you need to install some soundproof fencing in your garden or backyard as well.

But how can you determine which soundproof fence is good for you? That’s why for this you need to check out 4 Important Noise Barrier Factors before further proceeding.

Important Noise Barrier Factors To Soundproof Backyard

These are 4 important noise factors that will help you to select the best soundproof fencing. Although we have already provided a list of soundproof fencing this will work with more effectiveness.

1. Height & Length Of The Acoustic Barrier Fence

This is the first and most important factor when it comes to a soundproof fence. A taller barrier fence most likely to roll over the noise. But don’t make it overly tight otherwise you may face some residential issues.

The recommended height is about 2 meters for a residential acoustic fence.

2. Density and Flexibility Of the Soundproofing Fence

Density and flexibility both are very common and important factors. That helps you to block traffic or any kind of noise pass through the sound barrier.

If you are living close to any busy traffic site then a tall sound barrier is not enough. It has to be flexible and dense to absorb vibrations and noise as well.

3. Coverage Fence Panels

Coverage provides a perfect seal to your barrier. It means this is very important that your soundproof fence should not have to be any crack and gap.

Because this will let more noise pass through the walls and break your silence. Even the smallest gap ruins everything.

4. Placement Of The Soundproof Fencing

So this is the last factor that plays a very important role in blocking the traffic noise. You have to be very careful when selecting the location for its placement.

Because a bad placement won’t work well. To maximize the results, place it as much as closer to the noise source.

Let’s understand different types of soundproofing fences. You can select any of them as per your requirement.

Different Types Of Noise Reduction Fence

I know on the internet you have seen many soundproof fencing. That’s why right now you are confused about which one is best for you.

Don’t worry I have provided only the 5 best soundproof fences from them. That will definitely block any kind of traffic noise.

1. Add Wooden Fencing To Make Your Soundproof Garden

The wooden fence is the cheapest noise reduction barrier that protects your garden from unwanted noise. You have to use them very tight and around 2 meters tall as I have explained earlier.

Moreover, this is very easy to install and cost-effective as usual.

But the downside is wooden-made soundproof fencing is able to absorb only low-level sound waves.

Also, the wooden fence is fire sensitive so if you don’t have a large budget then you can go with this. If you have then check out below.

2. Use Metal Fence For Residential Garden

Do you want to block out your neighbor’s noise? Then this is the best one because metal fencing is stronger than wooden and very easy to install.

That is able to reduce any kind of airborne noise from your house such as music, shouting, children’s playing, and so on.

But a metal fence also has its downside such as if you want proper soundproof. Then you need to install thick metal panels that will usually cost you more.

Also, these metal panels do not look great and pleasing. However, these are very strong but they will become weak against wind.

3. Build Brick Walls Around The Soundproof Backyard

Brick walls are the best solution for this that will definitely reduce any kind of noise such as traffic noise or your neighbor noise. You can make it tall and thick as much as you want.

These walls do not transfer any kind of noise and also do not have any gaps and cracks.

That becomes the cause of sound leakage. But this will cost you very high and if you make it taller then you may face some issues.

Also,  you have to take permission from the local council for construction. If you have the budget for this then you can go with this. If not then just scroll down below.

4. Use Acoustic Barrier Fence For Traffic Noise Reduction

The acoustic fence is now trending and most people love to install this. Because this is a high-performance acoustic barrier that can reduce around 70 to 80% of traffic noise.

An acoustic fence is incredibly thicker, flexible, and stronger than any other fence. That’s why they are most of the vibrations and help you to bounce back the traffic noise.

These panels are very easy to install if you can do acoustic fence panels work by yourself and it will take only a single day. 

Moreover, these acoustic barriers create around 3mm of insulation but you need to install an attenuation barrier with it. 

However, these panels cost you more from wooden, metal, and brick sound barriers.

But If you need quality and total silence in your garden and backyard then this is the best choice. I recommend these DEKIRU acoustic foam panels. Check it out!.

5. Add Durable Vinyl Fencing In Your Soundproof Garden

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the latest fencing method that many people are using. Because it is very cost-effective around 15 to $40 per linear foot.

Also, comes with a wooden model but this is not wooden. Moreover, the maintenance cost that you will have to face approximately $800 for a single picket.

I like its design that comes in many color options so you can choose your favorite one. But you need to face a high initial cost and also this is not a natural material.

So if you have any problem then you can check out the next one.

So now I have some alternatives of soundproof fencing that you should consider. If you don’t like any fence to install then you might like these alternatives.

Alternatives of Soundproof Fencing In the Backyard or Garden

Soundproof fencing is best and people most likely to use them. Because it’s maintained is not so hard to do. For these alternatives, you need to spend your effort and time.

But do you know the best thing? These all environment friendly and natural?

1. Set Water Feature For Better Traffic Noise Reduction

As I have explained earlier that you need to take permission from the local council to install high fences. So if you are not allowed.

Then you can use this water feature method to block traffic noise and make your garden and backyard soundproof.

Do you know what is proximity sounds and why this is important in a soundproofing garden? So this is an omnidirectional sound that will allow a user to change their mental focus.

That’s why, if you want to relax in your garden then you can use a water feature.

When installing the water feature first you need to consider the main source of the noise. Then you need to place your water feature between you and the source of the traffic noise.

You can use the Glenville water feature that will give you relaxation. But It will work well if you combine the next one.

2. Install White Noise Machine In Your Soundproof Backyard

A white noise machine is one of the best alternatives to soundproof fencing. Because it has a proximity quality that will easily change your mental focus and you will feel pleasant and relaxed.

White noise machines have a variety of natural soothing sound waves such as brown noise, pink noise, white noise, and so on.

As I have explained earlier that you can use a water feature with a white noise machine. When combining these both soothing sound waves.

Then magic creates and your stress goes out. But if your white noise machine is smaller then make sure to set this up closer to ear this works very well.

I suggest you use No products found. that provides around 14 natural soothing sounds.

Don’t worry it does not produce so much noise that will irritate you. But it will help you to suppress the traffic noise and make your garden soundproof.

3. Make Your Garden Full Of Trees and Grass For Noise Reduction

Natural things like trees and grass always play a very important role to absorb noise. This is scientifically proven that trees absorb noise.

When noise is trying to pass through the trees. Then 2 things may happen first, the noise will turn into heat, second, it will bounce back to its source.

This is 100% right that trees naturally release soothing white noise. But this depends on which type of tree you use in your garden or backyard.

Let’s take an example when noise pass-through the pine needles then a whooshing sound will create. On the other hand, noise passes through the oak tree then a rustling sound creates.

But the downside is trees take a very long time to grow, especially the oak tree. But some other trees grow more than half a meter in the year such as pine trees.

So if you want to reduce traffic noise naturally and effectively. Then first you need to choose a pine tree and then you need to wait for its growth.

4. Use Vegetation To Reduce Traffic Noise In Your Backyard

This is another natural psychological method to break down the traffic noise without installing any kind of fence.

Literally, I have seen many people using vegetation in their gardens to reduce the noise. Is this work? Yes, this works. I have explained earlier that trees absorb the noise and vegetation also comes in the same category.

These people plant densely and work hard to grow them fast. Around 5 to 6 months, all the vegetation grows up and makes a dense layer around the garden and backyard.

That protects the owner from unwanted noise. So if you decide to go with this method then make sure to plant them carefully around your garden or backyard as well.

If you are living very close to any busy street then one lane is not enough you need to plant at least 3 lanes for proper noise absorption.

I suggest you use some evergreen trees outside and inside that would be the best for your yard. Make sure to leave some gaps between them because greeny things need air and oxygen as well.

Wrap Up On Soundproof Fencing to Reduce Traffic Noise

Living nearby to a busy street is quite difficult because you have to bear all the traffic noise. Especially when the same frequency of noise comes again and again.

Ultimately, these noises increase the stress of the mind as the result you may face mental issues.

That’s why you have to do something to make that noise down. I have provided some soundproofing fences and their alternatives.

That depends on your need, budget, and effort. After using any of them if you are still facing traffic noise. then you can combine 2 or 3 things to make them better.

However, some of the methods such as brick walls, high fences, and PVC require some permanent construction. So make sure to choose the best one.

If you want help from someone experienced then contact me. I will suggest to you how you can make things good.

Note: This is impossible to make the noise 100% down but you will feel the big change in the noise level.

If you use the best soundproofing fence then it will take down the noise up to 80%. But you can psychologically ignore the unwanted noise by using a water feature or white noise machine.

FAQ: Reduce Noise Traffic Using Soundproof Fencing

Do you have questions related to this soundproofing backyard and garden?

If yes, then read below I have tried my best to give appropriate answers. If you don’t find yours then please comment down below I will reply as soon as possible,

Q1. What does the soundproof fencing cost?

Ans: As you know all the soundproofing fencing is different from others.

That’s why it is difficult to tell, but according to my research, I have found that on average soundproofing fencing will cost you around 1900 to $4600.

This is only the materials cost you need to pay 200 to $400 extra for installing and other expenses.

Q2. What is the best fence for noise reduction?

Ans: It’s literally difficult to tell which one is best because somehow it depends on your need and budget. But In my opinion, acoustic barriers are the soundproof fence that provides you best noise reduction.

Keep in mind that acoustic barriers will cost you very high. For an alternative to a soundproof fence, you can use water features and trees.

To make it beautiful and the best noise barrier.

Q3. Which Plant Is the Best Sound barrier?

Ans: In the green things, you have a majority to use any of them. All plants work differently to absorb noise. But if you are near to any busy street.

Then I recommend you to use Broadleaf and evergreen shrubs. That works effectively to deflect and absorb the traffic noise.

Thanks for reading, If you find our article useful then you can share it. Or if you have any questions then please let me know in the comment section.

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