7 Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors And Carpet: Make Your House Clean For Your Children’s Safety!

Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors And Carpet

Hardwood floors can make your home look a little nicer. However, they also require some special care to keep them looking new.  So, you need a great vacuum for hardwood floors to avoid possibly damaging sensitive flooring while cleaning. 

According to the report of GlobeNewswire, the hardwood flooring market is expected to reach $58.03 billion in 2026 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.72%. Also, it has been found that homes with hardwood floors are typically more popular among home buyers and real estate agents. 

And if you have an excellent vacuum that has been specifically designed for hardwood floors, then it would ensure that you can pick up all kinds of messes without creating scratches on your floors. But for that, you need to know what makes a vacuum great for hardwood floors

In this article, we have shared the list of the 7 best vacuum for hardwood floors for gently cleaning up messes in your home. Also, here we have provided you with a buying guide that covers all the important factors you should consider while shopping for the best vacuum

So, let’s get started. 

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If you are really in a hurry and don’t have sufficient time to read this detailed article fully, then you should choose Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors by INSE. It features a 6-stage filtration system that helps you enjoy fresh air during the cleaning operation.

So, it is perfect for families with pets or elderly people. And it is lightweight and portable, so you can take it anywhere, and it can also be used in different places such as furniture, ceilings, stairs, or cars. Also, its 1.2L large capacity can contain plenty of dust to reduce the frequency of emptying the dustbin. 

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Buying Guide For Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors And Carpet

Different vacuums will have different features and there is no vacuum for hardwood floors which is suitable for all circumstances. Here are some factors you should look for when shopping for the best vacuum for hardwood floors. 

  • Suction Power: Strong suction power is really important for a good hardwood vacuum. Because, the good suction power will help you to pick up large debris, pet hair, and fine dirt or dust.
  • Vacuum Type: Cordless vacuums can be perfect for you if you need to switch rooms frequently while vacuuming. And stick vacuums are often convenient to store, as they take up little space and also tend to be lightweight. 
  • Weight: Weight is a very important factor when shopping for any type of vacuum. As hardwood flooring doesn’t offer any significant resistance while cleaning, you should look for a lightweight vacuum that can effectively clean your flooring.
  • Attachments: Some accessories can increase the cleaning power of your hardwood vacuum cleaners. Most hardwood vacuums generally include a crevice tool for reaching narrow spaces, such as behind your sofa or other furniture.  

7 Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors And Carpet: Which One Should You Choose?

A good hardwood vacuum will have strong suction, a long battery life, and will also fold up for easy storage. Here we have provided you with a list of the 7 best vacuum for hardwood floors and carpets.  

1. Powerful Handheld Vacuum With LED Touch Display For Carpet And Hardwood Floor By WLUPEL

Powerful Handheld Vacuum for Carpet and Hardwood Floor by WLUPEL features a 400W Brushless Motor and can produce a strong suction power of up to 33kPa at Max mode which is best for debris and deeply embedded dirt, such as cat litter, dog food crumbs, and pet hair. 

Its touch panel makes this cordless vacuum effortless to adjust the suction mode and know the status of the vacuum cleaner. 

And its sliding design is more convenient and trouble-free, as it shows the battery level, suction performance, brush stuck alert, and suction blockage alert. 

Also, this stick vacuum features an upgraded 7.8” motorized brush head with a 2-in-1 stiff & soft roller, which can easily pick up pet hair, dirt, and debris in a short time through different surfaces. 

Such as hardwood floor, pile carpet, tile, and marble. So, it is a must-have at home with kids and pets.


  • It features a detachable battery that delivers up to 55 minutes of run time.
  • This vacuum is designed for cleaning large spaces.
  • It will make it easy for those people with joint pain to clean without bending over.


  • The battery may not last long enough. 
WLUPEL Hero 8 Pro, X-Large, Red
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2. Powerful Stick Vacuum With Detachable Battery And Touch Display By BuTure 

Powerful Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Touch Display by BuTure is equipped with a 400W brushless motor and various brush accessories. 

And its powerful suction power of up to 33KPa can remove fine dust and dirt at one time to give you a quiet and efficient cleaning experience.

Its LED display shows the remaining power, suction power, and blockage reminder of this cordless vacuum in real time. 

Also, suction can be adjusted by sliding its touch screen easily. And when a blockage is caused, a white light on the screen will light up immediately.

This vacuum features a 5-stage filtration system, which can filter dust and release clean air more efficiently. And its 1.2L large dust cup can accommodate more garbage and pet hair at one time, which makes cleaning more convenient.


  • This lightweight vacuum can easily clean dust or pet hair from ceilings, sofas, carpets, and hard floors.
  • It is equipped with a soft and hard bristled integrated brush. 
  • Its battery can be removed and replaced with one button.


  • The battery can start malfunctioning after some days of use.

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3. Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner With HEPA Filter For Hardwood Floors And Carpet By EIOEIR

Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors and Carpets by EIOEIR captures the smallest particles on flat surfaces with up to 99.97% efficiency because of its advanced 4 Stage HEPA filtration & cyclonic system. 

Its LED light function helps you to reach into dark and narrow spaces and see where and what you are cleaning. 

This cordless vacuum cleaner saves you trips back and forth, plugging and unplugging from room to room. So, cleaning the whole home would become easy.  

Also, its lightweight allows you to do it all effortlessly with one hand. Its advanced battery offers 3 power modes and the versatility of this cordless vacuum technology makes cleaning your home much easier. 


  • This vacuum provides powerful cleaning of floors, hard-to-reach ceiling corners, and sofas. 
  • You can light up your dirt, fur, dust, and long hair to stand out.
  • Its battery delivers up to 45 minutes of run time. 


  • It can have a very strong chemical smell. 
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4. Lightweight And Ultra-Quiet Stick Vacuum For Hardwood Floor And Carpet By ORFELD

Lightweight and Ultra-Quiet Stick Vacuum by ORFELD is suitable for hard floors, tile floors, wooden floors, and carpets. 

It features LED flexible brush head which can detect dust in dark areas and easily get in stairs, garages, and under furniture.

Because of its max 22000 Pa powerful suction power, you can instantly suck up pet hair and floor dirt and you can spend less time cleaning. So, it is perfect for working families and families with pets.

Its powerful cyclone and 5 stages HEPA filtration system can capture 99.99% of fine dust as small as 0.1 microns and release purified clean air. Because of that, it is safe and friendly to use for families with babies, elders, and special-care members.


  • Its wall mount design makes it easy to be stored and charged without taking up any space.
  • It can be easily converted to a handheld vacuum for cleaning your sofas and cars.
  • This vacuum has stable quality and good maneuverability. 


  • The battery may not last long. 

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5. Cordless Vacuum With Super Suction And High-Speed Brushless Motor For Hardwood Floor By ZokerVacuum 

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floor by ZokerVacuum is equipped with an 80,000 rpm high-speed brushless motor and its speed is more than twice that of an ordinary 30,000 rpm brush motor. 

This cleaner can provide 20Kpa super suction, which can effectively remove all kinds of ground dust in your home. 

Also, this stick vacuum is designed with 5 stages highly efficient filtration system at the air outlet to make the exhaust air cleaner to effectively avoid secondary pollution and bring cleaner air to the family.

And it is equipped with a brand new 2-in-1 roller brush, which can eliminate the hassle of replacing the roller brush and it can be easily used on the floor and carpet. Its detachable battery is also convenient for charging and repair.


  • It is equipped with 6*2200 mAh updated batteries. 
  • It can provide up to 30 mins runtime. 
  • The LED headlight design makes it easy to clean the dust hidden in dark corners.


  • The suction power is not so good.  

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6. Lightweight And Powerful Complete Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner With Clean Station By SAMSUNG

Lightweight and Powerful Stick Vacuum Cleaner by SAMSUNG usually works great on carpets as well as other surfaces with its intense suction power of up to 200AW. 

Its air system optimizes airflow and its multi-cyclonic air filtration instantly traps dust particles. You can conveniently remove its battery for flexible charging and swap it for a spare. 

At the press of a button, the clean station empties the dust bin so you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

And with just a glance on its digital display, you can check notifications on your vacuum, including the power level and brush type, and also monitor alerts such as airflow issues, clogs, and much more. You can use it for up to 120 minutes without needing to recharge. 


  • You can mount the vacuum on the wall to maximize space.
  • Its lightweight design makes cleaning easy.
  • You can remove its battery and charge it anywhere. 


  • At max suction, the battery would not last long.
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7. Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner With Rechargeable Battery For Hardwood Floor By INSE

Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floor by INSE carries 3 power modes which is an ideal solution for all your daily cleaning needs. 

This vacuum makes it easy to pick up pet hair and debris from hardwood floors, pile carpets, rugs, stairs, ceilings, and sofas. 

It features an absolutely dominant 350W/140AW high-power brushless motor and generates a high-speed airflow of up to 26KPA, which is enough to suck up to 6 Ibs item. You will get up to 50 mins of runtime on the standard mode of this cordless vacuum. 

So, it is perfect for uninterrupted whole-house cleaning, as you don’t have to recharge it during the cleaning. 

And, the detachable battery design of this stick vacuum cleaner allows the flexible choice of charging, saving you space and time. 


  • It features an enhanced 6-stage filtration technology.
  • This vacuum is lightweight and portable.  
  • The wall mount makes its charging and storage really easy.


  • Its suction is not very strong. 

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Wrap Up On Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors 

Picking a vacuum for a hardwood floor is not that easy and you need to consider some factors carefully. So, first, you should decide which features are the most important for a vacuum, then you can choose the one that is perfect for you.

If you have both hardwood floors and carpets in your house, then you have to find a vacuum that does both jobs well to save you time and money. 

And, if your home has a lot of furniture in a small space, you should find a vacuum that has much better maneuverability.

We really hope that our detailed and informative article has helped you to find the best vacuum for hardwood floors according to your requirements. 

And if you have any doubts or questions regarding this topic, please leave a message in the comments section. 

FAQ: Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors 

As a lot of people usually find it difficult to find the best vacuum for hardwood floors, they have lots of different questions about this topic. Here I have tried to answer some of those interesting questions briefly.

Q1. Is It Better To Sweep Or Vacuum Hardwood Floors?

Ans: Certain types of hardwood floors usually scratch very easily. However, there are floors that are made from more hard wood and those floors can handle a vacuum. But, if you don’t think it’s worth the risk, you should sweep hardwood floors.

Q2. How Often Should Hardwood Floors Be Vacuumed?

Ans: Generally, hardwood floors should be vacuumed at least weekly and wet cleaned every one to two months and this can vary depending on how much your floors are used and how dirty they become.

Q3. What Should You Not Put On A Hardwood Floor?

Ans: You should not use straight ammonia, alkaline products, or abrasive cleaners, as they can dull or scratch the finish. Also, you should not use lemon juice or a vinegar-water solution to clean hardwood floors.

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