8 Simple Ways To Deal With Upstairs Neighbors Stomping & Making Too Much Noise!

8 Proven Tips To Deal With Upstairs Neighbors Stomping: Don't Let Upstairs Noise Get You Down!

From a National Apartment Association’s report., it has been found that a staggering 25% of renters have faced problems with noisy neighbors in the past year. But, when you have a problem with your upstairs neighbors, you might not know where and how to approach them in the best possible way. 

So, if you are tired of your upstairs neighbors stomping all day, here in this article, we have shared 8 useful ways how to deal with upstairs neighbors stomping. The solution to this problem might not always be easy or convenient, but you should know how to deal with them.

Noise Test:

Sound Level (dBA)Duration of ExposureEffects on Hearing
Below 70Any durationGenerally considered safe, unlikely to cause hearing damage
70-85Long-term exposureRisk of hearing damage with prolonged exposure over the years
858 hours or moreOSHA permissible exposure limit; hearing protection recommended
902-4 hoursRisk of hearing damage with extended exposure
951-2 hoursHearing protection strongly recommended
10015 minutesRisk of permanent hearing damage without protection
1057.5 minutesImmediate risk of permanent damage without protection
1103.75 minutesHigh risk of immediate permanent damage without protection
120+Any durationImmediate risk of severe hearing damage; use extreme caution

Check how much noise are handling! But How? Below is the solution:

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8 Ways On How To Deal With Upstairs Neighbors Stomping: Create A Peaceful Environment

We are going to discuss every possible way that you can try and get rid of those annoying upstairs neighbors. I have tried hundreds of ways and some of them work very well. So I have compiled those working ways in this single guide to help you.

1. Ask Your Upstairs Neighbors To Stop Stomping

This is the most reliable and easy way to solve the problem. Talk to your upstairs neighbor and explain your problem that their noise is negatively impacting your work and life as well.

You can tell them that they have never been disturbed by you so that they might decrease the noise volume. Trust me if they are a good neighbor then they may feel very bad for their actions and you probably will not get disturbed by them ever.

Building a relationship is always the best way to make things easy. If you don’t want to talk to them first, then you should write a friendly note and explain your situation in the letter.

I am pretty sure they will feel sorry. But you may get distributed on a couple of occasions so be patient. I know that’s fine for you. Every time going with a bad attitude can make things worse.

2. Compromise With Your Neighbors

Now, you have to build a relationship with the neighbors you have talked to. I know that they might tell you ” How do I always stop producing any noise“?

They are right because even you can’t always stop producing any noise. They have their routines such as workout routine, watching TV, playing music, and so on. How can they manage all of these things?

This is very simple to discuss and set certain hours that would be the best time for playing any kind of loud music, work-out, or watching TV.

Don’t forget to ask for some favor in return, because compromise is all about giving something in return. 

In general, no one will do anything for others without getting something in return. But this will help both of you as you will get noise-free hours to make your work done or sleep properly.

In return, your neighbor will get something from you. This is the way that you can down the stomping noise of your neighbor.

3. Bear The Stomping Noise Of Your Neighbors

In most cases, neighbors are unwilling to change their routine time. There are two reasons behind it, the first one is they can’t change it, and second, they don’t want to change it.

In the first situation, they and you don’t have any choice. For example- if he/she is a musician or in a rock band that has a fixed time to practice, then they can’t change it. How can you change your work hours? This also isn’t possible.

Don’t worry I have a solution for you that will help you in this situation. You can use noise-canceling headphones that will stop every irritating noise outside your ear and you can do your work properly.

But I have a question for you, which type of headphones works best in this situation-  active vs passive headphones? Confused, let me clarify.

4. Listening To Your Favorite Music

Even if your neighbor makes the annoying stomping sound, this might not occur all day long. It means that there are specific times when they do it, particularly when they are working out. So, during this time, you can reduce those sounds by listening to your favorite music.

However, you need to make sure that the sound of your music is considerable so you will not make any loud noise and disrupt their peace as well. You can also exchange numbers with your upstairs neighbors and text them when you feel the noise level is excessive. 

Because it is a much better option than when you are already in your bed and then have to go upstairs and knock on your neighbor’s door. 

However, if you complain about any little noise at reasonable hours, then you might build a bad relationship with your neighbor and they will never want to cooperate with you in the future.

5. Soundproof Your Working Space Or Apartment

What you can do when your upstairs neighbors are stomping at night? How do you handle it, and how do you sleep properly while in this hilarious noise?

No one can sleep, that’s why you need to soundproof your house from your noisy neighbors.

Only soundproofing your ceiling does not provide you with better insulation because sound waves are a free thing so this will come from other places as well such as walls and floor.

You have to soundproof your whole apartment. I know this is much expensive but you don’t have any choice because wearing heavy headphones is not a better idea. These are some of the best ways to soundproof your apartment cheaply.

  • Soundproofing Paint is the first thing that you should use before using anything else. Do you know that soundproof paint also exists? Yes, it exists and some peaceful people also use them to stop unwanted irritating outside noise.
  • Use acoustic sealant in the gaps and cracks so the noise can’t come into your apartment. This sealant plays a very important role in soundproofing.
  • Then use acoustic panels on your ceiling and walls to block every outside noise whether it is coming from your neighbors or others. This will definitely reduce the sound level in your apartment. Installation is even very easy but you should make your foam purchase choice wisely.
  • After that, now it is the time for soundproofing your curtains, you can try this in your apartment. This will help you to reduce the noise level coming from the outside but this is not the only way to soundproof your window you can also try other ways.
  • Now the last thing is soundproofing your doors which will complete the process of soundproofing your apartment. This is how you can block out your neighbor’s noise.

6. Seeking Assistance From Your Landlord Or Homeowners Association

If you tried all the above ways but you have not got any positive results yet, then speaking to the management may be the better option.

Involve the management and explain your situation to them that you are working from home. That’s why you are busy from 9 am to 5 pm or 10 pm to 7 am. Especially, ask your landlord to handle that psycho in your upstairs apartment.

However, after trying this option the noise might stop, but this is the alarm of waging war between you and your neighbor.


Upstairs neighbors be like. Part 2

♬ original sound – Daniel LaBelle
Want To Laugh!!!

“Everything is fair in love and war”- do you remember this quote? Then you probably know that your neighbor might do other things to annoy you. I know that you don’t have any other choice to sort out this problem.

7. Call The Cops And Give Them a Warning

This is the start of legal action against your neighbor. If your neighbor isn’t stopping producing loud stomping noise during your working or sleeping hours, then you call the local police and explain your situation to them.

I am pretty sure they will definitely ask them to be quiet. And in most cases, neighbors comply with the warning of the police but even after they don’t stop their hilarious stomping noise. Then they will be needed to pay a fine.

If your neighbor is a family person then he will not do this again. So you can complete your work and sleep well without any noise that disturbs you.

This is the way that you can stop your neighbor from making noise in the apartment.

8. Move Forward To The Next Peaceful Place

If you have tried every way to convince your neighbor not to produce a louder noise, but they won’t stop at all and you don’t want to start a war between you and your neighbor, then this is the better way to get rid of every disturbing noise. 

What you need – just ask your landlord to complete all of the legal documents and you are free to go to any peaceful apartment.

However, if you own that apartment then what should you do? You can skip this step and file legal action against your neighbor. If you are living as a rental then this is the way for you. But, you need to evaluate your new apartment first before proceeding further.

How Can You Evaluate Your New Apartment?

This is very easy- just follow all these steps and you will find that you are in a good space. Because I have provided some of my own well-researched information that will not disappoint you.

  • Ask your builder how they use STC and IIC design criteria to reduce the impact of the sound in the whole building.
  • Analysis of the sound transmission in the apartment by your own mathematics will give you a clear idea about whether your apartment walls, floor, and ceiling can block the sound travel.
  • You can call your friend and impact on the floor above so that you will get to know whether this apartment ceiling is capable of absorbing noise or not.
  • You need to check carefully all the doors – whether doors can seal all the outer noise or not.
  • Check the surface of the above apartment- whether the surface is harder or not. If yes,  then this is not the right choice because sound transmission increases on the harder surface. But you can convince your landlord to use a soft surface mat for lower sound transmission.
  • Believe in yourself, analyze the whole apartment, and everything that may create problems in the future.
  • The best thing is if possible then select the top floor in the apartment so that you will not be disturbed by any upstairs neighbor.

How To Take Revenge On Your Noisy Upstairs Neighbors: 5 Useful Tips

You have suffered a lot such as sacrificing your sleep, work, peace, enjoyment, and so on. Now, this is the right time to take revenge on your upstairs neighbor.

Now, they have to pay for everything that they have done to disturb you. So, you might want to know how to annoy upstairs neighbors. Very simple, these are some of the creative and enjoyable tips that you can try to annoy them. 

  • The first thing is to do the same thing with them such as playing guitar, watching TV at a higher volume, dance party at midnight, and so on. This will definitely help you take revenge on them.
  • Turn your sports passion into possession, remember how they disturb you by playing sports in their house. Now, this is your time to just play your favorite sport in your house. Make sure not to break anything, otherwise, you will feel guilty.
  • Do you have ink or any creepy color that makes their door messy? If yes then you can try things to decorate their apartment door from the creepy color that you have. I have also tried this, but make sure nobody sees you. Otherwise, your neighbor will sue you.
  • Is your upstairs neighbor walking like an elephant? Do you want to realize them as you hear every footstep of your neighbor? Then you can use a ceiling vibrator in this situation. This vibrator produces vibration on your ceiling so that your neighbor will feel the same.
  • The best thing to take revenge on your neighbor is to just knock on your upstairs neighbor’s door at odd hours such as at night, early morning, and evening.

If you want to do any silly thing with your neighbor then you should watch this video. In this video, Ryan & David have made a tool to take reasonable revenge on their upstairs neighbors.

Wrap Up On How You Can Deal With Your Upstairs Neighbors Stomping: Stay Calm And Focused

As you can see, there are different ways of dealing with your noisy upstairs neighbors. However, some arrangements can only be made by calling a professional and some are legal steps that involve the law enforcement authorities. 

I know having a bad neighbor will ruin everything in your living space. I have faced this situation before but now I am free. Because I have changed my apartment and now I am living on the top floor in the new apartment so no upstairs neighbor can disturb my space.

We hope that our comprehensive guide has helped you to know how to deal with upstairs neighbors stomping. If you need any help or you have any doubts then you can ask in the comment section.

FAQ: How To Deal With Upstairs Neighbors Stomping

Sometimes dealing with the upstairs neighbors stomping can be difficult. That’s why many people just like you have lots of questions that can be solved easily. So I have added some of them in this article to provide appropriate answers.

Q1. How much does it cost to soundproof a ceiling to get rid of upstairs neighbors stomping?

Ans: Usually, it depends on the size of your ceiling and the type of material you need to use. However, the average price for a soundproofing project is about $1,000. But if you use a professional service, it may be more expensive.

Q2. Can I File a Complaint If My Upstairs Neighbors Stomping Is Really Loud?

Ans: In some cases, yes. If the stomping is so loud that it’s interfering with your daily activities, you may be able to file a noise complaint with your landlord or local law enforcement.

Q3. What may happen if I have done something wrong to my upstairs neighbor?

Ans: There are a lot of things that could happen if you do something wrong to your upstairs neighbor. They could get angry and start stomping on the floor more often or they could even call the police. It’s important to try to get along with your upstairs neighbor so that you don’t have any problems.

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