How To Install Vinyl Plank Flooring On Concrete: 11 DIY Steps to Start Now

How To Install Vinyl Plank Flooring On Concrete: DIY Guide

After selecting the best vinyl plank flooring for your house then the installation process comes up.

That requires a step-by-step process to follow. So even if you don’t have any experience in it yet you can complete it easily.

According to the report of Statista, in 2019 more than 2.02 million marriages happen in the US only.

That shows how many people start their home improvement journey.

I know this looks silly but this is true. Because before their marriage they were just kids not the man of the house.

But when they become they don’t know how to do that. That is why in this situation they need to grab some information like in this article.

So if you are also one of them then you should read this complete article. Because in it I have covered the step-by-step process to install the vinyl plank flooring on the concrete surface.

Also, I have added some benefits of having vinyl plank flooring in your house.

This information is going to be very interesting so don’t skip any point. Otherwise, you can’t successfully install vinyl plank flooring in your house.

But first, let’s understand the benefits.

Benefits Of Having Vinyl Plank Flooring

If you currently installed hardwood flooring then you know what problems you are facing. This can be reduced or completely remove after installing vinyl plank flooring.

  • Water Proof: Falling a glass of water on the floor is common. But if the floor surface is not waterproof then this will damage it. Especially using the hardwood flooring without having any water-resistant layer. But the vinyl plank flooring is completely waterproof. So you will not be going to see this damage with your vinyl plank flooring.
  • Scratch Resistant: Do you have pets in your house? If yes, then you usually face scratches on the floor or even walls. Especially in the case of having cats because their nails are so long and they are natural scratchers. But most of the vinyl plank flooring is scratch-resistant.
  • Durable: Usually flooring requires a lot of investment if you want better quality. But if this will lasts only 5 to 6 years then you need to invest in it again. But vinyl plank flooring can last around 25 years so no need to invest for a long time.

So now you understand the benefits of vinyl plank flooring. Now, this time to install it in your house.

Step By Step Process To Install Vinyl Plank Flooring On Concrete

Having the experience to install vinyl plank flooring is not necessary. Without it, you can also complete your work with this step-by-step process.

All you need is just to follow it and you are good to go.

1. Remove Baseboard

In home architecture, a baseboard also called a skirting board is usually a wooden part covering the lowest part of your wall and floor.

Its main purpose is to cover the joints in the entire house to prevent having dis-attachment between wall and floor.

That’s why without removing it installing the new flooring is not possible. So in the first step, you need to remove the baseboard by using the utility knife and pry bar.

That’s why you need to cut through any seal holding the baseboard to the floor.

Then you need to slide the utility knife behind the baseboard to get some space. At the last, you need to pull the pry bar in the space.

You need to do this continually until the baseboard is removed. But you need to do this very carefully because this process can damage your wall.

2. Clean The Floor Surface

Cleaning the floor surface as much as required as you want to install the vinyl plank flooring on it. Because this will not let your work complete properly.

The dirt and dust will reduce the friction between the flooring and the concrete surface. Then this required reinstalling it again.

That’s why without doing anything you should clean the floor surface by using a vacuum or broom. This will pick up all the debris and clean the floor.

But this is not enough you need to add one more cleaning procedure by using the soap and water mixture. Then scrub the floor properly.

Don’t worry you can use any laundry detergent and warm water. This soapy water will also remove most stains on the floor surface.

But make sure to wear protective things like gloves, goggles, and others. Because this is harmful to your hand.

3. Fill The Cracks

Installing vinyl plank flooring without filling the gaps and cracks will reduce its effectiveness. Because these cracks are the home of dust and dirt.

So when they go up friction will reduce and all of the planks start slipping. As the result the interlocking between the planks getting lose.

That’s why first you need to fill these cracks and gaps by using the concrete filler. Because this is the best solution out there to use on the concrete surface.

So you need to get the bottle and hold it to the cracks. Then squeeze the filler into the cracks properly.

Move it along the entire crack and fill it to the top. You can also try another way to fill these cracks by using concrete patching material.

All you need just spread patching material all over the floor and wait for cracks to fix.

4. Mark The Center Of Your Room

Do you know where is the center in your house? Without understanding it if you just start installing the vinyl plank. You can’t succeed.

Because if any place in your house is uneven then placing the vinyl plank will properly fit. I know this looks like very hard work to do but this is important.

Especially if this is the first time you are installing any flooring. Because the second time the uneven area was already fixed.

So for finding this thing you need to mark the center of each wall and snap lines between them. But the question is how you can do that?

This is very simple all you need just use the chalk line. Then carefully snap it on the floor surface but make sure do not loosen the line.

Otherwise, you will not get the straight line and you need to do that again and again.

5. Fill The Low Spot

As you know if you have any low spot in your house and you are trying to place the vinyl plank flooring on it.

Then it will not fit properly and in the future, you will see some damages. That requires reinstalling some of the vinyl planks.

As the result, your installation budget will go higher.

That’s why I suggest you mark the center of your room. Because this will help you to find the lowest spot in your house.

So when finding it then this time to fill it properly. You can use concrete leveling primer or another thing. That can easily spread the low spot and cover it.

Getting ready for this you need to make this leveling primer. Don’t worry this is not hard.

All you need is just a mixture of the leveling compound that can easily be available in the market. Then mix it with the warm water and your mixture is ready.

6. Measuring The Floor Surface

How bigger your house is? Where do you want to install these vinyl plank flooring in your house? Suppose if you only want to cover the specific area, not the entire house.

Then you need to order the pieces according to the area. This may confuse you if you are not related to the mathematics field.

But this is very simple work all you need just have a measuring tape. Then note down the length and width of the area on which you want to install the vinyl plank flooring.

Suppose if you want to install the vinyl plank flooring in the entire house.

Then you need to note down the whole length and width of your house floor. This will help you to limit your budget and prevent any wastage.

Usually, while investing in home improvement the budget may go high and spend your complete savings.

7. Cut The Tongue Of First Row

As you know vinyl plank flooring comes in two designs first is locking and the second is adhesive.

In the process, I covered information about the locking vinyl plank flooring. But below I also cover the adhesive one. So in the lock vinyl plank flooring, you will see 2 sides.

The first one is called grooved and the second one is tongue side. Combining these two sides with other vinyl planks becomes the structure of vinyl plank flooring.

But in the first row, you need to cut the tongue side in your vinyl planks. So that these vinyl planks can easily connect the wall.

You can simply use a utility knife for this work and carefully cut down the tongue side. Make sure to do this work with every last of the start row in your house.

Don’t worry this is all about the work that use to make the locking system better in the vinyl plank flooring.

8. Lay Down The First Row

Installing the first row of vinyl plank flooring in your house is very important. Because this will decide how effective the installation process will be.

If you have clearly seen the interlocking system of the plank flooring. You will find the attachment area always be in the center of each vinyl plank.

This will give support to the attachment otherwise if the weight goes higher. Then there is a possibility these vinyl planks may detach.

But when they get support from another vinyl plank. This will never happen I know this looks terrible but this is amazing.

That’s why while laying down the first row in your house you need to cut the last of both planks in half.

So that when installing the second layer this will easily get in the center of it. Don’t worry I have also added the second row how you can also install it.

9. Insert The Second Row

So after installing the first row of your vinyl plank flooring against the wall. This time to connect the remaining second row.

Because this will help you to know what you should do while installing other planks. As you know above I explained about the double sides of the vinyl plank flooring.

The first one connects the forward plank and the backside connects the backward. But you will also find 2 more sides on the other sides of your vinyl planks.

That is responsible for connecting all the planks in a specific row like in the second row.

All you need is to carefully lay down it onto the floor and hold it at an appropriate angle to connect it with the previous vinyl plank.

This locking system work like a puzzle that requires all pieces to the perfect place.

10. Install Under The Door Jambs

The door jambs also called the door frames is space where you can easily place any flooring. This space can easily find at the bottom of your door.

This will help you to get a better attachment to the floor. However, this will interrupt the guideline that you make while finding the lowest spot in your house.

That’s why you need to keep some area for this work. Then fixing the vinyl planks in this space is not hard work.

Only you need to bend the panel and slide it into the jamb. Make sure to push it carefully otherwise this may damage the vinyl plank.

That’s why for this work you can use a wooden hammer.

11. Re-Install The Baseboard

As you know before installing the vinyl plank flooring you need to remove the baseboard.

But this is the part of the flooring and without it, your flooring can’t be complete. That’s why when you successfully install the vinyl plank flooring. Then you need to reinstall the baseboard.

So that it can hold the first row of your vinyl plank flooring. All you need just have the same baseboard that you remove previously.

Then nail it into the wall properly. So that the wall can’t be damaged. Otherwise, you need to invest in it. Then after it, your work is completed.

Installing Peel & Stick Vinyl Plank Flooring

Most steps are the same while installing the peel and stick plank flooring. The only difference between them is when you lay down the locking vinyl plank on the flooring.

You need to attach it with other planks but in the peel and stick vinyl plank flooring.

You need to remove the back paper of it to get the adhesive part. Then carefully lay down on the concrete floor surface.

But this requires as much as better cleaning. Otherwise, the adhesive will not work better.

Wrap Up On How To Install Vinyl Plank Flooring On Concrete

For getting better water and scratch-proof surface the vinyl plank flooring comes up in the mind. Because it is better in it amongst other flooring systems in the house.

But the installation process is a little bit difficult that’s why I have provided the step-by-step guide.

That will help you on any surface like insulation or concrete. But while installing it on the insulation using the peel and stick vinyl plank flooring is very difficult to use.

That’s why a concrete surface is one of the best surfaces for installing vinyl plank flooring.

FAQ: Installing The Vinyl Plank Flooring: Step By Step Process

Installing the vinyl plank flooring on the concrete surface is quite difficult. That’s why many people like you facing lots of problems.

That can be solved easily. That’s why I have added some of them to give appropriate answers to them.

How much does it cost to install the vinyl plank flooring on a concrete surface?

Installing the vinyl plank flooring on the concrete surface depends on what quality and how many pieces you use for it.

However, if you don’t have any experience and you want to call a professional for this work.

Then this will increase the budget but overall it will cost you around $1200 to $2500.

Is there are other floorings to install on the concrete surfaces?

Yes, there are other flooring options like laminate and hardwood flooring to replace the vinyl plank flooring.

If you don’t want to install the vinyl plank flooring. Then you can easily install any of them.

But the installation procedure is not the same for all.

Is cleaning the concrete surface before installing the vinyl plank flooring necessary?

Yes, it is necessary because without cleaning the concrete you will face many problems and fiction is one of the most.

That will reduce the effectiveness of your vinyl plank flooring.

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