SoundProofing vs Sound Absorbing : Clear Your Doubt Right Now?

It is really a big confusion among people about the major differences in between Soundproofing vs sound absorbing, who are willing to keep quiet their private space from this irritating noise.

They tried various techniques by installing different accessories to their house by spending hard cash earned money.

But the ultimate result is nowhere they are able to reduce that noise out from their special area or may be unsuccessful for a recorder studio who want to bind the voice inside that private area.

The reason is because of misconception or misunderstanding in between what is soundproof and what is sound absorbing.

In summary, SoundProofing is all about preventing the sound and minimizing the noise however Sound Absorbing is learning more on the process of minimizing the Echos or deadening of soundwaves.

By taking a piece of primary advice from reading a few blogs you decide to go with that and the end result is the same where you were earlier.

There are various queries to be answered here like does the installation of foams could really help to soundproof a room? or is soundproof curtains really help to reduce the noise? or etc.

But in my word let me phrase an analogy that you can not block the water with just a piece of a foam why will give you an answer in detail.

If you really think of soundproofing your house make sure to go through this whole guide till the end.

Let me first highlight what is Sound and how it could become noise?

SoundProofing vs Sound Absorbing

The difference between Sound and Noise?

It is always pleasant to hear the music if it is good and of your favorite choice. Listening to music and hearing party songs all are parts of sounds.

But it totally depends on the taste of the person what he loves to listen as party songs could be pleasant music or sound for one person but that can be a disturbing sound for others.

But noise is purely annoying for both as it is the mixture of different sounds. In most of the cases, You can no predict the noise as it is a random sound which generated due to random mixing of soundwaves.

Well, do you know how exactly this sound or noise reaches your ear? The origin of the sounds happen from a source and it creates air pressure.

Imagine beating of a drum where its front layer start moving inwards and outward which in result the surrounding air particles will start moving and create air pressure in the form of waves

This air pressure reaches to you hear and strike to the thin layer inside the canal and make that vibrate and it sends the signal to your mind which later identified as the types of sound.

Here Sound or music is something which is easy to reproducible and can anyone generate anytime however noise is not easy to reproduce.

While you are traveling or standing in a crowded market where you can hear the horns or chattering of the people at a different pitch, loudness which in result combination of multiple sounds.

The sound which is not easy to reproduce or predict is called the noise and to avoid this noise you must have to learn the differences in between SoundProofing vs Sound Absorbing.

SoundProofing vs Sound Absorbing: Major Differences

It is the basic need of everyone to separate their personal space out from the noisy world and even I am too who is willing to prevent noise coming into my private room.

However few people like DJ or Audio recording studios not willing to disturb other people out of their rooms and to do that it is important to learn what you should do for soundProofing and Sound Absorbing.

What is Sound Absorbing?

Sound absorbing is all about minimizing the Echos or minimizing the reflection of the soundwaves in your house.

Let say you are playing music in the bathroom and you have experienced that it’s echoing, But why?

Because the soundwaves generated from music system reflected back from the walls due to lack of sound absorbing materials.

If you play the same music in your bedroom the sound is a bit low because there are few materials which can absorb the soundwaves.

Every soft thig like foam, rubber, Curtains, pillow, cushion, clothes in the room help to absorb the soundwaves and which cause less reflection and less echoing.

Sound Absorbing

In technical terms, we call this noise reduction coefficient which is a factor help us to identify the capacity of any material in the room to absorb the sound waves.

If you have installed Rubber Carpet, it absorbs approx 40% of sound waves and reflects back around 60% considering the other ways like Glass window which absorb approx 5% and reflect back 95%.

So if your focus is to minimize the Echoing in the room always focus on installing the soft things most recommended is to use long decorated Sound-absorbing curtains.

Soft things always help us to reduce echos and you can minimize the noise within the room, but minimizing echos only help people listening to noise within the room.

But what if you are disturbed with outer noise coming into your house, for that you need to learn the basics of SoundProofing.

What is SoundProofing?

SoundProofing is the overall idea of prevention of noisy soundwaves to coming in and coming out from the house.

It is mainly possible by installing the things which in any condition won’t allow passing soundwaves like a window, door, and walls.

Let say you are in the room where installed windows have small gaps or crack at the corner if light can pass then definitely there is a way for the passing of soundwaves.  

Make sure to fill the gaps and cracks around the window and door which is the main reason for Soundwaves to coming in.

You can also add additional gazing around the glass of the window to make sure less reflection and prevent outer noise coming into the house.

The main large area which causes sounds coming in is the Door so try to fix that and you can take help of our best guide on 7 Steps to soundproof a door.

SoundProofing is all about implementing the techniques which can really help to minimize actual sound waves instead of an echo.

Installation of foam around the wall and window won’t help you to minimize soundwaves coming in as you need a proper tightening sealant (Amazon) which better help to fill the gaps or cracks of walls.

Let’s partition your room and install the foam in the room and try to hear the voice of another side people, you can hear that same as both of you are in the same room

But what if you place 9-inch stong wall I am 100% sure it will be less as compared to foam because such strong, hard and dense things always help to prevent noise passing through.

Same thing you can test by experiencing an empty room which you just now purchased and has nothing inside at first.


Go and make a louder voice you experience louder than your actual voice because walls are soundproof or strong enough to not let pass your voice outside.

But if you install foam or bed in the room you feel less loud voice because some of that is been absorbed and less reflected.

But do you really think SoundProofing of any house help to reduce noise? If no or maybe yes then check our ultimate guide on Is SoundProofing really work?

I imagine you got a better idea of the difference between SoundProofing vs Sound-absorbing as before making your house soundproof you must have an idea about it.

A final thought on SoundProofing your house.

It is always best to learn the basics of soundproofing as we have seen many users blindly fall in some product review pages and try to spend money to fix the issues in the wrong way.

Always be focused that Sound Absorbing or deadening is done through the soft things and actual noise reduction or prevention of noise to get pass-through is possible through the hard stuff.

Echo can be generated due to the noise coming into the house hence while making soundproof your house make sure to install necessary soft things in the house to feel good.

I tried to explain using the best possible examples and now it’s your time to hands-on and identify the right product from the user review comment on most selling website Amazon.

Let us know your experience if you have done any soundproofing or tried sound Absorbing in your house.

SoundProofing vs Sound Absorbing

Hey, I am Kirtish Vyas a YouTuber and believer in making life peaceful, a couple of years back I started soundproofing my house, bedroom, studio, and Car to reduce the unwanted noise, and the same experience I am sharing on SoundProofidea. Read More

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