Pink Noise vs White Noise For Sleep | Confusion Which One to Use?

pink noise vs white noise for sleep

Whether you are a businessman, office person, salesman, or working in other professions.

This is important to have better sleep otherwise this will become the cause of many dangerous health-related problems.

According to the Sleep Health Organization report, in the US, more than 70% of adults report they obtain insufficient sleep at least one night in a month and 11% of adults report every night.

This lack of sleep affects their body very badly even though they can’t focus on what they are doing.

That’s why many health problems such as stress, tiredness, anxiety, depression, paranoia, and so on.

This is only happening due to the noise from outside of your house and the room. I know investing in soundproofing the room or even the whole house is quite expensive.

But using pink noise or even white noise is better to use affordably.

But the question is which one is better pink noise or white noise. Most of the time, you will find the white noise machine as the best recommendation to prevent sleep troubles.

But this does not mean that pink noise doesn’t have enough soothing sound waves.

That’s why if you are also finding which one pink noise vs white noise is better. Then read this complete article and I will explain which one and why you should go with it.

Also, I have covered the pink noise and white noise pros and cons, the other natural soothing noise, technical analysis, and more.

So this is going to be very interesting and informative that’s why don’t skip any point otherwise you can’t protect your sleep.

But first, let’s start with what exactly these soothing noises are?

What is White Noise (Looser/Winner)?

White noise is a statistical model that combines multiple singles and the source of all of them rather than a specific single.

These signals have equal intensity but different frequencies. That helps to produce a different type of soothing mechanical sound waves.

When transforming the white noise on digital image processing it looks like the typical rectangular grid. That refers to the uniform probability distribution over some interval.

Usually white noise machine using as an audio synthesis that helps to produce electronic music or filter other singles.

But this is also using in electronics engineering, computing, tinnitus treatments, and other application.

However, the white noise machine can only generate through the digital signal processor, microprocessor, microcontroller, and so on.

But if want better quality then you need to use the high-quality algorithm.

That’s why while hearing this noise you easily move your focus from other disrupting things to this soothing noise.

That will help you to get better sleep especially for children who are very affected by it. So if your child gets up mid-night and your sleep gets disturbed.

Then you can use white noise to get sleep again.

But what are the advantages and disadvantages of using white noise? This is important that will ensure you, is better for you or not.


  • Usually, a white noise machine is the best for a newborn child.
  • This will lower the possibility of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS).
  • If you usually sleep late at night this will help you to sleep faster and better.
  • This can be an amazing tool until you find the permanent solution for better sleep.


  • Listening to the white noise the entire night becomes a potential risk.
  • Hearing the white noise machine too loud becomes the cause of hearing loss.

Now it’s your turn to understand the pink noise. Why this is better from white noise or isn’t good enough?

What is Pink Noise (Looser/Winner)?

Pink noise also called 1⁄f noise that works as a frequency spectrum combine with multiple singles and processes.

That provides inversely proportional to the frequency. That increase in the power per frequency interval helps the biological system to arise the appearance of visible light.

That needs equal energy for all octaves but from this, the constant bandwidth may fall by 3dB.

That will not produce much noise and is the main plus point of pink noise. Because the human auditory system only processes enough frequency that can understand the mind.

Where other noises such as heavy traffic, chit-chat, loudspeaker, and other instruments will drastically damage it.

However, it was discovered in 1978 as the statistical fluctuation of an extraordinarily diverse number included in the physical and biological system.

But after some time it also going to use as the audio single number that refers to the configuration of multiple noises.

In the other words when you power the spectrum of pink noise only in one direction it will cover all the octaves and you will see the big number.

According to the small study of Wiley Online Library on around 20k people in 2019, found that pink noise works much better to work for the whole night and provide a deep sleep to all age group especially children.

But finding the answer to using the pink noise is incomplete without understanding its pros and cons. That will let you know why you should use pink noise instead of white or not.


  • It will help you to improve your deep sleep.
  • This usually helps you to reduce the background noise.
  • You will find a lower volume that will not harm your ear.
  • Its hum and medium jarring noises will not jolt you out of sleep.


  • Not more soothing noises are available in pink noise.
  • Generally, the pink noise machine will not cover the high frequency.

So you have understood what is pink and white noise. But how they produce is also plays a very important role to judge the best between them.

How Pink Noise & White Noise Generates?

As you know pink and white noises both are statistical singles that convert analog to digital and produce some specific soothing noise with the combination of multiple frequencies.

While producing these noises you need some specific machines microprocessors and more.

Usually, the white noise machine regarded a sequence of random variables with zero to finite that produces the random shock.

But this requires the samples that have an identical probability distribution.

That you will find inside the rectangular grid that helps singles to transfer the frequencies to the bearable noise.

However, the range of the frequency of about 20 to 20,000 Hz is near to hissing sound. But can hear from the human ear.

You will find these machines as white and pink noise machines. That is easily available in the market at a low cost and you can use any of them.

Wait, do you how many and what type of soothing noises these machines can produce? If no, then you should check out below and read.

Examples Of Pink & White Noise

As you know there are lots of soothing noises out there that provide you peace and happiness.

But the question is which pink and white noise has the most and best. Let’s check and understand.

1. Examples of White Noise

As you know there are lots of types of white noise machines available in the market. That produces different types of soothing sound waves.

That will help you get better sleep. That’s why find the best is quite difficult but I have added some of them those are better in my opinion.

  • TV Static
  • Heavy rain
  • Heartbeats
  • Radio static
  • Heavy Wind
  • Whirring fan
  • Humming AC
  • Rustling leaves
  • Hissing radiator

2. Examples Of Pink Noise

A pink noise machine can be a little bit different from the white noise. Because differently work and produce steady and low noise.

That is perfect for newborn babies and hearing problem issues.

But this depends on the quality that you will get don’t worry I have found some pleasant pink noise that you should try.

  • Steady rainfall
  • Roaring waterfall
  • Gentle ocean waves
  • Low rumbling thunder
  • Table Fan on a low setting
  • The wind rustling through leaves

So these are some of the soothing waves of the pink and white noise machines. That will make your mind and day healthy and great.

So check these and try with yours.

How Pink Noise Is Different From White Noise

Pink noise also known as steady and low pitch sound waves produce through the combination of multiples singles at once.

When they close to the 1 and canonical case reaches a=1 pink noise start producing different kinds of sound waves. keep in your mind that some of them are not so pleasant to listen to.

That’s why if you tried that I don’t think you can you will hear some. Usually pink noise use as the background noise that is better for newborn children in the house.

On the other hand white noise machine is also called the high pitch and made with a combination of different frequencies.

That provides power spectrum intensity will particularly distribute all the random variables in the space.

So that it can produce the pleasant noise as the pink noise. At first, only white noise was discovered then after other colors were found and separate according to their pitch (lower, medium, high).

Usually, if you are an adult or young then a white noise machine works well for you.

Technical Analysis Of White & Pink Noise

Usually, a random process is a function of real value parameters that define the notation of white noise continues time signal.

When the strongest sense w(t) statistically processes the random variable at distant times t1 and t2. Then the independent qualifier distinguishes between the stronger and weaker definitions.

However, the white noise machine concept is not vital at all. But when you use it to produce the soothing noise it becomes.

On the other hand, the pink noise sometimes loosely refers to the spectral density of a form where it is also close to 1.

That occurs in the wider natural soothing sound waves. This distinction between the noise and frequency approximately correspondence with the other non-equilibrium driven system.

But the equal sensitivity of pink noise is about 1 to 4 kHz that prevents it from going loud. So that human ears can easily listen to pink noise the whole night.

Other Colors Of Noise

As I have explained earlier that pink and white noise is not the only noise color. There are also available some other colors of noise that provides soothing noise at the different pitch and frequencies.

If you are not convinced with the work of pink and white noise. Then you can move to the other colors that are explained below.

You can research all of them and go with your choice and need. But keep in your mind that every color has its pros and cons.

So you need to read them all carefully. This will help you to prevent other health problems.

White & Pink Noise: Which One Is Best For Sleep

As I have explained above the while selecting which noise is best for sleep is quite difficult. Because both affect differently on the human body.

I mean when talking about the children the lower and steady noise is better that can only produce the pink noise.

On the other hand, white noise has higher pitch sound frequencies that are not good for children.

But this is recommended for adults and young people who have the mature listing capability.

Because the newborn baby has a very sensitive ear that can listen to every small and lower sound frequency.

But going to the adult and younger age this ability disappears because this can be dangerous while in the traffic and other places as well.

So in the end if you want to use the soothing sound save for you and white noise is great or if a newborn child then goes with the pink noise.

So this is a complete analysis to explain the difference between pink and white noise.

So that you can make a wise decision and improve your night sleep by using any white noise machine or pink noise machine.

Wrap Up On Pink Noise vs White Noise

While getting better sleep is important to have a great day and health. Otherwise, this becomes difficult to focus on work and school as well.

However, both pink and white noise has better soothing sound waves that are separated into multiples frequencies.

But both of them are part of big statistical noise and made with multiple signals.

Both using both at different situations become the cause of mental problems.

Like if you are an adult then white noise is the best choice or if a child then pinks noise.

That’s why I have explained it above much deeper so that you can use them carefully. Because there is not the right time to use.

I mean when the louder noise is coming from the outside and you need to focus on what you are doing.

Then you can also use a white noise machine instead of only at night. Although these two sound waves are totally different but are part of one statistical noise.

If you don’t understand what I trying to say. Then you can listen to the pitch that I have added above. 

FAQ: Pink Noise vs White Noise For Sleep

Understanding the difference between pink noise vs white noise. That’s why many people just like you facing lots of problems.

I have added some of them in this article and try my best to give appropriate answers.

Is it ok to leave the white noise machine the whole night?

No, this is not good to leave the white noise machine the whole night.

Because its pitch is high and it will damage your hearing ability.

Using the white noise machine for around 4 hours is ok and recommended by doctors also.

Which noise color is best to remove anxiety?

A steady and low pitch noise is best that only produce pink noise.

So if you want to remove your anxiety then using the pink noise machine is really a great choice.

Which noise color is best for focus?

This depends on what time you want to focus on your work or study.

Suppose at the night time you can’t produce too much sound in your room this will disturb other family members.

So you can use the pink noise otherwise in the day time white noise machine is quite well chosen.

Thanks for reading this article if you find this information better then you can share it with your friends and family members.

So they can clarify their confusion.

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