Is Egg Crate Foam Good For Soundproofing: Does it really work?

Is Egg Crate Foam Good For Soundproofing: Does it really work?

Having a soundproof space will help you to work properly and better for sleeping if the outside is full of noise.

But is egg crate foam good for soundproofing? Does egg crate foam can completely soundproof your room? Should you use it or not?

There are lots of questions related to the efficiency of egg crates because most people are not using them right now.

According to a report of the American Lung Association, more than 30 to 35 percent of the Urban population in North America are living next to busy traffic areas and highways. Heavy Noise!

But most of them don’t want to invest a large amount of their savings to soundproof the house.

It is quite great but you need something. That can reduce some amount of noise and high frequencies sound waves like Egg Crate Foam.

Because hearing a loud noise for a long time it becomes the cause of dangerous health problems like blood pressure, heart disease, sleep disturbance, stress, and more.

These health problems will affect all age groups of people, especially children.

That’s why making your house or a room soundproof is important. But is egg crate foam really a better soundproof material? You can find the answer while reading this complete article.

Because I have explained what egg crate foam really is, how it can reduce the sound frequencies, and more.

Also, I have included some other soundproofing material as an alternative to egg crates and other soundproof treatments.

That you should know. So first let’s start with egg crate foam.

What Is Egg Crate Foam for Soundproofing?

As a sound-absorbing material, Egg Crate Foam comes in the shape of cones and triangles like other soundproofing panels.

That has the main goal is to reduce the higher frequency, reverberation, and echoes from inside and outside the room.

So that you can get better and effective noise reduction inside your space. However, if you are facing the bass, mid and lower range of frequency inside your house.

Then it will not effectively work in this situation.

Because egg crate foam doesn’t construct with a much denser core that’s why in a recording studio you will only find the acoustical panels.

But in this situation, you only need to reduce the higher frequency because nearby traffic areas will only have a higher sound frequency.

Keep in your mind that only using the flat foam surface will not be much better.

Because its triangle or cone design will only give this capability to the foam. Otherwise, it is only a piece of waste, that’s all.

Egg Crate Foam Pros and Cons

Soundproofing space/house/room needs soundproofing materials. That block or absorb the noise coming from outside.

That’s why using egg crate foam is a great choice. But is it really a great soundproofing material? It should be found below!.


  • It will also cover the crack and gaps on the wall.
  • This will improve the sound quality inside the room.
  • Foam is a great soundproofing material to absorb noise.
  • Usually, the egg-crate foam will increase the beauty of the room.
  • Its triangle and cone design will trap the high frequency of sound waves inside.


  • This can’t withhold fire.
  • It doesn’t have a denser core.
  • Egg crate foam can’t absorb the mid and lower frequencies.

Does Egg Crate Foam Really Work

Living near to the traffic place and facing the louder from the neighbor. Then it becomes very difficult to focus on the work and it is also not great for sleeping.

But when using the egg crate foam on the wall and ceiling will work as a sound barrier between you and the noise.

So the higher level of sound frequencies can’t come inside the room.

Especially the triangle and cone design will easily trap echoes so if you are recording any video and even professional music. Then this will help you in this situation.

However, if you want more soundproofing as in it then you need some other soundproofing materials.

But this all depends on your needs. That’s why first you can try the egg crate then if you feel this is not enough so you can add other soundproofing materials in your room.

Egg Crate Foam vs Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels are professional and expert like soundproofing material. Because when talking about its material and the core it is much denser than any other soundproof material.

That’s why this can block and absorb the noise inside and outside the room on whatever frequency level high, mid, lower. 

Also, this will absorb the echoes, reverberations, and more.

However, it is more expensive than the egg crate foam. But on the other hand, egg crates are cheaper.

That’s why some people can’t afford acoustic panels and don’t need them to install the egg crate foam.

But here is the break, acoustic panels are better than the egg crate. So if you have and want to invest in your room then this is the better choice.

Egg Crate Foam Alternatives

As you know egg crate foam is not the only soundproofing material because there are also other and better options available in the market.

That you should also understand so that you make a wise decision.

1. Door Sweep

Do you know most of the noise only comes inside? Because you haven’t blocked all the gaps in the room and door is one of the tops on the list.

That is responsible for this. How? Have you ever noticed the bottom of your door? At the bottom of the door, there is a big space left where the noise usually comes.

That’s why while making the room soundproofing and effective you need to use the door sweep at the bottom of the door.

All you need is just install it carefully and that’s all. Because most of the time I found that a wall is enough to block the noise but people don’t understand this and buy expensive soundproofing materials like acoustic panels.

Also, egg-crate foam is not necessary because some manufactures also construct the house according to the local environment.

So you can ask the owner of the house. Or if it is made in the 19’s then this is not. That’s why first analyze the wall and then use a door sweep or egg crate.

2. Drywall

Do you know sound waves can travel through the surface? Also, it does not matter what type of surface it is if it is not dense.

Then it becomes the cause of noise coming inside your house. That’s why after the wall, the ceiling is the second main source where you will find the noise is disturbing you.

But most of the old houses do not build according to the building code that requires a thicker ceiling.

Then if you are also soundproof your wall by using egg crate foam.

But the noise is still coming, so you need to soundproof the ceiling as well by using the thicker drywall under the sheetrock.

But this can only do if you are ready to reconstruct the room because the drywall requires this.

Otherwise, you will not get better results if use the drywall incorrectly. Because this is the part of soundproofing as egg crate foam but also requires high investment.

3. Soundproof Curtains

As I explained above, at the bottom of the door you will find some gaps that are responsible for leaking the sound waves.

That’s why you need to use a door draft. The same also requires while having the window in the room.

Because underneath the window you will also find the gaps. That will allow noise to come inside whether the complete room is soundproof.

There are lots of ways available to soundproof the window but In my opinion and research.

The most effective and better solution is using soundproof curtains. Because this will absorb the sound waves whether it is coming from outside and the inside.

Because some noise is also produced inside the room especially when you are watching TV.

So you can also use soundproof curtains as a replacement for egg crate foam if the wall is thick enough.

Because soundproof curtains also are not so expensive. You can easily buy it and hang it in front of the window.

But make sure to keep it near to so that it can absorb the noise easily.

4. Acoustic Mat

When the noise comes inside the room it starts bouncing here and there until it traps in the egg crate like construction or not absorbs.

Usually, soundproof panels or egg crate foam are the best examples of it.

Who can trap and absorb the noise without bouncing it? But this is also true you can’t use them everywhere in the room.

That’s why if you don’t want to use an egg crate and soundproof panel. Then using the acoustic mat is important.

Because most of the time sound waves will come to the floor of the room. So if you lay down the soundproof mat and when the noise bumps to the floor it will absorb.

This will help you to get a peaceful environment.

Also, if you don’t have more money to invest in soundproofing the house.

Then you can go with an acoustic mat because it will come at a lower price than egg crate foam and acoustic panel as well.

So if you don’t want to use an egg crate then this is the best alternative. But these are temporary solutions not permanent.

That’s why if you are ready to invest some more in soundproofing the room. Then you can use other soundproof treatments.

Other Soundproofing Treatments

Egg crate is not the only solution that you can use to soundproof your house.

There are also other types of soundproofing treatments available that you should know.

1. Types Of Insulations Material

If your house was made in the 19’s then it is noise capable of absorbing and blocking the noise. That’s why you need to make some improvements to it.

So that it can provide a better peaceful and moderate environment. However, it requires more investment but if you are not happy with the result of the egg crate.

Then this is important to do because as I have explained earlier, you may become in danger if you hear a louder noise for a long time.

That’s why using the types of insulation materials will help you in this situation.

Because the more insulation material is better for the room environment also the better they provide soundproofing.

There are some examples of insulation materials. You can check out and research them.

  • Fiberglass
  • Cellulose
  • Polyurethane
  • Mineral Wool
  • Foam
  • Natural Fiber

So you can use any of them as the main insulation material in the entire house or room.

This will save you from the highest and lowest temperatures whether you are living in Las Vegas or Alaska.

2. Type of The Wall Material

As I have explained earlier, absorbing and blocking the noise depends on the sound barrier.

The better it is, the better it provides soundproofing.

In this situation, the sound barrier is your wall because it is the first layer that directs contact with the outside noise. It is by any way you can make it better.

You don’t need any kind of soundproofing material and this is the permanent solution. If you have your own house and you are ready to invest in it.

Because as you know rebuilding the house needs more investment that’s why. But when you do it you don’t need to face any kind of noise problem inside your house.

There are some examples of better soundproof wall materials. You should know about them if you want to use them.

  • Brick
  • Wooden
  • Plywood
  • Block
  • Timber
  • Vinyl

So try to get more information about types of wall materials. Because this is more dependent on your need and how much you can invest in it.

So make sure to check carefully.

Wrap Up On Is Egg Crate Foam Good For Soundproofing

Using the egg crate while facing the loudest noise is a great thing. Because this is capable of reducing this level of noise.

But when talking about the mid and lower range. Then you need to find other soundproofing materials.

That’s why I have provided more soundproofing materials above.

That will help you to solve this problem. But if you are ready to invest some more money in your house to make a permanent solution for the noise problem.

Then you need to rebuild your house if it is older and has no better wall to block and absorb the noise.

Because Egg Crate foam has its own limits and will not go away from it.

That’s why egg crate foam is good for soundproofing but not as best as others like acoustic panels.

The biggest competitor that you should use if you are ready for egg crate foam.

It will provide much better results from egg crate foam and you will not be going to face any problems with it.

Also, the installation process is the same for both whether you want to go egg crate foam or acoustic panels.

FAQ: Is Egg Crate Foam Good For Soundproofing

There is a little bit of chance for using the egg crate for soundproofing because it is not a better material.

But most people have their own questions related to this. That’s why I have added some of them in this article and try my best to give appropriate answers.

But if you can’t then just let me know in the comment section I will reply as soon as possible.

Is egg crate foam good for sleeping?

Egg crate foam is the best material for sleeping because it will allow air to flow under the patient.

That will help you to remove the stress, body pain, fever, heart problem, and more. 

What is egg crate foam used for?

Usually, egg-crate foam is used as a mattress because there is nothing better than this.

Also, this is used as the soundproofing material that helps you to absorb the high sound frequencies inside the house.

Is egg crate foam safe?

This depends on the quality of the egg crate foam. Because the low-quality egg crate may be dangerous as a source of toxic chemicals that will harm you.

But on the other hand, the high quality isn’t 100% safe and works better if you use your mattress and soundproofing material.

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