How To Reduce Noise Between Rooms: Step by Step Guide

How To Reduce Noise Between Rooms: Step by Step Guide

Living in an apartment can be a little bit of a difficult thing if your neighbors are most likely to produce so much noise.

That disturbs you every time while you are working, sleeping, enjoying private time, and more.

But don’t worry you are not the single person who is facing this problem.

According to the report of Statista, more than 40 million people are living in multi-building apartments in the US only, and 45% of them are facing the same noise problem.

That’s why this is necessary to reduce the noise between rooms in your apartment. But how can you do that? This is as simple as that.

All you need are some soundproofing materials or need to adjust the furniture.

Yes, This is right and I am not joking!. But hold on, do you know how you can find these things and why you need to adjust the furniture?

That’s why you need to read this article because in it I have explained about 6 ways to reduce the noise between rooms.

Wait, whether you are living in apartments or a house this strategy works in both conditions.

So be careful and read the complete article.

But first, let’s understand the structure of your room. This will help you where you need to put all the things.

Understand The Room Structure

Where is the noise exactly coming from in your room or house? Attic, floor, walls, ceiling? When you find this then this will help you to damper the noise and make things quieter.

Do you know after sealing the room completely how the noise is coming? There are many reasons behind it:

  • The structure of your room is not thick enough.
  • Maybe a small hole or gap left to seal in the room.
  • Maybe you don’t have enough things in your room to damper the noise.

There may also be some other reasons behind it but these are some common. That’s why if you want to completely block the noise in the room.

Then first you resolve these things. Don’t worry this is not so hard or not much expensive.

All you need to do is follow the below ways and you can easily do it.

But hold on, if you want to go with your own research. Then do you know how you can determine which soundproofing material is best to use?

Don’t worry there is a sound rating called Sound Transmission Class (STC). So let’s understand a little bit about it.

What is Sound Transmission Class

Sound Transmission Class (STC) is a sound rating that starts from the normal 25 to 60+ high.

The more sound rating the better the soundproofing product is. So always go with higher STC this will give you complete silence.

If you want to know more about STC then you can visit this article. Because I have already explained about it.

Now you totally understand what to do and how to decide. So let’s move to the 6 best ways to reduce the noise between rooms in your apartment or house.

Ways To Reduce Noise Between Rooms: 6 Simple Ways

Making the room soundproof helps you get rid of the noisy world. So that you can focus on your work and enjoy your private time.

But if you are not experienced in soundproofing then this becomes hard for you. That’s why simple and easy ways help you in this situation.

1. Seal & Cover The Window

Do you have a window in the room? Have you inspected it, maybe there is a little hole or gap left somewhere in the window frame?

As I have explained earlier, sound can travel through even a little hole. That is impossible to see.

That’s why sealing or covering the window with soundproofing materials is really a great way. But which one? Great question! Check out below.

  • Seal Window: If you have seen any gaps and holes inside the window frame then this is required to seal it. You can use two different things for this. The first one is spray foam that can easily fit in any cavity whether it is too small or too big. The second one is a seal strip that you need to install in the window frame. If there is any kind of gap between the surface and frame this will cover it.
  • Cover The Window: If you don’t find any hole or gaps in the window frame or if you have already sealed the window. But still, the noise is coming from the window. Then the window is not enough to block the noise. That’s why you need to add an extra thing to block the noise. Then soundproof curtains can give a better idea. Isn’t it? I think yes because usually curtains are made with microfiber. That is the best material to absorb the noise. Don’t worry if you don’t understand yet then click on this link.

Now you are ready to block the noise coming from the window. Good Luck!.

2. Soundproof The Door

Have you ever checked out the door? Is there any hole and gaps inside the door? So whether it is a window or a door if there is any kind of gap and hole.

Then your neighbor’s noise will come inside the room and will disturb you. Wait, if you think to use the same solution as in the window.

Then this will not be going to work at all. Check the new solution for it!.

  • Door Sweep: Is there any gap at the bottom of the door? Yes, if you find any gap between the surface and the bottom of the door. Then you need to use a door sweep. This will cover all the gaps and block the noise outside. All you need to just place it at the bottom by using some screws or glue as well. Or if you want more information about it then you can visit this article.
  • Soundproof Blanket: If everything is clear at the bottom of the door or if you have already used the door sweep. Still, you are getting the hilarious noises coming from the door. Then using the soundproof blanket is a great idea. Because this will absorb all the noise and provide peace inside. This works the same as the soundproof curtains work. All you need to do is just cover the door completely from the soundproof blanket.

Great work! Keep It up!.

3. Use Soundproof Panels

Do you live in an apartment or house? If you want peace inside the room so that you can record anything, enjoy, or focus on the work. Then installing soundproof panels are necessary.

Because this is proven that acoustic panels can block lower to higher sound waves.

Some of the acoustic panels are so great that they can block from 20 to 100+ decibel noise.  Too much! I know that.

That’s why it is mandatory to install acoustic panels in the recording room. But this will also work well if you are a YouTuber and you are living near a heavy traffic area.

But there are different types of acoustic panels available in the market. Which one is the best for this work? Don’t worry, the pyramid structure of acoustic panels has the plus point.

What is that? Have you seen Lamborghini or Ferrari cars? They also have the same pyramid structure.

That’s why they can run fast. The same also applies to it. When the noise produces from inside then it will trap hundreds of pyramids and go down.

On the other hand, the outside noise will block from its backside. The same as other acoustic panels.

But capturing the reverbs and sound waves inside the room then pyramid acoustic panels are great.

4. Place The Book Shelf Against Walls

Do you like to read more and more books? Do you have a bookshelf for them? Where do you place the shelf if you have one?

If you are living in an apartment and your neighbors produce so much noise. Then I am pretty sure you can’t read the books.

Do you know that wood is a natural sound absorber?

Yes, this is totally right. According to the study of Wood Products, a wooden structure can easily deaden the noise.

But it has to be thicker and strong enough. Otherwise, it will not work.

As you know wooden products are not thick enough to provide better soundproofing. But if you place hundreds of books inside the wooden bookshelf.

Then it will become a very thick and strong layer. That works well against the noise and protects your focus from it.

But first, you need to find the place where the noise is coming from.

It may be the right wall and the left wall. Don’t get confused and don’t try to hang the shelf on the ceiling. This is a silly thing!!!!…

When you find the right wall then just place the shelf and then put all the books inside it. Make sure to adjust them nicely and tight. So that noise can’t come inside.

When you find this works. Then don’t forget to comment down below. I will appreciate it.

5. Use The White Noise Machine

How much can you invest in making your room soundproof? Can you distract your focus from one to another?

According to the class model by Dennis Gilbert, in 2018 more than 31% of Americans described themselves as working class.

More than 95% of them are living in apartments.

Usually, middle and lower-middle-class people don’t have money to invest in making the room soundproof. That’s why they decide to bear the noise.

If you are also one of them then I have a solution for you.

All you need is just to distract your focus from the noise. I know this sounds a little difficult for you but this is not.

A white noise machine will help you in this situation. When you feel that there is some peace.

Then you just need to use the white noise machine and try to focus on its soothing and peaceful sound waves.

Usually, some white noise machines have a bunch of different soothing sound waves and some only have a few. Some have better pitch and some do not.

That’s why deciding which white noise machine is best is difficult. But you can visit this article where I have provided all the information about it.

6. Reconstruct Or Change The Apartment

If you have done all the soundproofing materials inside the room. But still, the noise is coming and disturbs you.

Then your room structure is not thick and strong enough to block the noise.

Do you know a better structure and thicker layer can block 70% of sound waves outside? Only 30% of them are left to consider.

That can easily be blocked by using some soundproofing materials as I have explained above.

But if you don’t have it then these soundproofing materials also don’t worry well. That’s why this needs reconstruction if you are living in your house.

Or if you are living in an apartment then I suggest checking out another.

Because this can’t block the noise. I know this looks too expensive, you need to spend more. But if you need silence around you to focus on your work.

Then this is mandatory. But while reconstructing the old house or changing to the new apartment.

The first thing you need to check is whether the room can be soundproof or not.

For knowing you can go upside down and start walking too harshly. Then close all the doors and windows of the room.

At the last try to feel whether this noise can deafen or not. If you find this is possible to make this room soundproof.

Then the apartment is for you. Or while constructing the new house strictly instruct the engineer to make the house every layer thicker and strong.

Congratulations, you have read all the important ways to reduce noise between rooms whether you are in an apartment or a house.

Wrap Up On How To Reduce Noise Between Rooms

While living in the apartment or house if there is no silence. Then this becomes difficult for proper sleeping, working, and enjoying.

According to Statista, more than 25 states in the US only produce too much noise that disturbs their citizens.

If you are living in the states then you probably know the importance of the silent world.

That’s why making the room silent is the most important job. That you need to do but how.

This problem stands when you don’t know anything about the soundproofing and your room area.

Because soundproofing materials are not a common thing that people usually like to use. But when they are stuck in a noisy problem they feel the importance of soundproofing.

The same now you are feeling while reading this blog post. That’s why I have covered all the important ways to reduce the noise inside and outside of your room.

Keep in your mind that you can use this strategy whether you are living in an apartment or a house.

Also, all the soundproof products which I have recommended are tested and used by myself.

So don’t hesitate about it. Also if you want to go with your own research then I have provided the structure that you need to flow for this.

When you follow you will also find the best ways that are found for you. But all these ways require some investment so if you are ready for this. Then only try these ways.

FAQ: How To Reduce Noise Between Rooms

As you know, finding the best way to reduce the noise between rooms is difficult. That’s why many people just like you face problems.

That’s why I have added them to this article and try my best to give appropriate answers to them.

But if you have another then you can simply ask in the comment box. I will reply as soon as possible.

Should I use egg cartons to replace acoustic panels?

Usually at the backside egg cartons have a pyramid structure. That is the best for trapping and breaking the noise.

Then after egg cartons made from fluffy material. That will absorb some low to high frequency. But not most of them.

That’s why this helps you increase the soundproofing but not sound blocking.

How much does it cost to install all the soundproofing products in the room?

The installation process doesn’t need any extra hand if you know about it.

This decreases the cost but the product cost still stands out. But this is going to depend on what products, how much, and what quality you need for making the room silent.

But on average, this will take up $500 to $1200. That’s all.

Do the cardboard boxes have sound absorption capability?

Usually cardboard doesn’t have any soundproofing material.

That’s why this can absorb the noise but this will sufficiently reduce the transfer of noise from to another surface.

Hey, I am Kirtish Vyas a YouTuber and believer in making life peaceful, a couple of years back I started soundproofing my house, bedroom, studio, and Car to reduce the unwanted noise, and the same experience I am sharing on SoundProofidea. Read More