Spring Loaded Screw For Soundproofing: Why It Is Better solution?

Want to spend private time in the house? Great!, but hearing so many buzzes and other irritating sound waves may disturb you.

That’s why soundproofing a house or a room is important. But how Spring Loaded Screw will help with it? 

According to the report of the American Journal Of Preventive Medicine, noise pollution is affecting 11 percent of the population in the day and 4 percent at night.

That might be the cause of serious hearing loss. But if you are living near any traffic area. Then it gets worse. So you need to make your house soundproof.

That’s why you need to use Spring Loaded Screw. Because it is a better extension instead of a standard screw

But how you can use it and where you should install it? That’s why you need to read this complete article.

Because I have explained everything about Spring Loaded Screw in this article. Also, I have covered other soundproofing materials. 

So you can combine all of them for the highest efficiency. That will help you a lot. So what are you waiting for just scroll down below!.

What Is Spring Loaded Screw & Who Is The Creator

Spring Loaded Screw is also known as a sound-absorbing screw that looks like a standard screw. But it is totally different in terms of absorbing vibrations.

Because it consists of three major sections, a flat top, a coil of spring at the middle, and a threaded metal section at the bottom as well. 

This revolutionary screw is created by the team of Malmo University. That is pretty interesting because it is more affordable than standard screws.

However, this is a next-level or better version of standard screws. But do you know how a screw plays a very important role in soundproofing your house?

How Vibrations Travel Through Solid Material

Before understanding this you need to know how vibrations travel through any solid surface.

So when sound waves are trying to pass through the medium whether it is solid, liquid, or gas. It starts vibrating the molecule in the matter. 

This process affects a medium differently, especially the solid. Because its molecules are packed very tightly.

But on the other hand, liquid and gas have loose molecules. This enables sound waves to travel much faster than solid. 

So spring-loaded screws inside the wooden stud absorb these vibrations. Because they have spring support as usual.

This way you can damp most of the noise in your house. But how can you differentiate both screws?

Do you know what are the major differences between them? 

Let’s take a look!.

Difference Between Standard And Sound Absorbing Screw

However, both standard and spring-loaded screws are made from metal. But the structure of absorbing the sound waves is different in both of them.

Because the standard screw is made only to stay connected to both solid matter. 

On the other hand, sound damping screws are doing the same thing as standard screws.

But in addition, they absorb sound waves traveling through the surface. That’s why spring-loaded are more comfortable and a better option against noise.

But do spring-loaded screws have any downside? Yes, it has because however, it can absorb the noise.

But when it comes tightly connecting both layers I think it will not work well. You may see some loose areas in it. 

That’s why spring-loaded screws can’t replace standard screws completely. You should use it when you want to soundproof your house.

Otherwise, you may face problems. But where can you use it in your house?

Where You Can Use Spring Loaded Screw In The House

There are so many places in your house where sound waves can enter. How you can define which place is best for installing a spring-loaded screw. Better question!.

According to the report of PSU Noisequest, most sound waves enter the house from the wall

That’s why if you want to soundproof your house. Then you need to replace the standard screw with spring-loaded screws from the stud.

So when the sound waves try to travel through the stud, these acoustic springs will limit the transmission. 

Then the people who are sitting inside the room hear less noise. But are there other soundproofing materials that you can use in your house?

Yes, there are some but you need to understand them carefully before using them.

Other Soundproofing Materials That You Can Use

Noise pollution is at its dangerous level which is harmful to everyone. That’s why soundproofing a house is very important nowadays.

But there are so many soundproofing materials available in the market. Which one is better for you? 

1. Soundproof Curtains

Soundproof or sound-deadening curtains are designed to reduce the reverberation inside the house. However, these curtains can’t block the noise completely.

But plays a very important role in absorbing a huge amount of incoming noise. 

So that you can maintain a better sound quality inside the house. Sometimes you may confuse which one is acoustic curtains and which one is normal.

However, these curtains look the same. But when it comes to soundproofing curtains.

They have different materials to absorb a significant amount of noise. That’s why you may see the higher price range in soundproof curtains.

But I think this is worth it especially when you are trying to focus on your work.

So whether you are getting louder noise in your office room, house, or even apartment. You can install it anywhere.

Because the installation process is the same. All you need is a solid rod because these curtains also are heavy. Then carefully hang it on the rod and that’s all.

Now you are free from the major noise disturbance. But what you will do if these curtains are not enough to block the noise.

Do you need another soundproof material? 

2. Acoustic Panels

Acoustic or soundproof panels are fabric-wrapped wooden made boards. That is filled with sound absorption materials (fiberglass, cellulose fiber, open-cell foam, and so on).

These panels are designed to absorb noise, control echoes, and reverberation. 

That’s why they are the most popular segment of acoustical treatments. However, these acoustical panels can be used anywhere in your house.

But when it comes to the pricing and location, this requires the most time. 

Because they are not very affordable but aren’t a very expensive one. Also, the location plays a very important role.

Because you need to check where the noise is coming from inside the house. 

So that you can limit the budget. Have you visited any music recording rooms? If yes, then you may see the room fully covered with soundproof panels.

It means they work better for improving the sound quality. 

But installing them properly is totally a different game. However, some panels have self-adhesive but some do not.

That’s why if you have a little bit of experience installing panels on the wall or ceiling. Then only you should try to install it yourself.

3. Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass is a thermal soundproofing material used for insulating the house from heat and noise as well.

This insulation material is made from fine glass fibers arranged into a texture similar to wool. 

Fiberglass is available in three different types: batts, roll, and loose-fill. That provides the highest amount of insulation inside the house.

Because according to the U.S. Energy Department, fiberglass insulation has a slightly higher R-Value

That makes it better insulation than others, whether you have batts, loose-fill, or roll. However, installing fiberglass insulation in the house is quite difficult work.

But when it comes to the safety of you and your family. 

This can’t be annoying, also if you don’t have enough budget to install it the whole house. Then you can only focus on the wall.

Because this is a highly disturbing area where noise and heat can enter the house. 

However, fiberglass limits the air movement inside the house. But don’t block it completely. Because air is the source of life and we can’t live without it!!.

4. Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring also called “Floating Wood Tiles” is a hybrid floor covering combined together with a lamination process.

It is usually made from wood and sometimes stone. But it majorly consists of four layers;

  • Back Layer: is the bottom layer of the laminate flooring. That protects it from moisture and helps you to balance the floor.
  • Core Layer: is the strongest and durable layer made from the wooden chip. So that it can bear the weight of every foot.
  • Image Layer: is a design layer that provides a realistic look to the flooring. It includes high-resolution photographic images.
  • Wear Layer: is a transparent layer made from different chemicals especially melamine and aluminum oxide. This protects the top layer against stain and fading.

It’s Amazing!. But is it expensive? Yes, it might be but compared to the hardwood flooring. It is less expensive.

That’s why instead of installing hardwood flooring, laminate flooring is the better option. However, installing laminate flooring is similar to hardwood. 

However, laminate flooring can be installed similar to hardwood. But this also requires some other steps to follow.

So before installing you should check it. Otherwise, it will not provide its highest effectiveness.

5. Soundproof Blanket

Soundproof or “Acoustic Blanket” is a thermal and insulation blanket made from sound-absorbing material.

That has around 0.8 resistant coefficients. It means this blanket can block up to 80 percent of the noise and only reflect 20 percent.

Usually, a soundproof blanket comes in versatile selection criteria. That helps you to use it anywhere in your house.

But mostly it is used on the door for making it a better barrier against noise. 

So a soundproof blanket will help you the most if you are living in an apartment and the neighbors are not so peaceful.

Also, if you are practicing for the concert and do not want to disturb the neighbors. Then it will also absorb the inside noise and echoes as well. 

But the important thing is to select the best one according to your needs. Because most of them don’t have the best soundproofing material.

That’s why before buying it you should be a hundred percent confident about what you will get in it.

6. Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is a process that requires using a rubber strip to cover the joints of the door, window, sill, and casing.

Usually, weatherstripping protects houses against extreme weather conditions. But also covering the leakages block the sound transmission. 

That helps you to soundproof the room or house and also save energy. Because these joints also become the cause of leaking heat.

That requires using a room heater and other heating appliances. But if they are sealed you don’t need to use them all day long. 

However, installing a weatherstrip in a proper way is a difficult thing. Because the joints are very tiny to seal.

But the better you seal the joints, the better effectiveness it provides. That’s why you need to be very careful while doing this. 

Also, you can call any professional to do this work, only if you have many joints to seal.

Because at an affordable cost you will get perfectly sealed joints in your house without any problem.

7. Soundproof Paint

Soundproof Paint is also known as “Acoustic Paint” is a mixture of different sound deadening and damping materials.

It also includes a water-based viscoelastic compound. That captures sound waves and removes the vibrations. 

Usually, this kind of paint is denser and more durable than normal paint. However, the procedure for applying the wall or the entire house is the same.

But according to the report of VelocityEHS Chemical Management, soundproof paint can be used on both exterior and interior surfaces.

That’s why whether you want to block noise inside or outside. Acoustic paint will easily do this work.

All you need is just a roller and start applying it to the house. However, it can be annoying work, but worth it for getting safe from noise pollution. 

But keep in your mind that soundproof paint is not able to make the house completely soundproof.

Because it is only capable of reducing the sound transmission by 30 percent. That’s why you need other soundproofing materials to get a completely soundproof house. 

Wrap Up On Spring Loaded Screw For Soundproofing

Spring loaded screw is a completely different screw structure. Because it consists of spring in the middle that absorbs vibrations.

So when it comes to the vibrations, they usually become the cause of producing sound waves. That can be high or even low frequency. 

So whether you are using any kind of soundproofing material. These low-frequency sound waves can easily travel through them.

Because they have a lower wavelength. That also provides a better range. 

However, it is difficult to hear but sometimes people hear it. That becomes the cause of stress, anxiety, and even hearing loss.

That’s why if you are living in a loud noise area then you should replace the ordinary screw with sound damping screws. 

That’s why I have explained everything about sound absorbing screws. So that you can understand the importance of it.

Also, I have shared other soundproofing materials. So if you are still facing disturbance. 

Then you can apply them in your house and you will get better comfort. So thanks for reading this article.

If you like the information, let me know in the comment section. 

FAQ: Why Spring Loaded Screw Better For Soundproofing

Soundproofing a house with spring loaded screws is a little bit difficult. That’s why many people just like you have lots of questions.

That can be solved easily. That’s why I have added some of them to provide appropriate answers.

Q1. Is a spring loaded screw stronger than an ordinary one?

Ans: No, spring loaded screws have the same strength as an ordinary screw. However, it has a screw but the material quality is the same.

Also, this depends on the brand you choose for it. However, there is a government standard for screws. But some locals don’t follow it. So be careful.

Q2. Should I use spring loaded screws on the wall?

Ans: Yes, you can use spring loaded screws anywhere in the house.

The location depends on you where the noise is coming from. Then you can install spring loaded screws instead of the normal one.

Q3. How much soundproofing these spring loaded screws can provide?

Ans: This depends on how much sound is produced from the vibrations in the house. If the vibrations are too much. Then it will reduce around 80 percent of the noise.

So make sure to check where the vibrations are happening in the house.